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How do I manage my narcissism?

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Therapy desu

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I'm sort of unable to think of any specific questions or concerns. Should I just ask the simple question "How do I manage my narcissism?"

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I hate women so much it's unreal

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Yes. A good therapist should be able to ask you more specific questions to understand your case and help you improve.

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anime females

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Alright. But I also don't want to decrease the weight of my deep inferiority complex by implying that I have a superiority complex by bringing up my narcissism problem. I guess narcissism follows an inferiority complex, but I'm not sure. I don't ask very clear questions so I don't want to fog up my precious therapy time.

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Coincidence doesn't exist.

The narrative of you is just unfolding in waking life.

Synchronicity and the unconscious mind, stuff like that. Apply dream analysis to the external world and things begin to resemble something that makes sense.

Or you've admitted defeat and chosen nihilism. If so, good luck friend.

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just can't get them out of my mind. fpbp as they say.

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>I hate women so much it's unreal

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kek you know what you narcissistic bitch, i would love to humiliate you and bully you until you have trauma and aren't narcissistic anymore

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My hatred of women has settled into an interesting equilibrium of, on the one hand, hating them in the same way I hate a spoiled yappy bratty kid I don't want anything to do with, and on the other hand, never being able to block them out of my life because I still want to fuck them

Every time I see a woman with her ass hanging out of her shorts and I'm instinctively driven to look at her stupid buttcheeks I feel personal failure to resist the pathetic animal side of me, and deep annoyance that these red-assed baboons are allowed to run free as perpetual distractions despite contributing nothing to humanity in return

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Bois, I don't have it. I used to think I was a good writer. Did creative writing classes, got my MFA, was praised at every step along the way by professors. My most recent advisor said I had a good chance of winning Yale Younger Poets prize. But I just went through my first round of rejections and I already feel defeated. My writing isn't magic the way great writing is. I don't think I've ever spellbound anyone but myself. Haven't written a line in 3 months. I think this is it. My exit stage left, pursued by a bear.

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What are some etiquette rules a man should never forget?
I think it's always good to introduce people if you know them and they are meeting each other for the first time.. and not wait till they do it on their own.
Also good to do it in the right order.

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I had time this weekend to work on my writing but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It wasn't writers block, it was more like writer's shock; a stunned paralysis at the realization of how much I'd have to continue to put in to make it right and the fear that the time I expend pursuing it will amount to nothing.

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Always make eye contact and firmly shake a hand when meeting a business contact. Never show weakness. Never smile. Wash your penis.

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>he fell for the prose meme

Write something because it's important to say, not so some Jewish "critics" in New York will masturbate over it in one of their little rags that is secretly funded by certain government agency.

I hate that I have to put scare quotes around critic, formerly the noblest erudite profession in existence. May all New Yorkers since the 1920s burn in hell for eternity.

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I had my heart broken by one recently. Sad story. Didn't get the ending I deserved.

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did ya even read my post kid? I write verse not prose

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>Never show weakness.
In a business meating.. ok
>Never smile.
>Wash your penis.

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No I was trying to simulate every other human on the face of the earth for the rest of your writing career by not reading your writing, so as not to give you false hope.

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>Never smile
If you wish to seem like an effete soiboy go ahead.

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weak clapback for a saveface move. don't talk to me again you're clearly still undergrad

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Life has been quite shitty, anons.

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so what is the scenario if I am wrong. the thing is that there are really two issues, one that is surmountable and one that is really hard to oversee. It was the former that made me act but now it has created a chance to do something about the latter. She should be fine. There are two scenarios for her being upset: 1. she thinks I'm in a dangerous mental health crisis (not so and by far the most likely of the two); 2. she doubts that I love her, she's having some abandonment-issue reaction. Either of these could put her under quite severe stress.

What is the value of moving forward as I have been going? I acted the way that I did because I couldn't think of any productive way of expressing myself, and I could think of a number of unproductive ways and I suspected I could end up going with one of these unproductive ways. It was really just one thing, it didn't have to establish a pattern over time. I can't tell her that everything is alright or gonna be alright, I thought about it but I can't. Most likely I won't be able to talk to her for a while because I don't want to have to pretend things are ok anymore. I want to get peace and quiet to figure out where I'm really at. That should be ok, I told her multiple times that I'm ok, she should be able to live with what is happening right now. What if she's not though.

And what if I am trying to make her hurt? If I am I think it's because I can't communicate any other way. We have a dysfunctional relationship, there's no doubt about that. If I am it is in order that she can live closer to reality, so that we can have a more genuine relationship. This is almost certainly not productive if it is what is happening, not in itself at least but it at the very least would be a development.

I do not want to talk to him.

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You write like a Twitter queer. Can't imagine how it is you failed in everything you ever attempted.

You could respond with documentary proof that I'm a gay retard and it still wouldn't top getting an MFA. That's just shameful, man.

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smiling sometimes in appropriate situations, which is natural human behavior, makes you an "effeminate soiboy"? the shit i read on this site, it's unreal. do you realise you are literally autistic and will never be able to survive in a social environment?

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anon is an archetype INTJ. best to ignore him and move on.

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Don't think. Just hop the fuck in here and write something

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You should get out more and I mean it unironically for your own good.

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Just recall any stereotypical soiboy - he frowns rather than smiles, right?
Now try the stereotypical Chad. He might not smile in a gay way, but he certainly has at least a slight smile on his face at all times.

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Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child

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It struck him as cruel that dawn and dusk, similar in scene, could produce violently different emotions.

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dude it's hella hot rn

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What? Do I sound dishonest? I want advice.

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fuckin hell, I'm sure you know what I'm sayin

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well i am also an INTJ yet i do not think that smiling makes you a vulnerable effeminate gay little twink unless you already are one in the first place

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Remember to vote according to the paris agreement!!

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i unironically think elliot was cute, there is no reason for his lack of success with women other than his autism

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There' this part of the middle class in my spic country who clearly lives in a weird denial about USA.
They all consume American movies, love them, have Netflix, watch American shows mostly, listen to American music, have American cliches imprinted in their minds, a big part of their favourite artists are americans and still if you ask them if you were to ask them if they find USA interesting, they would say they don't.
That America sucks, that Americans are dumb etc.
It's such a weird denial, and I think it's all mostly because their latinamerican boom heroes hated the American government.

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twink material

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The butthurt face tells you he is weak. A Chad smiles.
These people are chads https://youtu.be/BS3HgiHPYcs, they are smiling

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It's scary when you realize that the real powers behind America in the 1950s knew this is how things were going to be, if they could just infect every country on earth with their culture, and force any country that tried to wall itself off to open itself up to American culture, "infrastructure" investments, and fundamentally start thinking of itself in terms of "higher GDP=better, no matter what."

They knew this is how they would conquer, and it worked. Another generation and people won't even remember they are a distinct country. They will get all of their thoughts direct from Los Angeles TV producers and internet shit soup culture controlled from Silicon Valley.

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The american empire will collapse within 2 generations

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I'm thinking about becoming a sheriff's deputy. I'd have to get in better shape (just in general I need to do this) and it's not really where I saw myself even wanting to go in my early 30s but maybe. There are quite a few benefits for me, and not necessarily the benefits of employment. I've actually been considering it slightly for a bit and it's a bit weird that today I see my neighbor just became one. A strange coincidence, honestly.

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You're thinking too small. They don't give a fuck about America either, America was just a convenient base. They are already relocating capital flows to somewhere else they can control easily. Read Carroll Quigley. It was never about states or countries. It's even less about them now that they've mostly all been undermined from within.

China is a paper tiger.

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lmao that track is my guilty pleasure

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You know what I mean when I say "american empire."

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It's really surreal how smartphones and internet accelerated the whole thing.
I grew up in the countryside of this country, 18 years ago teenage kids there wouldn't know what countries bounded our country, the name of the president, wouldn't be able to name a single famous celebrity since most of them didn't have tv.
But now?
You go there, to the exact same place, and you see kids discussing Kanye's west shoes and having a lot american trap in their playlist. It was all so fast.

