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Why are all the great authors alcoholics/substance abusers?

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Why are all the worst posters frog and blowjack posters?

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To create a masterpiece, you need to have a void inside of you that makes you yearn for something extraordinary. That kind of thing usually goes hand in hand with substance abuse. With that being said, most addicts stand on a place of degeneracy, not genius.

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The great modern authors at least.

There is nothing organic about being a 'great author' anymore than being a famous musician is . It has been gatekept the entire time. It was never a meritocracy. Every 'great' was famous because some publisher or other powerful person decided to make them that way. Just like every famous band was famous because some producer or record company decided to make them famous. Unless you believe the NYT besteller list are really just the best writers at any given time.

So the question is, why were most of the writers who were chosen to be famous addicts. Maybe they developed it as a result of selling out, maybe they were chosen because they'd be easier to control. Maybe it was just chaos to give birth to a dancing star. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

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the worsts posts all start with « Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ »
why do you spend your time with children you fucking pedophile?

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because they were writing to feed their drug habit so they worked harder??

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but writing is almost never profitable

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Given the fact that many great authors lived in times with less public awareness with respect to th harmful effects of these substances, one could make the case that their having had these addictions was not so uncommon amongst the populace. If you limit your selection to say artists residing in a post-Christian era this is even more so the case. They no longer saw abstinence as inherently good and were apart of a higher class (which most authors were) and this lead to their tendency to indulge.

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actually I take it back...I think there's an argument from Bayesian probability that might do the trick
the issue is that drug abusers are unusually intelligent given their inability to enter the ordinary workforce, so they're competing with other folks who also turned to writing
the ordinary workforce won't let you have a job if you're a drugging no matter how hard you work or how smart you are!!
drugs basically find smart people and kick them out of the ordinary workforce

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Their brains see the world more interesting and they can think of more specific concepts because of the booze, that's why they can write so well.

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I'm trans btw if that matters

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You are retarded

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Fuck is a blowjak?

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Every kind of “wojack”. Called blowjack because they all blow

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Youre a blowfly then

Fuck off blowfly

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Alcohol makes the brain more creative.

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Because being addicted to drugs and alcohol is based.

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The same attitude of sentimentality and appreciation of emotion that allows an author to create compelling art also drives them toward drinking as it accentuates those tendencies.

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Because you are one as well, and they were simply able to tap into your predicament better than you thus far.

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Based Butterfly strikes again!

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Tolkien wasnt an addict though

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Stupid monkey didn't pull the pin out before throwing the grenade.

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Nicotine is a drug. Dude was blazing the pipe 24/7.

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Mark Rippetoe said in a podcast that to be a great athlete two things are needed: explosive genetics (measured by vertical jump), and OCD. Calling every trait a disorder is midwit and kike propaganda, so I would modify OCD to "a high level of obsessiveness." I would also add the obvious third condition: they need to be raised in an environment where they are exposed to sport early, and where they can obtain proper nutrition.

The story is essentially the same with great artists. They require three things: a powerful intellect and capacity for visualization (genetic), early exposure to art, and a high level of obsessiveness.

The obsessiveness is what gets lots of great achievers in trouble. They are great because they can't leave well enough alone, but they are also often miserable because they can't leave well enough alone. Hence they turn to substances or life otherwise unhealthy lifestyles.

Watch "Whiplash" to understand this topic better. The obsessiveness is a trait that is partially genetic but also inculcated by parents, coaches, and teachers in the child's youth. >>18429971

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What makes you think this?

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I didn't intend to @ you, butterfly poster. My apologies.

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