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Any books confirming my belief that 95%+ of the population are soulless NPCs?

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any history book that hasn't been altered

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odds are that includes you. so you wouldn't understand the books anyway.

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If you haven't overcome religion, you are most likely one of the NPCs.

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>needing authority to confirm this
npc behavior

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>the population are soulless
Any book about Buddhism

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OP, the number is about ~85%.

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Why that number?

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You don't need a book for this faggot. Go to a commercial book store and just take a seat and watch the young normie women browse the normie teen fiction section, that's all you need.

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Das Kapital

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Gospel of Matthew

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It's in relation to how many people actually has the ability of critical thinking.
It varies by country and race, but the average is right around 85% of the population doesn't have the ability of critical thinking.

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Everyman on this planet feels like they are the cause of everything in this universe and everything revolves around them. This is why one can't escape subjectivity. Every person think of other person as a semi NPC and overrate themselves to very much.

So shut the fuck up you stupid and stop larping as a special snowflake.

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When do you turn 20 OP?

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>Any books confirming my belief
You're an NPC.

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95 sounds pretty optimistic

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>xkcd comic
you're one of them

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>muh individualism
Someone raised by wolfs if going to be a lot less human than someone raised surrounded by people

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>Racist as well
My mistake, I should have asked when you turned 18

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Look I'm gonna be honest here, OP: every human being is more or less an NPC. We are controlled by alotta things, so do what extent do we really have free agency? I assume that the only Being which is not an NPC would be, you know, that Endless Creature Which Created The Universe or whatever you want to call It, if It even exists we can't be sure, or I can't.

But yeah the Endless Creature That Created The Universe would be the PC, and we are Its little NPCs.

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Wanting to indulge in anything that only serves to validate your own beliefs is the surest sight that you're an NPC
You're a poorly scripted troll type NPC to boot

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any pro monarchy lit

95% of people are meant to be fodder for the campaigns and projects of royalty

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Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

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go back

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Wow. Look at that awesome strawman that totally ignores the core the argument.
You get a gold star

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Tell me more. You better not talk about the existentialists.

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Is this bait? The lack of self-awareness is striking.

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Yeah, that guy is baiting. It's just one guy, he's been doing that in various threads in the last few days. Just ignore him.

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That's a really gay infographic. Autistic narcissism. Get a xanax prescription and cook your brain please.

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>Rei thinks therefore she is
Nietzsche would like a word with you.

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>Get a xanax prescription and cook your brain please.
What? Why in the ever loving fuck would I want to do that?
Seriously kill yourself

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What a mouthful.
Just call it the Supreme Being.

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Books do not confirm that. Facts do. Just look around.

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And what on earth is a fact?
Can you show me a a fact?
I don't think facts exist.

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>books don't contain facts

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Eh, whatever.
The pic does go over what an "NPC" is very well, though I think some of the parts about the "Individual" come off as arrogant in places.
There's this really good screen shot that was floating around the image boards a while back. It's from R*ddit of all places, but it describes someone who "woke up" in a sense. As in, he began to think critically and think about why he was thinking and what he was doing. Previously he had just lived his life like an animal; wholly through stimuli and base emotions day to day.
It was really sobering to read, because you realize that's how most people act and live.

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It's also important to realize that even after doing the deep think you aren't suddenly immune to impulses of the body.
It then becomes a lifelong work on management.

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Of course. The last thing you need in your life is arrogance when it comes to your body and mind, and your control over both.
Reading and meditation are valuable skills in managing impulses.

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Loser! Idiot! Moron! Blockhead! You are the ninety-five percent, and that's not as bad as you have been led to believe, so stop coping!

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4/10 B8
Extra points for the use of "Blockhead"

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This actually sounds about right, desu.

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Problem is that books (good books) are not written by NPCs. So you will usually not find indications about the fact that the world is so shitty. Books will make it seem nice. So if you want the confirmation that 95% of people are soulless robots you will have to meet and observe them. Just observe how they gobble down any kind of narrative proposed by the media, how they talk about things like "democracy" and "progress", how they listen to and look at you, try to figure out their thoughts and what they know, try to imagine their fears, their concerns, what will make them pleased with themselves, what values they contemplate or do not comtemplate within themselves, if they think about death, to what extent their reasoning unfolds, how they love and how much they love, under what circumstances they fall or might they fall, and how they react and will react and rise again. These are facts and they're observable.

