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is there a word for the tendency for people or things with completely different intentions ending up in the same place?
Like for example a politician born from wealth that runs for president seeking constant affirmation. And a local mayor running for president in order to bring attention to problems in their community. (these are totally hypothetical)
Or in a scenario where student #1 goes to college and fails the entire way with little concern for grades and just fuckes bitches and does kegstands in class. And ends up dropping out early. compared to student #2 that does well in class but finds inspiration in other areas outside of their studies and decides to leave to pursue them.

you get me? Is there a word for this concept?

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Divergent sameness

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Monofatal heteropaths.

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something something the duality of man perhaps

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Synchronicity is the closest thing I think of although, from my understanding of the word at least, it is not 100% what you are looking for

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