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>be me
>on date with a gal
>she's completely unaware of the great poetry of Ossian
>half to read the wine menu to her
>uses the wrong forms of your/you're in conversation
>clearly doesn't know her their/there/they'res properly either
>just get up and walk right fucking out of their

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But does she give good head?

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I don't judge dumb chicks but dating them is like having a pet dog that drinks wine
I would prefer 120IQ over double ds any day

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yeah, she asked me what a certain word I said meant and I leapt out of bed. It was a shame, the sex was continuous and fantastic, I haven't had a woman keep up since

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Which is why I desire Jew gf. NOW

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>I would prefer 120IQ over double ds any day
That means you have low IQ.

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I drink alcohol solely to lose even more IQ

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Something tells me you guys are going to be alone for a very long time.

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op here, fyi i am very happy with my literate trans gf

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The point is not to have a talk about poetry. You have your friends for that. Having a dumb woman is fine as long as she's not complaining for every little thing.
This guy here >>18430033 has a better attitude towards this whole question. Learn from him. He's wise and has digits.

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Even smart chicks are like dogs. I'm dating this med student and it's all the same shit.

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>uses wrong forms of your/you’re
>walk out of their

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low quality bait
2 / 10 made me reply

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>ask girl if she's also learning Serbo-Croatian to read Petković-Dis and Pandurović
>she gives me a weird look
>ask her instead if Brasil had surpassed Portugal in "luso-symbolism", comparing Cruz e Sousa to Camilo Pessanha
>no coherent response
>try to talk to her about the aesthetics of 朦胧诗人
>she clearly doesn't know what I'm talking about
People like this really exist out there

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This. I've dated my fair share of pseud uni girls and I'm much happier now with my normie gf.
"Intellectual" girls always have something to prove, they turn on you when they start to feel inferior. It never ends well.

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>half to read
OP, she's not the only illiterate fuckwit in your story.

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What a confusing post.

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i know ur trollin op but i legit hate it when mfs using the wrong your/you're in speech, it IS pronounced differently i.e. "yor" vs. "yewr"

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know ur trollin op but i legit hate it when mfs using the wrong their/they're/there in speech, it IS pronounced differently i.e. "thur" vs. "thür" vs. "dur"

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