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Post and compare vocabulary scores


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Probably not that great.

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Well test it to be sure and post here. You never know.

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I'm fairly certain 90% of the last column of words are fake

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I got 29,300 words, which seems kind of small to me. English is my first langauge. Is this too small, should i read more to expand it?

I knew three of the words in the last column: malapropism, tenebrous, triconre, but didn't know most of them.

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Very impressive. How often do you read fiction?

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Depends on your age

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70th percentile, so pretty low. will this limit me in any way? should i aspire to expand this, or to improve some other aspect that will increase my vocab? or should i not give a shit

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70th percentile is above average. I don't know if it will limit you. Vocabulary has a strong correlation with IQ.

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>70th percentile is above average.

>Vocabulary has a strong correlation with IQ.
i know a lot about statistics. data can be highly correlated in misleading ways. for instance, look at people with extremely low iqs: developmentally disabled children. what's their vocab going to be? this is sufficient to establish even a strong correlation. i'm not sure what my quesiton is, but being only 70th percentile in vocab might be indicative that i don't read enough actual books -- internet content is pretty devoid of interesting language.

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I read maybe 20~ hours a week. For every 2 hours of light reading (usually fiction or poetry) I try to spend 1 hour reading something a bit challenging

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Well the users of that website have an average SAT score of 700. The average SAT score is 500.

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FUCK. YOU. of course I don't know the exact definition of all those words, I just read them and guess what they most likely mean based on the rest of the sentence. FUCK YOU.

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This test is gay and fails to filter lying pseuds, take this instead: http://vocabulary.ugent.be

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sounds like you're learning new words every time you read
just keep reading anon

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ESL here
My fav book is Dr Faustroll by Alfred Janny

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Not far off - I've been officially tested before and was in the 90 somethingish percentile.

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Seems about right, I guess? I’ve never considered vocabulary to be a strong suit of mine. Also most of the weirder words that I knew were from playing video games, not reading books.

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Remember what kind of people are taking this test. I got an 800 on the verbal SAT and I'm only 60th percentile.
Also I knew uxoricide, and I refuse to believe that 40% of people know uxoricide.

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It says I know "74% of the English words".
Ma fav book is still Dr Faustroll by Alfred Janny

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I will anon, thanks. but this is really disheartening, as I'm a native English speaker who reads a fair amount, and have been writing my own book. I suppose I shouldn't let it get to me though, none of this matters as ebonics will most likely become the official language of my country before I die

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>I refuse to believe that 40% of people know uxoricide.
Where did you get that figure from?

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this test is both more fun and more tedious
I'm a bit embarrassed over some of the obvious ones I got wrong but overall this test is over congested with really common words

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>he doesn't know what "streptokinase" and "armamentarium" mean

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much easier as we don't need to know the definition.

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Saved by the words with latin roots.
I just started reading in English, I'll retake the test in six months.

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They're not fake but they are both incredibly obscure (duh) and of non-Latin origin; e.g. I had "williwaw (wut)" and "caitiff" (which I knew from playing CRPGs)

uxor = wife, cide = kill.

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I asked him where he got the 40% figure from. Is he assuming that 40% of people know that? Did he see that figure somewhere?

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Why do I have to be a low-IQ brainlet. Should I just rope?

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much better than the 19600 I got on the other one, what a relief. not great, but not below average. there's hope for me yet

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I'M VOCABBING!!!!!!!!!1
Shut the fuck up, there are easier ways to feel superior

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Might be a workable score if you are young.

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t. sub 20k vocabber

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>takes every social activity personally
sure it's a test but as your meme rotted brain is struggling to say, vocab ain't shit
just hang out and share your results weirdo. socialize

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I got 60th percentile, but I knew uxoricide. So 40 percent of people taking this test have a better vocabulary than someone who knows uxoricide. I was just trying to say that the people who choose to take this test are people with above average vocabularies.
They might share stats if you dig around the site though.

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24 y/o... 2 associates degrees (not sure if community college failed me or I failed it)... I'm not sure that I have a redemption arc on the horizon lol

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My score is mediocre, brainlet.

