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Does anyone here have a Ph.D. in Literature? Is it worth the money and time? Currently employed and making good money working from home. Curious about going back to school and the quality of programs offered in the USA. Does anyone have a good experience with a certain school/program?

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I have a PhD in electronic engineering and I read books. Is that good enough?

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do you already have a masters?

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Enjoy your degree in tranny studies

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Nice, what are you reading?
No, I have a bachelor's in art history but am unsure about masters programs and their varying levels of quality. Do you have a masters?
This is what I want to avoid at all costs. Would rather not re-enter academia than sit through degenerate dogshit.

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Don't expect to gain more knowledge in literature. This isn't the 1930s. You'll read much less, although much more concentrated in a few books, and you'll have to deal with academic politics. It's bad everywhere but it's the worst in the humanities. You have to believe in the theories that are currently in vogue. And where you study will dictate what you will focus on. Unless you are in a elite university, you won't be able to do a phD on the "classics." Where you attend basically has a huge influence on what you will focus on because the professors are so singular and they gravitate to whatever is the local race demographics. You'll have to write about sex, race, modem books, gender, french theory, etc. And that's it. You can't write anything else because that's all that the current professors know.

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I enjoyed doing my PhD, but it being worth pursuing depends entirely on what you expect to get out of it. If you want an academic job, you need to need to gamble on and guess right what will be the hot topic when you're on the job market. Right now, if you want a job, you have to have spent years working your way into the top 10% of Black Studies. If you went all in on Latinx Studies, you might have a chance in some smaller schools in hispanic-dominant areas, but research-wise, you've mostly missed that boat.

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Thanks for the honest responses. I earn enough now to continue reading and teaching myself in my free time. I can't imagine how sick I'd be if I gave up a good job just to get tossed into a circus like that.

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Out of curiosity, what was your PhD focus? And how is it related to your employment now?

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Abstracting things a bit, 19th century British literature. I'm currently a NEET.

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in my experience, if you are great at what you're studying, the common advice (there are no jobs, its not worth it, its too woke, etc) will not apply to you. you probably have enough collegiate experience to know if this is you or not. from that point, its a matter of being honest with yourself about what you want from a PhD. is it more opportunities? a space to read and write all day with an accepted excuse? etc.

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Thanks anon
Best book or author you recommend from your focus?

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If you're in the US, you will be assailed on all sides by gender studies and critical race theory. I'm a physicsfag and I've seen tenured professors have to argue that their research is 'diverse' and 'inclusive.' And no, being non-white and/or female will not save you from the bullshit brigade if they have your number for some reason. At whatever uni you're looking at, get a good sniff of the office of diversity and inclusiveness or whatever they call it there; find out how powerful/pervasive it is before committing.

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Good advice. I have a parent that's tenured and they've had to weather a similar storm.

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>paying for a degree in anything other than stem

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You should get funding for a PhD even in the humanities, but it will never compete with even a mediocre full-time job if OP already has some sort of career going, so you're paying in 5-8 years of lost wages.

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I took the STEM pill and got a biotech degree, now wish to go back to college and major in philosophy.
when I got in I loved science, now I despise the way it's being treated, the shitty pay and general mindset of everyone here.

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