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Many anons and redditors claim cooming and porn have adverse effects on the mind and body. I have tried reading more on it, and started reading Youe Brain On Porn, but it all seems like pseudoscientific and vaguely Christian fearmongering to me. Are there any books on this subject that are actually worth reading?

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You could try asking /sci/ as well or looking through the archives?

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Thanks anon

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reading the archived threads is an under appreciated resource, sometimes you stumble on genius.

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While porn definitely degenerates your mind, it's nothing in comparison to what long-term commitment to a woman does to you.

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Where do you read them? I have tried warosu, but not sure if its the best
Reason im wondering is actually because of a woman i like, who hates porn

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I think 4plebs.org has a list of active archives
a few I use are, archivd.moe, warosu.org, desuarchive.org, and boards.fireden.net.
they tend to only archive a handful of boards, /g/ has I think one called RebekkaBlackTech named after some meme singer from years ago

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See, that's exactly what I'm talking about. You're already influenced by her even now, imagine what sort of control she'll gain over you once she permits access to her pussy.

Stop watching porn if you feel it has negative effect on your life (it probably does) - but do it for the right reasons, not just to become a pussy-whipped beta in future relationships.

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I do not know the validity of this infographic and came across it only recently, it feels very /pol/ like so one must question the sourcing but it made me somewhat curious on the topic.
it can't hurt to not masturbate for a month or two and see if it has any effect on your mental health, maybe keep a diary?

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I instantly disregard any psychology that reduces humans to slaves of brain chemicals. If anything it simply shows what kind of person who believes in it. He who believes himself a slave is a slave.

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I got the Pfizer jab less than a month ago, and my libido dropped significantly.
I have watched porn since maybe 3 times and 0 in the last 2 weeks.

Maybe daddy Gates is doing me a favor.

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i haven't used porn in 80 days and feel much better, i have vivid sexual fantasies that are very distracting, but apart from that im allot happier and energized, for a few weeks it was literally difficult not thinking about using porn, after that its been like swimming to shore after being pulled out of my depth, just restfully looking back at all the psychological bullshit i put myself through being addicted to something i hate, im slowly begining to realise how warped my values and perspectives are around women, i know in the past my lust has forced me into doing things i regret and hurting girls i care about, now i want to start again, all i have to do now is leave this place forever

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It's all retarded shit for people who NEET. All they do is post online about how much they don't touch their pp and how alpha they feel. It's hilarious.

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>Are there any books on this subject that are actually worth reading?
John Paul II's Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body.
The Holy Bible.

tldr: Man and woman are created beings, they were made by a creator, and that creator decided there should be two sexes. That same creator in the person of Jesus Christ also is quoted in pic related, the oldest gospel of the New Testament, here condemning sexual immorality and licentiousness in the heart of man. In short: the effects of the sin of LUST. That being: desiring only part of a person (booba, booty, their dingdong or their wigwam) and ignoring the rest of the person altogether. Pornography, being an image, makes this extremely easy. Open porn, debase yourself, close porn, forget 100% about that person because they weren't a person to you they were an image. It is damaging to the self because Jesus said so and if you stop to think about it he is right. This is not how proper human relations are supposed to exist, and they are damaging to the interior of a man to continue this way; they make him depraved and indifferent to his own degeneracy while also ironically making him shy of real women and relationships. Read the books.

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Once my coom brain allows me I will read the introduction kindle sample of The Coiled Serpent
Fap fap fap fap fap

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You're going to become a femboy, sorry anon.

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There's really no conclusive evidence that porn does any harm whatsoever. Unless you're addicted to it of course, but that can happen with anything that gives pleasure.

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>There's really no conclusive evidence that porn does any harm whatsoever
Nice cope and shit logic. Why the fuck do you put really in front if there is no evidence? Clearly there is evidence of harm and you know it. You put conclusive in front of evidence because there is evidence that is does plenty of harm, but you are protecting your addiction and justifying it by saying it only happens to addicts and that the evidence isn't "conclusive". It is classic behaviour from all addicts. I dont blame you, I just want you to know what you are doing.

If you are using porn, you are addicted. You might claim you are able to stop anytime, but until you realize you are an addict you wont be able to stop forever. You are an addict if you stop and then continue again. It is not hard to stop forever. When you are ready you should check out the Easy-Peasy method. I wish you the best.

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Check out the Easy Peasy method. It isnt scientific, but based on a book about how to stop smoking. There are some explantions of the biology involved, but not much. Reading about the risks and harmful effects aren't going to stop most users, it will just make them afraid to stop because of "muh good feeling".

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You need to take a break from /pol/ for a few months

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I masturbate to hentai and doujins once per week and I feel as if that’s actually not so bad. I’m well into my twenties.

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>Clearly there is evidence of harm and you know it.
Show it to me then.
I'm not really interested in the rest of your post, since you're just projecting you're loserdom onto me.

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Funny thing is, I haven't been on /pol/ since december last year. Was any of the stuff I wrote wrong?

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You are just fucking obsessed man. I have high libido. I jerk off a lot. I also get things done, have no depression and still want to have sex with women. This is being a healthy male. Unhealthy male either all day thinks about jerking off or thinks about NOT jerking off in order to become ultra chad alpha male.

