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>did you write today, anon?

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What do you want me to write?

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No, mommy.

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no. p u n i s h m e m u m .

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I wish /lit/ had less people trying to write and more people willing to read

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Rec me something or fuck off then, and if it’s one of the 4chan meme Panthéon don’t bother

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>write several pages of prose
>reread them the next morning
>delete all but the one single best sentence

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look at those hairy arms

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Read Flaubert

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Fine I will

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try tree
truh true
try true try truh
tree true truh tree
tree tree truh try
true try truh try

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No, because my friend won't send me the fucking edits back

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I like this process in theory but I've never done it before; I shall now it adopt it however. Before this I used to just write down the best ideas that came to my mind.

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I-I'm going to, I have to clean my room for a bit...uh and clean dishes. Yeah I might later I probably will

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A few slides on PowerPoint.

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can relate

post your bests

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One paragraph that I composed in the shower, and the first sentence of the next one so I have somewhere to start next time. I'm planning to do some yardwork today so I can work up a sweat and get that second paragraph tonight.

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i wrote a shitpost and nothing else

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Just finished, can I write now?

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