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What is your political compass /lit/?
Here’s mine.

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So you're a fucking commie? For fuck's sake.

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Politics is not a personality

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You're glowing awful hard there, OP

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Supporting capitalism when you’re not in the 1% is like a black man supporting slavery in the 19th century.

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It's not like that at all. False equivalence. You commies are not very bright.

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Ok, cuck.

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wtf am i a hippy?

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*when you're not a capitalist

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this but unironically

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i like the way u think bro

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The elites are jews and support every retarded liberal social cause that the left refuses to criticize. You are co-opted.

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>not being beyond left and right
Lmao, read more.

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>read more
I can say the same to you.

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OP here, I took the sapply values test too, this is what I got (mostly the same result)

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You're a tankie, so not really.

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>Not being economically left and socially right

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are you projecting?

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>books about extremist opinion I have picked up
>anyone know any books about thing I already agree with
>can someone recommend books defending my latest zinger against well-adjusted people
>looking for books about the made up thing I want other people to buy into

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I've read all your partisan bullshit and I've transcended it, whereas you've glommed on to Marxism, nationalism, or an equivalent cringey cult.

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I got libleft on the political compass and authleft on this lol

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take the test coward

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Fucking test said i was a communist

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third position larping is just as partisan lol except you never actually do anything

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it is now

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I'm not a third positionist, which is just an unholy chimera of Marxism and nationalism.

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most tests say I'm a libertarian commie so I guess it's somewhat accurate but some of the questions were fucking stupid.

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Even worse.

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oy vey

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I could get a nigga's SSN if I just spit out a colorful test result afterwards

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>libertarian commie
How many dicks you suck a day?

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thoughts on the age of consent?

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Centrism is liberalism which I hate with a fiery passion.

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then what do you believe?

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Shouldn't this thread be more like "Post political compass and favorite book" so at least it would be remotely related to literature

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I don't even know any more. Anti-communist, anti-woke, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian. Something of a minarchist I guess.

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You'll regret your cuckoldry when you see what 21st century authoritarians are gonna do.

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aka centrism with chinese characteristics

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Centrists don't support abolishing money, they're pro capitalist lemmings.

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Because abolishing money is a ridiculous idea that only commies and anarkiddies and other meme ideologies advocate.

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Keep sucking off Mammon. Monetary value is an imaginary figment.

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not a compass, but here's mine

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Even the poorest American is richer than most of the world

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there should be no minimum age or wage

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Weniger als deine hurenmutter

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This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. As usual, monarchist larpers can't distinguish between democracies and republics, and just because a system has oligarchic elements (which exist in modern republics by design) doesn't make it an oligarchy. I can't even begin to explain all the other problems with this.

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You're dumb. USA is absolutely an oligarchy right now. You're delusional beyond belief with your representational democracy bullshit.

Off yourself.

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this website and chart is absolutely retarded. it's solely based on the work of blatant communists like Adorno and Reich

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>rich people therefore oligarchy
read a book on ancient greek government and come back to this thread

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Take a real test.
Not the one that skews lib left.

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This is mine. OP here

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>putting words in my mouth already
Concession accepted, worm.

Read Moldbug and fuck off with your halfwit takes.

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phew I was starting to get worried

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>Read Moldbug
no lmao

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next to all the commentaries pointing out that you're wrong, you're also neglecting the fact that there's another position against capitalism. Let's call it the third.

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I love the old elite

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if anything communism has ever prove is two things: humans are evil; and abolishing monarchy is a mistake.

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Lmao, and who do you think will get the power with authoritarian bliefs?

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OP here. We have an honest difference of opinion but let me just say this: I am not rich nor privileged enough to profit off directly from the way the system currently works. I see no logical reason as to why I should support the rich as if their wealth would ever trickle down and benefit me because it hasn’t. In order to see benefits from those gains it is necessary to get rid of loopholes in our tax code that facilitate evasion. 10% of the world’s GDP is stuck in tax evasion, imagine all we could do with that money. Trillions of dollars wasted and parked for the benefit of the few and the detriment of the majority. In that sense I am a democrat, absolutely.

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You should support capitalism because it's the only practicable economic system for the modern world.

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It’s easy to think that when you don’t know better, but we can know better. We can make things better. People thought the same when slavery was around and when feudalism ruled the economy until they came up with something better. Not perfect, but better. We must stop thinking in terms of perfection and start thinking in terms of improvement, you have more in common with me than with Jeff Bezos or Trump, I have more in common with you than I’ll ever have with Elon Musk or Alan Greenspan so we must work due to our common interests and stop fighting over slight differences.

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Airy fairy bullshit with no actual proposal.

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What would be an appropriate political system for me?

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I did propose many things, one of them was erasing loopholes and deductibles for the rich to balance the development of small and medium enterprises. I can’t blame you for being so fond of capitalism, maybe you’re in a different situation but I want you to think and ask yourself how long will you go on living like this until it gets bad enough for you to care? I don’t mean to impose my ideology, I don’t want you all to share my views but to share my doubts. Nothing else.

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My dick lmao.

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That's fixing capitalism, not an alternative to capitalism

>> No.18436051

As I said, don’t aim for perfection but for improvement. Progressively as we get used to the new model of capitalism and people have a better quality of life they will also have more spare time to reflect and think and debate and meet and talk just like you and I are talking right now. Then they will cooperate and potentially come up with tremendous alternatives that can be good for all of us.

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Did you really answer agree to "what is best for corporations is ultimately best for us"?

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>People thought the same when slavery was around and when feudalism ruled the economy until they came up with something better
The problem is, we don't have anything better. Communism was tried, and failed.