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Seems more like goldfish stuck in a fishbowl.
It is what it be.

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>my belief that 95%+ of the population are soulless NPCs?
Yes, anon. You're special. You're in the top 5% of humanity and you don't even have to do anything! Just you existing makes you superior to almost everyone else! Good job!
That's probably why you're posting on 4chan looking for confirmation instead of reading, thinking, or creating something. Sure, probably most authors, musicians, and even youtubers are NPCs that mindlessly react to stimuli, but besides their accomplishments, what do they have that you don't? That's right, nothing. Top 5% all the way, baby. You're truly a lion among sheep and a God amongst men.
And it has to be that way, right? I mean, what's the alternative? That you're a man-child desperate for validation without actually putting in work or effort to improve yourself? That most people are more like you than you'd admit because it would make you feel ordinary? Admitting that your autistic obsessions aren't any more special than someone who chooses to learn about sports, food, or social interactions?
No, you've got it made. Ignore the haters and mindless sheep, you're one of the only true thinkers in the world. Maybe if you think hard enough you can figure out a reason all the NPCs seem to be happier and more fulfilled than you.

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Good ideas don't require force. If there were truly a threat, cooperation would emerge voluntarily. Your government bleeds and oppresses you far more than any foreign entity and it's done a Machiavellian job of propagandizing you into fearful compliance.

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>literally needing someone to spell it out for you
Anon I.....

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But it is true, and you are still acting as if you don't see life through as much wool as anyone else you have ever known.

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Damn nigga, that kinda hurted.

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what the fuck are you talking about? do you have any historical knowledge? a highly unwise post, or bait

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>Any books explaining my belief that most people need confirmation to believe something and can't think and form conclusion on their own
Anon I-

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Stop that cringe "Anon, I..." meme, you fucking redditors. Complete the sentence or get the fuck out.

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>complete sentences
Anon, I...

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Aristotle's Politics.

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i like you. You understand more than these faggots even suspect.

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>Doesn't like memes
Anon I-

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People all have souls. Soullessness is a emergent property of human groups/societies.

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on the square?

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Guenon. It’s going to be a long Kali Yuga, friend.

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You're being serious, and yet you decide to use blockhead?
Oh dear...

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yep, that's the most murican message I've seen this month. Millions of assumptions op never made ? Checkossi. No conclusions that logically come from the premise ? Checkacco. Whole thing is written like a C tier school sports movie speech ? Checkerino.

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most retarded neckbeard shit ive ever read in my life

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What did Thomas do now?

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I think this is more true then not.

I liked >>18493094 explanation, however I wonder how many people are like in OPs pic and just suffer from NPC because everyone around them does it and they can't struggle long enough. As I've gotten older I've realized how much mentally harder it is to walk the road less travelled (and not like those white yoga chicks say, and not like red/blue politics, but the actual unpopular opinion that's 90/10 against you).

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Posted some extremely retarded content to 4channel

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Yeah that's why materialists are the most braindead livestock currently being culled by the elite.

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It's like what the Gnostics say, theirs's three types of people, those who can see, those who can see, but have their eyes closed, and those who can't see at all.

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You're welcome

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>t. atheist bugman urbanite

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>As I've gotten older I've realized how much mentally harder it is to walk the road less travelled (and not like those white yoga chicks say, and not like red/blue politics, but the actual unpopular opinion that's 90/10 against you).

yeah, many of my opinions regarding politics, media, the entire anglo-american establishment that could make both sjws and pol tards seethe at me, but i must i admit it´s a good feeling, otherwise i feel like i´m parroting what everyone else is saying

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There hasn't been a more braindead servile population in history than this, yet organized religions are on decay.

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80 percent of humanity still have metaphysical beliefs.