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On the Road by Jack Karouac, Capital by Marx,
or anything by Oscar Wilde, oh no! I'm running out of words! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>18533086 here, I do like this test better although I do assume that people are being relatively honest on the other one.

streptokinase sounds like an enzyme but since I didn't specifically know which one it is/what it does I said no. I now see that It's Real.

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21,300, english is my secondary language, self-taught. I fall into the native range 20.000-35.000. Pretty good I'd say.

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60th percentile

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There's this caveat:
>Now, remember that these percentiles are not for the population as a whole, but rather just those who have taken the test online. Comparing with self-reported SAT scores from previous analysis, overall participation is in roughly the 98th percentile of the American population as a whole — it is apparently a very "elite" group of people who spend their time taking vocabulary tests on the Internet!

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oh hey I took this text about a year ago and it said I had 18 thousand words and now I took it again a year later (did it 3 times to be sure) and it said I had 19 thousand.
that's neat

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Everybody's score improves as they age until they are around 60 years old.

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i'd post that image of autofellatio that I know you're familiar with, but this is a blue board. either way, you're right, and this has been pointed out earlier in the thread. i think my original mistake was an aspiration i had in an absolute sense (i want to richly understand and use english) vs. a relative sense (i want to futher deepen and color my english.). thanks for reading my blog.

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They say non-natives usually know 2500-9000 words so I guess I'm ok

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22,600, multiplied by the six languages I'm trying to maintain
so >100,000

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20100 words. But this test is a bit of bullshit.

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My favourite book is Crime and Punishment

>> No.18533380

19,100 words
I'm esl (it helps that some unusual words in English are similar to very common ones in Italian)

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Anyone getting over 25k is a big fat liar.

>> No.18533388

read more and use a dictionary

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they just like reading dictionaries

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ah I forgot, my favourite book... I'm not sure, maybe the Brother's Grimms Tales? hahaha I don't read that much, I'm trying to change that

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An e-reader is useful for that

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14,600 and my favourite book is Dubliners

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stupid ass xD errbody come look at stupid here

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Boomp eet

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for an ESL it's decent enough

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It’s over

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>its over
Your brief post of resignation made me kek hard if that's any consolation

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>which I knew from playing CRPGs
I laughed at how many of the words were just grognard shit that a literature professor probably wouldn't know.

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I've improved since last time.

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ESL here

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Not native btw

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dumb American with a CS degree

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List your top 10 in no particular order

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wordlet never learns

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I got 10k.

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38,600. Seems like a terrible way to test vocabulary, wonder how accurate it is?

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>tfw peak midwit
English is my native language, but I speak Japanese 90% of the day for the past 6 years or so. I've noticed my English skill has decisively gone to shit. It's such a weird feeling, watching yourself retard down your mother tongue.

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I guess if you put a gun to my head I'd have to say The Road
I'm sorry but you are full of shit

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Hey we're twins

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>I'm sorry but you are full of shit

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Forgot my favorite book.

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I know five languages. They don't make tests for people like me. Enjoy your monoglot faggotry though.

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Holy fuck I knew I was retarded but I'm literally like 25th percentile. I refuse to believe that.

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>he doesn't realise people lie, a lot

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Is your keyboard fixed now?

>> No.18535452

lol what's the point. It's anonymous.

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>Your total vocabulary size is estimated to be: 21,200 words
>On the basis of your results, we estimate you know 70% of the English words.
>40th percentile
Mostly read trashy web fiction and it's never challenging. I should read more stories that make me look at up a word a couple times a chapter but I'm usually not interested in them. The original REH Conan stories used some interesting vocabulary that actually fit the context and mood perfectly. You could guess at the meaning pretty well with the sound of the worlds fitting the prose like poetry. It quickly made things feel more occult, ancient, and fantastic. Unfortunately, most authors I've seen that do step out of bounds of primary/secondary school vocab seem to try too hard like they forced themselves to use a thesaurus for school credit or something.

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Surprised to be honest, made sure to jot down the words I didn't know though. Anyone know a good way to improve your vocab? (other than reading and dicuonary surfing) Any decent apps or websites?

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When you look up a word you do not know also look up usage and etymology, your vocab will go up quickly. This will also give you a much better understanding of the words and you will not be limited by dictionary definitionw which tend to stick to just common uses.

