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What do you think about his essay "On Women"? Does he raise legitimate points or is it just 19th century incel rants?

I read more than half of it and it seems to blend stuff about human nature, personal experience and opinions, straight up misoginy and pessimism
I've also noticed that he is quite confused by evolution and doesn't perfectly grasp the full concept

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What no pussy does to a mf

Don’t bother with this incel shit

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I'm not an incel but I thought this would be a good place to ask. Out of all the woman I've ever met in my life maybe 3 I have actually enjoy talking to. The rest have been so vapid and annoying. They have no actual interests outside of Instagram and whatever new Netflix series is on. They're the worst people to talk to. Yet redditors act like I'm not supposed to be elitist but come on it feels like I'm talking to a child. Not to say there isn't men like that but even the common npc man is much less annoying and devoid of substance. Am I wrong?

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The entire idea of “having interests” and “doing projects” is a male one that doesn’t really factor into female psychology (broadly speaking; there are always exceptions). A lot of men get frustrated that women are “boring”, but you can argue that that’s just men trying to judge women by male standards that don’t actually apply to women.
Whether directly because of evolutionary factors or as a byproduct of them, the male brain is more adventurous, creative, more interested in various things in the external world. For women on the other hand, a perfectly good evolutionary strategy for them is to just kick back and not do much of anything - at least not much in the way of the cultivation of skills and interests - which is why “having interests” isn’t a part of female psychology in the same way it is for men.

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The ultimate blackpill

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is /lit/ culture only talking about the 4 same fucking topics every day all day? not this fucking shit again

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>which is why “having interests” isn’t a part of female psychology in the same way it is for men
Lol. Ask a female about jewelry or embroidery or clothes and you'll find a torrent of autism and interest.

They're just not interested in the same things you are.

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evolutionary factors, lol, its our innate nature, dude

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how are they not linked?

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Sex. Have it.

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>implying Incel rants aren't made up entirely of legitimate points.
>he is quite confused by evolution and doesn't perfectly grasp the full concept
cut him some slack, Origin of Species hadn't even come out yet

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how would fuck a hole change my view?

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You'll see, just have the fucking sex already. Why is it that none of the successful sex-havers screech and rant about women like incels do?

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Suicide. Commit it.

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they do, just not in front of holes, not to upset them

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>Why is it that none of the successful sex-havers screech and rant about women like incels do?

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>Why is it that none of the successful sex-havers screech and rant about women like incels do?
you don't have any friends, do you?

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They don't have any interest lol. I guarantee 99% of girls have no idea about different types of jewelry and brands. Jewelry and clothes are just mindless consumerism for them. Not an actual hobby.

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He's right as always. Also one of the few philosophers who actually had sexual intercourse

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>another thread for people who haven't read Schopenhauer to debate people who didn't understand him about whether it is based and redpilled to agree with him or not

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As a trans woman with a lot of interests (probably borderline autistic) this is basically the conclusion I’ve been forced to come to despite my desperation in believing that my passions for certain subjects could fit in with other women it’s sadly not really the same
I mean I think saying that women don’t have interests is going a bit far but they’re definitely different, some can be as passionate about certain things as men are but they’re almost invariably different things then mens (and mine), I think socialising is also a big factor in women’s hobbies
When I reading about female historian authors in military history for example, none of them were interested in the battles, they all talked about how discussions of tactics, strategy, battles, warfare, etc are men things yet they were passionate about writing the story of how war affected women or the poor or the diary of a certain person
At least I have one interest that I share with women which is jane austen and shakespeare

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Also I should add that my desperation is such that when I saw a russian girl in a group im in talk about one of my interests in such autistic detail that it exceeded my own knowledge I cried in happiness because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone
Yes I’m an awful misogynist for this

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You will never be a woman.

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Stopped reading right here.

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Gottem (me)

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damn, that's maybe too much? you're good for 4chan though

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Forget about the differences between men and women, focus on the advancement of genetic engineering and technology. You want to make humanity better, not complain about shit, complaining and criticizing is a waste of time.

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>As a trans woman with a lot of interests (probably borderline autistic)
Probably full on autistic. It's very common among trans people. Also you type like someone on the spectrum, no offense.