>> No.18493825

Share some of those opinions.
I'm curious at your though process, as well as some of the books you read in order to arrive at that point

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Nothing is new under the sun you stupid faggot

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did that dude do the cover for that korn album? has v similar vibe

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Kek, another example of plagiarism

>> No.18493855

*tips fedora*

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That picture...it makes me sad tbqh. They're literally gonna fuck us out of existence.

>> No.18493863

Any book on philosophy; because philosophy is a npc discipline.

>> No.18493866

Christcucks are the new fedoras of 4chan

>> No.18493868

except the alex gross painting has an iphone in it that came out in 2007 at the earliest while that album came out in 2002

>> No.18493870

lmao, made sure to put the nigger into the center position, too.

>> No.18493872

why is thom yorke there lmao

>> No.18493874

As if organized religion would make them any less braindead or servile

>> No.18493879

That's what I am saying that creator of this >>18493821 painting is a plagiarizer

>> No.18493882

Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Africa

>> No.18493887

Are these all supposed to be celebrities? I only recognize Thom Yorke. He also seems to be much more well painted than the others, so much so that when I first saw this image I thought he was photoshopped in as a meme.

>> No.18493895

the guy holding the cheeseburger is a self-portrait of the artist. bold to take a non-vegan stance like that.

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Asuka was literally the only female who rejected the human instrumentality project, a literal gestalt globohomo, in favor of perserving her individuality

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>using frogs
Anon, I.....

>> No.18493913

You might even come to realize that they are useful.

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Yep, that's the most reddit post I've seen this month. Criticizing assumptions while asssuming anon is American? Checkossi. Faggot verbage? Checkacco. Whole thing is written like a man that watches his wife get railed? Checkerino.
Go back.

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This is a brave take. I hope one of the NPCs of the future generations will develop enough intelligence to tackle on such a blow to reason itself, that they will have to rebuild a whole history of thought just to take on this..

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NPCs are simply everyone outside the 30-35 IQ point communicability gap.

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>It's from R*ddit of all places
It's this one. Pretty depressing but at least it shows some people can wake up.

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Thank you. I was looking for this for awhile

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>yet organized religions are on decay.
No. Mammon is peaking.

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Years of browsing imageboards have poisoned my mind with delusions of individualism and a elevated sense of self. This whole shit about thinking you're better than normalfags despite having done nothing valid that sets you apart from them. But now i realize that no matter what i do i am destined to walk the same path as them until the day i die.
The average anon on a place like this or /lit/, /b/, /pol/ or any other site like 4chan is just as shallow and broken as your average """normalfag""", if not even worse. Sites like this encourage passive spectatorship of life complemented with mockery and irony from it's users to soothe their detachment from the world. Anyone here can play pretend regarding themselves to be "above the masses" despite having done nothing to earn such a claim. Just like normalfags, the only thing that distinguishes anons from eachother isn't important things like discipline or achievement, but banal shit like muh IQ, the types and franchises of escapist media that they consume, and their criticism of literally anyone more accomplished than a basement dwelling autist.

I am done entertaining this warped view of reality given to me by the internet and entertainment. Holding this bitter point of view disregarding society as brainless slaves will not make any of you happier, nor any more of a master among slaves I have realized that i must learn to fit in with society. I am not an artist, i am not a philosopher, i am not a misunderstood genius, i am not some wise hermit, and, most likely, neither are any of you reading this. You're just perfectly normal people in denial. At best, only like two or three of you will ever be the unique individualistic special snowflake masterminds and artists you could only dream of being. Stop running away from reality by keeping a childish and divisive view of the world as a battleground between the intelligent autistic 240 IQ anons and the so-called "normalfag masses". Embrace being normal.

>> No.18494066

/v/ and /b/ are still open why u kids even come here? You have to have minimal awareness that due to your degenerate race and therefore intelligence (you)'d be an easy target for every non mutt anon around here right? Now type something that tryhardingly tries to resemble intelligence monke

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Religion is a curious thing that at once can be held by the lowest IQ and highest IQ peoples in society and has a nadir with the midwits.