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Fucking cringe to the nth degree

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No one particularly dislikes you, but they don't think of you either. You're the sort of guy people add as a friend, talk too for a bit, and then their attention wanders and never really comes back to you. Inoffensive in the truest sense. Easily forgotten.

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>You know what I mean when I say "american empire."

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Same but the whole extent of London rap.
On my defense, I listen to many different styles of music and this is more of a mood thing.
Go suck a dick

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>Same but the whole extent of London rap. On my defense, I listen to many different styles of music and this is more of a mood thing.
agreed and same. i like the british accent, the beats are better, and the vibe is completely different altogether. i like to listen to uk rap while i paint, kek.

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That's not true, anon.
There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who, without knowing your name or anything about you, hate you. Hate you in the truest sense, so many people want you dead in this moment, so many people would kill you with the slightest (or even without any kind of) provocation. Why? because of your nationality, your skin color, the things that believe and not, the things that you like and not, the things that you do and not. The moment you were born you had to share this planet with an army of enemies. A bunch of fucking randos who as soon as they see you think about the ways in which they can harm and exploit you, the ways in which they can profit from your torment. You are all alone and surrounded by bad guys.

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sad but so true

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And who are these people?

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It depends on who you are.

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This is not a means to help you.
This is not a courtesy or aid.
I am not doing this for you or your piece of dog shit family.
Fuck you and fuck your family
I have learned and I have grown to be the man I am today. You may call me a selfish evil bastard but I'll put on a big shit eating grin and nod with a bold aassurance. My soul feeds on the darkness of man like a monster craving the innocence of pure, untouched prey.
I have seen the cruelties and despair and suffering to break any lesser man.
I have experienced the soft, endearing, caress of rage and the stomach tightening pain of things that have come to past.
I may smile and offer niceties I may offer you help but it's only to gain your trust so I could learn how to hurt you in a way that would be traumatizing.
This is not a confession or contrition. This is a call out to the people like me out there in the world. I know I'm not alone and I know you visit here frequently.
You are the way of how things should be. You are the precursors of a future that will dawn a new elysian age in mankind's history.

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damn, same.

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I become too eager when meeting new people and scare them off.

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All of those damned silhouettes were smiling against a pink sky. All were guilty and each was innocent.

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Talk to me anytime you want but you probably won't wanna

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How did you feel when you found out the truth? How did you feel when everything finally fell in place? Because what I felt, at least at first, was an incredible dread, something that I had never felt before in my life: complete and utter despair, along with a new sensation of what could probably be described as "horror", and from that moment on my life was never the same again, no matter how hard I tried to keep it together, no matter how much I wanted to deny it, no matter how much I wanted to "just live". At one moment I'm having a normal day, and at the next something...just happens, if I had an ounce of poet inside of me I could probably describe it better, that horrid sensation of everything coming together and something else shattering irreparably forever.

What is my life now? what has my life been ever since? God, I'm absolutely miserable. There is not a single day I don't think about it, about what we are, it doesn't scare me anymore, but it fills me with an immense sadness. It's painful, everything is, I understand that pain and emptiness is all we ARE in the end, but we try to hide it, to sugarcoat it, well, I can't do much but surrender utterly to it, I'm tired of desperately looking for a light, there wont be relief for me, no hope. One day I'll simply cease to exist, but the moments right before that, among the pain and despair, this painful life, and all of its horrors, will feel like nothing more than a nightmare.

This "truth" I have with me, this understanding feels so dangerous, so evil even, that I just can't bring myself to share it with anyone I love, it feels like a cruelty. I see people living happily and peacefully on their illusions and I feel glad for them, I feel glad that they are ignorant of...of THIS, and when I see other people working so hard to shatter their illusions I can't help but wonder why, do they really understand what it feels like, to be stripped of every single hope? do they have their own illusions but believe them to be real? are they simply full of malice themselves? I grew up believing that the truth was the most important thing, that comfortable lies are worthless, we must research, I thought, we must question everything, we must tear down all the lies in this world. Where did it lead me? to an everlasting nightmare, was it worth it? I do not wish this on anyone. How could something so good, I thought, something that was supposed to lead us to the light, lead us to the darkest pit instead? But then I understood that this, this was the light, the brightest, most terrible light.

I condemned myself to live like this, for the rest of my days.

What is left for me?

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cooming just once a week is one of the better changes I made this year

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I am often genuinely shocked when people over 40 have opinions on art and entertainment. I know this sounds insane, is anyone else like this?

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I took the first dose of the vaccine and now I'm scared.

>> No.18542062

I've been socially isolated for too long. I cannot reintegrate. I can only imagine a long and lonely future of myself just wasting away slowly

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If you think you're narcissistic, you're likely not.

>> No.18542207

I think if I end up needing a job I’ll try to get one at those local gardens. Or maybe I’ll join the military.

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I somehow ended up going on a tangent on Tartarus and how Uriel watches over the 200 fallen angels to Persephone eating a pomegranate and getting stuck in the underworld.
It put me on page 107, and now I feel like I absolutely, must flesh out that scaffold of a thought.
Every step through the valley of death freezes the shadows in my wake, but through the fire and flames illuminating the ever creeping night I carry on.

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In my dream last night there was a mini fridge full of lime Fanta.
I've never seen or had lime Fanta in my life so naturally I was intrigued.
But as soon as I took a sip of the Fanta all I could taste was orange.
Confused, I look down at the can and it changes into a standard orange Fanta, seamlessly, like a chameleon changing colors.
It is also important to note that all the Fantas in the fridge were still lime.
Despite this trickery I remain completely unbothered and continue enjoying the now orange Fanta.

I have been thinking about this all day. If anyone has any interpretations I would be delighted to hear them.

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What do I want? I want to stop working and just write stories. The problem? I don’t think I’m any good at story telling. The truth is, im 28 years old. Im probably who I am and always will be already. But the me I am and the me I want to be are so far apart that they might as well be different people. It seems unattainable doesn’t it. There’s too many changes that need to take place. I can’t actually do what I want to do you see so it’s a moot question. Why would you bother asking me. I have simply given up and to be forced to think of such a question brings me pain.

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travel the worldand looking down on a pushing on and bible black swear to god cosmic boxer look at those cavemen go its yellow its yellow its brown its tetris block keychain i get thoughts about you im on a highway to stupid album journalism or sensationalism the moribund music of the 70s social a sodoku my age is obscure should have called up the scholomance each separately convinced they're sketching with da vinci's hands nothings gonna change my suny buffalo fading down a sinkhole to a sussurus william henry harrison is underground should have never gone to college for an artist to fill a black hole with mortar prim brushes paint buckets

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The fucking Savannah Brown thread and the god damn Waldun thread. As if literature wasn't mocked enough, as if it's grave hadn't yet been totally desecrated, we have these budding shitblooms heralding a simulation like none other. The writer now livecasts themselves, writes in parallel to a cultivated community of sycophants. Their following, a herd content with blind support and consuming shallow ilk, gets all the benefits of calling themselves Very Refined Consumers, since the artistic endeavor (if it can be so called) is contained in a baby play-pen of NO CRITICISM ALLOWED. If one critiques, they are met with the invincible modern defense of "let people enjoy things!!!" All the while, weekly or daily uploads are shit into their hungry mouths because ultimately, they watch to pretend that they are like them, or at least involved in an artistic process by proxy.

God forbid someone tell a pretty girl her writing is shit. Savannah Brown is still young and pretty and hip and fashionable enough that any wrong words bring the ire of her idolators. Of course, to say that Waldun is shit is acceptable, since he is a young man, though barely so. But who would stand and say this whole trajectory is disgusting, and that it's fruits have proved rotten time and time again? I mean, these fucks only exist in a padded echo chamber, why should anyone care? And it is exactly that resignation that puts a straight jacket on any person who asks for basic literary standards.

