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So this was just written by coping romans and shouldn't be taken seriously in modern times, right?

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would you like to explain

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Sure, all of the words that you wrote are incorrect.

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Coping Jews piggybacking off Rome, and it should be taken seriously, but in a historian's sense only.

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>shouldn't be taken seriously in modern times
its the last real thing in modern times

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"Coping Jews" would be the talmud since it was written to seethe at Christianity and gentiles stealing muh culture.

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This, exactly what I feel every single day, all day.

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The New Testament was written to seethe at Roman rulers who destroyed the Jewish warrior class

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Not sure. Why?

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It was somehow written by a bunch of illiterate fishermen

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I have no idea how you would come to that conclusion if you had actually read it.

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Ephesians 6 gives it away

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Paul was no friend of the Jewish authorities of his time, who considered him a heretic and a deserter. Would also be strange for a man seething at Romans to preach among them.

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>Would also be strange for a man seething at Romans to preach among them.
Not really but okay

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It's precious if you're interested in astrotheology and esoterica, otherwise no.

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You need to be 18 to post here

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Pretty much the entire Bible is cope and cringe

>I could explain why I’m willing and able to get rid of your suffering and you’re still suffering anyway, Job, but you wouldn’t get it, maaaaan

Lol what a piece of trash. A trash book, written by trash people, for other trash people

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Nice argument and response, super insightful.

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The Bible should be taken seriously because it is used to destroy Western nations today and in the past. Jews herd us into the false dichotomy of atheism or Christcuckery. Both are detrimental to healthy societies

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He was persecuting Christians for them.

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>muh healthy societies
Imagine thinking you have any idea what a healthy society even is within the full picture of ultimate reality and our temporary human lives within it upon a flying ball in space. Imagine thinking that humans are even capable of building a "healthy society".

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Ok jew.

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Ok retard. Sounds like you're coping and seething because you know an eternity fitting for your mediocre life awaits you, coward.

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Until he converted a dedicated his life to spreading the word of Christ. Then he became their enemy.

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God, atheists are such soulless dogmatists.

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>warrior class
pick one.

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Yeah totally OP, it just predicted the future 2000 years in advance, nothing to see here.

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I used to think when old people said things were like "Babylon" it was just a matter of speech, until I read the Bible. Now I know we are living in Babylon and the end times are coming. The level of evil and decay of morals is reaching the same levels, but we have no Elijah to come destroy the 500 priests of Baal.

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A healthy society is in harmony with the ultimate reality. It is not pointed to by the Bible

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Fear not brother, many Elijahs are rising up in these end times. Huge worldwide revival is coming, Trump is coming back this year, God will send a plague to destroy the evil ones, etc. Look at the prophets, they have been sounding the alarm!

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As if (You) have any idea what ultimate actual reality is in order to make such an assessment. The Bible called all of this 2000 years ahead. There is and never was any chance whatsoever of humans building a "healthy society". The one and only hope that any of us have is God through Christ Jesus.

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>still putting your hopes in Trump
Holy fuck, find a better savior

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>Trump is coming back this year
which is why we need Elijahs

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