>> No.18535545

Anki, if you feel like tryharding it.

>> No.18535563

>On the basis of your results, we estimate you know 86% of the English words.
I said yes to three made up words, but I'm sure they were the incorrect hybrids like uncovertly.

>> No.18535997

Oh, it's the recurring thread in which I post that it is just a game, just like IQ tests. Actual smart people understand that measuring popularity of words is the same as measuring popularity of writers: it doesn't tell you anything about the qualities of specific authors and readers.

>> No.18536334

39600 but it misestimates field specialist.

>> No.18536358

You sound a little stupid, don't even understand the point of the thread.

>> No.18536364

This is the thread to post your Counter-Strike rating.

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I got 30,600.

In addition to the unchecked words in pic related, I also didn't know tureen, valetudinarian, pule. I literally learned oneiromancy the other day.

>> No.18536377

my fav book is M-D

>> No.18536378

>19 cm
>The holy quran

>> No.18536383

oneiromancy is easy because its made of two well known greek words

>> No.18536386

What other word features this tho?

>> No.18536387

What is a blue board?

>> No.18536389

Have you ever had fun?

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What's your native language?

>> No.18536447


I'm going to go read some more

>> No.18536460

Post your score or gtfo

>> No.18536463

Linguistic based tests are some of the most reliably predictive due to how much of the brain they stress to function

>> No.18536465

You don't know what midriff means???

>> No.18536481

I think I need to read more widely, modern language is almost too simplified

>> No.18536488

Look at the colour of this page, now go to
https://boards.4chan.org/d and compare the page colour

>> No.18536491

Audible kek.

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Native language is Russian, love classical English lit

>> No.18537302

Not bad for a second language. Although I knew some words but didn't check.

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Feeling good for an ESL

>> No.18537322

Too many fucking ESLs on my board

>> No.18537325

how long will it take me to expand my vocabulary by 10 thousand bros?

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How old are you?
I'm Russian myself but my result is not impressive like yours

>> No.18537359

since english is not my native language, it's above the average

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File: 26 KB, 662x386, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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this test is a bit annoying though since it has scientific terms

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I have many favorite books. I cannot declare any single book as my favorite. Five of my favorite books: The Count of Monte Cristo, Anna Karenina, 2666, Lolita, Flashman

>> No.18537446

Are you surprised? Your average anglo can't understand, let alone appreciate, literature. Of course, there are outliers, we are talking about Redneck Ryan and Hooligan Howard here.

>> No.18537452

>23000 as a zoomer ESL
Is it good?

>> No.18537593

I am. Aren't there European alternatives to 4chan?

>> No.18537684
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for me

>> No.18537691

Wow I'm surprised you were even able to write that let alone get onto 4chan

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bro wtf i knew a lot of that shit was fake
Got about the score I expected

>> No.18537916

In my country, the only similar alternative its just a bigger version of /pol/ and is not even anonymoose

>> No.18537935

What is it?

>> No.18537967

facebook groups

>> No.18537982


>> No.18538006

>vocab test
>makes me click dozens of boxes for numerous easy words instead of just clicking the made up words that no one knows


>> No.18538020

It takes less than a minute, sperg
How much time have you spent doing captchas?

>> No.18538026
File: 80 KB, 750x466, 7529078C-D9CB-408F-B9D0-9F336F95B8C7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably Dracula

>> No.18538069
File: 182 KB, 750x718, 7B5BCE9D-A459-4EB9-8D07-230B11F05894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Although I might also pick Moby Dick. The one nonword I accepted was "buggrist" which I mixed up with "buggerer".

>> No.18538079

Please say you're ESL

>> No.18538299

Well, I thought it's obvious

>> No.18538423

I just wanted to be sure. Honestly it could be worse. The fact that you're bilingual still means you're ahead of most of this board.

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File: 88 KB, 1024x577, 1606588211957m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18538431
File: 13 KB, 717x320, voc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf are you all doing... English isn't even my first language...

>> No.18538450

Thanks bro. I speak English fluently, the result is just because hard words that I never used or have seen for a few times so I didn't know definition for them. But still shocked me a little why is it so low, guess I need to read more

>> No.18538461

There are like 5 grammatical problems in this post m8, your english is easily comprehensible but it is also clear you're not a native speaker

>> No.18538479

About 15000+ words (not a native speaker) and my diary desu.

