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Half of you spend an inordinate amount of time reading philosophy.
Can you even refute a reddit comic?

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I don't even read philosophy and I can probably refute this

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The Holocaust

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he's crying in the last picture
this man needs help

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What you really mean by happiness is satisfaction. No, all that garbage won't buy you satisfaction with life. Especially that junk food. iTT, you will kill yourself within a year of being a rich NEET.

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Consider yourself refuted

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the virus meant that I was a de facto NEET for a year. Eating shit, gaming, and watching anime all day got old very very fast. Iirc they call it 'hedonic adaptation,'. Pleasurable things just do not make for happiness long term.

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His addiction to such pleasures will only lead to him seeking more, a never-ending cycle of suffering, thus never achieving happiness.

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this actually makes me seethe
books and food are one thing but I fucking hate gamers

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I don't really think basic bitch materialism needs 'debunking' as it is insanely obvious and well documented that materialism is one of, if not the, most worthless pursuit a man can go on.

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Motherfucker eats Burgers with Pizza.

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>you will kill yourself within a year of being a rich NEET.
I have been one for two and I never wanted to kill myself less than now.

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