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If you like the Iliad you have zero excuses not to like this one as well.

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He avoided Islamic terms except for iblis. What's the reason for this? Are there any good books analyzing the Shahnameh?

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Is there even an unabridged translation? I’d love to read it but I want the whole thing.

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I have been trying to learn persian since I already know the arabic alphabet and speak an indoeuropean language (might help?), but I think it will be a long time before I can come close to understanding this epic without relying on translations.

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is it a good source on pre islamic persia

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shut up shut up shut up. this is a bait thread. it's obvious why no one talks about because we're not an iranian domain on the web. introduce the topic with some more interesting information than just these inane provocative questions if you like it so much. Fuck you

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Don’t be like that, he said you’d like it if you liked the Iliad. It’s a recommendation.

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There is...in French lol


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Kinda sorta but not really. Ferdowsi used real sources and actual persian myth/folklore (apparently his narration of the sasanian empire is surprisingly historically accurate) but most of the epic happens in the period before Alexander the Great's conquest of the Achaemenid Empire. Probably the most important bits are the info we get from him about myth/folklore and zoroastrian practice, though you have to keep in mind that he lived in late 10th century Persia and therefore couldn't go all HAIL ZARATHUSTRA. There are also embellishments and changes for the sake of poetic effect, naturally.

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Is it a fun read or not? I'm going to try Arabian Nights.

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from what i gathered arabian nights is looked down upon in the arab world also it is underwhelming there are three parts the first two are simplistic but the third and last one is deeper so if i were you i either read a collection and the latter stories also sindbad and alibaba are not originally in the 1001 they are later additions made by french translators
>>18431365 i will read it down the line after i go through the major greek works thanks anon

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I should get to it but I was raised with stories and tales from the Shahnameh so that's something. In Afghanistan and Iran they have dedicated inns and places to visit where men recite poems and stories from it still. Definitely is on-par with other epics such as the Iliad.

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that is actually boss

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Every arab teen male reads the Arabian Nights as a rite of passage.

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