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Stupidest thing I've ever read, why would you do thius?

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Christianity is a death cult

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You make "death cult" sound like a bad thing. Death is vastly preferable to living on Earth.

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It's based. It's btfoing retributive justice.

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Christcucks would have all gotton lobotomys to be more like a lamb if they were available. The ideal christian is not a virtuous or sinless one, but a cretin who has reverted back into an atavistic state before knowledge of good and evil.

Thankfully the bulk of the sincerely neurotic christcucks (typically hysterical spinsters) died out when christ failed to return during their lifetime.

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Everyone is going to die.

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My spine tingles whenever I hear those words. Like a quagmire sucking me in. The whole world turned upside down in one fell swoop.

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Nah, Christianity is just world denying. It's more like a lemming cult, they aren't interested in dying, but if they happen run run off a cliff it's no big deal, this life is just a test and their eyes are on the prize.

Turn the other cheek literally means let the barbarian cut your head off. it doesn't matter anyway.

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Rough estimate, how many hours of porn do you watch per month? Around 40-50?

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Okay, Nick Land.

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i remember a sermon from when i was a kid when the priest explained who the part about turning the other cheek wasn't about brushing off an insult but was because backhanding someone was how you strike a slave but slapping someone was how you struck an equal. offering your other check to someone who has just backhanded you forces them to either strike you as an equal or stay their hand. i don't go to mass anymore but that one has stuck with me

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romans 12, doesn't get much more life-affirming than that

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I can only accept in good conscience that this was not meant for the people of the writers of this sermon to follow themselves, but their enemies.
Let me make a better suggestion: Do resist an evil person.

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This reminds me of the time when I used to read the Bible as a 12 year old. I was a dumb prepubescent kid and I thought I was so much better than my classmates for being religous, so its no wonder I didn't have many friends. One day a kid started bullying me in the playground for some reason, and my dumbass thought of this exact verse and thought of putting it into practice right then and there. Long story short, he somehow got pissed at my very submissive attitude, which somehow still made jim feel like I thought myself his superior, and I got my nose broken and had to be taken to the hospital for a rhinoplasty. I could come back to the school only after a month and now people thought me a coward for getting beaten up.

To this day old friends think I was a craven for not fighting back. It might have been one of the reasons why I never could befriend a girl in school and remain a khhv to date, every girl thought I was a coward and unmanly (I studied in the same school till I was 18).Not necessarily casting aspersions on the bible or anything, just recounting an account of my life as a pseud.

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and what do you imagine you would have gained by fighting back?

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Bruh I could have easily beaten up that nigga and not been called a coward and probably gotten some pussy too. If nothing else I would be a much more confident person in my early teens. Can you imagine how it feels being considered a coward by your classmates as an early teen, and especially when you aren't and you actually didn't fight because of your dumb understanding of the scripture?

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So as not to spur further violence. Also, shame can be more powerful than fists.

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Being submissive is not "turning the other cheek".
I was in the same situation in school when a classmate (not a bad guy at all) hit me in the face. It didn't hurt a lot so I just stood and watched him dead in the eye, with a fully relaxed face. He just walked away silently. I wasn't mocked for it, I even remember one guy saying "anon has manned up".

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Shut the fuck up you edgy Nietzschean assholes.
Ascetic Christianity and antinatalism are fucking based

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The same thing happened to me but I didn't fight back because I was afraid my mother would punish me for getting into fights so I let myself get beaten

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