>> No.18494086

You're here forever my fellow midwit

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>Embrace being normal.
Oh very good bait.
Some of your argument is valid. Anons need to prove themselves above normalfags. Coming here doesn't cut it. Refine yourself, through the mind, body, social experiences, physical accomplishments.
Don't be normal. Be exceptional, in all that you do.

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Hylics are those whose being is driven by an internal voice and images. They are purely material and on the same concious level as animated stone.
Psychics may lack one of both aspects or use them both but only selectively. They contain traces of the divine spark trapped in their material and as such are able to achieve gnosis through work.
Pneumatics contain an abundance of divine spark trapped inside their material body, leaving no space for intrusions of material reflection into the being. Visions and Images might rarely be experienced when they leave their material body (hypnagogia, REM sleep, hallucinations) but those aren't instrument of being as in the case with the hylic or psychic but rather experiences and visions, the divine spark reflecting into the material.
I myself am a no inner voice aphantasia chad, my thought process is a blackbox unchained from the restrictive material structures of word and image it allows me to soar to greater and increasingly abstract intellectual heights receiving knowledge not through reflections of the material world but through direct rediscovery of anamnesis itself.

>> No.18494112

I was anti-racist by 18 and a racist again by 25

>> No.18494114

haha no

>> No.18494121

uhhh, why does gigachad have a tattoo on his pubes that says "berlin 1969"?

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>I am not an artist, i am not a philosopher, i am not a misunderstood genius, i am not some wise hermit, and, most likely, neither are any of you reading this. You're just perfectly normal people in denial. At best, only like two or three of you will ever be the unique individualistic special snowflake masterminds and artists you could only dream of being.
Good thing I am one of them.

>> No.18494133

>Hylics are those whose being is driven by an internal voice and images.
I though that they didn't pocess that. That they were little more then sentient animals driven wholly by materialism and this realm

>> No.18494136

Doesn't mean you're gonna make it, anon.

>> No.18494144

I don't know, but he uses that as his name on Instagram

>> No.18494146

>Just take the bluepill

>> No.18494151

Doesn't mean he shouldn't try to make it

>> No.18494158

oh i see

>> No.18494165

>not believing in religion is materialist
>materialists aren't religious
sort of fascinatingly wrong

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>the unique individualistic special snowflake masterminds and artists you could only dream of being

t. the unique individualistic special snowflake mastermind and artist the rest of us could only dream of being like

>> No.18494225

Fuck off with this retarded NPC shit. ironically, this meme stemmed from a misinterpretation by r9k of a study on differences in cognition. everyone went along with it unquestioningly, adding NPC to their lexicon to disregard anyone who has a mainstream opinion on a matter. of course it appeals to the contrarians that infest this site. You're just so much better than the rest, aren't you

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>You're just so much better than the rest, aren't you

>> No.18494279

I don't speak reddit. Go back.

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Of course he is

>> No.18494298

Whats more material than not being able to exist as a being without perceiving your every thought through the prism of material? Every thing needs to be verbalized and has to have a material form in the mind of the hylic. The very core of his existence is material.
A pneumatic thinks top-down first he discovers the abstract (non-material) then the distills into the material (if necessary or possible), the psychic thinks bottom-up and with work will may be able to build himself a the equivalent to the tower of babel but in material reflections with a mortar of divine spark to catch a glimpse of the abstract, this raising of his consciousness is only possible due to the trace of divine spark and allows him longer and longer glimpses at the abstract.
The hylic meanwhile is unable to glimpse the abstract with the mortar of the divine spark lacking to bind the material reflections into something more than the sum of its parts.
Pneumatics should meditate (no need for the material due to anamnesis)
Psychics should research (only the combination of material and divine will lead to the abstract for him)
These my schizo interpretations derived through a anamnesis and not Canon.

>> No.18494318

>frogposter and animeposter
truly the top 5% of individuals

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>truly the top 5% of individuals

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>You're just so much better than the rest, aren't you
I literally am.
Obviously I’m not perfect, nor the best possible version of myself (yet). But I strive for these things daily: the growth and development of my mental, physical, social, artistic, and spiritual self. I look at the people all around me, and I’m speechless at their apparent lack of interests, pursuits, and thinking beyond what is expected and force-fed by society. I’m not trying to sound like le heckin bigbrain fedora autist who stands apart from le sheep. I’m just observing the difference in approach to life between myself and my close friends vs. most people I meet IRL, people I see around town, people on reddit (and here).

