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I go to uni in buffalo, ny so a lot of my friends are from NYC. I'm becoming immensely sick of these pompous cunts. They unironically talk down to and about people from suburban/rural areas, and they regularly imply that anyone not from a city is uncultured, simple, etc. Problem is, once you talk to these people it becomes incredibly clear that they've really never done anything outside of visiting a restaurant or riding the subway. They often don't travel (they claim the city has all they need), they rarely have hobbies outside of IPA drinking or basketball (other sports cannot be played within a city), and they are entirely clueless on anything relating to nature (this includes any hiking, fishing, boating, etc.)
Starting with Walden, post books about rejecting this vapid but pretentious worldview

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>The Church and The Land - Fr Vincent McNabb

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I’m from California and also can’t stand people from New York who just go around talking about New York. Fuck off back to your rat and Jew infested containment city

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Not exactly about rejecting the city but maybe look into Timothy Morton. I think it's a great way of framing human's relationships with cities and nature.

I'm currently reading through Guattari's Three Ecologies. I'm not far enough into it to recommend it

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I didn’t read past pompous cunts. But considering you’re likely an undergrad, and your friends probably are too, I’d actually just recommend taking it easy. They’re going through a pretentious “living in the city” phase that I think a lot of upper-middle class rodents go through at some point in young adulthood. They’re probably just even more smug about it given how they’re going through particularly early. Just chill out, have a drink, and remember that it’s pretty common for people to feel superior to others at certain points in their life for any reason really

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Kek, California is literally the biggest shithole on earth.

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Don't be bitter because you're bad at basketball

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>California is literally the biggest shithole on earth.
Kill yourself you pathetic meme brained faggot

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AHAHAHHA I love the retarded losers whose entire reality is built off of populist politician's speechs for the 50 iq, /pol/, fox news, and youtube videos

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Don't listen to the Califaggots. California is the worst shithole on the face of the earth and everyone who lives there is the worst person who ever lived.

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Haven't read it but I know Leo Tolstoy-The Cossacks is Walden-core.

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>California is the worst shithole on the face of the earth and everyone who lives there is the worst person who ever lived.

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trump lost btw

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>claims they don't travel
>travels for college
something doesn't add up here

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California is nice but I wouldn’t want to live there because 1) it’s unbelievably expensive and 2) it’s overpopulated

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No Richard Darre, Pentti Linkola, Derek Jensen, Garrett Hardin, or Savitri Devi? Whoever made that chart cares far more about virtue signalling than saving the environment.

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>hey unironically talk down to and about people from suburban/rural area
You know its the exact same with country people talking about the city right

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>trump lost btw

Kek. now that hes out of the way, biden hates illegal immigrants as much as he hates black people btw

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Sounds like you just don't like your friends

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>tell a big city freak/coastie you're from anywhere more than 50 miles away from a big city or ocean
"wHaT Do yOu EvEn dO tHeRe?"

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