>> No.18543505

>my deep inferiority complex by implying that I have a superiority complex by bringing up my narcissism
Narcissism involves deep inferiority masked by displays of superiority. Narcissists don't go into a homicidal rage when someone bests them because they're deeply secure people. They do it because they're painfully aware of their inferiority and constantly seek reassurance they're not as broken as they are.

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Yes but on the same hand, people like you equally shit on anyone self-expressing that doesn't somehow impress your faggot ass in the first 10 seconds you hear about a book you stupid mother fucker.

>> No.18543519

Funny, from my point of view, people like you are boring NPCs who have never driven a fast car, never taken any risks, never fucked a ton of hot chicks, never lived in cool places, never self-expressed... people like you are fucking filler. NPCs.
I bet you wear the mask like a faggot.

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job hunt is tiresome.

>> No.18543592

>literature wasn't mocked enough
It should be mocked even more, so the pseuds can stop harping about it.

>> No.18543637

>assumptions and hope
>fast cars are risk
Talk to me when you've done the TT, milquetoast tourist.

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I don't know who I am. Or what I want. Or what I'm doing.

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same and im almost 30.

>> No.18543654

I was driving my car and some fucker bumped his car into me. I looked over to see who was driving and it was some old fuck. There should be an upper age limit till how old you can drive.

>> No.18543660

It was me, anon. Sorry, I was reading Gravity's Rainbow and bumped into a car. I honestly should pay more attention, but I couldn't help it.

>> No.18543677

Have you guys tried to live? How much savings?
>I found myself by blowing all my money, 43 now and actually pretty damn happy. About to release 2nd book, feeling stoked!
If you're lost and unhappy, you need BIG change to upset the stillness of your life.

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In a 1976 study anthropologist Jane M. Murphy, then at Harvard University, found that an isolated group of Yupik-speaking Inuits near the Bering Strait had a term (kunlangeta) they used to describe “a man who … repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and … takes sexual advantage of many women—someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment.” When Murphy asked an Inuit what the group would typically do with a kunlangeta, he replied, “Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking.”

>> No.18543686

I'm disappointed not angry. Not like my anger can fix the dent.

>> No.18543690

I am 30. 31 in two months.

Sounds really normie

>> No.18543708

0 savings as im a neet.

>> No.18543718

I want to move countries but can't with the pandemic.

>> No.18543720

My life is soooo far from a normie, it was extremely enlightening. Perhaps why you are suffering is because you have never let yourself adventure in life.

>> No.18543727

I don't know how young men aren't attacking life for cash and fun like I was in my early 20's... I had porn galleries running on afterworkfreeporn.com (still own it) and was making 10k a month by 22 years old.

>> No.18543730

In Wyndham's Midwich Cuckoos, the book the movie Village of the Damned is based on, the Eskimos are one of the first to kill the alien children. They did the same as any children where the father wouldn't come forward, and left the baby outside in the snow where it couldn't be heard. The developed nations were the only ones where they left the children grow old enough to become a threat.

>> No.18543732

Wtf Clayton writes books?

>> No.18543733

Not everyone was Right Place Right Time. Affiliate marketing was really unique and low barrier to entry. The only thing close now days would be crypto.

>> No.18543744

I'm cringe

>> No.18543756

I kept it going for 15 years; until I had my kid and my conscience became too loud in my head.

>> No.18543763

My point is, it's not so easy now days, you're old now remember.

>> No.18543769

Just buy property, bootstraps, etc

>> No.18543770

Hi cringe

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Talk about low hanging fruit.

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And if you really did keep it running profitably for 15 years, you got stupid lucky on SEO. The equivalent of winning the lottery.

>> No.18543776


That landing page used to make like 1k/month, it was insane.

>> No.18543780

I had an xvideos account "sicklove" that used to make BANK!

After my kid... I just sort of walked away from the business. I wanted to write again. Making money doing something that I don't like was unacceptable in my life.

>> No.18543783

Just don't be surprised if the cash doesn't come so easy this time.

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You know remember Google Panda
I do because it was the moment I became poor again.

>> No.18543791

haha yes

>> No.18543792

Filtered pajeet

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>Why people are the way they are and not something completely else?

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I drove seniors around and fixed pallets for $5 an hour in the hot 2018 summer sun...
Money has nothing to do with happiness if your actions align with your values.
>So many rich faggots who are miserable, on hard drugs, need therapy, their shrink, so many things to stay happy
I write, lift, smoke a doob, make a tasty dinner, shitpost a bit... life is good because I'm creating, I'm living.
>I can handle fucking anything now, I'm unbreakable

>> No.18543891

Question now is, who will come forward for these anonymous children?

>> No.18543894

Tom Paulin or Geoffrey Hill?

>> No.18543895

Why do suicide hotlines fucking suck so bad? They just try to empathize with your position, but don't even do a good job of it.

I want to be independent and move out of the 'rents' but finding a job with my schizophrenia is more than annoying because I had gaps in my job history when I attended university. I have my undergraduate and honours, whilst currently going to postgraduate studies, but it's so fucking boring and I chose a shit major (literature).

I do like poetry to die down my burning hatred inside, but I'm not sure if that's a healthy coping mechanism because there's only so few poets who hit the right note.

I know you guys like to joke about taking meds and whatnot but they really fuck you up and I got a bunch of bad side effects from them. Be grateful you are at least neurotypical.

>> No.18543934

I fucking hate historical fiction
I swear, if anyone recommends me another fucking book set in, about, or mentions the fucking holocaust, I'm going to make it look like a fucking joke

>> No.18543939

is religion the epitome of human hubris

>> No.18543942

>Tom Paulin or Geoffrey Hill?
No idea who those faggots are, sorry

>> No.18544032

Time really moves slow when you do things out of your usual routine.

>> No.18544125

"Buckets" is such a nice word to end a sentence with.

>> No.18544129


>> No.18544164

He was a manlet though

>> No.18544168

Same. I can't even do basic small talk anymore. Once you have been socially isolated for a while it's over

>> No.18544176

What do they say if you ring one of those lines? I mean realistically there isn't a lot they can do

>> No.18544196

huuuUUUuUuUngry :[

>> No.18544208

Can never decide what to eat so end up eating nothing. Give me your simple meal ideas /lit/

>> No.18544273

seared chicken breast with boiled broccoli stirfried with garlic

>> No.18544287

that's exactly what can cause narcissism as a defensive behavior

>> No.18544302

what the fuck are you talking about? did you just let some guy dent your car and get away with it?

>> No.18544327

well just so you know anon, i empathise with you to the best of my capacity
my best friend was schizophrenic, my second best friend is schizophrenic too, currently in a terrible life situation because of that... i'm autistic not psychotic but i know psychosis very closely because of how my life turned out and somehow many people around me, other from my best friends even, have always been psychotic. it's probably because our brains are fucked up in different but similar ways and we get along. hell even my fave historical figure is schizophrenic kek. it's really a bitch ass illness, i know from first-hand experience, so i'm mentally sending you support. we can talk about it itt if you want just don't harm yourself brother

>> No.18544330

*other than

>> No.18544535

Thanks bro. I had time alone and resisted the urge to throw a hair dryer in the bath tub and jump in. It was a surreal experience letting the helpline worker know I did not plan to die tonight and instead watch TV. BTW, I think autism used to be lumped in with schizophrenia, so I don't think it's a stretch to say we present similarly. I had a good DnM with my sister who went through the same child abuse as me, but they're not as fucked up as I am. May you please tell me about your day? I'm thinking I need to connect to these anons across the internet aether but it's hard to do so when I know little about you. Did Autism spectrum disorder hinder your prospects? I do tend to love systematic hobbies like tabletop or videogaming but I'm not sure if I'm on the spectrum. I do certainly get those autistic fits of rage and lack of empathy though, but that's quite schizo. I know the world likes to hate on your kind, unjustly, and I think you're worth more than the meme of autism.

They just say: "I understand you."
Why don't they instead talk about the science of self preservation as a biological drive and why it might be perverted in metal illness or bad genetics/circumstances? That seems a bit more consolatory to me. But, when I think about it, I am determinist.