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>gonna ignore one of the most influential men of existential work, where Nietzsche wouldn't even have existed without
>because he said some naughty things about women he's not sleeping with and was probably right

The door is always there dumb ass. Go and don't come back

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I don't want my women talking like men and having male thinking patterns. I like women, If I want to talk with dudes I talk with dudes. Incels are just broken white knight feminists who grew up and cope with the reality of women being different by attacking women. It's insane, let women be women for fucks sake and work on being men yourselves beyond just lifting weights. Phychological transgenderism is a real phenomenon it seems. So many mentally ill people being mad at themselves and others for acting their sex. It's a form of bigotry against human biology itself. Everyone who hates the opposite gender is a "tranny" by default.

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remember you're here forever >:D

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So you're saying women can't love? Why do you give them rights than? Are you that evil or that stupid?

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Reminder, he never recovered

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I don't remember giving anyone rights. What are you even about? And women can love just fine, that's your personal bias not reality. The real question is why do you blame women when you are yourself a mental tranny? No normal female likes a man who's into identity politics whether he's a a feminist or "incel". The weird autistic whores is all you deserve really and there are a lot of them. If you would like to regain your humanity start blaming men. There are so many of them running around right now with bitch tits and pathetic scared personalities who couldn't be any more eager receiving some dangerous vaccine as if they're some diseased geriatrics gambling their last years. It's impossible for women to take men like this seriously, I know I wouldn't if I were a woman. If you desire a female talking to you as if she were a history nerd obsessed with a subject then you never liked women in the first place. You're far too broken for this, on your way to be a greek pederast. Men like you are so obsessed with intelligence and who is superior to who that you turned women into wageslaves who believe wasting their life for some stranger's business is freedom. Many couples hire people to care for their kids or force the grandparents to look after them every other day because similar idiots like you were complaining about women not being men. You're a feminist in reality, the previous patriachical system was just a prelude to feminism. With their "women are dumber" stick they set modern faggotry in motion. Just like how Muslims are utter fags who can't sexually satisfy a vagina so they beat women up and cover them up. Men really are everything wrong with the world, I'm ashamed that I belong to the same sex as closet homosexuals and boring autists who can't even appear charming to a nice hole. All a cope to avoid facing your incompetence.

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You're a cuck is what you are. I'll humor your women being thrown into the work force as it needs to be said it IS enslavement and women wanted it so bad now they see it's a miserable life and at that it's nowhere near as bad for them as the average male. You ignore that part because I don't know maybe your mom molested you or something. Not my problem.

The only woman I respect is Ayn Rand. And even she was kind of a whore but at least she wasn't a dumb ass. Her books tried to romanticize people who strive to win at all costs. What have you won? Sure incels cry about their loss but that's their right to do. You just tuck your dick between your legs and take it. That's even worse man.

You wanna know my dating strategy? I'll tell ya right now. I've been pursuing this one Christian cunt and she even said herself that I'm super charismatic and hot, but she resists my advances. Maybe she thinks she can do better, maybe she's fucked in the head and doesn't worry about how life literally has no meaning without someone else, either way it's wrong and I'm right. In theory everyone should have someone, but not everyone is smart enough to realize what they deserve in life. Others take advantage of that

So since I deserve someone, I'm going to make her that someone. That's not a request that's an statement. If she doesn't even want to be my someone I still have use for her helping me pursue other women. She could join the group and troll this other dude I've been bullying so he brings his sister in so I can get his sister. It's out of her hands whether or not I get his sister but she does owe me either her pussy or a helping hand.

I've even thought up a contingency plan should she be a useless cunny about it that deserves a doxxing. If dumb dumb boy doesn't bring in his sister I leave the group. The admin looks up to me, he'll do whatever he can to keep me there and prevent his meme group from dying.

Therefore I win no matter what which is why I haven't had a tantrum yet.
THAT'S a winner

Pic related of like when Kaiba threatened to throw himself off a cliff in duelist kingdom unless yugi conceded. Low IQ types call it a bitch move but you do what you gotta do.

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This is herr Schoppy's writings. He is based, this should be obvious.

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Never was diagnosed so I guess I’m just good at masking :)

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based and checked

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Kek I'm gonna go read it now
Inb4 he's probably right and that's always why people get butthurt

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>Therefore I win no matter what which is why I haven't had a tantrum yet.
>THAT'S a winner

Almost copypasta tier, but not quite.

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If your hobby/interest is completely predicated on signaling status, you are still vapid.

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Fucking women doesn't actually make you like them more. It makes you like their hole

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Do we really need this thread every day?

