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>Order used book in "almost new" condition
>Open up package
>It's previous library book with all the unsightly library book labels on it

I'm still thankful I got it for 5 dollars, but doesn't look great on a shelf

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>complain and get a refund
>get free book

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>buy book in "good condition"
>a chunk of the front cover is missing

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>he doesn’t like it when he gets library books
they’re SOUL

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>looking for a book for a few years
>like zero copies ever online, evidently pretty obscure
>one day former library copy comes up
>guess I gotta buy it y'knae
>get it; book is very interesting and insightful--why didn't this stay in print?
>check the front to see if the ledger card is still in it
>was only checked out two times, both in 1978
I hope that you know the feeling.

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It's pretty easy to unlibrary a library edition. I've purchased a few.

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>pull sticker off
>book cover sticky now

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>order a biography
>it's from 1941
>from a british library

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this. i always buy used books from the local library sale

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I once bought a used copy of the Iliad and there was an unidentified sticky substance between the pages.

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>buys budget books
>complains about the condition
>cares about what it looks like on a shelf


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>order used book
>it has a bunch of passages marked in highlighter
how fucking brainlet is the average student to even need to do this

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>order used book
>the first two chapters are heavily marked
>the rest of the pages are completely clean

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lel my copy of the Bell Jar has a "two birds with one stone" marked, but its the only annotation of the book lmao

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the previous owner was a genius and wanted you to recognize the trite cliché

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it was yours huh

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>no mention in description of it having writing
it was only a tiny bit/couple pages but it triggers my autism
it's pencil so at least that's better

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Always, always. I have still not found a book annotated all the way through.

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If you like it so much you marked it up from cover to cover why the fuck would you sell it

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If you had the choice between a paperback for $5 USD or the hardback for $7 which would you choose?
Assuming you didn't know whether it was cloth or paper bound or if it had a sewn binding or not

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>order a used book
>previous owner annotated the intro and the conclusion, but not the text itself
>the annotations are in illegible Russian cursive even though the book is in English

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I was reading a book about Japan in English and there were annotations in handwritten Japanese on one page but nowhere else. Very puzzling.

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What was the book?

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use a hairdryer, aim it at the sticker while you pull it off, dries up the residue and leaves no stickiness behind

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What is the condition listed for the hard? What is your level of interest in the book?

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>What is the condition listed for the hard?
Uh assume that they're listed as the same condition
>What is your level of interest in the book?
I want to read it

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>but doesn't look great on a shelf
Looks better than your frog shit posting does.

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If you dont care about keeping it i would just do the paper personally because I find them easier to read and you'll save a couple bucks if you're just gonna hit it and quit it. If you think you might want to keep it or give it to a friend after you're done, I might spend the extra couple bucks and go with the hard.

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Has happend to me a few times. Don't order used big books, the wear and tear of the weight of the book itself wrecks them.

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Do you think that books can change owners or find a new reader exclusively when the original owner decides that they don't want them anymore?

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Actual ink notations/underlining is an older man's game. I can't remember going back to a book I've heavily annotated as a student and not been embarrassed. I only highlighted things in printed articles, with a color-coded system so I could maintain cogent points on specific veins of argument in order to write a paper.

My uncle used to use very thin sheets of paper with referential notes that pointed to other sections of the book so he could write his own footnotes while he worked through something. With a non-paperback that isn't common, this seems like the best system I'm aware of.

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