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Books about wanting to kill yourself at your soul crushing job?

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The Overcoat by Gogol (kind of)

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You know what I'm going to say, don't you?

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Post Office by Bukowski?

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Helbling's Story - Robert Walser

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Almost. I was going to say my diary desu

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Something by Kafka

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Gravity's Rainbow

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Write one.

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My twisted world

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Me too anon

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At least you have a job, anon.

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In a meeting right now and instead of paying attention, I'm here. Maybe one day we will all escape the wage cage.

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Pale King by DFW

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Meeting suck so hard. They're always pointless, and usually long. My condolences.

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>t. person who doesn't have a job
I just want out. I want to go back to NEETing it up. Everything was perfect.

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>have to start working at 7am tomorrow and will get off at 5pm, if I'm lucky
>It's gonna be like this until I'm ~70
How do I cope with this?

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this. first delete all your wojaks op

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Why don't all of you suicidal wagies go full Christopher McCandless mode?

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I'm considering the practicality of it

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It's rude to answer a question with another question, but: why don't you? The answer is manifold. Fear, a need to sustain yourself, apathy, fatalism...a plethora of things.

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For me the only answer is I'm in debt and if I tried to squat in the woods the cops would be on me, it's not the 80s-90s anymore.

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>In September, his decomposing body, weighing only 67 pounds (30 kg), was found inside the bus by a hunter. McCandless's cause of death was officially ruled to be starvation.

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Actually, that's just a convenient excuse. If you weren't in debt, it would be the things that I mentioned, or others which are congruent.

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I'm reading Bullshit Jobs right now

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I have a cushy job and have only been working for 3 months, and I am already tired of it. The only way out as far as I can see right now is to write a book series that becomes immensely popular and results in me being set for life.

Why can't I have absolute freedom AND money?

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Mein Honkf

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At least get the taste of what you consider "freedom". An anon once told me that his suicidal friend said fuck you to everything and went innawoods for 1 year. He even built himself a cabin and when he came out he was a different man. I am not saying that same shit will happen to you, you will maybe fuck up and die but the fruit of being alone for a month or two in the wood, will be all yours. Yes you being on your own carrying whole weight of universe upon your shoulder.

If not innawoods adventure go on hitchhiking tour across US or fuck off to Europe and do stealth camping like this guy


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You spend 8 hours sleeping. That leaves 16 hours left of the day, half of those are spent working, the other half is your free time. That means that half of your life is spent working. That means that you have sold half of your freedom in exchange for money. Half of your lived experience is not yours, you sold it.

The time you spend free, you're usually too tired to do anything as well.

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First point: Stop talking like a nigger.
Second point: Building a cabin in the woods is basically illegal in my country, even if you own the land; the permits for building on forrest property are almost always declined. It'll take years, even if they aren't.
Third point: I can't just "go hitchhiking" for a year or so, because I'll fucking starve. The people in videos like this (didn't click btw) can only do it because they're reaping a profit off it -- because they're getting paid.
Fourth point: You're a faggot.

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His videos aren't monetized so he isn't making a penny on it. No he doesn't have Patreon. You can do odd bunch of odd jobs while hitchhiking. But whatever, you should keep seething about a wagie and keep dreaming of freedom that you can taste with a little bit of will. Hold that seal of gloom dear to your heart without ever breaking it.

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You're making assumptions about me that are, frankly, wrong.

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Fight Club.

Movie was better though.

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This. It's hell.

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Both the book and the film are garbage.

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*clears throat*
not an argument

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ye man but you are only describing the situation.

If I were OP I would be more interested in breaking out of this rat race. Or at least finding some consolations or meaning in it.

> inb4 sophomoric musing.
I've seen a high earner relative (If I had to guess she'd be getting 200k easily) doing the same wageslaving shit I do. She hasn't escaped, she's just playing it on a different level.

I know some of you are retarded pseuds who get high on putting people down but I'm betting on the off chance that someone has tried looking into this whole thing and thought it through, or had made it.