>> No.18544682

When they ask about your job history, just say you were in school. That's a perfectly acceptable answer

>> No.18544686

lol I think this bitch developed a crush on me, and now is leaving me on read because of weird bitchlogic. I get the feeling I'm meant to be like
>OMG are you okay? are you dead?
>I really really hope to see your response soon also coffee and a date pls?
or maybe
>Sorry I was so rude as to not worship at your feet

But it's a form text and everyone else is just like
>Thanks message received!
because they're fucking normal people who aren't playing 4d bitchlogic chess with themselves. If the dumb bitch talked to anyone else or mooned over what anyone other than me says, this dumb bitch would know everyone gets those texts. Protip to any dumb bitches reading this: if you leave me on read, you can't expect me to check if you're dead or okay. You're obviously fine and have access to emergency numbers if you're not.

>> No.18544699

What happens when we die?

>> No.18544710

The absence of anything, which is really profound to think about. I suggest you look at Socrates' dialogues on the transmigration of the soul (metempsychosis), but ultimately I think death is indescribable.

>> No.18544731

So basically we have to cling to this life even if it sucks because it’s the only one we get.

>> No.18544756

or don't
it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things

>> No.18544771

You can cling to this life but I don't think you can disagree with arguments with the afterlife without falling into some pitfalls. Have a look if you have the mental fortitude, but I don't. I would never bother because I'd rather die painlessly and forever.

>> No.18544819

hahahaha faggot you are seething so hard because someone left you on read. you have mental problems.

>> No.18544821

The same what happened before birth

>> No.18544828

So basically I have the choice of clinging to an otherwise meaningless life despite suffering because it’s meaningless, or not because it’s meaningless.

And somehow I’m not supposed to be depressed.

>> No.18544846

God, that fucking Canadian schizo is going to colonise this whole board. I'm taking a break from this shit, I think this is a sign from the universe that I've gotta dip outta tha Chans for a bit.
Also: my dog is humping the couch in frustration and it is more relatable than I am happy about.

>> No.18544875

it's not meaningless or meaningful
it just is
it's up to you to decide whether to experience this world
to bear witness to this moment of reality

>> No.18544877

>tell anon about the crazy person
>anon assumes the crazy is you
Retard, I'm not sending the psychobitch personal messages for the fun of it. She's hoping I have to make further contact, when I can take a screenshot of the message being on read, and my boss will be happy with that because she's a psychotic bitch to everyone. Stop white knighting random dumb bitches with bunny boiler energy.

>> No.18544878

>it just is
That means it’s meaningless.

>> No.18544879

that's your human hubris speaking, anon

>> No.18544882

>it's up to you to decide whether to experience this world
>to bear witness to this moment of reality
Why would I do that? I’m profoundly disappointed by life. For what reason should I cling to heading to the office every morning rather than laying in front of the train if it’s all the same in the end. This moment in reality isn’t even enjoyable sensually.

>> No.18544887

Follow with your own logic. You said it just is. It doesn’t exist for any particular reason. It just exists. That means it’s meaningless. Hubris has nothing to do with it.

>> No.18544895

I wanted to tell you something
but then I realized that I'd be dedicating my time to someone who doesn't appreciate it, so guess this is it between us

>> No.18544899
File: 75 KB, 625x612, 1619118847753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>applying for writing job
>"who or what are your writing inspirations?"
>200 word limit
Am I supposed to just list them all or just a couple and go into a bit more detail about why?

>> No.18544925

You're the writer, dood.

>> No.18545065

I don’t know what makes you believe I’m not appreciative or insincere but I’m not going to beg for you tell me something if that’s what you want.

>> No.18545072

You’re supposed to identify someone who does that writing job and explain how you’re like them, or you’re supposed to ignore the Who part and go on and on about how badly you want this job and why you’re the perfect fit.

>> No.18545112
File: 7 KB, 275x183, download-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes when I get an uncontrolled erection in public I think about the tourette's guy saying :
>"Calm down... Calm down... Don't get a big DICK"
And it works great.

>> No.18545122

I fucking hate tiles
or just ceramic stuff
the idea of any part of my body being coming into contact with wet ceramic tiles disgusts me and my whole body cringe and kind of jolt away from the ground

>> No.18545171


>> No.18545234

I'm too fucking retarded to understand japanese grammar.

>> No.18545299


>> No.18545302

this is what you do
you get frozen blueberries and frozen, chopped up mango and then you eat it with milk

20/10 experience, like icecream but better and healthier

>> No.18545312

Había enterrado el trauma en lo mas hondo de su hipocampo, como quien encierra un secreto en su sótano, un secreto pútrido y horrible al que hay que encadenar y candar para que no salga a la superficie. Uno hace su vida intentando no parar atención a las puertas de su sótano, incluso logra olvidarlas durante unas horas o días en los mejores momentos. Pero esto no dura, sabe que un día las cadenas cederán y la puerta del sótano comenzará a crujir bajo los golpes y topetazos, y que ese día todo estará perdido. Así que uno comienza a acampar noche y día delante del sótano, temiendo cada minuto. De golpe, uno ya no puede perder de vista las puertas por si el prisionero despierta, vive solamente para guardar su secreto. No se da cuenta de que el guardián es ya tan prisionero como si él mismo estuviese atado en el sótano.

>> No.18545320

same structure as ancient chinese

>> No.18545323

it cools my brain

>> No.18545406
File: 164 KB, 1250x1900, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently took a week-long break from the internet and all of my electronics; no laptop, no smartphone, no TV, etc., just me in my basement with my e-reader. I started getting up early in the mornings and drinking coffee and enjoying the sunset, I read more in that week than I've ever read at once before (three goodsized non-fiction books finished in a week!) and I felt better than I ever have. I realized three things during that week: First, that there is no such thing as free-time, and we are capable of achieving so much more than we give ourselves credit for; second: it's easy to overlook just how much time is wasted on the internet consooming pointless media, and third: I personally discovered a newfound love for literature and reading in general, and being elitist about what kind of books I choose to read does me more harm than good. I'm really being more conscious and selective of how I spend my time on the internet, which means I will be spending a lot less time here too. It's funny how, when I went a day without coming here I felt like I missed a ton, but after a week of self-exile, I feel like I haven't missed anything at all; I actually found myself a little disappointed that absolutely nothing had changed/happened.

One of the books I read was pic rel, which is basically a guide to classically self-educating yourself. It talks about the Trivium and classical methods of learning and reading, very useful stuff; one of the things it said was essential was to have a friend who can read along with you, someone you can deeply discuss the books you're reading with, and someone to whom you can compare your notes. I have no friends and nobody who would be interested in doing that with me in real life, and I was thinking about asking if somebody wanted to join me here, but I realize that most of the books on her reading list (the list i'm interested in is her Novels section, and it goes in chronological order, starting with Don Quixote and ending with The Road) have either already been read by anybody who's serious about reading, or won't be of interest to most people. I highly recommend the book either way, and I hope you guys have a good day

>> No.18545414

Or you just get lassi...

>> No.18545415

Watch cure dolly videos. They look and sound weird but finally made me understand a lot of shit.

>> No.18545425

Niggerjew :/

>> No.18545429

Watch her organic Japanese playlist from the first episode.

>> No.18545444

>long break from the internet and all of my electronics;
> just me in my basement with my e-reader.

>> No.18545483

What to do to overcome paralyzing fear

So what I have learned to do, that I want to remind you (and myself) of and encourage us all to practice more often, is this:

First, acknowledge fear – don’t ignore it: Tell yourself that you know you are feeling scared and that the fear is real. Be mindful and in the moment and feel all the physical sensations.

Pause, breathe, and try to slow down: Before you begin with messages to propel you to action, take a few moments to slow down your breathing and try to calm your nerves. Take deep breaths and tone down pressure. Give yourself a moment to regain your control.