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Well, what things are you interested in and what have the cis-women you know been interested in?

>> No.18528951

Collecting and breeding plants from a certain plant subfamily
Traditional folk instruments
I'd rather not say all of my interests though

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Uh wait these are the 'I found literally only 1-2 people into these too but they made me really happy' interests
There are others but, I, the eternal misogynist I am, get insecure about believing they're actually into them and just doing it because of a boyfriend/trying to make money so not worth mentioning those

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Oh no :(
You're going to make me cry anon, how could you be so mean

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>Why is it that none of the successful sex-havers screech and rant about women like incels do?
I have sex and I'm responsible for at least a quarter of the rants about women on /int/

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KEK are you unironically retarded? Married couples complain all the fucking time. It is unironically the opposite. Incels are getting attention mainly because they go batshit crazy, but most people just don't give a shit.

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This is only half the story.

Women are ensconced within a narrative of narratives and relatedness.

To the extend men are object oriented women are relation oriented, and thereby live full lives as women; men who find women boring are themselves operating without the most illustrious of experiences - the eros principle.

Fucking nerds, get some pussy, for real

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Look into Empathising–systemising theory btw

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Yeah well she's dead and no one gives a fuck and he is known at least by the mention of his name by nearly everyone in the world.

>> No.18530222

>most illustrious
>the eros principle

Probably the cringiest, most insufferable simp I’ve seen on this website. You’re allowed to say negative things about women here. It’s anonymous.

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known for seething about his mommy issues.
Just like the artist is known and the muse remain unknown, even though without the muse the artist would be unknown as well.

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I don't know much about Schopenhauer, wasn't he a certified sex haver?

>> No.18530548

No, Herr Schopenhauer was a pure sanctified man. True incel, a saint amongst men

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>known for seething about his mommy issues.

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>You'll see, just have the fucking sex already.
You're actually right. Having sex is a lot of fun, and will make you want to like women to get more.

But talk to them on a broad range of topics and have them give you their opinions, and you'll very quickly see your perception of them deteriorate.

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>As a trans woman

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If you read my post I wasn't trying to speak as a woman but as someone who desperately wants to think of themselves as a woman and upon looking at the evidence, realising my personality and mind is completely at odds with how actual women are, it's a way to give credibility to my conclusions because I desperately wanted to be proven wrong

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You're calling me a cuck when everything I said is the exact opossite of being a cuck. Only to basically reveal that you are yourself a little weasel being a doormat for some pussy thinking you're a manipulation master. It appears you're braindead so I'll repeat it plainly for you: The reason women are like this is simply because of "men" like you. You're a mental tranny who cries because the female doesn't talk to you like your autist friends. You don't deserve good women, go orbit around some religious whore who was sucking the bisexual homo priest before she met you. Even your posting style is feminine as fuck, like a teenage girlie being prissy. I can only imagine your passive agressive mannerisms and speech patterns in real life. Vomit inducing to say the least. Stop being such a ladyboy for once.

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dangerously fucking based

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>quite confused by evolution and doesn't perfectly grasp the full concept

Parerga and Paralipomena was published in 1851. Darwin's 'on the origin of species' wasn't published until 1859. The very fact that there are intimations of evolution, even evolutionary psychology, in Schopenhauer going back to 1818 is one of the marks of his superlative genius.

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>quite confused by evolution and doesn't perfectly grasp the full concept

Parerga and Paralipomena, which contains the essay 'on women' was published in 1851. Darwin's 'on the origin of species' wasn't published until 1859 [the year before Schoppy's death], and 'the descent of man' in 1871. The very fact that there are blatant intimations of evolution, even evolutionary psychology, in Schopenhauer going back to 1818 is one of the marks of his superlative genius, deriving it as he did from his own first principals and without doing any naturalist field work.

>> No.18532264

He liked that sort of thing though: at multiple times in his work he references various stories told in naturalist magazines and such. There were probably intimations of the general idea; evolution wasn't really a completely 'out of nowhere' phenomena, it was really just that Darwin pulling all the threads together so definitively and exactly in one book was a marvelous feat.

