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>Hegel, installed from above, by the powers that be, as the certified Great Philosopher, was a flat-headed, insipid, nauseating, illiterate charlatan who reached the pinnacle of audacity in scribbling together and dishing up the craziest mystifying nonsense.
He's right. Hegel's philosophy is really pseudo-philosophy. There is no spark of curiosity in Hegel's writings to get the to the truth, only uttering obscurities and sitting fatly at the pinochle of post-Kantian philosophy. Hegel is nothing more than a performance artist, he will dance around you and attempt to mystify you but beneath the veil of this sham of a mystical Hegel is nothing. At the dawn of the Nineteenth Century, Prussian power was in the ascent, and Hegel’s March of Progress strongly implied that the militarized Prussian State was its zenith. This is the only reason why Hegel was even respected. He is a philosopher for the patriot. The hallmark of a true genius is being able to crystalize difficult to comprehend ideas and this is precisely what Hegel lacks.

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Really the best parts of Schopenhauer are where he is ranting about how much he hates Hegel.

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probably agree w this bc theyre both faggots

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Nah, it just sound like you got filtered.

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