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There's either a huge discrepancy between these tests or everyone's lying about words they've heard but don't really know. For the record, I don't even consider myself highly literate but I know I have a way above average vocabulary just through interaction with the general populace.

>> No.18538996

Oh, I didn't realize midriff was spelled that way. I always thought it was middrift, I do know that word.

>> No.18539015


>> No.18539133
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ESL + 10 years of english classes on 4chan

>> No.18539379

I got 81 as well, but 26k on the other one. interesting.

>> No.18539607

21,300 words. 64% in the other test.

English is my first language, I read frequently compared to anyone I know but probably not as much as most on here (>20 books a year).

I have trouble with looking up the definition of a word then instantly forgetting it.

Favourite book is Under the Volcano by Lowry. Currently reading V by Pynchon.

>> No.18539614

Also, to anyone with ESL who is getting really high scores: good job, it must be cool knowing two languages fluently. I'm starting to learn French but I'm an ultra beginner.

>> No.18539655

>I have trouble with looking up the definition of a word then instantly forgetting it.
Look up usage and etymology as well, you will start remembering.

>> No.18539667

Are there any good websites for that or does literally any dictionary do this? Would be handy to have this on the Kindle too.

>> No.18539742

Not a very good test. The first time I did it I got 34,100. I did it again and got a different list of words and the result was 28,200. That's a percentile drop too huge for this test to be considered accurate.

Side note: one of the biggest midwits I know wasn't allowed to watch TV as a kid. He has a ridiculously huge vocabulary and can regurgitate broad-themed information and esoteric factoids about politics...but he's a complete retard when it comes to critical thinking. Maybe he's just autistic or something.

>> No.18539781

You need to go to one of the big dictionaries like the Oxford English Dictionary for this or use multiple sites/do your own research. The condensed version (tiny print, comes with magnifier) can be had for about $100 used, $50 if you are patient, or you can get a subscription to their website. There is no good free source to replace the OED yet and it is probably a very long time off before there is. It is worth the expense if your interest is in writing, perhaps not so much if you just want to read and converse, but maybe.

>> No.18539806

I'm 20 years old. I had a phase where I loved learning new words, so I read books like Roget's Thesaurus and installed the Oxfor English Dictionary (there's a stardict file on thepiratebay) on my phone and constantly checked the definition of every word whose meaning I didn't have a firm grasp of.

>> No.18539833

I'd like to write someday, I just never start. Maybe I'll never write.

For now I'll try just looking up the etymologies and sentence uses online and keep an eye out for cheap OEDs.

>> No.18539841

There's both an OED CD program and a stardict fileset on tpb

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>English first language
>19,000 words

>> No.18539867

Problem is I'm not usually on my computer when I'm reading.

>> No.18539890

I don't know if stardict files can work with ereaders, but they definitely work with android devices. You can have a maximum of five dictionaries on the free version of the GoldenDict app. So, if you don't mind quickly checking your phone for an unfamiliar word, GoldenDict should do wonders

>> No.18539904

Stardict is 1st edition and freely available, it is public domain, but dictionaries that are over 100 years old are not the greatest things unless you are researching the times.

Personally I find dictionaries to be one thing which do not transfer well to computer, flipping the pages looking for a word, going down the columns to your word, you encounter other words and you will read some of them, digitally you don't.

>> No.18539960
File: 28 KB, 680x691, c90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know for sure that all of you, especially the ESLs, are lying (mostly to yourselves). sad

>> No.18539963

Interesting. So I can get a stardict android file on tpb? Or is there some other android dictionary app that would do the job? You mentioned Goldendict, does it have etymology and uses?

>> No.18540008

i got 78% but i accidentally missed interpretively. only one wrong word i thought i knew.
keep in mind i've taken latin so my voacbulary is larger and often i can think some words are english which aren't due to sounding reasonable. ive many a time taken an english word with latin roots and made up new words with it without realizing it. pecunianist, a non word, would be an example of this tendency.
that being said i'm fairly confident i wasn't just picking words i thought were english. fairly confident i knew the words. maybe 1 or 2 i thought i knew due to roots.

