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How do I control the will?

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You can't control it. The concept of Will is the same as the concept of the origin (origin of what?) of the world. It presupposes existence and is the cause of it.
Not your will of course. That's why Schopenhauer disagreed with the subjectivism of the german Philosophers.

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A concept?

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Willing it so.

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Gunna need that pic of you in a sundress, barefoot.

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purity of heart is to will one thing

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The Will controls you bro. Your body is made of Will. Get fucked.

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Does that exist? I'm gonna cum for weeks if it does

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Your use of the article "I" is confused here.

"I" is the will.

Your post is better expressed, firstly, by removing the inquisitory nature, and secondly by correcting for the above statement.

It should look like:

Will wills the will.

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You can't, it's all encompassing. This is the contradiction in Schopenhauer's ethics.

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Ask your lawyer for it. Your lawyer is protecting it, right?

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You don't.

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Listen to music

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hold in your shits

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