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Schopenhauer was a woman hater, it’s easy to hate women when they constantly reject you. I know this personally, but somehow we must not fall into hate.
Turning to the Divine helped me. Even if all the women I want reject me, God is still with me, my ancestors are still with me.
So I basically offer it up, instead of being upset I can’t find a loving and pretty wife, I just focus on my spiritual development and helping others.
Sure this could be cope for being a “low value man” but I don’t want my whole life to revolve around my loneliness.
Schopenhauer though he was brilliant, was misguided. Nietzsche my guy.

>> No.18532447


>> No.18532468

Darwin was an avid reader of Schopenhauer

>> No.18532485

But how can you pursue different women? I had a oneitis that rejected me, and all I can think about is improving myself to try again. I can't even imagine wanting a different woman.

>> No.18532496

>redditors act like I'm not supposed to be elitist but come on it feels like I'm talking to a child

NOooo you're supposed to let people like things anon!! But of course you're right.

>Am I wrong?
No, that's Schopenhauer's whole point.

>As a trans woman with a lot of interests
Interests which, I'm guessing, skew male?

>> No.18532502

Oneitis is a mental illness, you need to go out there and slay pussy left and right.

>> No.18532600

>Ask a female about jewelry or embroidery or clothes and you'll find a torrent of autism and interest.
such a boomer take, the only things most women care about are getting drunk/high and the currently approved political auspices

>> No.18532612

some topics are timeless. women are one of them

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There are other people, anon. In the end, everyone just isn't that great. Oneitis are basically you being slave to your chemicals, because there isn't any rational ground for this.

>> No.18532709

Keep on simping, then.

>> No.18532758

>There are other people, anon.
Yes, and they suck. I did actually try to convince myself to move on a few times, but each time the result was that I was bedridden for that whole day, lacking the motivation to do absolutely anything. I have simply no choice but to use this motivation for good and give it another chance.

>> No.18532762

How are incels wrong? Do you have concrete proof that they are wrong?

>> No.18532797

Kants book on women is way better

>> No.18532812

incels are not real anon

>> No.18532816

>and they suck
Yes, you are right. In the end, everyone is full of shit. You are just fucking dellusional about this girl. This is something you would end up noticing anyway. Hormones are mainly tricks the devil uses to take away our reason and make us have sex. You can change devil with nature if you feel like it.

>> No.18532823

>or is it just 19th century incel rants?

>> No.18532825

lol good shit m8

>> No.18532844

Each woman is a different world. There is a world within all people, when you have intimacy with a woman you enter her world and she enters yours.
I myself caught onities, it was during graduate school, it was awful, but you need time, you need other women and experience their worlds.
You have to understand something, she’s never coming back and it’s over forever. To truly heal, you need to be intimate with another woman.
You’ll never forget her, you’ll never forget how she made you feel, but you won’t feel empty anymore and in time you’ll see how you were under a love spell and she wasn’t that wonderful to begin with. Then you’ll realize we’re just humans trying our best in this strange world. You’ll forgive her and move on.
Remember the lessons she taught you, it helps with discerning your next love.

>> No.18532887

Obviously I'd be biased, but I think even by objective measures she is much better than the majority. I realize I might sound obsessive (and I am obsessive with regards to things that are important to me generally) but I don't think I'm doing anything negative here. Either I will succeed the next time I try, or I'll just know that there isn't anything more that I could have done.

>> No.18532899

what are you gonna do after you fail?

>> No.18532903

My mom lent me this when I was 17. We laughed a lot at some passages. One of my best memory with her.

>> No.18532937

>after you fail
*If* I fail. And there isn't anything I could do honestly. Before I met her I had decided I wanted to be completely alone to focus on my goals without distractions. If that fails, I'd just simply go back to that mindset again.

>> No.18532965

Nietzsche had essentially the same opinion on women as Schopenhauer, including that part on women being able to rise even above men in exceptional circumstances. I don't see why you'd embrace Nieztsche and reject Schopenhauer on the particular issue of women.

>> No.18532976

I would argue that having interests isn't even a male thing anymore. Unless you count watching tv.

>> No.18532994

I wouldn't care that much about romance and intimacy if it weren't for her. If she rejects me again, I don't think I'll be trying to find another person, just like I wasn't before I met her.

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Brainlets need to fucking stop with that "have sex" shit.

It's litterally when I started fucking and dating women that I started to relentlessly hate them, of course I'm still attracted to them and try to bang one once ina while when I'm too thirsty but getting my dick wet does magivally make me love and respect them. I started to see them for what they really are as soon as I started to get involved with them.