Talk to yourself with two voices:

with a stern, confident, and authoritative tone: You must become your own drill sergeant in your own head and use that voice to gives yourself that proverbial kick in the pants; and

with a caring, loving, and positive tone: You must also become your own cheerleader. You need to practice using that voice that gives you positive reinforcement and tells you “you can do it, you can do it, RAH RAH RAH!”. Tell yourself that you’re good enough, strong enough, smart enough, and courageous enough (yes, almost like Stuart Smalley!).

And you have to use these voices at the same time to say to yourself: “Yes, you can. Yes, you must. Yes, you will!"

(This sounds so ‘cheesy’ – just writing this makes me cringe. But let me tell you: it works!)

Gain perspective: try to step outside of the moment and the tunnel vision that fear can cause, and take in the full situation. For example:

Other people have successfully done this, so why not me?

You have probably done something similar or used similar skills in a different situation (like me on that rock – I didn’t fall going up it, why would I fall coming down?), so why not this time?

What’s the worst that can happen? Sometimes we catastrophize the negative consequences and thinking about them carefully can help us see they’re not that bad

List the alternatives (if you have the time) to regain the big picture and think clearly about options, instead of allowing the momentary fear to color your decision-making

Think about impact on others (how does my decision benefit other people that I care about?)

“What would ____________ do?” Sometimes thinking through someone else’s lens helps us see things in a new light. Is there a courageous person (living or dead; real or fictional) that could ‘teach’ you what to do if you invoked them in this

>> No.18545495

I gave up the internet for Lent and went through a similar process. I'm finding it a little more difficult to fully detach myself from it all but I'm a lot closer to doing so than I was a few months back. It's clear to me now the extent to which using the internet and specifically this place is just a coping mechanism for my own social insecurity and a means of feeling busy without being productive. My nervous system has been rattled by the constant drive towards stimulation to the point where reading became incredibly difficult for me. I'm improving. It's so freeing to remove yourself from the torrent of noise and bullshit. There's no better feeling than one of your terminally online friends attempting to explain some retarded meme to you and you not having a clue what they're talking about or caring.

>> No.18545503

I cannot make big decisions. I always did what others wanted me to do or took inspiration from others. I just dont know as theres no inner voice.

>> No.18545806

self aware npc?

>> No.18545807

There's a cute emo mexican girl who works the drive thru to my local burger place. The place isn't really good and it's overpriced, as well as extremely unhealthy, but I keep going just to see her. She included a free soda in my meal last night. I think i'm in love

>> No.18545874
File: 171 KB, 768x960, 1604829851924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>login back to instagram after 3 months
>immediately want to delete my account again
The best way I can describe this feeling is like seeing that one acquaintance you wanted to avoid across the room when you enter a restaurant but it's too late to back away because you've caught each other at the same moment.

>> No.18545879

The internet is a psyop to radicalize youth.

>> No.18545882

I'm gonna kill myself
I'm not but I keep thinking these words, even saying them out loud several times a day. just one of those times I guess.

>> No.18545895

Honestly I never got the point of instagram, I made one but never look at it because it's boring

>> No.18545918

>Commodification is radicalisation

>> No.18545924

anyone who calls people npcs is an npc

>> No.18545929

Did you do it out of fear, out of wanting to look cool or just apathy?

>> No.18545970

I don't know if you bother socializing with girls or a lot of people but they tend to use it more so than anything. Especially for messaging even. But yeah, it does get boring but more so, it gets incredibly vapid. You get almost nothing out of it besides getting a hit on your ego or your ego boosted.

>> No.18545978

i just watched the joker (2019). i liked it. first superhero related movie i ever watched.

>> No.18546036

Yeah I have some friends who use it. But for the most part I just find looking at other people's photos boring, even if they're doing something cool

>> No.18546044

It's the commodification of radicalization.

>> No.18546060

I guess the closest thing would be fear of making mistake, getting disappointed and not having meaningful connection with myself. For example, i need to choose a profession or atleast a field where i'd to work but my heart doesnt lean in any direction.

>> No.18546062

I can't stop thinking about solipsism. I know it's a completely illogical philosophy -or at least I want to think so- that has already been refuted by Wittgenstein. However, doubt is engulfing me and I am experiencing an axiety I hadn't in years. I can't stop thinking about the idea that perhaps there is nothing real outside my mind.
This has happened to me before tho, the same kind of obssesive behavior that leads me to extreme anxiety. The last time, I thought I wasn't real.

>> No.18546103

I think about joining the military some times. There’s nothing honorable or pretty about it but at least there’s a chance I could see combat or at least get some discipline and direction.

>> No.18546123

>perhaps there is nothing real outside my mind
yes there is bitch

>> No.18546560

She says she's been depressed and that it makes her pull away and lose touch with people, and that I shouldn't take it personally.

>> No.18546618
File: 44 KB, 564x507, 3609E6B4-BCF9-48E1-BE6D-09A70688B90C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18546672

I sort of sympathize. I often get into a shitty mood and self isolate, but I know it's entirely myself and not others causing it. But then again, I'm a man and she's a woman. I dont know if she just has some femoid pathology that doesn't correspond to mine.
In any case, give her space. If she's being cunty and isn't interested in you, then pursuing her will only seem beta and desperate. If she has a genuine tendency to self isolate then it's on her to come back to you. Bothering her at that time won't help

>> No.18546703

Live your own life dude. Women are not worth the brainpower to worry about. They will drift to whoever is the strongest and wealthiest. Don't even let her come into your mind.

>> No.18546773

Heroism is the only thing I’m really concerned about.

>> No.18546782

I will either feel relieved or horrible by the end of today

>> No.18546800

Posting in case someone finds this helpful.

>> No.18546810
File: 251 KB, 500x579, image_2021-06-28_195950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They sealed your steel sarcophagus;
they made no plans to bring you home.
(Perhaps they thought you Anubis.)
They sealed your steel sarcophagus
and let you burn—like Sirius,
the other dogstar in the dome.
They sealed your steel sarcophagus.
They made no plans to bring you home.

>> No.18546864
File: 331 KB, 539x864, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how fucking pretentious and retarded post modernism is

>> No.18546886

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark,
For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

>> No.18547171

Man this new schizo shill and his "you never fucked hot girls, never had fancy cars" shtick is fucking hilarious. He seems to be in every fucking thread.

>> No.18547192

If this post-breakup dry spell lasts as long as the last one I'll literally go insane. I need da poon.

>> No.18547235

The best part is that most of the people here will never drive a fast gas-powered car, most people here will never have sex with more than a few women and they will probably be fat, most of the guys here will never live anywhere interesting or self-express in any way. Most people here are trapped in complete mediocrity for one reason or another. Many factors at work preventing the modern male from being adventurous, daring to dream in 2021.

>> No.18547262

I'm looking forward to the male populations mass apathy leading to the breakdown of society. In a way it feels good to listen to boomers bitch and moan about guys my age not contributing. Like, yeah we aren't going to give anything to your gay little society and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.18547268
File: 22 KB, 400x300, 1592530197700.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18547273
File: 772 KB, 720x1566, 29f58b81a347e2588454526fe544ebae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18547277
File: 614 KB, 720x914, me at the top, anon at the bottom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18547307

I'm over 18. All the empirical data is showing that the upcoming generation of males is "dropping out" of society. We're imploding. The vanity of the boomer and empowered female prevents them from seeing this.
My experience in this society has been completely negative and I'm happy to see it fail.

>> No.18547352

what is it? vast majority of people won't click on every random link that's posted with no explanation

>> No.18547356

That's a YouTube link, hardly a risk

>> No.18547366

He probably means he wants a summary to see if it's worth his time.

>> No.18547367

just don't respond. is it that fucking difficult? that's all you have to do, literally just the one thing. just don't reply. I think all of you people who complain about this or that poster or tripfag and then keep giving them (you)s are retards

>> No.18547373

Bro... I'm on your side... it breaks my fucking heart to see how you people have been sold out. I'm so, so sorry.

>> No.18547389

no risk, just can't be arsed.
speaking of youtube, I feel like it's a pretty big deal that they now require EU residents to submit ID to access age-restricted videos, yet I don't see anyone talking about it.