Give me a pointer of where to look at and I'll eat it up like a junkie at the sight of a needle.

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The movie is like an urban angry male's Bible. Quality camera, great actors, superb ending.

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What are you even trying to say? Are you high?

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I’m quitting mine. I’m 28 and I live in America so unfortunately I probably can’t NEET around forever but I’m simply unwilling to return to this lifestyle at any point in the future. If it’s all it is, then I’m really not interested in this sort of life. I’ll work manual labor or something if I have to. I’ll kill myself before I do this with my life.

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No, the movie is a horrible shitfest made by Hollywood kikes. It follows a story written by a complete pseud, and they casted popular actors instead of ones that would have fit the roles better. Whatever gets the cattle into the cinema, I suppose.

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It’s really about dignity, not time. It wouldn’t matter if I only worked for 1/3rd of my waking life. If that 1/3rd is just as unbearable, it’s just as much an impediment to feeling like your life is worth it at all. The fact that i don’t have to work for just a minority of my waking life is just the icing on cake. In fact, it’s really work that’s just the icing on the cake, not the cake.

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Why anon? Sorry asking this stupid question but I have no work experience.
I am from a 3rd world country where people would kill for a good paying office job. What is so soul crushing about this lifestyle?

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>>18500700 (checked)
It's just the same day, ever day.

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transformation mastery

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I just got a new mimimum wage job. I have to call people all day and put in some information in our database. I wanted to go to the canteen to take a break and eat, but my coworkers told they don't take breaks at this job and just eat between calls. I'm tired as hell, this was my first day.

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$931 to live like a bum isn't that impressive. I guess it's good for Americans since the flights between the US and Europe are probably the main expense. Euros could probably do that for less than $100 dollars.

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I suspect you love Fight Club so much you hate it

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Be specific. Why what?

What is soul crushing about it? I just feel like I can’t do it and won’t do it, is the short answer that’s not going to satisfy you but is as true as it gets. I don’t know if I’m simply not cut out for this sort of thing, if I’m just lazy and spoiled, or if it really is that bad but it doesn’t actually matter to me because it feels that bad. I find life to be hard enough to live through already and the last thing I want to have to do is grit through it wearing this corporate mask covered in buzzwords on company approved font and colors. I find the whole thing to be torturous in a mental, emotional, and actually kind of physical way, like I’m literally dying and worse, I’m dying in this constant reminder that my life is worthless, I’m useless, and I’m only good in so far as I continue to wake up every morning and work so I can continue waking up every morning to work. I hate the tasks, I hate the personalities, I hare everything about it and I just don’t want to do it anymore. I know others would kill for this sort of thing and that’s fine. I won’t tell them they’re wrong. But to me, it feels like a special sort of slavery and I simply won’t live my life as a slave.

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go back

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Man I know people who curse their manual labour jobs.
I guess grass is always greener.....

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How old are you? How old are your co-workers?

I'm potentially looking to work in a call centre due to a lack of options. I'm very introverted and putting it off for as long as possible.

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I personally find manual labor jobs for the sole purpose that your submission is almost entirely physical. You don’t typically spend the off work hours having to think about work, or possibly even work and you don’t spend the on-work hours having anxieties about this or that or that dealing with this or that personality. When you work labor jobs, they usually suck but it’s straightforward. You use your body to do what you have to do and you go home. In offices, a lot of times you end up submitting in ways you didn’t even think we’re possible. Personally, I’ve felt like it demands my personality, which to me is the most disagreeable of all.

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Manual labor can be nice if you're able to stay hydrated and aren't being exposed to toxic chemicals. Desk jobs suck because the inactivity makes it much harder to stay healthy.

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Sounds like hell, anon. Get out as soon as possible, wagecuckery is horrible but unskilled wagecuckery like that? That sounds like suicide material.

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this too, office environments in the 21st century have a very 1984 feel where you're under a lot of pressure to submit to the groupthink both in work and in your personal life.

