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On other boards there are robust tools to help people that wish to get into writing at every step, i don't see the same here, or am i missing something.

i used to write alot until i was 14 then i spent the time from then to now taking in alot of information, mostly mythology, especially western classical, i wish to get back into creative writing but can find no help.

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There is a writing general but the writing culture has mostly died here.

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don't fucking tell me that, it's so depressing.
how will i know if im actually improving?

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/lit/ has never been good for critiques, only keeping you humble. The writing games and culture was great, the games are likely gone but some aspects of the culture can not be removed. Every thread on the board is a chance to practice your craft, create a new character and identity for every post and be creative while being on topic, just avoid feeding the trolls or even trolling, stay true to your purpose of becoming a better writer. Writers should use /lit/ as a playground, not somewhere to shitpost and waste time.

For judging your improvement, only honest reflection can do that.

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And that's because giving a critique takes actual work and a lot of the people on /lit/ don't want to put in that kind of work.

I wish I knew how to get good critique though. Reddit has more places to get critique, but their tastes are very normie, and I feel as though they'll give approval for bad habits.

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Even when we were all for hard work we were terrible at critiques. Best you got was anons rewriting your work to shame you, which was helpful but not as helpful as a good critique.

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Is it common for people to own coyotes in America? I've met a lot of people who own dingos.

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This board is extremely harsh on anyone who shares their work, it discourages authors and writers from posting.

Then you end up with incel cope posts lasting for 300+ posts and 3+ days as your top thread.

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Not really, Dingos are more domesticated thanks to the abos. I think it's based how independent coyotes are anyway. Rabbits have been coming en masse into our cities in the last few decades and the coyotes are starting to follow them in no fucks given

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>writing general
Full of delusional faggots who think they're going to be the next William Burroughs, Hemingways, Hunter Thompsons, Proust, Faulkner, Tolstoy, etc, etc. /wg/ is useless in anything writing, other than delusion of grandeur.

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I'd like it if /wg/ became a more supportive group. I got links added to the first post pasta one time but after that it was like...stop being allergic to fun. We're all writers here right? In the writer general? Oh. Okay.

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Fuck that shit: just post your work and if you get called out than you deserve it. This is 4chan, not fucking reddit.

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So, what then? Stop trying? Start up a Royal Road serial? Write smut for money? I know I will most likely never write anything of significance, but that's not going to get me to stop trying.

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>Start up a Royal Road serial?
Already on the works
>Write smut for money?

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would any of you happen to know the best place to practice then?

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So basically you're mad that people actually have standards in /wg/ and wish it were more accepting of commercial writing. What's your endgame here?

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>standards in /wg/
Good joke, anon. Made me chuckle.

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Litopia or Vocal. Using /wg/ as writing practice is just plain retarded.

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Anybody who wants to write like any of the authors above >>18556573 must have standards. It makes no sense to say that someone wants to be the next Faulkner but has no standards.

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t. anime poster seething that others have higher standards for themselves.
This is actually an embarrassing post. So we should just give up and pump out slop? You fucking retarded? That’s not even settling for mediocrity, that’s literally giving up and choosing to slum it. It’s like loving the game of basketball as a child and never setting your sights higher than dominating pick up games at the Y.

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That's the joke, anon. They don't have any standards. it's self-delusion.

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But you just said they want to be the next Faulkner. That is a standard. Implicit is the recognition that Faulkner is great and that the quality of his writing is the standard to which all other writing must be compared. Do you have a functional brain?

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You are why the wg is bad. Nobody there is delusional about the quality of their work other than the webserial guys who pump out 3k words a week of first draft pulp and light novel rip offs and get upset when people don’t take them as seriously.
It’s hardly ever the case that one of those people with lofty goals asks for crit and doesn’t take it graciously. Because they want to improve. Anyone with goals that high is vastly more critical of their writing than someone like you. But you schlock writers crowd out everyone who gives a shit

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>But you just said they want to be the next Faulkner.
Yes, and the joke is that they can never be him, or any of the great writers to begin with, since they don't have any standards. It's all in their mind, hence, the self-delusion.

