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I’ve finally got the bookstore I’ve waited all my life to own and I couldn’t be more suicidal.
>be me
>early this year
>little old business in yuppie neighborhood near me closes, owner looks for local buyer since he hates the developers
>my friend and i snatch it up to build the bookstore we always planned
>we tidy up the space, bring in some shelves, manage to cultivate a great little sense of charm
>fully open in april, city’s finally reopening around then
>don’t get much business
>try holding book fairs, specials, charity drives, etc., still nothing works
>partner suggests we make it into some kind of hipster place
>hesitatingly agree
>set it up with those retarded displays of new self-help and genre pulp
>actively cultivate it to be a better photo spot
>start selling shitty coffee out of a french press we got for $30
>it fucking works
>we are now a decently well-known spot for art hoes and basedboys to come and take photos
>run a “buy it before you take a picture with it” policy
>every day i have to see these hoes buy the same 5 pieces of shit just to get a photo on the patio sipping coffee made from costco folger’s
>ready to commit now that my dream has been crushed
My only solace is that sometimes an attractive girl will come in and ask for free books as she’s an influencer, which I will oblige. Then I will go into the bathroom and jack off at the shame and disgust I feel in that moment. There is no escape.

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Sorry anon. It's rough going owning a bookstore these days, especially if you don't own the building outright and need to make lease or mortgage payments each month.

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Sorry to hear that, anon. Book stores are sadly becoming a thing of the past. It would be great if it wasn't your main source of income, but it'll be a tough go if you're trying to support yourself and dependants. Good luck, buddy.

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>My only solace is that sometimes an attractive girl will come in and ask for free books as she’s an influencer, which I will oblige.
You deserve the situation you’re in.

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>sometimes an attractive girl will come in and ask for free books as she’s an influencer, which I will oblige
Embarrassing. Simp worm.

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kek, how much money are you making now as compared to before you catered to hippies? Tried specialising in a certain sort of books perhaps? Rare, esoteric, etc

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Just use the money from this place to start a place you actually want. Make it kind of edgy and make sure you carry the sort of niche stuff people here want.

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The cold, brutal reality of business is it doesn't matter one lick what YOU want the business to be. It matters what the customer wants the business to be.
Same thing happened to me when I opened my first grocery store. I wanted a class, upscale market, but the neighborhood wanted a chip n soda bodega, and so I found myself running essentially a liquor store, and not the classy meat market I wanted.

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>Then I will go into the bathroom and jack off at the shame and disgust I feel in that moment

so incredibly based

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Fucking bask in satisfaction as you bleed them for their pretentiousness.

Use money to do shit you like. Congratulations on your success.

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heard edgy and just imagining some little bookstore with signs like “these ain’t your mama’s books”

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>Then I will go into the bathroom and jack off
If you don't jack off in the lattes you're missing a trick, anon.

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it’s unbelievable
went from legit nearly starving to having my debt nearly paid off
the market for this shit is huge

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Are we talking six figure take home profit? Cause I’ll deal with art hoes for cash.

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I've got an idea.
Make a self-publish table. Anyone can walk in and, for idk, 50$ a week, can put their own book on the table.

I just think that'd be neat.

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Businesses are for profit. In order to make profit you need to find the right customer base. Unfortunately the customer base you desire doesn't exist, at least not in your town or in large numbers to be profitable enough, so you adapted your business to attract another type of customer. It worked, you achieved what most small business owners fail within their first couple of years: to be successful.
If it makes you feel miserable then just sell the business after a few years.

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unironically would be a based idea. would be difficult to sift out the people just spamming basically porn or bad fanfic

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have you considered wiring the place up with hidden cameras

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but $50 is $50, just make sure you put a large sign that clearly displays a disclaimer that these books are self-published from local authors; maybe add in small print that you, in no way, shape or form, endorse or support the views expressed in the books themselves, and that the authors are responsible for everything

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just put a "no fanfiction" clause, and that should take care of it.
Maybe not 50$ a week, though. A poor aspiring author wouldn't be able to afford that, so you just have obnoxious rich kids putting up books. Maybe 25$ a week? Idk.

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partner would never go for it. he’s fine with it, he’s much more of a chad type than me so this doesn’t faze him.

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Wait so people pay for books and coffee just to take pictures of themselves holding the book and coffee in a fashionable looking store (with neon lights and all that kind of decoration I presume)?
I mean I knew this kind of thing goes on. But hearing it described just boggles my mind.