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Not to be mean bro but your job sounds depressing as fuck

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This, office shit is just taxing on the mind. Not that it's necessary challenging; it's just exhausting, and usually completely meaningless, too.

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Pretty much. Banal. I actually enjoy busy weeks because it keeps me on my toes and keeps my energy levels up.

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I just had to have a performance review last week because my boss felt like I wasn’t “really interested in my work and the it’s necessary to be really interested in my work at the organization”. I flat out told him that it’s just a job and the way I see it, I’m hired to do x so I do x and no more. He didn’t see it that way apparently. The thing is, it’s not enough that you execute the duties of your role. You need to walk, talk, look, act, and think the organization and anything else gets buzzed out by the hive of bees who only know how to swarm.

I think many people tolerate this because by the time they have this realization they have a family, a house, some sort of obligation. They have no choice. Well, I do and I don’t see any point in it.

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based coomer

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It's not just that they want you to do the action or process, it's that they want you to be happy and grateful to do the action or process. It feels like committing a crime when you submit. It's both the deed and the mens rea. It is the whole of your being given away to a souless corporate entity.

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I can't relate for much but I do get this suffocating empty feeling whenever I visit those modern bureaucratic places in posh areas of big cities in my country. Those places and people feel so uncanny that I can't explain in words.

Thank you for replying

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I've got loans to pay off (fell for the college meme) at least it's a good-paying major but I'm really considering dipping for a while once I pay it off

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Yes. They also want you to identify with your company outside of work. It's not enough to work for MEGACORP; you have to be a MEGACORP person. God, I want out.

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I do too. I have a $45k balance and they ask for $500 per month. I’ve been out of college for years already and I’ll never pay them off. I simply don’t care about them. Right now, I pay the bare minimum and no more.

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But is it the work that is unbearable, or is it the fact that you're selling it to someone else and constantly doing the same work?

I wouldn't mind digging a ditch in my theoretical garden (I don't have a garden, I am a wageslave and a rentslave) if it served a purpose, like for example installing a high-speed fibernet cable. The work is tough and uncomfortable, but it's purposeful.

At a job, all-purpose is abstracted away as you sell your hours to someone else, and it then becomes meaningless.

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Any of you office haters considered the military? I don’t think I’m under any delusions of what the military is or isn’t but at least in theory, the premise of the military and military life might be at least a little more agreeable to someone who doesn’t want an office life. It won’t get you more freedom but it can let you live differently I think. Personally, I’m basically between trying to make a living off art or killing myself but I’ve considered it as an intermediate point. What do you think?

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Money itself has never been a good motivator for me. But apparently it is for everyone else I've ever worked with.

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This, lmao. Why does everyone want to get rich, and do they really think that wageslaving will get them there?

>> No.18500882

I only want to get rich to get out. Get out of wageslaving and get out of the city. Both cost money. Privacy is expensive.

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It’s all the above really. Depending on how you define “the work” it ranges from tolerable to barely tolerable. Making spreadsheets and stuff like that? It’s lame but it’s fine. It’s all the stuff that it comes with which is still technically “work” which makes it so bad. It’s the meetings, the personality, the building up mountain of frustrations, the way you have to speak, think, present. And most of all, it’s the fact that it all feels so utterly pointless. Like I’m an analyst working in an industry which I don’t even really believe is a good thing. What do I really do? I basically just move numbers around and make people older than feel good about the fact that they’re squeezing more productivity out of someone or something. Forget a tangible product. I don’t even create efficiency. I just talk about it. What could be more useless than that? I say nothing. It’s a constant reminder that my life is essentially worthless.

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Officers physically and mentally keep fucking you. It's just Yes sir and nothing else.

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I hate the government and military service has the same fucking idiotic groupthink mindset as the office.
>What do you think?
I think you're an idiot who didn't read anyone ITT's grievances regarding office life.

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Yeah same here. I’ve always felt really disinterested in things and had a hard time motivating myself to do things that interest me. Hence the catch 22 and inevitable depression that’s plagued me for most of my life. Life is boring and unsatisfying but as if that’s not bad enough it’s boring and unsatisfying and you have to force yourself to behave in a way that makes it even more unsatisfying just so you can cling to it. That’s how I feel anyway.

