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Has anyone read pic related?
It's meant to be a good memoir of a ww2 u-boat commander, haven't started it yet so not really sure what I'm in for though
Does anyone here like reading military memoirs?
Any war memoirs that you've read which were particularly memorable and interesting?

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bump for interest

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I am a seafarer myself and have taken interest in german uboats recently, got the book in the pic downloaded but haven't started reading it yet. God damn was their job a doomed one, I have nothing but massive respect for all of them specially for the officers as I know how hard the job is and how skilled they really were.

>Any war memoirs that you've read which were particularly memorable and interesting?

The Forgotten Soldier was good and Blood Red Snow are excellent reads about the Eastern front and it's brutality and absurdity.

One Soldier's War by Babchenko is a good read about the wars in Chechnya, brutal conflicts.

And last one I can recommend is Love Thy Neighbour by Peter Maass about the 90s balkans war. My own dad lived through 5 years of that as a soldier and only once talked about it, it's a good read about what happens when man shows what he really is capable of doing to each other.

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Das Boot was awesome (and I think it's partially based on that book as well as another from a war correspondent who served on them).

Check out the Director's Cut though (the theatrical isn't as good).

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I had a history textbook that was comprised of primary sources from WWII. There was a section that was just journal entries from a solider in Stalingrad that was great. If this thread is still up, and if people are interested, I'll have a look in my storage bins and find it later.

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Please do!

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FYI: It's oversized (shaped like a square) and has a pale blue cover with dark blue writing. Writing that if anyone knows the title so I don't have to dig through my shit. (I caught a silverfish on my bookshelf and have been spraying and cycling books from the shelves into bins).

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I just found a PDF of the section of the book. I remembered it being longer but here's at least part of it:


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There's a wiki article on the guy who wrote it. Might help in finding the full text.

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directors cut is based, i watched it on accident and didn't notice how much time had gone by until the end.

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