>> No.18547398

The internet is going to be over soon I'm pretty sure. It was a brief period of historically completely anomalous freedom of information and discourse that is reverting back to normal standards.

>> No.18547413

i really just do not care for women

>> No.18547452

don't be an animal

>> No.18547474

no no, you have to stop talking out of your ass, see it's just a giant cope because in fact you are the only loser dropping out along with the few faggots on this forum. if half of the population in "the upcoming generation" was really dropping out of society as you say, it wouldn't be what it is right now

>> No.18547487

>it wouldn't be what it is right now
And what is that?

>> No.18547495
File: 1.80 MB, 2000x2000, LetterFromGod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's up, motherfuckers. I came here trying to look for some literate motherfuckers to come talk some shit. I know you've got the biggest egos on this website and you love to talk shit about words.

The reason I don't come here is because you faggots just pull your pants down and thwap your dicks on the cover of some book and say "this book! this book!" without ever bothering to summarize the arguments and points you think are relevant for people trying to engage with you who aren't faggots that read books.

You are all some of the most pretentious insufferable faggots because you substantiate your ego on "reading books", and not things like talking mad shit or making arguments. It's like you're all here to jack each other off with books, just crack the spine and start stroking each others dicks with the pages, whispering "you're so intelligent an well read", stroking the dudes cock until he cums. Pretty gay.

In the course of writing ~40,000 words over on /bant/ this week, I received 5 positive comments from people who could read what I write, understand it to some extent, then try to engage with me.


This means a lot, because most of the time on this website it feels like I'm waving a fucking long written argument in front of a dog and expecting some sort of meaningful response.

If you want to come talk some shit with an ornery schizo asshole, come get some on /PBG/ or /STG/ over on /bant/.

Do I read books. I've read a few in the past. I was never into books as kid, but I was an augur and generally just use magic/insight/whatever to deduce things from minimal amounts of information. Due to a long story of corruption and suffering at the hands of demons, I became a very cruel and bitter person. I began writing very scathing and aggressive criticisms, which over the years, due to a lack of audience in other places, have become both longer and more aggressive. I seek people out to criticize them, and generally criticize humanity as a whole.

The point is that my intense rage and anger spurred by the influence of demons which torment me allowed me to see the wisdom of Satan, in that aggressively persecuting people for their folly, ignorance, shortcomings, errors, and misdeeds is a very fulfilling and reasonable pursuit.

Clearly people hate me for this because nobody wants to be criticized, but I rely on the fact that people generally do enjoy listening to other people be criticized. Granted, the fact that I'm limited to written word means that the audience for my diatribes is incredibly small. This is why I'm coming here, trying to find some people willing to read short novel worth of shit posts and come talk some shit.

>Without being challenged, a man does not improve.

This is my intent right here, challenge me. This is a street fight, no "false logic claims", or gay excuses like that.

These are some quotes that some creepy "lit grad" enjoyed, so you might like them too. Pic is words.

>> No.18547509
File: 1.92 MB, 3399x4000, SatanAndJewsArticle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Shit didn't hotlink, but still. Pic is words. It's an literary expression my understanding of the comical misinterpretation of Biblical God that people claim to worship. Pic related is a little bit of history I wrote on the topic of Biblical God.

No, I don't get paid for this shit. I do it for entertainment.

>> No.18547513

yeah, it's circling the drain.
although the trend isn't good, I think the near future is ultimately still pretty unpredictable

>> No.18547518

Hey man you got an email address? I like your style, would also like to send you some of my writing if you'd give me a chance and read it.

/Lit/ needs more people like you!

>> No.18547520

cry more

>> No.18547559

>Sun-clear report to the larger audience on the very essence of the latest philosophy: an attempt to force readers to understand it

I miss this little nigga so much bros. It's Fichte

>> No.18547565

piece of shit college forcing me to learn about mundane shit. why would i care for the smallest detail which will always be automated. literal machine job, i cant remember all those numbers and short names

>> No.18547581
File: 371 KB, 1440x1440, HoganHardFacts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come shitpost in /pbg/ or /stg/ on /bant/ and I'll look at it. I don't fuck with email and that shit sounds like a plan to get mad viruses from the feds or something.

thinks I'm crying. Found the illiterate. Literally coming to this board to pretend to have the ability to read? That's fucking pathetic. Not even a real loser nerd, just a play-pretend loser nerd.

If you're going to pretend to be something, why choose to pretend to be an insufferable faggot who circle-jerks with books and thwaps their dick on the covers of books to "legitimize their ego"? Go pretend to be Hulk Hogan or somebody cool.

>> No.18547598

>cry more

8 character response to a 3000 character post. Literally bot-teir subhuman. Hit me with 3000 characters or go huff some spray paint, because clearly you're in the wrong motherfucking place.

>> No.18547600

well, as you can't see, half of the population isn't dropping out of the workforce, nor did half of the population stop consuming cultural products or engaging with culture altogether. nor did half of the population stop engaging with and participating in society on a large scale. therefore the male population, which is half of the population, isn't dropping out of society.

>> No.18547606

he wants us to effortpost on this sri lankan basket weaving forum full of faggots

>> No.18547664

>thinking it takes effort to write 3000 characters
>literally a joke of a person

>> No.18547672

go bitch and whine somewhere else retard

>> No.18547679

I won't. I'd just like some poon within months rather than years this time.

>> No.18547683

Sounds good, you have a forceful attitude. This place needs bigger personalities.

>> No.18547750

I didn't say the entirety of the male population would do any of those things. Be a little less obtuse anon.

>> No.18547763

Astrology is so intellectually cancerous. It's unnerving how so many people buy into it.

>> No.18547777

I don't know man, I've had some really spooky readings

>> No.18547778

you said, i quote : "the upcoming generation of males is dropping out of society". so, if you are implying an entire generation of men is dropping out of society, that would mean the near-entirety of the male population in a generation. the majority. not outliers. well, this is just not happening as of now. if it is not what you meant, learn to speak without exaggerating.

>> No.18547790

I wasn't exaggerating. You are just obtuse

>> No.18547797

I sweat too much and it's greatly diminishing my quality of life, especially groin sweat. Cycling into town when it's 20+C is sure to leave a big sweat stain on the back of my shorts. I think it's partly diet, on low-carb I was unable to discern via smell test which socks were clean and which I had wore previously, however I need carbs for gym gains. Might try better boxers or something, sports boxers were no improvement.

>> No.18547807
File: 41 KB, 544x499, 1588970542619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

born under the sign of quads

>> No.18547809
File: 231 KB, 4400x3400, IQTest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>sees me talking shit
>calls it "bitching and whining"
>projecting this hard

you sound like the type of faggot who reads books. Literally why reasonable people don't come to this fucking sub.

Look at this guy. This guy understands and respects legitimacy. He knows what quality attributes in a person are. This guy likely has a meaningful amount of physical interactions with other humans because he can understand which individuals have quality personalities and strength of character. Let's analyze what he wrote, in his short, yet meaningful statement.

>Sounds good

Here, he acknowledges that I have made him an offer, he respects me and what i have to offer, so he accepts it. Why does he do this? Why does he respect me rather than condemn me? Because he wants what I have, he wants confidence, strength, power, literacy, and supremacy above men. He sees me and he thinks "Wow, that person is clearly superior to the people on this website, perhaps there is a way I can attain some semblance of that legitimacy and strength"

>you have a forceful attitude.

He notices how starkly my vivid and palpable power bleeding through my text contrasts with the meek little boys typing with their flaccid-penis fingers on this website. The people, like yourself, who add nothing to the conversation but meaningless 128-character twitter phoneposts that cannot even compete with the quality of conversation provided by a bot.

He sees all of you, unwilling to write, uninspired, unwilling to fight, willing to do nothing but spew and markedly trite pathetic personal attacks rather than spend the time to dig as deep into the motherfucker as you can with hard hitting, accurate, and personalized shit talk.