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I know of nowhere, I learned here in the old days. Been thinking about attempting to bring it back as it was a very unique environment but most of this board are useless and drag every thread down to their level, for example, see how this thread has turned.

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I have literally just explained to you how wanting to be the next Faulkner implicitly establishes writing standards. Stop shitposting, if you can manage that.

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>Being this fucking retard.
Holy fuck. Just because they invoke some names doesn’t mean they have standards, you fucking idiot. That’s the joke that anon is stating. The idiots who want to be the next “Faulkner” “Proust” have zero standard whatsoever and are just saying their names to make themselves feel better. God damn.

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So it's all some dumb Scotsman fallacy. Gotcha. I give people too much credit sometimes.

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You have to believe your the greatest to become great. If you don't have delusions of grandeur you can never become grand because you will never strive to be SOMETHNG GREATER THAN YOU!!!!!

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Not really a fallacy when it’s true.

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There's no point in arguing it with you. If you want to believe that nobody at all has any standards (except you, I'm gonna assume) there's nothing anyone can do to stop you from believing that. I can tell you that it's illogical and that you have no concrete evidence with which to make that belief, but ultimately if you are intent of seeing things in the most self-gratifying way possible, that's your prerogative. Have at it.

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>except you, I'm gonna assume)
Kek, fuck no. I just write. I don’t worry about all that pseudo-intellectual bullshit. No one in /wg/ has any standards and that’s okay, except for the small minority who insist they have standards but don’t.

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Okay, getting clearer now. You "just write," and don't worry about quality because caring about quality is for pseuds and you're a TruIntellectual. I've BTFO'd you so many times already across so many different threads that it's honestly getting boring.

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Based. We need more of you in /wg/.

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Way better than any coyote:


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Bro... why so salty?

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And now it finally makes complete sense.

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Real nigga talk

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>I really liked the movie The Secret!

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is it possible to earn a living wage self publishing to amazon? I don't care for my name to be known or have people talk about my writing in a college classroom. I just want to make 50k a year selling my fiction.

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I make $30 a month selling non-fiction on Amazon.

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It's possible, many people do it.

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>many people do it

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I've have genuinely never heard or seen that movie, did I accidently quote some onions film?

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He Who Fights With Monsters
Blue Core
Vainqueur the Dragon
Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests

I'll name more, but you get the idea, the authors of these books are making it.

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The animefag is a subversive twat that wants to undermine /lit/.

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The animefags are the only writers on /wg/.

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didn't even know that was a thing
I'm beginning to believe you a bit, honestly. Gives me hope. Maybe I will try

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Do it, anon, don't be afraid. Don't let the pseuds dissuade you.

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>all that pseudo intellectual bullshit
Post some of your writing. I’ll critique it honestly.
Because frankly you sound like that type of person who gets upset when marvel movies don’t win oscars.
Literature is an art form. There’s nothing wrong with treating it like one. It’s baffling that wg has the sort of culture that batters people who strive for greatness

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Correction: they’re the only published writers on /lit/ because they throw whatever they write online for all to see. I write just as much or more than any animefag, I’m just not throwing it on Wattpad.

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Isn't that literally the excuse/cope the pseuds tell each other on /wg/? Something about "quality" and "artistic integrity"

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ty fren. I am going to try

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> tfw you'll never have a close group of like-minded, supportive, literature writer friends

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Unironically I found a discord about a year ago that's become this. After years on /lit/ trudging through dead /crit/ threads and being dissapointed by /wg/.
No. That would refer to the type of pseud that doesn't write. I have no more respect for him than I do you.The guys that write frequently and post for feedback are the ones I'm talking about. You would like for them to throw away any "Delusions" they have about quality and publish minimal effort pulp.

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Good luck.

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