>> No.18494350

I don't understand how anybody who has reflected honestly upon their experience can call anyone an NPC. Every single being is different. Except for women.

>> No.18494362

The NPC meme existed well before that study.

>> No.18494365

Materialism is the religion of modernity, idiot.

>> No.18494378

anything written by Robert Anton Wilson.

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This is an excellent post and you should feel proud of originating it.

>> No.18494399

t. Normalfag

>> No.18494403

Self-improvement is the most common hobby on earth

>> No.18494438

it's not really fair to call self-improvement a 'hobby.' it's more of a mode that can contain hobbies.

>> No.18494443

just call it God you pussys

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>> No.18494477

I believe where the difference in how what we view as the "hylic" is that I see the hylic as totally unable to think critically, and thereby runs off the stimuli of his mortal body, while you argue that the hylic can think critically, however only ever use that ability to think within the limited confines of the mortal plane of existence.
I do find your theory extremely fascinating, however. I had never thought of that before, in thinking not only of the mortal realm, but the spiritual realm in tandem with it. How would one go about adjusting his mindset so that I accomplish this and expand my understanding of the nature of our being?

>> No.18494489

Who hurt you?

>> No.18494493

btw I'm not a Gnostic, I do however recognize that their representation of the three levels of human conscience, hylic, physic and pneumatic, do closely match with how humans operate.

>> No.18494517

God, that's terrible. He has given himself to a life of pain and confusion for no reason at all. This is what we call "eating from the tree" and it's the worst thing you could ever do to yourself.

>> No.18494532


Pneumatic - Divine intuition, intuitively grasps the process of unconditioned reality > conditioned reality

Psychic - Analytic, investigates conditioned reality

Hylic - Entirely reactionary to internal and external stimuli of conditioned reality, can be conditioned by Psychics and Pneumatics


>> No.18494539

Like Jesus Christ, he preached the truth and they killed him for it.

>> No.18494553


>> No.18494590

>comparing Jesus to some faggot on 4chan preaching mediocrity
The supreme midwit. Never breed

>> No.18494599


>> No.18494635

You're retarded from the get go. No one who can actually think thinks that makes them top 5% of humanity. I didn't read the rest of your garbage.

>> No.18494840

irrelevant today. you will barely even encounter a truly religious person yet endless braindead fanatics who are anti-religion. also, people who are religious for given and unexamined reasons are much like people who aren't but share the same thoughtless regurgitation. and it actually is the same, because the secular version is just christian-derived concepts and beliefs.

or the endless braindead temporary fanatics who indulge fanaticism one week when it's trendy and do not take responsibility for it the next week when it's no longer trendy. it's self-indulgent and not legitimate/serious.

stopped shitting on religion when i was about 14, when i realised the caricature did not exist and they were on average better educated and smarter because of better values (and environment they were raised in). before that i did the normal nu-atheist incredulous ridiculing.

>> No.18494926

I agree fellow faggot

>> No.18494975

War and Peace

Probably our tiny lizard brains never have spare energy to deeply analize every human being it comes in contact, so it rounds up similar behaviour and thoughts as "NPC" behaviour, even tho we all think and act the same and we are all going to be compost material in 80 years, regardless of our decisions and actions.

>> No.18495072

The replies pretty much guarantee this is truth. Depending on how each anon is feeling that day, he'll respond to effortposts like this either affirmatively, defensively, or derisively, but in the end the aggregate is identical every time and indicates some flank of the collective ego has been punctured.

>> No.18495083

pure cancer, word soup, drivel

>> No.18495202


>> No.18495217


>> No.18495244


>> No.18495281

>yet organized religions are on the decay

There are more believers now than ever before and ultra orthodox variants are the fastest growing denominations.

>> No.18495488
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You will never be a real book. You have no chapters, you have no character development, you have no plot. You are a long post typed by a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

>> No.18495511


>> No.18495518

Unironically 12 years old if you agree with this

>> No.18495519

Everyone but you, right?

