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How do I do this without having to actually cater to gays? Can I just go on Twitter after my fag-free book is written and just say “oh yeah btw everyone is black and trans”? Are they dumb enough to fall for that? They were with Harry Potter

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There is only one true tale of love between men in a graveyard, and it ain't queer.

If the Jews think it's useful to them, sure.
Books sell when their system promotes them. Only WN books are successful on their own merits.

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It is ironic that the rainbow is associated with homosexuality when homosexuals reside beyond the rainbow.

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Jesus Christ, they don't even care about the actual content of the book anymore, just about how many checkboxes it ticks.

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write close but platonic male friendships and tell people on twitter that the characters were gay.

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I don't think you need to tell them

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sisterhood is for women, men can only be in love with each other. either openly or latently but there's no such thing as non-erotic friendship between men.

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Are you an asian grill :3

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>there's no such thing as non-erotic friendship between men.
Send tits or gtfo

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In Japan, the main audience for yaoi (male + male) is women and the main audience for yuri (female + female) is men. If the same is true for western markets, then the main readers of male homo books are women

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Holy based based

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No shit

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This will never work and even if it does you won't make any money

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So Lord of the Rings.

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It's because the faggots there prefer muscular men (bara) and not the twinks featured in yaoi.

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Unironically this.

You will be pandering to a certain demographic of (mostly straight) women here, not actual gay or bi men, but it’ll work. Gay / bi guys just read whatever (same to an extent with lesbian / bi women), but it’s a much more competitive and nuanced market. You’re better off presenting yourself as a “gay” novel so straight women will lap up everything you put out so they can jack off.

Source; am bisexual and a man and have read a book once or twice

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>Are they dumb enough to fall for that? They were with Harry Potter
I think Rowling's half-hearted SocJus pandering actually did more damage than good for her.

The obvious race and gay retcon and later gas lighting about it pissed off most of the regular internet who read or watched the original series as children and turned her into a meme.

And then the people she pandered to abandoned her and think she is literally hitler because she is an old-schol (TERF) feminist who doesn't jump on the gender bandwagon. To the point where she has become one of the most hated women in the social justice movement. All of her pandering and strong female characters be damned, she's a witch now.

She would have been better off just shutting the fuck up about social justice nonsense. She should have ignored the wacky tumblr theories about gay dumbledore and black hermoine instead of encouraging them for more SocJus brownie points and remaining relevant past her writing prime.

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And where is that?

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okay incel

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It's not about making money, it's about manipulation. They're part of the system and the system wants people to accept gays. They want people to constantly be exposed to gay messaging because that's what changes minds. Give me the legislative branch, the media, and academia and I'll have 90% of America ready to hang queers on every street corner within 5 years.

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I don't understand, pride is a sin. Why would anyone dedicate a month to celebrating it? We don't have Sloth Month or Envy Month.

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I'm volcel. Enjoy the syphilis, though.

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Fat acceptance = Gluttony
Trans = Envy
Cancel culture = Wrath
BLM = Greed
Cooming = Lust
Social dropouts and incels = Sloth

This is how you collapse a civilization. China is laughing in the back seats.

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>okay incel

The post is nothing but facts though. The memes about her changing the characters race/orientation YEARS after the series was over were more just poking fun at the ridiculousness so I guess you could say he was exaggerating the backlash for the changes but it's true that she was rejected by the lgbtqip+ movement for saying biological sex is real, they won't let her work on the fantastic beasts movies because of it.

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Write a good book, spam it constantly on 4channel.org and I, a certified homosexual, will explain to the other fags how every character is a gay trans bipoc icon. Godspeed anon!

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The sogginess of the outer darkness.

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>Support a trans latinx author
Is this just a gimmick that people pull to get peoples money?

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>doesn't understand irony
Come on, anons.

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>Can I just go on Twitter after my fag-free book is written and just say “oh yeah btw everyone is black and trans”? Are they dumb enough to fall for that? They were with Harry Potter
No, they weren't. It got Rowling plenty of backlash and caused multiple memes, and that's before the shit about her views on trannies got out.
If you want to get the rainbow money you have to play the rainbow rules.

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>support a trans latinx author
selling indulgences

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