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no one on /lit/ reads.
ITT don't talk to each other at all, just discuss a book you read.

>hard mode: you have to actually have read it
I'll go first:

Irene's Cunt:

it was a translation, so maybe I should give more credit to the translator for this, but the surreal sections of it really caught me. the lewdness was great, it makes me want to write something a little more risque and outrageous next time I write, but, like I said, the surreal bits were really the most captivating to me

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I've been reading the poetry of Arthur Rimballs.

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Making my way through Mirror and Metaphor by Robert Romanshyn has opened up so much to me, I'm so thankful to have it but only scarcely know why.
Reading Mirror and. Metaphor, you trace a history of psychology through psychologically powerful thought exercises. Investigation of our minds provides readers a sense of revelation as historical paradigms change throughout.

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Started Preparations for the Next Life by Atticus Lish, a Ditrapano darling. I really like it.

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nice books

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This was a fine book to read, I could not put it down and had to finish in one night. Read a few more of his works since then and Faulkner stays as one of my favorite authors. Going in blind made it all the more memorable. Starting with Benjy's part and I immediately found myself invested in the flashbacks and dreamlike existence only to see how much of a burden and frustration his existence really was. I still cannot figure whether he was enveloped in ignorant bliss or he used those memories of Caddy as an escape for how shit life had gotten since then for the family.
Finding out Quentin killed himself at the end of his section was a great shock as well

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I'm 343 pages in Dave's World The Second Season: Infinite Jest. It's my second time trying this thing and I'm certainly going to finish it this time. In the time since I last started it I've: 1) aged, 2) had a substance abuse problem, 3) began to feel, quite independently, much more the kinds of things that he is writing about. There are long sections of this thing where I forget that I am reading and it is like I am directly feeling a sort of communion with Dave. I know what you're thinking and yes, it is gay.

At the same time, while I appreciate (I think) what he was going for I don't believe the complexity/"difficulty" justifies it's substantial weight. The best parts of this thing are the most humane parts, not the parts where you feel like you're playing an overwrought crossword puzzle to get at what Dave was really saying. I know that part of the point is to say, contra mainstream culture, that there really are good things out there if you try stuff, use your brain and get on someone's level. And it's impressive that he found such a way of weaving this idea into just about every aspect of the book. But, at this early point at least, it feels *just* that: impressive, but nothing more. Rather, it undermines those more humane/tender bits.

My feeling's that this is a great, flawed thing.

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just tsarted at swim two birds based on it being recommended here all the time. haven't had a chance to really sit down and absorb myself in it, so I'm looking forward to the weekend an a chance to do that

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I'm pretty new to reading, just read my eighth book of the year and man, it was really disappointing. Way too short, clunky, and obvious. Characters fall in love for no reason. I really thought this was going to be a sci-fi masterpiece from what I've heard.

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Second time reading this, slave smuggling remains underserved as a subject

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This was a fun read. Beyond all the creativity, what I truly admire is the writing style. Its a writing style for children called "Straightforward Text" and I would like to learn it one day.

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Recently read Anton Chekhov's "The Kiss" and was pleasantly surprised; I had never read Chekhov before

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Been reading pic related. Can't tell for the love of god of the guy is a genius or a complete hack. 300 pages in, some of them are incredible, others sound like a middle schooler trying to say as many ugly words as he can recall. Any italianon in here who has an opinion? Would be curious to hear from others.

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