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this shit is ruining my fucking life i cant concentrate on shit for longer then 15 minutes. and fuck deep work , that book is basically "LOL JUST SCHEDULE AND STOP WATCHING YOUTUBE". im so fucking tired of this shit man i wanna die.

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then get diagnosed and get medication and stop playing video games

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i dont play video games

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>he thinks we can focus on video games

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I was diagnosed when I was 9 and took pills until I was 18. I'm 31 now and can read 120 pages a day, write, and wageslave. The simple answer is discipline OP. It has to come from within and it takes a little bit of work everyday. Sorry I don't have a book recommendation, but I doubt one would work

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exactly that shit is boring after five minutes.

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i've helped a couple of friends with ADHD and myself and you can do it the "natural" route or/and the medication route (have to be smart and careful on this one)

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>get medication
stfu big pharma shill

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what is the natural route

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Not OP, but how do you build discipline?
I constantly hear this yet I never hear how to actually do it?

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I used to think I had ADHD, then when I hit 35 I realized that I can concentrate fine on tasks I enjoy.

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I would genuinely not be able to function without meds

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you took drugs as a kid and never learnt to control your attention like most people in those key years. the only answer is a hard grind of training your attention and fostering functional mental habits/patterns. note that the internet generally trains you to have a short attention span that has extreme novelty requirements.

if you can only concentrate for 15 minutes then do 15 minute blocks.

that's not a good thing

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yeah no shit

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Discipline is executing on small tasks everyday. The everyday part is where it gets difficult. Many people start gung ho then burn out. To me, the key is build it gradually. When I wanted to get into reading, I did it by making sure I read everyday, even if it was only one or two pages. Once the habit was put in place, I started reading for longer and longer periods of time. There is no quick fix for this.

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I couldn't function socially on them. It made high school a living hell and has certainly left psychological scars. I could not recommend getting off those pills enough

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How so? Without them everything including my social skills is affected so I don’t see how they could make them worse.

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I know that there's no quick fix to this.
Do you have any suggestions for starting?
Because I want to get fit. I want to read more. I want to reach my full potential and live the best life I can, but it feels as if I'm living in purgatory

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what worked for me for a while was "dopamine detox". stop using social media, watching youtube, porn, etc.
you dont have to do anything productive, just stop doing these fast 'dopamine rush' activities, even if it means looking at the ceiling all day. eventually you get so bored that you'll start doing more productive and long-term rewarding activities

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Here I have the post you're referring to

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i actually didnt know this, i saw it on a youtube video kek

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Dont over think this. Start with one task at a time and make it a routine. Read a poem or a few pages during lunch or in the morning. That's it, you just got to do it everyday.

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What about working out and eating healthy?

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I was diagnosed recently as an adult (19) and I would love to hear some suggestions as well

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Same approach. Start off doing some stretches when you wake up. Go for a walk and then push yourself to run a little. It's great you want to make all these changes and best of luck, but don't bite off more than you can chew. Take it one day at a time and always make sure you get a little bit done. Start now, get off 4chan, stop watching so much TV, and read a few pages or do some yoga stretches or look up something healthy to cook

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using imageboards and other internet media effectively is incompatible with maintaining attention. so, your brain adapts to using the hyperactive medium and you get le 80HD by some nonsense neuroplastic mechanism, but in exchange you’ll be able to speedily surf the web for a pretty good duration without getting tired
>just stop watching youtube
seriously the only thing that’ll work, but of course we’re all hypocrites to say that on this site. after your 15 minutes of concentration, what do you do? fight the craving for stimulation, just do nothing, i.e. meditate, as the cookie cutters call it. but the internet is so ubiquitous and our will so weak that it’s all futile. so let’s just complain about it together on this fun little image filled website
the shallows is a good overview of neuroplasticity and it doesnt pretend to be able to help you, but just presents the issues in an elegant manner

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Congratz, you're literally a slave.

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Thank you, anon

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