He notices the virility in my words, my passion, my strength, indicating that I have a healthy and robust ego, that I have a considerable amount of will to live, and my written words in the familiar, colloquial, and urban style provide evidence that my education comes not from the books of some dead subhuman faggots who hid in the darkness with their thoughts, but from the reality of the streets, from the blood and thunder of the gods among men, the people who send the loser nerds into the darkness of their room to cry and hate themselves for their failures.

He knows this is who I am, because he has seen people like me before. He has interacted with these people and enjoyed these experiences, respected these people, because he sees self-improvement as a possibility. He wants to grow and attain power.

You condemn me because you doubt you will ever be able to wield the power, the passion, and the fury I do in my work. You offer this little niggle of shit talk and walk away as if your words had any meaning. Why? Because you don't have the will to fight, you don't enjoy fighting because you believe you will lose. You don't see yourself as a powerful man, you see yourself as a weak, defeated, and downtrodden soul coming here to find solace.

>> No.18547820


I didn't even get to the second sentence of this mans post. It took me 3000 characters to describe the context, meaning and depth of the single sentence "Sounds good, you have a forceful attitude.", and I still ran out of characters. That's the reality of this situation. It's not that writing 3000 characters is hard, it's that you don't have the will or passion to do it.

>> No.18547835

A child without friendship
A wise man without knowledge
A man without love
I am lost in the modern age

None will mourn me
None will remember me
None will know me
I am lost in the modern age

>> No.18547850

I awoke this morning to a loud ruckus. The quaint paleness of the afternoon fog looming just outside the window as I groggily arose from my bed to hear what was happening.

“You knew he was a faggot,” screamed a woman from the apartment room above me. I could surmise that she was both very obese, and very black from the tone of her voice. Sighing, I sauntered to the kitchen where I turned on the stove to prepare some herbal tea for myself, the stomping and hollering from the large black woman continuing from upstairs.

Minutes later, when the high pitched whistle of the pot containing the hot water for my tea signaled, I heard another shriek from upstairs.

“What the fuck is that motherfucking noise,” cried the woman. She must’ve heard me making tea. I sighed to myself again, cursing slavery. Not for the moral, cosmic horror of it, but for the fact that it had now subjected me to deal with the maddening yammering of this bassy-voiced black woman.

It had to have been a Monday.

>> No.18547854

please demonstrate how an entire generation of males is dropping out of society

>> No.18547878


>> No.18547898

Actual dogshit you cringy zoomer fuck

>> No.18547903

He is being an obtuse little faggot. Probably a woman. Don't waste your time at someone who just wants you to be the stand-in for a worldview they dislike so they can vent their impotent anger at it.

Kill yourself.

>> No.18547942

And lo and behold, the man was upon him like one of those black hearted mongrels you see these days, the kind that wonders around, collarless, looking for it's next meal. His teeth, bared and snarling, let forth bitter, vicious words, spittle flying forth from his mouth as he did so. The other man, now filled with fear, backed up - and yet doggedly, the first man continued, his rage ever growing. His finger, crooked cruel, began to jam at the chest of the second man, puncturing him like fangs through a wet paper bag. He began to deflate, it seemed, crawling up with his back to the wall, the desperation in his eyes transforming into pain as the words worked their way to his heart. A bitter and disgusting treatment for a heart that, although not perfect, deserved an altogether different judgement.

>> No.18547954

Help me anons ;-;

>> No.18547963

asking to provide credible justification for audacious statements such as "this entire generation is dropping out of society" does not equate to venting impotent anger. provide justification or leave.

>> No.18547974

Consider therapy. It's fine to get really into ideas but if this obsession with reality or yourself not being real is a recurring thing there might be something more wrong than you realize.

>> No.18547989

>anyone who disagrees with me is a woman

>> No.18548018
File: 99 KB, 600x468, 1623525995198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had irl /lit/ friends...

>> No.18548040

I live in a third world country. I have spent the last hours autistically researching and reflecting on all anti-solipsist arguments.
I think I better just stop thinking about it.

>> No.18548066

lol where do you people live where you don't have friends who read? what kind of shithole village?

>> No.18548075

I wish I can publish an actual novel. but I don't know where to start.

>> No.18548079

I live in a third world hispanic country, nobody reads here....

>> No.18548114

I live in Venezuela and I know how you feel anon. What are your favorite books?

>> No.18548124

Lol just google it. Young men dropping out of society is accepted by everyone as a phenomenon except for you. Twenty years ago the Japs had a government investigation into it, wrote up a 200 page document to describe the phenomenon and then implemented a task force to intervene. They were ahead of the curve of course.
All empirical data shows that young men are withdrawn from social, academic, and economic engagement at the highest levels they have ever been. Those numbers are only going up. I called you obtuse because you imposed a bunch of arbitrary qualifiers to dispute the claim
>100 percent of young men aren't literally living in caves, so therefore the phenomenon isn't real!
It's just annoying to deal with people with that kind of mindset.

>> No.18548133

What's the name of that nip document anon?

>> No.18548168

>It's just annoying to deal with people with that kind of mindset.
It's motivated reasoning anyway since they don't apply that level of scrutiny to other claims, don't bother with them.

>> No.18548182

>All empirical data shows that young men are withdrawn from social, academic, and economic engagement at the highest levels they have ever been.
Post it then.

>> No.18548184

"society" isn't homogenous and japan in particular doesn't exemplify the entirety of "society", so this proves nothing. let us define what we speak of first, instead of just throwing around buzzwords, so that we can agree on the meanings of terms. which "society" are we talking about? the society of mentally ill 4chan users? or which particular group of people in which particular country? i don't live in the usa by the way so i don't speak the language of us-centric retards who act like their piece of shit country is the entire world. specify your semantics, please. do provide the empirical data you refer to, and precisely mention the specific society it pertains to, then i will agree with you.

>> No.18548202

do you guys have a study proving that you're not gay niggers?

>> No.18548211

Why would I need one since I don't go around claiming to not be a gay nigger?

>> No.18548212

what a witty retort, looks like i got le ebin pwned.

>> No.18548217

do you have a study proving that you don't claim not to be a gay nigger?

>> No.18548221

please do not use buzzwords

>> No.18548229

It was hard to track down. I could only find one in gook. No translation. Research hikikomori. Thats what the japs call it.
Case in point. Needlessly obtuse and pedantic just to obfuscate. Note when I said Japan was ahead of the curve. Meaning American society is just catching up recently. We have newly developed clinical terms like "failure to launch syndrome" which are just the beginning in diagnosis similar to the japs hikikomori. Just fucking google it. The same phenomenon is happening in Europe and the anglosphere too so you can't say its american centric mindedness.

>> No.18548234

no no, you started it with gay niggers, i am only speaking in your vernacular so that we can understand one another.

>> No.18548242

>Case in point. Needlessly obtuse and pedantic just to obfuscate
Are you a schizo or ESL anon? Because that's just fucking common sense.

>> No.18548243

>you started it with gay niggers
do you have a peer-reviewed study to prove this? This claim is highly dubious

>> No.18548263

People with common sense knows what's meant by the term "society."
You're just nitpicking

>> No.18548280

>reeeeeee you don't get it, you just are being an obtuse dumbo! no i will not provide any evidence for my abstract claims, aside from random specifics which i will attach to no general sociological dynamics. uhhh, something something japan, there is also some new words about stuff, errr, yeah. america is like japan by the way, and europe is like america. you get me? everything is connected in the big society, because everything in the world is exactly the same. anyway, autists are not going out of their rooms, so an entire generation of males is dropping out of society. stop being obtuse and pedantic!
it's beautiful. like clockwork.

>> No.18548287

>it's beautiful
can you prove that with a study please?

>> No.18548299
File: 63 KB, 1080x645, a0ba6454847f44906f31a2800e53478e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you think you can just throw around the term "society" without specification, you do not belong on a literature and philosophy discussion board. i mean it.

>> No.18548301

>i mean it.
but can you prove it with a study?

>> No.18548308

The stupid greedy Jews at Microsoft have deactivated my Word access, so now my diary is on hold indefinitely.

