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I want to write a book on how to legally collapse the American Government. In the foreword, I’ll admit my goal is to be put on a “no fly list,” have my bank accounts closed, and be banned from every major technology platform without ever committing any illegal act.”

Based or cringe?

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Based if works, not if doesn't. Just get enough people to individually sue the tax agency at the same time like the Scientologists did.

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Our government is run be a senile octogenarian and his affirmative action diversity hire staff. No one will need to do anything. It will collapse of its own accord in 10-20 years.

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Good joke

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Only if you have an Amish farm to run away to first.
You're out of your goddamn mind if you think selling or printing books makes money and that people instantly flash read the contents, agree with you, and organize with you to defend you. However shutitdown.exe can flash in a second.

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Start by going into a supermarket and shaking the birthday cakes. Take the wreckpill. You need to be a net drain on society. You don't necessarily have to be on welfare/benefits to do it either, just use the amount you pay in taxes that year as a target for how much public property damage you need to cause.

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>this post
quit making normal people suffer, go after raw materials/supply lines to actually hurt corps.

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Also, if went to law school like your parents wanted, you'd have learned that you can't "legally collapse" a state. Law is foolproof is this regard because... duh, it's made by the state.

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Cringe for thinking you matter

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God, just reading that book title made me jump a little.

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I was shocked until I saw the author’s name

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Depends on the contents of the book, but your stated goal of getting completely cut off from society by not doing anything illegal (through political acts, not mere antisocial behavior) is pretty based

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How much worse can they make work?

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You boys are getting real desperate, eh?

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>the gubmint will collapse because I don't like the fact that the figurehead wears a blue tie
>I know people have been predicting the fall of civilization since the founding of civilization
>but it's gonna happen in MY lifetime and, conveniently, soon enough that I'll still be somewhat physically and mentally competent to survive

Doomers are so boring and predictable

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Look FBI found their way to /lit/

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>collapsing the American Government

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Those are actual crimes anon youve missed the point

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If youre doing it to make a point that there are extrajudicial powers used to circumvent legal systems in order to punish dissidents then yeah based.

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There's legitimate reasons as to think that way.
National debt in the US is at 28 trillion dollars and rising, public trust is at an all time low, the political situation, after years of media agitation and ever growing violence is starting to collapse.
Not to mention rampant political corruption, the explosion of the suicide rates, the Opioid Crisis, a general decrease in the quality of life as a result of the stagnation of wages, it's easy to be pessimistic.
Empires wax and wane. It would seem, that the US is in that aforementioned waning process

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There's no collapse if there's no external threat (current world order), only decadence.

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That's the thing. The globohomo is in full panic mode right now.
Their Empires have been in gradual decline ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, and they don't have a meaningful solution to stop the natural collapse of the power structure they currently enjoy.
And they have shown that they are willing to do ANYTHING to save themselves. The Great Reset is the shining example of this in action.
I could see them trying to manufacture a conflict in order to try and maintain power, similar to the Golf of Tonkin, or the USS Liberty, or 9/11.

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>Our government is run be a senile octogenarian and his affirmative action diversity hire staff.
Don’t also forget about his absurd amount of Jewish appointees and cabinet members. Joe is ultimate prototype of the Talmud’s shabbos goy

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Holy shit that’s disturbing and self-serving

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It really does feel like a house of cards. Vanishing middle class jobs, more and more devision, fartsex sandwiches and Rabbi queefs

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>fartsex sandwiches and Rabbi queefs
Excuse me what

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If the American Government collapses, won't all the megacorps have free-reign over everything?

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