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why is capital evil?

Specifically the acumulation of capital.

Yes, I will buy expensive new tools and invest in my bussiness if these tools make my job easier/faster/better.

It's common sense.

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Capital is not evil. Greed is

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communists are bullies
they aren't good people

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Capital and its accumulation are not "evil" you feeble-minded child. But in a world where the vast majority of capital is ultimately controlled by an incredibly small segment of the population, it's easy to see why people would be upset about that.

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capital is not a limited natural resource, retard.

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there is a finite number of everything on earth, why would money or resources be any different?

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money is bits on some computer server, retard.

most money today is imaginary digital shit.

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ever notice how people on the left say they're upset with "the rich" but in reality they will attack you if you merely disagree with them?
communism is the doctrine that because some vague phantom called "the rich" exists therefore I have the authority to hurt you if you disagree with me
it's bully philosophy
> you have to listen to me but I don't have to listen to you

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>Specifically the acumulation of capital.
Because to accumulate any real notion of capital you need to exploit other people and their labor, siphoning the value of what they create in to your own pockets. Simple as.

You might buy new tools, but it's with money gotten through exploitation, invested so that your workers create value for you faster.

>inb4 nooo i literally only work for myself in my garage
Ok no one cares, you barely have any capital then

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Alright pseud hour is over on /lit/

Agreed but the solutions for capitalism are not found in capitalism itself

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> why is capital evil
>Specifically the acumulation of capital.
It isn't, unmeritocratic principles of our society are evil, the excessive power of technocrat billionaires is evil, but not accumulation of capital
And yet good luck convincing marxists of that, a combination of dogmatic materialism, hedonism and class reductionism means that they view doing good as entirely defined by material resources and maximizing equality of outcome. and so all unevenly distributed material resources = evil, natural hierarchies of competence = evil, and if you contest this you'll be excluded from media, academia and debates because marxism is the only view of the human condition tolerated by normalfags these days

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so you're basically saying inflation doesn't matter/is good. ebic

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>but not accumulation of capita
* not inherently

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the means of production is

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>ask loan to someone
>acquire means of production of your job
>owns it
WTF, I've found a loop hole to the capitalist evil explotation.


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> the acumulation of capital.
We could solve this easily
1. Split all people into several classes: The Poor, the Middle Class, the Upper Middle Class, the Rich.
2. Establish marriage rules as follows:
>Poor men can only marry Middle Class women, and MC women can only marry Poor men.
>Middle class men can only marry Upper Middle Class women, and UMC women can only marry MC men.
>Upper Middle class men can only marry Rich women, and Rich women can only marry UMC men.
>Rich men can only marry Poor women, and Poor women can only marry Rich men.

That way, intergenerational wealth is continually cycled through the various classes, and over time everything becomes equal.

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Because I want things and I don't have things therefore the entire system needs to change to give me things

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>What's that, a contradiction to my argument? I'll just say I don't care!

Anon, I-

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Hard to be a proponent of capitalism with the United States as my country. But I recognize the idea that there is no alternative. I’m in favor of reigning in the deepstate responsible for human rights violations, evening out the wealth inequality, and improving the lives of the working class by embracing automation and reducing time spent working. This is all possible in US capitalism although it would take a long time. It isn’t as simple as money=bad. It’s about uniting the underclass recognizing that we have more in common than in difference.

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Why don't /lit/izens make threads about literature?

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