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Why do you type like this?

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Because I’m a stupid nigger and let others do the thinking for me

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I unironically don't.

>4chan is all one person

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The people who read don't post and the people who post don't read.

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of those I only use based, and I use it still in the sense that Lil B first used it. There simply is no alternative word to use for that particular concept and feeling

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>I unironically don't.
And yet you use non-words such as "unironically".

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Seethe more ironist, cope and dilate

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Death throes of a repetitive and stagnant board culture

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board culture

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we develop our own language to keep outsiders out and gain a sense of belonging to a group, to be part of something

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Desu I fried my brain from phoneposting. I used to be able to read and understand effortposts and respond in kind. Years down the road I just cant

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>Why do you type like this?
because I'm a pseud. what else am I gonna do? Discuss books? Bleh

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Because it's based. Anything else is pseud midwit cope. You can seethe all you want but it just reveals you as a filtered bluepilled fag. Dilate.

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filtered, midwit, pseud, and cringe are all very useful terms in my opinion. The rest should be eliminated from english forever

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because 4chan's culture is to be actively hostile, and putting effort into a response only to be met with a zero effort "cope" is the ultimate insult. It encourages lazy, toxic posting, but that's what you get from this culture

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Four-chan vernacular English.

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There are no sentences with those words that would not be improved by using a different word or just omitting it. The word cringe also causes an image to spring to my mind of the poster literally cringing like some frail old woman

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it's the same reason why I say nigger, its fun

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midwit psued. cringe.

It would take entire paragraphs to convey as much meaning as I just did in three words.

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Midwit is especially bad because the meaning of the term is not even clear, does it refer to people of average intelligence, slightly below average, slightly above? People just use it to mean 'not completely a retard but saying something I disagree with'. Pseud just means pretentious and it sounds ugly. Again saying cringe just makes you sound like a faggot, you may as well go around saying 'Im cowering'.

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Midwit means that you are smart enough that you're smarter than most people you meet in person, so that you start to think you are smarter than everyone and you start forming your identity around your ideas and placing too much value on them when in reality they are mediocre. sort of like dunning kreuger effect. I don't think pretentious carries the same meaning as pseud at all. Pseud is in the context of pseudointellectualism specifically whereas pretentious could mean you're pretentious about anything. Your hang up on "cringe" is due to the fact that you are stuck in the past when cringe actually did mean something physical, you need to get with the times and understand the new context it's being used in. You're just an englishlet.

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Because I want to fit in

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>we gives ourselves an identity by acting like everyone else on this super popular social media site

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This butthurt was foretold by the /lit/gods

Neck yourself, ironic frog poster.

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Did you know that Whitney Houston's debut LP had four number one singles on it? Did you know that, Christy?

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>synonymous alternatives

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>samefagging 2 hours later because I didn't respond the first time

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I'm sorry, is a frogposter seriously complaining about meme-speak?

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Funny buzzwords.

I’m glad midwit and pseud are pretty much /lit/ only becuase I like them and would hate to see them become Reddit and then cliche

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Those are just good signifiers of opinions to discard.

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