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Books that cause feels like pic rel

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The Turner Diaries
The Decline of The West
Anything by Evola

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I know it's entry level but anything by Orwell

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I hope shit gets worse. Fuck reality.

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jacques ellul - the technological society

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Why would you like to feel like picrel? I can't imagine that particular pessimistic sense of prescience is conducive to anything but arousing a sense of helplessness.

Regardless, the other replies are so evidently ideological- I don't believe that they would be helpful unless you happen to concur with them politically and philosophically. Moreover consuming such work effectively makes it such that you "live in your head", so to speak. If you're truly feeling sad I would suggest taking a hike or at least a prolonged outdoors trip. Personally, it's very helpful in providing space for reflection, an opportunity for exercise, and more importantly: a break.

Take care, anon.

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Durkheim - Suicide
Uncle Ted - Industrial Society and it's Future
Achebe - Things Fall Apart (Just replace Africa with Europe and America)

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How could it possibly get any worse

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This is the only helpful answer. The rest are only conducive to wallowing in ideological self-pity.

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America is becoming Zimbabwe orSouth Africa, and Europe isn't that far from becoming the Middle West.

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