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Blacks, I have a question.

In several years I have amassed several devices such as keyboards, webcam, kinect, a gaymer PC, two drawing tablets, a gaymer gamepad, in addition to having the license of several indies game development programs.

Then I have the doubt, what I just did, in such a natural way and that it is to invest in my hobby as productivity to be more efficient.

Isn't this the accumulation of capital, the thing that automatically turns me into a bloody capitalist bourgeoisie?

So wouldn't this be like being an enemy of the Marxist model because now I own capital and obviously capital is evil according to the communists?

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Very few people are capitalists. The bourgeoisie and petit-bourgeoisie are small. Owning those things does not put you in that category.

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Look at the face on that dog. He's even starting to resemble Marx.

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You are, and that's fine. Use your money for improvement and fulfillment instead of consooming videogame stuff. Then you can focus on improving the world. Don't be one of those trust fundies with rich kid donating to organizations like BLM

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*rich kid guilt

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Do you buy labour power from wage labourers to increase your productive capital at the social scale of 50bn usd?

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what if he hires a graphic designer in the philippines on fiverr to make a logo for his game. now is he an exploiter or creating a job for an artisan?

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Anyone here understand Marx? What is he trying to solve?

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When you hire someone you will be a capitalist. A small one, but still a bourgie. Who cares tho, communists don't care about individual capitalists or the small ones, and communist theory treats it as the natural consequences of capitalism and its reproduction, so no moral judgment here.

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Marx analizes capitalism and shows us its contradictions. If he was trying to prove anything is that it is not some eternal thing, and it won't last forever, so if you don't want serfdom (barbarism) as the conclusion of capitalism then start trying to build a socialist movement. He doesn't say what this socialist or communist movement is, just that its pro-worker.

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Andy Ngo...NY Post - Disregard

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Marx is trying to immanentise the eschaton. In Marxs case this is by aiding the creation of an unconscious self ordering collective subject that will allow ontological exploration by instances of people. Ie: the proletariats success is the basis of freedom for all people to be.

To this end Marx wishes to know how the proletariat will be made to come into being by capital. He thus analyses capital as a system vulnerable to workers attack OR self destroying. Marxs chief concern in capital is how value abolishes itself immediately and generally.

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Yeah, sure... About as reliable as CNN!

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let me get a snopes fact check on this

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>productive capital at the social scale of 50bn usd?

Scale, social scale at a historical moment, is relevant.

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Where do they think she got the money lmao

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This has been debunked. Please resume sending your money to BLM

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a real subtile sense of humor designed that cover.

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>Not one mention of where she got the money to purchase multiple million dollar houses.

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