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What third-positionist books should I read?

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Extremely based

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K I am now convinced this is some kind of coordinated raid

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La doctrina peronista

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How is asking about edgy shit on 4chan a raid?

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Oswald Moseley

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So going clockwise
>going "green" aka energy crisis because anti-fossil fuel and anti-nuclear
>paying farmers to destroy crops
>not taking your meds
>more government/police
>racism with extra steps
>more culture war
>union shenanigans
>masonic shenanigans

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You're a loser that has no actual objection to the points so you resort to lazy strawmans. kys

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>not taking your meds
Stopped reading right there.

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Seek help you are experiencing delusions

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third-positionists: How many spooks are you on?

>i don't know like 2 or 3

third-positionists: oh yea, well check this out:

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This is an antifascist board, go back to /pol/

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>trying to move away from fossil fuels is bad
stopped reading there, the rest of your post is probably just as low iq

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>antifascist board
pfffftt oh dear. He thinks that /lit/ holds any political allegiance.
Kill yourself

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The Theory of Mind as Pure Act
The Origin and Doctrine of Fascism
For my Legionaries
I know this is bait, but go back

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>why yes, in theory I would love higher energy prices

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yes yes it's all about nationalism and anti-imperialism until countries with valuable resources do the same
do polfags really believe this?

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No, because people exist outside the arbitrary traits of your narrow, carefully constructed strawmen.

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feel free to correct me then
how do the people who have this as their ideal society think they're gonna get a ethno-state based on a market economy with enough economic gain to grant workers rights while not interfering with whatever other countries are doing? How do you seriously think that all of these principles are perfectly compatible with anti-imperialist realpolitik?

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Tarrant was a fed, Muslims aren't the enemy and I believe he visited Israel

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Dennis Fahey.

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Have a good LARP

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And it's beautiful

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I dunno. How about you actually go to /pol/ and ask some people who hold that belief, and not shit up the literature board?

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>market economy
No national socialist supports market economy. They support an economy based on the working-standard proposed by Gottfried Feder and which lead to economic success within the early years of the third Reich.

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go back to your containment site

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>market economy
You know that third position isn't just natsoc, right? Because I'm not

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read all books

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In exchange for not living in smog? Yes

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Just leave the city bro

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Sounds absolutely fantastic, I want to live in a society like that. So what’s the catch?
>everyone, and I do mean everyone, has to be a sexist, racist, homophobic literal Nazi
I get the impression we can have all that without turning into chuds

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It clearly says "responsible markets" in OP's pic.

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>cities are the only places touched by pollution
these are the "people" telling you to go to /pol/

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What shit hole do you live in where the small towns are smoggy

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You're still here?
Didn't I tell you to stop shitting up the board?

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Sounds like you need to take your meds.

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Very good point, I would also like to add that all socialists want a violent revolution and all anarchists want private companies to have free reign over people.
One socialist told me that we must have a revolution and one anarchist told me that the government can't be trusted with the economy.

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>all anarchists want private companies to have free reign over people.
>one anarchist told me that the government can't be trusted with the economy.
Literally a non sequitur

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>the only drawback from the mass use of fossil fuels is city smog
very low quality b8

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Thats not what I said. You're really struggling with this

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post physique with timestamp, environment hater. I could kill you in a single punch

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Don't read any, they're all esoteric shlock. Love your race, love your allies, hate corruption, know your enemies and hate them too. All there is to it. If fascism doesn't come naturally you're doing it wrong. t. high T blue collar man

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What's worse is that these are all probably the same psyop

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What if you enjoy the esoteric?

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Fuck no. I'm not at all involved with any government or independent company. Nor am I part of Antifa or any tranny discord group.
I am just some fag that has too much free time. >>18501722 was me. I just hate the shills that come onto the various boards and shit them up. The rest of them, maybe? >>18501803 more then likely

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Sounds pretty cool actually

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Oh no I wasn't implying you were a psyop poster, the archived post itself reeks of it though.

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ESL retard

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Maybe. If you search on 4plebs "schizo" for /pol/ you'd get over 238,000 individual results, so that does lend credence to the fact that these words are being used by groups as a part of a toolkit. Same with "meds", with over 232,000 individual results.
It's likely a turd in a punchbowl situation, with some useful information covered in rancid shit, leaving it up to the anon to find it.
I must reconsider whether or not to have it saved anymore, in case of any further bullshit

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Australia. There's literally lead in the air in certain towns because of mining

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I saved it because there is no doubt it is happening, but nonetheless, it's always a double bind.

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lol he said yee-claw

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Bump for more recs. is Dugin a 3P? I heard he was but not sure

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The current Western system is a "third position" anon (wiki it), you don't need no books for this shit.
Before "wikipedia are mainstream lies" - even wiki had to concede that the system is a stinking fascism (and not glorious muh science democracy).

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Fuck me. If you have no understanding of a topic, you know you don’t need to post anything, right?

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You should rethink your entire existence.

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Most of these are great, but why the need for being a LARPing racist, sexist tradtard?

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This is your brain on DSA

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I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

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mmmmm succulent delicious bait nom nom nom

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It's a Stormfront psyop. It isnt the first time they've raised 4chan.

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That's fine but don't expect it to ever reflect or influence political fascism in any meaningful way

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