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if you dont cum you will have wet dreams and cum in your sleep anyway

if you dont cum for a longer time you will have pain in your balls when you do eventually cum, so cumming will just be painful

t. did nofap years ago, it just made me horny and I asked a fat chick out, just buy a hooker coomer

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>I'm not really interested in the rest of your post
You proved my point then. I don't think showing you the harmful effects will make you stop. The point I was making was that you clearly had seen some evidence that you didn't like and had to justify it by saying it wasnt conclusive.

Obsessed? How so? I just wrote what I thought and it is the first time I am posting in a thread like this. Good for you, man, sounds like a nice life and something to brag about on the internet. Funny how you project onto me the desire to seem like a ultra chad alpha male, when you are the one bragging about having sex and jerking off.

I don't think about jerking off or not jerking off in my daily life and I don't think I am better than pornheads. With all addictions there are some people that can handle the use better, but the use usually catches up eventually and time will tell. Maybe you will regret it one day, or maybe not. I wish you the best and you will continue to live a good life.

Doing nofap is retarded and it clearly didnt deal with your addiction. It just made you want to bust a nut more and made you think about cumming all the time, like >>18539176 said, and that lead to you making a mistake. Did you at least fuck the fat chick?

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>Obsessed? How so?
Imagine posting about people touching or not touching their pp's

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There is a middle position between being a degenerate coomer who gets off 5 times a day to ever weirder shit, and being afraid of ever touching your dick again.

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its just a bit unsatisfying aint it. dont really need a book, just a modicum of self-transparency and reflection. an indefinite cycle of deepening solipsistic sensual craving is what it seems to be. if you genuinely don't feel like you don't suffer or in fact truly enjoy porn and masturbation then keep doing it.

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I haven't masturbated in almost two months now. Deleted all my porn too.

At this point the benefits are undeniable in terms of focus, self-esteem, energy. And I'm at the stage where I see porn as deeply unsatisfying. It simply is not real sex and I have no interest in masturbating instead of having real sex. All fetishes are gone too.And obviously porn sites are a psyop and only lead to more degenerate desires.

This is the normal state of being for a male. Anyone who tells you otherwise either profits from porn in some way, or they're in denial about how little porn positively impacts their lives.

I'm not saying porn will utterly destroy you (though it might). It just will not help with anything.

Give it up and find better hobbies.

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You can't get addicted to chocolate, you get into the habit of eating it tastes nice, it's there and you can eat it. Addiction is being incapable of living without something and suffering because of it.

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Easypeasy is a good place to learn about why you're addicted, your thought process behind it and how to get out of it, but the idea that everyone is addicted to porn just because they want to use it is absurd and baseless. Why wouldn't you say the exact same thing about alcohol?

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no but I found a better one to fuck

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Imagine posting about people doing anything. If that is what obsessed means to you then you are special.

Good on you, anon!

Who says I don't say that about alcohol? It is not absurd nor baseless. The kneejerk reaction of everyone that is not at the "I want to stop using porn"-stage is proof. You can be addicted without realising. When is a heroin addict addicted to heroin? The first shot, using it for months or when heroin has ruined the persons life? I would say from the first shot, since it creates the void that needs to be filled to be able to relax and live and cope. It is the same with porn. Not comparing the effects of porn and heroin, just the addiction part.

Only a truly depraved person would consider jerking off to porn a hobby.

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Try to stop porn and cooming for 2 months. When you fail miserably, you will understand how addicted you are and how much you rely on cooming to deal with anxiety.
Then you'll want to learn to be more disciplined.

Don't take my word for it, I'm a Christian trying to deceive you. Prove me wrong through experience. I'm waiting.

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Ok but Augustin has been saying this about human beings being slaves to lust, the Greeks made claims about being a slave to your lower self in the passions. Not a lot of intelligent or insightful people have ever thought being a porn-addled bugman was a desirable life.

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On a side note,


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>There's really no conclusive evidence that porn does any harm whatsoever.
I can’t help but notice a pattern between porn addicts and weed addicts

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What about Bentham?

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>Only a truly depraved person would consider jerking off to porn a hobby.
I could see someone thinking that if it's one activity on a very short list of activities.

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The pattern of not accepting conjectures without proof? That's a good thing.

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first let me say how I also hate porn, but this is wrong
I actually know a bit about hormones and this is wrong. Men and woman are more advanced than testosterone and estrogen. The most obvious example of how testosterone=male is false is how steroid, aka testosterone, abusers develop breast like a woman. This is because a bit of testosterone is turned into feminizing hormones in the body. It has no effect normally, but when you have a shit ton of extra testosterone you get a ton if extra feminization hormones. This goes against their "less test. and you get boobs!" theory. also masturbating has little effect on testosterone.
Their are better reasons to doubt porn than this weird theory.

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Why do people always say ''watching porn lowers your testosterone levels'' as a reason for why you should stop? Who the fuck cares about that?

