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> Nature has appointed that the propagation of the species shall be the business of men who are young, strong and handsome; so that the race may not degenerate. This is the firm will and purpose of Nature in regard to the species, and it finds its expression in the passions of women. There is no law that is older or more powerful than this. Woe, then, to the man who sets up claims and interests that will conflict with it; whatever he may say and do, they will be unmercifully crushed at the first serious encounter.

This nigga needed to get his dick wet frfr

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I like this quote, do you mind if I save it OP?

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Shut the FUCK up nigger.

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This gets posted every day.

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Go ahead it’s all yours :^)

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This looks orgiastic and delicious. Not the cat, tho.

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>Woe, then, to the man who sets up claims and interests that will conflict with it
Could Schopenhouer have been a gamer in present day?

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Schopenhauer would have been a cynical ex-gamer who would criticize video games for being kitsch. Nietzsche would be the gamer art ho.

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>art ho
Like Phil Phish and other snobs?

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That's just a cute picture. The cat is cute.

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Schopenhauer would play grand strategy games as Greek or Roman factions and Nietzsche would play as France

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I love how using the picture without the caption would be considered as being sarcastic, but adding the extra layer of sarcasm with the words gives some sincerity to the fact that, indeed, the picture is cute.

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The cat is the territory.

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Will cats outlive humans?

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They keep us around for some purpose or other. Who knows what lives in the feline umwelt.

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He'd be a "snob" that worships Silent Hill essentially.

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Based Schopenhauer.

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