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It’ll always stay a half-formed idea in my head. That way it’ll have infinite potential.

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My treatise turned out to be like 4 pages worth so it's going to be a blog post.

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I turned my novel idea into my own personal religion and got bored of writing it


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*it is a canine based religion and has helped improved my life

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It's going well! 65K works. I figure I'm about halfway through. I got a bit inspired by seeing all of the F. Gardner/Call of the Crocodile threads. Make me think we're all gonna make it. If that guy can live his dream and started from here then so can we.
I do worry that my book is too focused on romance and that industry is just too dominated be female writers. It's sci-fi. But there's a love triangle in it. I'm still stuck on the ending. But I know how most of it will turn out.

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About halfway through and I realized I needed to change a bunch of shit, specifically with my main character. Ive barely written anything since yesterday. I’m debating whether I should go back and rewrite what I’ve done so far or to push ahead and finish it anyways.

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actually pretty good. I'm on chapter 9/16 in terms of putting words down. just went through my fourth read/edit. most people I show it to respond well. I'm hoping to have it done and self-published by the end of summer, so plan on seeing it advertised here just as relentlessly as cotc, only no shill threads because I have a job and a shred of dignity.

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I think most of those cotc threads are genuine. Maybe even all of them. I read it and even made a thread myself a few months back. Because it really is that odd of a book. I imagine many other anons have the same reaction when finishing it.

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Working on a piece that would lend itself well to being a visual novel because of branching paths. Currently wrapped up in ironing out backstories of various characters. I'd estimate I have 10-20k words worth of backstory per character. It's all so that it can be referenced and drip fed into conversations at appropriate moments. It's a love square? but participation is totally optional and there is a reject relationships monk path of self improoving. One damaged goods girl, one female raskolnikov, and one unhappily married girl. You can choose whether to yoink her from her husband, be a bro and help him out to fix their marriage, make them divorce but friend zone the girl, or ignore them entirely and continue to tread water where they are at. Lots of alternate scenarios like that.

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they aren't genuine at all: no one can say anything about the book but the same tired meme praise (le twist ending, it's like goosebumps, it's so bad its kino, etc. etc.) the only people who can refer to the text are those who hate it. so no I don't believe a word you've said, and frankly (no pun intended) I wasn't asking for your opinion, I know shite when i smell it.

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I havent started yet, still reading books about writing novels and reading novels to get a feel for what it should look like and what my interests/style would be. Hopefully by end of the month I can have a draft but im taking this slowly

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I get to 10k words and get bored and stop writing for a few years. Then when I do start again, it's because I have a new "great idea" for a novel.
This has happened 3x now

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Based, as soon as you write something down it's ruined

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120k words and holy fuck it is a MESS.

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Horribly. Im trying to write a collection of short stories and I cant write for shit.

It was a cold night in October, and the clocks were striking Nine. I was working the tables at the local chuck-e-cheese it was a busy nights but I had a momentary respite since the ballpit which was near my assigned tables had a stench of rancid cheese sick and had to be cleaned by our old black janitor.

As I lit up my bent Malboro red I was joined by one of my colleagues. Being one of the longest working employees at the branch I handled his application and training. His name is Taylor, his shirts were always ironed but he carried himself sloppily. He told everyone he was 25 but having handled his details I know he is 31 and that he still lives with his mother. He seemed obsessively bothered by his nose and sniffed endlessly. Despite doing the same job as him I always made sure he knew I was his better and that I am in a better class than him, trusted by management and respected by peers.

"Hand me one... ill pay you back next week."

I froze and gave him a severe look I kept that up for a full minute then I gave him the last one out of my packet. I watched a YouTube video where a young entrepreneur was giving guidelines on how to climb the corporate hierarchy and one of the tips was to consolidate those under you in shows of dominance. If it worked for him it was sure to work for me.

Taylor took 3 drags of the Marlboro red I gave him and extinguished it under his foot then dissipated back into the building like the blot of oil he is. I could feel my adhd medication was reaching half-life. Given that it was still a long night i popped 2 more adderall into my mouth. If I was going to get that promotion I needed my concentration to be at my fullest.

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It's rough gigachad but i'm torn between the idea of killing all the main characters off and letting the villain win or the villain is defeated and the main charters grow old and happy

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