>> No.18540012

Actually I see now I install goldendict and then import a stardict dictionary.

>> No.18540048

There are a great number of dictionaries in stardict format which can be opened by many dictionary apps.
OED is under big dictionaries, they list it as 2nd edition, but I suspect it is actually the 1st since the files are the exact same size as my first edition OED stardict, But who knows, might be 2nd now, would be nice, will certainly check it out after errands if no one here confirms it one way or the other.

Even the first edition is fairly handy for etymology but its definitions and usage can be quite far off from modern usage.

>> No.18540053
File: 40 KB, 433x230, OED2_4ed_CD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>flipping the pages looking for a word, going down the columns to your word, you encounter other words and you will read some of them, digitally you don't.
You do, actually, see pic related. But what I really like about the digital form is that you can easily search in both the heading and the definition fields.
GoldenDict is the actual app that opens files like stardict and dict.dz. You can get the GoldenDict apk on Google Play, but you'll have to torrent the OED files (there's 3 of them but they sum up to around 190 MB) here: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=10093312
This is the 2nd edition of the OED that was published back in the 1980s, so you won't find words like 'podcast' in it.

>> No.18540061

Perfect, I'll download this tomorrow and try it all out. Thank you for all your help!

>> No.18540070

I have the 2nd edition (etymologies sometimes include examples from the 1970s and 1980s) and it's about 190 MB large

>> No.18540076
File: 26 KB, 333x333, 1602959246151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome, I hope you get to learn many new and fun words while using this app

>> No.18540102
File: 55 KB, 909x541, 58418CE7-9E1C-48C0-B794-BD90D6883395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m an eastern european tho

>> No.18540116

15,900 words

How do I learn more words guys? Am I fucked?

>> No.18540126

Install the OED on your phone

>> No.18540178

>What’s your gender?
It’s sad we live in a world where I would describe something so ordinary this way but absolutely based

>> No.18540189

listen to Aesop Rock

>> No.18540238

How many volumes of the OED fit on a phone? For some reason I immediately imagined that vocablet anon having multiple phones to contain the whole OED, arrayed in a neat little row with a pewter "a" on one side and a pewter "z" on the other as bookends; someone uses a word he doesn't understand that starts with the letter "p" and he runs to the shelf and browses for the phone containing entries for O-P-Q. You know, runs his finger along the phones' labeled spines until he finds the right one. I'll see myself out, thank you.

>> No.18540251

non-native here 9,480 words

>> No.18540309

I got 27,700. Disappointed to be honest but I haven't been reading enough old books until recently.
Got 87% in this one.

>> No.18540320

27k english is my third language (well, second at this point).

>> No.18540335

nonnative, but mostly consume english media 16

>> No.18540350
File: 125 KB, 1000x800, 1390984860.0.x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

30,500 and my favourite book is Mysteries by Hamsun. Native English. But I remember taking this test years ago before I got into reading and I got a pretty shit score so there is hope for you wordlets.

>> No.18540412

>How many volumes of the OED fit on a phone
Literally all of them lol, but I kek'd at your scenario

>> No.18540471

Nice digits

>> No.18540875
File: 98 KB, 1440x858, Screenshot_20210627-184846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Litbros, how can I improve my English vocabulary?
t. 24-yo Hispanic

>> No.18540883

Blue board = sfw
Red board = nsfw
Lurk more though, friend.

>> No.18540992
File: 257 KB, 1440x1463, Screenshot_20210627-190825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this definition of a brainlet? I definitely need to hit the vocabulary gym.

>> No.18541007

Browse good theaaurases like Roget's, use the OED, read books like Tristram Shandy, Shakespeare, Gene Wolfe, Joyce, etc

>> No.18541144
File: 79 KB, 942x670, Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 9.32.31 am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18541160

Read Paradise Lost that's where all our words come from.

>> No.18541204

Terrible. I find that The Synonym Finder is best for creative usage, it does not stick to just standard use, seems to be written more for literary use, Rogert's is more academic. Oxford is pretty solid. The Synonym Finder is probably the book which has increased my vocabulary more than any other book and also got me into the habit of researching usage since it has words listed for obscure and archaic usage.