>> No.18436085

>What is national socialism

>> No.18436092

An inhuman nightmare.
Also tried and failed btw.

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They came up with the communist ideology in a time when they didn’t have as much time on their hands as we have now, I never advocated for communism because it is outdated. It doesn’t mean we can’t think of better solutions and that we can’t debate about these things. People came up with capitalism during a time where there was a very awful quality of life yet they managed to cooperate and debate, so now that we have a better quality of life compared to them we should use some of our time to come up with new creative ideas.

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Capitalism but cartoonishly evil?

>> No.18436114

It was economically sound. To actually make it applicable the authoritarian aspect would have to be toned down a fair bit.

>> No.18436116

>we should use some of our time to come up with new creative ideas
That's not a very clear or helpful proposal.

>> No.18436118

How did it differ from capitalism?

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The entire economics of Nazi Germany was centered around implementing the authoritarianism and militaristic expansionism which caused it to fail catastrophically in the first place.

>> No.18436127

It's a hail mary. If none of the world's geniuses have come up with anything so far, pour money on a bunch of retards and see if one of them'll blossom into the next Marx.

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Governments already subsidize sociology research.

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I did give you a detailed proposal before but alright I think I’ve done enough to persuade you into asking yourself these questions. That’s what I want, I want you all to ask yourself these questions and include them more often in dinner table talks and at parties or wherever you meet with people. We need to get used to bringing back politics to the table and stop being afraid of discussions.

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(0, -2.5)

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OP here. I’m done for tonight folks, please never stop thinking of new ways to improve yourself and also the system that limits and hinders your potential. There is a better world but we have to stop assuming we already live in it. We don’t, this isn’t as good as it gets, it CAN get better.

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You seem have subscribed to some kind of fashionable zeitgeist model of the development of ideas, where if you just improve the milieu then something good will emerge, when really it's Great Men who tower above the rabble that do the heavy lifting.

>> No.18436206

>this isn’t as good as it gets
I'd imagine not, considering we live in a dystopia.

>> No.18436219

Just introduce a wealth cap (5b cash+assets). Would fix a lot of problems.

>> No.18436270

In some extent you are correct but no great group of men can lift any weight at all if there’s not a sufficient level of cooperation. Just look at the reluctance my questions were received with when I made this thread, we need to make people talk more and think more. As the good old Hegel said once “be careful, proud men of action, for you are, after all, nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought.”

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I honestly thought I'd be on the left, but I'm pretty center with a bit of right I guess.

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favorite mcdonalds meal?

>> No.18436330

The cashier's cock. I'm also trans btw.

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Instead of slapping on a bandaid like a wealth cap, why not completely retool the system that permitted these injustices in the first place. For over 100 years, all of humanity has slowly been brainwashed and alienated by capitalism. Shit needs to be cut off at the source, and no amount of reforms are gonna do that.

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What are you advocating exactly? Full blown wealth redistribution?

>> No.18436360

I'm a bit of a "chicken nuggets with medium fries" man myself.

>> No.18436365

because communism doesn't work

>> No.18436380

I genuinely think a wealth cap could be effective. The system isn't broke beyond ever being able to work, The main flaw is that people are able to horde wealth to the point where the money becomes completely stagnant.

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/lit/, everyone.

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it's just for fun, dude, calm down

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I’m not smart or well-read enough to propose any sort of new social regime. I’m just saying that capitalism is an inherently parasitic and soul killing ideology that needs to be replaced with something rooted in humanism. If more people wake up and realize that they are being manipulated and preyed upon, maybe society will naturally shift away from capitalism.

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Nobody mentioned communism idiot

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I'm a fascist, apparently.

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99% of people who talk like that are communists

>> No.18436466

absolutely not

>> No.18436473

Keep using ad hominems, cuck

>> No.18436476

what? how is that an ad hominem

>> No.18436480

>Supporting capitalism when you’re not in the 1% is like a black man supporting slavery in the 19th century.

Blacks in slavery had a tremendously high standard of living vs the global average at the time, a literacy rate the continent of Africa didn't reach until the 1960s, had a family retention rate of over 50% vs the ~30% of today, and black slaves in the Americas were generally treated extraordinarily well and weren't subject to anywhere near the levels of violence as those who wound up in the Atlantic and infinitely better than those sold to the Muslims.

You don't know this because you're a worthless npc cunt that has no business speaking, ever. Thank you and please drive around to the first window.

>> No.18436483

I’m a communist insofar as I think capitalism is evil and that marx was right in diagnosing its shortcomings. But I don’t think marx’s idea of a communist society really provides a good blueprint for social change. I’d call myself a socialist but that doesn’t really mean anything these days.

>> No.18436501

The problem lies in the fact that wealth is finite and naturally channels itself towards those who already hold substantial amounts of it. I've thought about this a lot, Id normally have a lot more to contribute, But it's stupid o'clock and I should have been sleeping hours ago. I'll write down some ideas, You should make a thread of a similar theme tomorrow.

>> No.18436521

Yeah now say all that in public, racist swine.

>> No.18436537

Marx's manifesto was complete idealism. There is nothing inherently wrong with capitalism, It should be regulated, countries and people's sovereignty and well being, should take precedence over corporate profits.

>> No.18436546

What was he wrong about?

>> No.18436557

You're right let's all starve to death instead

>> No.18436563

get the fuck off this board

>> No.18436568

Commies think that money equals power and that the 'elite' are rich business owners and stuff. No. Money does not equal power. The 'elite' are the Clintons and Bidens and Salzburgers. Not the Bezos and Zuckerbergs.

>> No.18436576

Say your racist shit in public, coward

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