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its a health issue

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are you retard

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>I don't think showing you the harmful effects will make you stop
The whole point of this discussion is about whether these harmful effects exist or not. So far there isn't any proof. You're just assuming there is because it aligns better with your fee fees.

>The point I was making was that you clearly had seen some evidence that you didn't like and had to justify it by saying it wasn't conclusive.
Your projections are getting almost as embarrassing as your use of the word "pornheads". Please stop.

>You can't get addicted to chocolate
You absolutely can get addicted to food. Have you never seen my 1000 pound life?

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Are you?

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>You can’t touch your weewee because... Because you JUST CANT, okay?

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so you are

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Thanks for sharing this.

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i didn't but all my family members did, and my libidos also dropped off precipitously since around they got jabbed.

vaccine shedding perhaps?

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pure american thread

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Nah, probably just nuked your dad's libido and now that he isn't sneaking into your room to stuff your boy pussy every night yours has gone down, too. Don't worry, he still loves you. It's only the jab.

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There is certainly reason to limit your porn consumption if you find that it interferes with relationships or you are wasting too much time on it. All in all though, the /pol/-tier NoFap arguments are pretty stupid. I have done NoFap for long periods of time (~6 months) and I have had periods were I was cooming multiple times a day, and there is very little difference, outside of the amount of free time you have to do other things. In my eyes, porn/fapping is bad in that it is a wholly unproductive (if enjoyable) waste of time. It's not the supernatural evil some on this site cast it as.

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did you at least fuck your girlfriend during those 6 months?

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To be blunt, I have never had a gf. In those 6 months the only sexual stuff I had was the occasional dream.

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>It's not the supernatural evil some on this site cast it as.
Part of the NoFap argument is that being a coomhound prevents you from meeting and developing relationships with real women. It seems to be true in your case.

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Eh, my reasons for not getting a gf are familial (my parents requested that I do not date anyone and I have complied), not because of a issue on my part. Perhaps it is true, but as I have never seriously tried dating, I wouldn't know. The supernatural thing is me referencing people who see porn as mind control or a vague Jewish conspiracy.

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The problem is the internet. Abstaining from porn does nothing. I lost my libido for a long time because of a medication and my attention span and motivation were still fucked. Getting away from the internet was the real cure.

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>my parents requested that I do not date anyone and I have complied
wtf mate. please explain. are you japanese?

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Indian. They asked me to only start dating once I was done with my education, and as I am about to start grad school, that is a ways off.

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just displacing actual jerking off to jerking off in front of anons about not touching their pp. Reward mechanism at it's best.

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It's easy to test.

Stop watching porn and/or masturbating for a week, see what happens. 90% of retards who keep making this thread over and over can never manage to do this and then deny that being a coomer has any kind of hold on them

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jeeze. they better have a pretty poo girl arranged for you to meet at the altar because you're gunna have zero game having avoided girls till you were done grad school.

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"Avoided girls" is a bit harsh, I have plenty of women friends and coworkers. Romantically though, yeah my development is a bit stunted. In all fairness, my cousins have done the exact same thing and got gfs who became wives via dating after they were done with school, so there's hope.

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What would Bentham think of me wanking to weirder and weirder pron 5x a day?

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>Read Your Brain on Porn
>First few chapters are nothing more than quotes from online posts saying not masturbating totes made them ask girls out and act like alpha males
It was a very disappointing read, does it pick up? I want to figure out how to make an app that makes porn addiction a real problem.

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Anything that could AI morph an irl grils face to a porn scene instantly

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why do you need books for something like this
just experiment
coom tons
then dont coom at all
vlog yourself, preferably after the process

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I sold porn for 15 years...
>Porn helped me become more nihilistic
>Porn helped me view people as objects
>Porn helped me detach from my conscience

Fuck you faggots come at me

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No, I dont assume it because of my feel feels. I assumed it because of the way you choose to word your sentence. I only used "pornhead" because I was tired of writing coomer. Sorry for trying to not use the same words over and over again.

I do believe you can get addicted to eating chocolate, even just eating in general. Eating junkfood and sweets releases dopamine and so on.

I believe that might be because you didnt stop being an addict. You just had a long pause and held out because of willpower. You hadn't actually quit and carried the monster with out. If you do periods of Nofap, you arent quiting. You are just not using until you can't take it anymore and use again.

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>Sold porn for 15 years
What? You sound pretty edgy

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Finding out the truth for yourself with a hands on in person heuristic is WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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Just think about it rationally. Do you seriously think sitting for hours jerking your cock looking at thousands of pictures that your television, video game, etc etc addled peabrain is going to conceive as your mates in this false reality you are creating for yourself is going to be healthy?

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no anon its the 5g nanoboots preparing for the rapture

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I made $5,000 in 1 day selling Gorilla Gras on Spermshack.com

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What the fuck is Gorilla Gras?

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Be honest, you spend more time aimlessly browsing this board than you ever do cooming

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Unironically this, this site has fucked up my sleeping more than porn ever has.

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this is true

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Just read the Coiled Serpent already. How often do I have to shill this fucking masterpiece here until you morons stop creating these pointless threads and just grab a goddamn book instead of your dick for once

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