>> No.18541214

Thank you, anons. I'll also follow the anon's advice of looking usage and etymology as well.

>> No.18541263

Did anyone mention morphemes? If you memorize those you'll be able to figure out what a lot of words mean even if you've never seen them before. (I had to do it for a linguistics course I took).

>> No.18541524

Wut? I don't know which edition of Roget's you used, but the Project Gutenberg edition of it is very good. Its layout is unique in that it begins with the concept of being and moves on to more complex notions instead of just starting at the letter 'A' and proceeding alphabetically from there. Synonym Finder also looks very good from what I can tell.

>> No.18541553

I agreed with you until I got a copy of The Synonym Finder from the little free library by my home, Rogert's is shit.

>> No.18541669

Roget's thesaurus is perfectly fine in my case. I checked out the online version of The Synonym Finder and that also looks good. It probably incorporates the contents of Roget's.

>> No.18541774

Yeah, that was exactly my view until I grabbed that free copy of The Synonym Finder, and it can certainly be just fine depending on your needs. It caused me to explore the various option, rather surprising how different they are, I expected them to all be roughly similar, like most common dictionaries. Thesaurus seem to be more targeted than standard dictionaries.

>> No.18541795

T. Never read Milton

>> No.18541848

lurk moar

>> No.18541960

>66% on the other test

Croatian, also speak German. Thought I would do better, but it makes sense since I mostly read books in Croatian, and basically just read comics and stuff on the Internet in English.

>> No.18543694

just so you know I woke up at 3am and came back straight to this thread to check this comment

>> No.18543741

It's over bros. I didn't even read Nietzsche or Schopenhauer I was larping this whole time.

>> No.18543747
File: 48 KB, 852x494, Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 3.25.16 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18543959

Got every word except gregarine, although I did get hit by one "fake" word - myllination, which I misread as myelination. That's far too close to a specific word and I imagine it trips many people up. The fake words shouldn't be traps for slight misremembering or misreading.

>> No.18544281

cope. it's you who's lying to yourself, anon. you SHOULD feel bad that there are foreign speakers who have a far better grasp on your own language, but rather than putting your hands over your ears and going LALALA YOU'RE ALL LIARS, you should seek to remedy it and improve your vocabulary.
sure, there may be someone in this thread who's lying for whatever reason, but I'd wager most people are being entirely honest. myself included. please read more or something, instead of deluding yourself out of pure butthurt

>> No.18544296

27600 here. Pitiful considering I am a native English speaker, but I am a zoomer and I only started reading seriously in the past 6 months. Out of curiosity, how often do you guys come across words that you don't know when reading? I feel like I find at least one word per two pages that I have to look up.

>> No.18544908

I feel that's a respectable number. My dad made me read the dictionary when I was little, and though I was annoyed with him at the time, it turned me from an aloof autist into someone who could actually articulate themselves..
>favourite book

glad to see someone else feels this way, because I feel like I do this shit all the time. I had to stop myself a few times during the test; It feels like I know more words by their correct context, rather than their specific meanings

>> No.18545651

Why are you acting so defensive?

>> No.18545894
File: 34 KB, 777x456, Screenshot_71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shieeet. I thought i could get at least 10k. Meh, anyway, what books would you recommand to improve my vocabulary at my level?

>> No.18545901

These scores are fucking bullshit. I know like 1000 German words I learned in a few weeks on an app, you're telling me I only know 25x that in english when it's my native tongue?

>> No.18546179

I think you're imagining things again, anon. why are you acting so suspicious?

>> No.18546258
File: 18 KB, 542x354, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except if you're French, it's an enormous advantage as sophisticated English words are your quotidian vocabulary

>> No.18546336

I answered honestly and got 28,000 and 67%. Both sites are using a really small sample so I guess the discrepancy is to be expected.

>> No.18546370

Google's definition widget usually has etymology. That definitely helps for memory, but spaced repetition is supposed to give great results as well. There are apps that schedule it for you, so you can create digital flashcards and it will test you with decreasing frequency as time goes on.

>> No.18546407

I missed it because it was "interpretatively", not "interpretively". I thought they were trying to trip up ESLs and tards with the extra syllable.

>> No.18546426

Power law

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