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I posted the greivances of office life retard. I’m also probably the only one here who has worked for the government.

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>I’m also probably the only one here who has worked for the government.
I've been looking into this. How is it? Is it more relaxed than working for a company?

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You should play vidya in free office time to escape the clowning.

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Yea it's pretty shit but it's actually just a vacation job, I'm a 23 year old student. I am about to graduate in a month but couldn't get into any internships because of covid. So I'm gonna intern at a law firm after summer. In the meantime I just wanted a job to get some money and this job sounded comfy but it isn't. Tomorrow I'm just going to take a few breaks and walk outside. I don't care if I get fired anyway lol. Unfortunately my coworkers aren't as free as I am anf they are probably stuck to this job.

>> No.18500944

Relaxed is not the right word. There is less work to do and it’s not as uptight but there’s way more emphasis on the bureaucratic aspects, the meetings, the personalities, and the buzzwords. You get what I mean. They fill the empty work with bureaucracy and make work. I’m the guy who posted the story about my boss telling me I have to be interested. My specific job is pretty similar to how it would be anywhere.

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This is only acceptable behavior in America. Playing video games, private browsing, and reading during office hours would get me fired very quickly. Not him, btw.

>> No.18500950

It’s not acceptable behavior in America, especially not now after everyone is spying on their employees working remotely.

>> No.18500958

But isn’t it at least more tolerable than being a cube drone? Even if you just clean and get hazed all day, every day with little sleep I have a hard time believe that’s somehow worse.

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Office work is simply dehumanizing, like you are a cog in a giant machine and you have no idea what even is the end product or why you are there. You are so detached from the product of your effort that you can only feel like all is going to waste.
At least peasants in medieval times could see their crops grow and actually harvest their hard earned compensation, artisans could see what they had built and sell it in the market to someone who would acknowledge it's value. I just simply go to the office to do the same shit as the previous day without anything changing.
I have been thinking for years now that I will quit the job at 40 or 45, blow through my savings in the travels I have always wanted to do and when the fuel runs out simply off myself.
Maybe I could try and become a forest hobo like that anon, but we all kmow that's not sustainable in the long run, so the end would be the same either way.
My only hope is that things continue to go south people finally take action and eat alive the literal devils that have brought this misery into the world.

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i feel you bros. I'm not in an office, but my summer job rn is pushing carts for home depot. even knowing there's an end in sight, this is fucking demeaning work

>> No.18501173

What are IT jobs like? I'm studying IT and will probably have a job lined up in 2 or 3 years, but don't know if I actually want to do this shit. I live in the Balkans so best case scenario is working remote for some western company and retiring early I guess.

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Why don't any of you anons visit /biz/? I've almost completely stopped browsing /lit/ and visit /biz/ now instead just so I can find the right investments that would stop me from wagecucking. /biz/ board culture is unironically far superior to /lit/ and its a higher IQ board once you sift through the bullshit that comprises 90% of it. Here's a /lit/ worthy post from there the other day:

>typical brainlets, filtered by the Holy Gospel.
>"Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished"
>This includes wagies and boomers promoting "honest" work that barely pays rent, let alone lets you accumulate savings. People proud of doing honest work, are obtaining diminished wealth by their vanity. their vanity to appear like the honest workhorse in a climate of total dishonesty, and then play the victim card, will not spare them their losses.
>"but he that gathereth by labour shall increase"
>By "labour", the Gospel means: The labour you spend to avoid bullshit jobs, the labour of taking the untrodden path, the labour of the risks taken to obtain the wealth to buy a house, or gold, or posessions that will not diminish. The labour of being cast away by others who refuse to see the world for what it is.

>You are all faithless: not to God, but to yourselves. The Word of God is correct, yet you remain compelled to prove it wrong. Why?

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Don't listen to /biz/ shills unless you wanna risk everything.

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