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>everyone is wrong except for me
Jesus will all of his books be like this? So basically after reading this, everything I thought I knew about Hinduism is wrong?
How am I to learn about Hinduism if everything in English/The West is pozzed? I was honestly surprised he called out Vivekanada, I thought he would be one of the few he would approve of, I loved that Swami's lectures on YouTube. They felt authentic, but I guess Guenon would completely disagree.

How do I learn about Hinduism in its true form as a Westerner?

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>How do I learn about Hinduism in its true form as a Westerner?
By reading all of Guenon's books on it. Also don't expect to love Guenon after one or two books, you didn't even read the metaphysical ones.

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Btw, Coomaraswamy also have some books on hinu art and you can find his essays on hinduism in general, he was in complete agreememt with Guenon but he was a scholar, maybe you will prefer his style.

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retarded keyboard

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>loved that Swami's lectures on YouTube
If you mean Swami Sarvpriyananda (pbuh) who posts his stuff on Vivekananda-affiliated accounts, the vast majority of his videos talking about Advaita dont say much that Guenon would disagree with

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