>> No.18495535

>the lowest IQ and highest IQ peoples
please be the latter please be the latter please be the latter

>> No.18495720

Nice! :)

>> No.18496557

Unironically Hanna Arendt's the banality of evil

>> No.18496642

I am unironically an NPC.

>> No.18496781

NPC here. You’re not special, you’re one of us. Now go back to reading Wittgenstein, and believing you’re the next James Joyce.

>> No.18496787


>> No.18496819

This. Religion is decaying not because everyone became a Bertrand Russell Richard Dawkins intellectual with their smart phone. So much butthurt in this thread. We're being invaded, /lads/

>> No.18496835
File: 22 KB, 250x341, hume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Treatise on Human Nature by David Hume
The Curse of the High IQ by Aaron Clarey
The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and who cares second guy. Just read the graphs and draw conclusions on the fact that you're one of the few who can look at those graphs without being offended and your world feels as if it is falling on you.

>> No.18496842

HUME's treatise is so good I may just shit my pants rather than get up and stop reading it

>> No.18497407


>> No.18497465


>> No.18497499

You sound like me when I was 16 (i.e.: retarded)

>> No.18497503

That's some A grade cope

>> No.18497506
File: 68 KB, 557x711, +_dc76ef734e7f75e70b8375fcc7d42a8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reddit moment!

>> No.18497521

Protagonist syndrome, people feel they are the the leading role in life so have an undue sense of confidence and self importance. The rise of social media followings and the ability for even the most retarded to express themselves has led to this becoming commonplace among people.

>> No.18497528

There's nothing material about the inner voice, that doesn't make sense.
The inner voice is a manifestation of one's soul.
It's not material, it's metaphysical.
It reminds me of that redditor who forced himself to develop an inner speech, and later said that he wasn't even human before, that he discovered a whole new horizon, started thinking about deep things, that before he was just mindlessly living.
I am sorry but your whole post sounds like a massive cope, the inner speech is definitely a feature of the pneumatics (and the psychic)

>> No.18497633

>There hasn't been a more braindead servile population in history

>> No.18497634

Books to get over the feeling that I'm an NPC.

>> No.18497637


>> No.18497681

He's probably referring to some hindu tradition where they considered thoughts like that to be material as well.

>> No.18497707

Isn't he dead?

>> No.18497715

Pretty much.

>> No.18497836


>> No.18497844

95% of the posters ITT are NPCs as you can see from the replies

>> No.18497854

Based and redpilled

>> No.18497882

this but without "most likely"

>> No.18498001

You have some fucked up goal posts, buddy.
Protagonists have cool story lives because their actions have consequences for others they can see. Protagonist knowledge and ethos is not a syndrome, loser.

>> No.18498045
File: 39 KB, 390x500, cd8cdc590a4c0caf93dd75d905ec2ad4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That fat loser is indeed intellectualy superior to the mystical retard reservation of retarded consensus. He's just a focal point of shame to keep you on the retard reservation. They do the same thing to Pagans while portraying Christians as pic related: strong white men with families. But did that last? Did the Church ever stand for you, white man? No. It softened the hearts to rot in loving murderous barbarians in pacific blindness while decrying you as the villain. It browned your country and turned your women against you for generations. It rotted your landscape from glorious sculptured garden temples to gloomy cathedrals as a middle ground for the tool shed shame leaflet prayer houses to come. Ah stockphoto powder blue pamphlets. Pinnacle of spirituality. But the song was never the Churches to sing it was your Yule they stole, white man. Without it they bleat "Jesus you are Good Good Good" with no aesthetic devotion beyond a fold up rock concert in a school gym.

>> No.18498055

Man I hate this site

>> No.18498065

Whats wrong, Anon?

>> No.18498508
File: 630 KB, 3525x1259, E6DE4920-C281-46F4-8E69-8C961B9847DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maladaptive daydreaming chads report in

>> No.18498678

use better font retard

>> No.18498718

>soulless NPCs
It's called being a decent human being. You should try it, for once.