>> No.18548317

>hehe I hab bigg pp

>oh no
>no one to see big pp

>well welll lets go for a progamer move
>hs crush here I'm .... coooming

>> No.18548323

Yes different countries in the developed world are experiencing similar phenomena, which is labeled, documented, and universally agreed to be occuring. I don't see why this is so difficult for you.

>> No.18548327

Not everything is a metaphor.

>> No.18548337

It was amusing the first time, now stop sperging.

>> No.18548339

im just asking for you to back your claims up with a basic amount of supporting evidence, this shouldn't be hard.

>> No.18548346

>which is labeled, documented, and universally agreed to be occuring.
Post it then.

>> No.18548349

I already did. Please keep up

>> No.18548350

Wtf apparently 74% of Americans are now people of girth? Mind boggling.

>> No.18548356

>similar phenomena labeled, documented, and universally agreed to be occuring
ah yes, the abstruse "phenomena" you are for some reason still unable to define in specific terms, labeled, documented, and universally agreed to be occurring by the voices in your head.

>> No.18548362

I've already given two specific terms to describe the phenomenon. Do you even read?

>> No.18548366

An untranslated article from 2003 about a localized culture you are desperately shitposting to get away from having to actually generalize?

>> No.18548368

>I already did.
lmao, you mean your justification to le entire generation of males dropping out of le society was that one retarded link you posted to an obscure untranslated site in japanese?

>> No.18548369

He literally already posted it. You guys CAN read Japanese can't you...? This a literature forum you know.

>> No.18548376

>I've already given two specific terms to describe the phenomenon.
oh, but yes! it was "failure to launch syndrome" and "「ひきこもり」対応ガイドライン(最終版)の作成・通知について". how could i miss it. everything is crystal clear now.

>> No.18548381

you're a fucking faggot dude

>> No.18548389
File: 27 KB, 480x360, hulkhogan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because he wants what I have, he wants confidence, strength, power, literacy, and supremacy above men.

>He notices how starkly my vivid and palpable power bleeding through my text contrasts with the meek little boys typing with their flaccid-penis fingers on this website. The people, like yourself, who add nothing to the conversation but meaningless 128-character twitter phoneposts that cannot even compete with the quality of conversation provided by a bot.

>He notices the virility in my words, my passion, my strength, indicating that I have a healthy and robust ego, that I have a considerable amount of will to live, and my written words in the familiar, colloquial, and urban style provide evidence that my education comes not from the books of some dead subhuman faggots who hid in the darkness with their thoughts, but from the reality of the streets, from the blood and thunder of the gods among men, the people who send the loser nerds into the darkness of their room to cry and hate themselves for their failures.

>You condemn me because you doubt you will ever be able to wield the power, the passion, and the fury I do in my work. You offer this little niggle of shit talk and walk away as if your words had any meaning. Why? Because you don't have the will to fight, you don't enjoy fighting because you believe you will lose. You don't see yourself as a powerful man, you see yourself as a weak, defeated, and downtrodden soul coming here to find solace.

Compared to...

>do you have a peer-reviewed study to prove this? This claim is highly dubious
>He is being an obtuse little faggot.
>go bitch and whine somewhere else retard
>please demonstrate how an entire generation of males is dropping out of society
Actual dogshit you cringy zoomer fuck

Can all of you really tolerate this "1 line of turning my nose up and being pretentious" bullshit? The phoneposting is ridiculous. How is any of this "enjoyable or meaningful dialogue"? It just seems like a bunch of asshats making shitty little sleights at each other rather than taking the time to produce anything of meaning.

Why do all of you have the written dialect of snide pretentious faggots pretending to be intelligent? Like Screech from Saved by the Bell?


That motherfucker was so disliked by the general public that there are very few youtube clips of the bastard to demonstrate how socially dysfunctional and annoying he was.


At least these motherfuckers try. Even if their writing isn't great, they're writing something. The rest of you are just making gay sleights at each other trying to stroke your delusions of "intellectual supremacy".

>"literature board"
>128 character twitter-nigger phoneposting

That's fucking tragic. It makes me glad that my literature is more influenced by A.C. Slater and Hulk Hogan than any of the schlomo books you faggots read

>> No.18548397

Thinking of ways to cope with the fact that I'll never be with a woman that loves me.

I am generally content with my life but I'm losing sleep over my inability to trust women and be myself around them.

>> No.18548401

awww look at that lil schiz even went to the second page of google to find articles from WSJ and Bloomberg to prove that irrelevant journos and bloggers are invested in the same fantasy he is.

>> No.18548410

The fact that you'll even deny that young men are dropping out of society in Japan is enough to prove that you're either totally ignorant about reality or are obfuscating. Sure the white paper is in japanese, but still serves as evidence that hikikimori is a problem enough for the jap government to get involved. That particular paper is referenced in almost every single article about hikikmori and even in plenty of American articles about the phenomenon occuring in America. You could have easily just googled the term hikikomori and recived plenty of english language articles on the subject even as they compare to the phenomenon in America. I then gave you the english language equivalent term which you again could have looked up, but didn't. Obviously you're refusing to engage. Obviously you're obfuscating. Look here >>18548401
Another obfuscation. Show me the data, but not like that. Honestly it's just pathetic.

>> No.18548418

i can picture you googling this with foam at your mouth, it is hilarious. i'll say three things. so, some of these aren't sociological studies, but articles and opinions. these don't count for obvious reasons. the links that do have statistical analysis in them refer to young american males dropping out of college. i don't see anything else. i conclude you should have specified that the "society" you were referring to - the society an entire generation of males is dropping out of en masse - is the society of "college in the USA". cheers!

>> No.18548423

please stop engaging with these people in good faith dude it just hurts to watch, clearly there is no interest in any kind of discussion

>> No.18548444

you are replying to two or a few different people. i haven't read the other anon's/anons' posts, but i personally have never denied that jap society has hikikomoris in it. my point is jap society doesn't reflect society elsewhere, so you are making a false correlation. and correlation is not causation. this specific japanese sociological phenomena has to do with japanese society specifically. it should be obvious to you. you cannot prove to me that what transpires in japan is intrinsically linked to what transpires or will transpire in other countries in the future.

>> No.18548452

the way you whiteknight him is endearing, keep it up

>> No.18548456
File: 61 KB, 960x720, 1624859699649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is sad to witness so many people on /Lit/ attacking each other in bad faith. So many angry people here who do not want to be constructive, instead, they simply want to shit on anyone they can.

Makes me wonder if the shills on /pol/ aren't just contained there...

>> No.18548460

Lel you are unbelievably unlikable

>> No.18548469

I certainly admire the skill many people here have to lead a person on. Wouldn't surpise me if some of them even agreed with me but are just being cunts for the lulz. Anyway, the reality is there and regardless of shitposting young men will become increasingly alienated from this society.
Well I didn't even mean for the conversation to get caught up about japan. In a lot of the articles i'm reading, American researches frequently compare whats happening here to whats happening in japan. One article was saying that many researchers no longer considered it to be a Japanese specific cultural pattern.
Regardless, I think the data is enough to show that something is happening to young men here, which is at least analogous to hikikomori.

>> No.18548471

always here to serve you

>> No.18548518

Hmmm yes young men dropping out of or not going to college has absolutely no ecomomic, social, or cultural relationships beyond itself

>> No.18548565

New thread

>> No.18548582

why are these people dropping out of college? economical, cultural, technological reasons? which demographic is it that's dropping out - white, black, hispanic, asian? are less people attending college than, say, forty years ago? are all of these people who are dropping out shutting themselves out of society completely? why are we making this analysis? which conclusion do we derive from it? by the way, i dropped out of college to pursue a freelance career, which would have been impossible thirty years ago, but it doesn't make me an autistic hikikomori japanese hoarder social reject who pisses in bottles.

>> No.18548593

It was dawn.

I was in my towels when the ninjas attacked.

>> No.18549303

>What is left for me?
The building of more effective and more constructive illusions.

>> No.18549891

cry more

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