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People here seem to start getting into Savitri Devi lately. What got you into reading her? Why do you like her? And where should I start?
I've only read her Wikipedia page and now I'm intrigued and want to learn more.

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also is it an issue if I'm a tranny?

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>Posters: 2

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Start with the Lightning and the Sun

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Looks like an Ancient Greek statue in its original (colored) state

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This is a good place to start

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I am so glad that time corrected that artistic folly

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I made a post here once about how Savitri Devi was the first philosopher I ever discovered, 14 years old on the Burzum forum. People said it was bait, but it's true! I was heavily into metal and various forums, there was one called ANUS that was connected with a Burzum board, one of the members there had a Savitri avi and would speak about her as if she was the most intelligent and learned woman who ever lived. From there I found the Savitri archive website that had all kinds of pics and anecdotes about her, I loved the handdrawn covers she made for her books, but I didn't get around to reading them until a decade later when I got an e-reader. It's funny that in my early teens I was obliviously reading posts by "nazis" w/o really thinking much of it, nor having any kind of reaction against it, I remained a lib-by-default normie for years afterward.

What do I think of her works? Well she's ultimately a curio, more notable for being an eccentric than a legitimately worthwhile writer. Her more "theoretical" works are as dull and ponderous as they are insane, but I still have a soft spot for her life story, as I respect all autists and weirdos who live lives against the grain, and I think in a more open-minded world NYRB would reprint her more biographical and therefore more charming and likeable works starting with Defiance and the one about cats.

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Savitri Devi was Greek after all

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Impeachment of Man.

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Nice blog post

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Why was it deleted? I liked the post

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Maybe he realized his error in calling Savitri Devi's prose "dull"

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Imagine worshiping godlets and demons.

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Personally, I'm fascinated by how far her ideas are outside of the overton window. I'm ordering some of her books soon because I want to understand how people like her think.

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Imagine posting tumblr pictures in a thread about Savitri Devi without ever having read her

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>nazi on an anime forum

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She definitely isn't crazy, if that's what you're implying. I think you'll enjoy her books.

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I guess /pol/ is bored of Evola

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well, I wanted to get into some kind of eastern spiritual mumbojumbo without giving up the clusterfuck of far-right ideologies that have been inculcated in me since i started lurking on T_d back in the day

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>believing in the left/right dichotomy

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Stupid tourist

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