>> No.18498721

All people are egocentric, that's a fact. But some people are objectively much more conformist than others. There are scientific tests to measure conformity. The same people hold beliefs and values without being able to justify them, and enforcing them whenever someone tries to question them by shunning that person.

>> No.18498725

*Almost* subtle but not quite

>> No.18498737

Anons who are actually invested in the topics of boards like these cultivate their mind and body as much they can, retard

>> No.18498739

Ways to spot a NPC. Ask them about
>human rights
>validity of IQ
>the jewish question
>why they enjoy things that they do
I'd wager 90% of people would get really angry and reach the end of thought capacity within 2minutes of conversation. These are the NPCs.
However, I'm not saying that everything left of a nazi is a NPC. It's perfectly possible to hold the opposite positions on all these topics and still have thinked through your positions. However, due to the social pressure to conform into not being a nazi I'd wager the percentage of nazi NPCs is much lower than that of the general population NPCs.

>> No.18498747
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Your waifus are truly the Best, Z!

>> No.18498751

>all people are egocentric
If this were true the category egocentric wouldn't exist. There are obviously selfless people.

>> No.18498758

Good post.

>> No.18498760

You might be right. But I think some people are viewed to be more egocentric than others, and that's why the category exists. What I meant to say is that it's natural and common to view yourself as more important than others, because you're you and not others. In that way we're egocentric in a weak sense.

>> No.18498765

I actually think that truly egocentric are rare, the vast majority of people crave approval.

>> No.18498769

It's all in the eyes of a dreamer
It's all in the eyes of a man
All the things we've done in life
And all the things we've planned
Is the world as sad as it seems?
Where are men's hopes?
Where are men's dreams?
In the eyes of a dreamer
In the eyes of a man
All the songs have been sung
All the saints have been hung
The wars and cries have been wailed
All the people have been jailed
In the eyes of a dreamer
In the eyes of a man
And you are the man

>> No.18498773

>validity of IQ
Braindead /pol/tard rhetoric for people who think we somehow can quantify something as multifacted as intelligence into one number, AND that receiving shittier education doesn't make you dumber at math and spacial visualization (which is what IQ tends to test)

>> No.18498781

Pressure is the key to finding the NPC. The NPC has no inner force.

>> No.18498788

>>validity of IQ
>Braindead /pol/tard rhetoric
You realize that liberals constantly talk about these topics? Or are all liberals /pol/tards to you? What a bizarre world you live in.

>> No.18498815

Yes, liberals are racist, but atleast they're only subconsciously racist towards whites, which is still less retarded than /pol/tards' discourse about how brown races are supposedly mentally subhuman and it totally has nothing to do with the level of education they receive, intelligence never increases because neuroplasticity doesn't exist according to these retards

> Or are all liberals /pol/tards to you?
No, i recognize that liberals are trash in of themselves too, but two wrongs don't make a right, both liberals and /pol/tards are dogmatic assholes who only argue in bad faith

t. Center-Rightist

>> No.18498856

You said talking about racism and validity of IQ is braindead /pol/tard rhetoric, but you're engaging in it right now. You accused IQ of being an invalid measure of intelligence. According to you, that makes you a /pol/tard.
> /pol/tards' discourse about how brown races are supposedly mentally subhuman
They talk about them having a lower IQ, but I don't see them saying that implies they're mentally subhuman. They're human, by definition of human. It's a constant liberal talking point you're engaging in that equates low IQ with being subhuman, which frankly seems quite hateful to me, given how about half of the world's population is relatively low IQ.

>> No.18498921

Reread your post and yeah, i guess i agree with that, seemed like you were implying that rejecting racism and the validity of IQ makes you an NPC which definitively is /pol/tard reasoning, but that was just me misreading

>> No.18499058

The way this agitates the golems proves it's truth.

>> No.18499084

You live in an age where religion has basically been plucked root and stem from modern society and claim that its responsible for NPC culture? Give your head a shake, tranny.

>> No.18499170

>If not not religious then: probably NPC
>lol are younsayingthat there are no npc atheists

No, they didn't. Learn logical statements.

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