I was a huge cuck white knight when I was a virgin.

>> No.18533081

I think dating women will stop that. It puts them into perspective, they aren't the center of the world and cannot ever be a mans purpose.

>> No.18533085

Holy Mother of Rants

>> No.18533087

rejects you again? Jeez, well be the best you and do your shit and if she notices shell come to you.

>> No.18533100

yea, its a big wakeup call

>> No.18533109

Hella incel vibes

>> No.18533117

>Why is it that none of the successful sex-havers screech and rant about women like incels do?
I see you haven't listened to the African American music known as rap.

>> No.18533217

Why don't you fucking read it all the way through before making a whining, bitching post (which is probably bait) on this shitty imageboard.


>> No.18533229

What do you expect in a society that feminizes men and poisons their food.

>> No.18533247

>Simon Baron-Cohen
No thank you

>> No.18533291

As a transwoman I find most men incredibly boring and have never been able to get along with them. I have interests, but the average man's interests rarely exceed sports or video games. It's not that I look down on those things - in fact, I enjoy video games occasionally - but I would rather talk to people about other things. Most men are not interested in a fraction of the things this board likes to talk about and are just as vapid as its caricature of women. Really, the average person is probably vapid and boring, but at least with the way most women are socialized, women are generally more open to having normal, free conversations about life, relationships, and emotions, which makes them much more tolerable to be around for me.

>> No.18533304

Bit masochistic to post this here no?

>> No.18533312

>implying you will ever be a woman

>> No.18533356

Imagine being a man who calls himself a woman. Can you get any lower?

>> No.18533396

As a transwoman, I think it is somewhat valid given the catty behavior most women exhibit when I steal their men. Honestly, if a man prefers me to you, get over it. No need to shit talk me behind my back and @ me on twitter with transphobic remarks. Having said that, there are a few transwomen who, thanks to their prior status, rise above these petty squabbles and indulge themselves in more fascinating topics like Butler. There are also a few women who are actually worth talking to but at the end of the day, talking about shopping, make up, hook ups, or what Becky did last Saturday night etc gets old fast.

>> No.18533431

Just read a book written by a woman about women ffs

>> No.18533456

>Just read a book written by a child about children ffs
>Just read a book written by a retard about retards ffs
>just read a book by a monkey about monkeys ffs
I like my women but your reasoning is retarded.

>> No.18533461

>>Just read a book written by a child about children ffs
This but unironically

>> No.18533463

Women are disingenuous by nature, don't trust a single word spoken or written by them.

>> No.18533464

No, women shouldn't even be allowed to read. Under his eye.

>> No.18533466

Any reccs?

>> No.18533475

I would unironically rather read a book written by a women about men.

>> No.18533476

Anne Frank's Diary

>> No.18533487

>Just read a book written by a jew about jews ffs
I'd rather not.

>> No.18533624

Not a book but this kid had sex

fb watch/?v=10154392702690549

Do you know that Sun Tzu quote?

>> No.18533647


>> No.18534290

Men are equally vapid anon, idk what you’re talking about.
t. Has a penis and was in a fraternity

>> No.18534317


>> No.18534323

It's severe but essentially irrefutable.

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>A lot of men get frustrated that women are “boring”, but you can argue that that’s just men trying to judge women by male standards that don’t actually apply to women.
This desu, if women were worth talking to, they'd be men. Suck it up or accept celibacy.

>> No.18534383

Can you stop larping as a woman on my board

>> No.18534390

Biro btw

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KEK no, this is not your safe space. Fuck you.

>> No.18534416

Unfathomably based.

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>passively admits to larping as a woman
You do you I guess

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I'm not the quoted anon. But fuck you, this board is no fucking incel safe space or anything of this sort. This is no man's (or woman, and whatever else) land. Fucking mad max.

>> No.18534446

Before I forget: fuck jannies too.

>> No.18536338


women are a parasitic disease

>> No.18536363

If you think having sex will change his views, you have never had sex yourself and the incel here is actually you.
Having sex changes nothing. You think it's going to be this big special thing in which you finally 'become the other' or some other kind of Socratic bullshiteering, but the only things you discover are: 1) pussy is lovely, better than food though still not as good as the feeling of having accomplished something; 2) condoms suck.
That's it.

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>> No.18536472

That gave birth to you, hoping the very best and bountiful future for her son.

But no. You’re a crazed degenerate

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