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will you tell us what city you're in anon?

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Do you or your partner know a lot about running a business? I've thought about doing something like that someday but I don't want to have to get a business degree for it. Do you also need a license to sell the coffee or is it fine since it's just from a French press?

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Just quit

Or let it become basically a coffee shop that someone else runs.

You can hire people to do your entire job for 15 an hour.

Don’t really visit it. Forget about it beyond the cash flow.

Get a new life.

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How is the layout? you could have the cafe and the book section totally separated by, say, a different flooring and veneer, and have a comfy reading nook in the back of the book store.

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Poison the coffee

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I'm sure they drink the coffee and read the book later. They wouldn't just take a sip of coffee and then throw the coffee and book in the trash

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This is legit the same market as Waldun. OP should get some Dark Academia into his shop. People love that shit

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You've done the proper thing, by which I mean taking advantage of a relatively niche yet lucrative market as a means of accumulating capital. It's indicative of a good business acumen. Especially in an industry almost entirely dominated by larger online competitors that have practically every advantage. Understanding the larger composition of /lit/, however, it may have been somewhat unwise to turn to them regarding something business-related.

With that being said, you're certainly being short sighted. Having created such a source of income provides you freedom- it does not detract from it. Try establishing a small nook of the store with more serious/philosophical works that directly appeals to you while continuing to "milk the cash cow", so to speak. Now that you have a means of funding such there's little reason to not do so.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to a man who retired early by working incredibly hard early on in his career (much like you he was something of a capitalist) and utilizing that capital to fund a fascinating lifestyle largely composed of travel. Whereas he struck me as an essentially free person (he's embarking to Iceland soon for a 30 day trip with little to no schedule), you strike me as an individual who does not know himself and has replaced that lack of an understanding with an idealistic dream that was always unsustainable. Your predicament is interesting because in my view it should not inspire suicidality but rather a sincere drive to reconcile the aforementioned. In many ways you are larger than a simple dream and certainly not merely defined by it.

There is little reason for me to pity you, but I think you need a break and some space for reflection. The individual who is most holding you back is- incidentally- you. Good luck.

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get good on FB and digital marketing and sell books online in your area,
and stop being a loser kek

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you’d be surprised how indifferent some of them are lmao

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Literally none of this sounds true.

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A gift, OP

Take the money and run. Separate the hobby from the job. It would have sucked in other ways had it been the alternative.

And don't give free shit to those influencers unless it's for advertising.

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Monitoring for potential legendary thread. Spill the beans, OP.

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ok but what are some good books about depressed librarians?

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This would help /lit/ so much as we have tons of people here write books but can't get it published. I say do a % style. 5% of the entire gross. You may make more than $50

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>My only solace is that sometimes an attractive girl will come in and ask for free books as she’s an influencer, which I will oblige. Then I will go into the bathroom and jack off at the shame and disgust I feel in that moment. There is no escape.
its your buisness you can do what you want king

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That ending got me off guard and me laugh a lot, thank you for this op

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This anon has it right. There's no reason a superficial "book cafe" couldn't co-exist with a section or at least a corner of curated classics.

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What's the problem? You got with the times and got wealthy because of it? Would you rather be a pseud and starve to death because you have some antiquated belief about literature?

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Sounds like you best hope now is to start hording up side cash to open a second location more in line with your vision. Let your friend run the soul less cash cow, while you leave yourself in charge of a cozy little book nook somewhere out of the way.

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yes, that should entice the influencers nicely
the only question is how to make them pay to access the VIP nook

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I wouldn't necessarily have them pay at all, they aren't meant to be there. make it against the rules to bring non bottled beverages to the separated side. This preserves the idea of a cozy bookstore and hipster cafe that makes you the big bucks. Sure, you could set a price and whatever but doesn't that constitute a continued invasion of your dream?
Also this guy has a good perspective.

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You do all the pandering and exploiting the subhuman's for money so that you can run an actual bookstore.
I would hope that even if the front and facade screams art hoe that /lit/izens can still find good books in your store, which should make it worth it.

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okay so now that you have cultivated some popularity just switch back to what you originally wanted it to be but slowly maybe very slowly
Now that you have some attention switching to the original idea will seem like a daring and innovative move and they'll eat it up
Trust me on this this is the business strategy they don't want you to know about but it works every time

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You have to write more about this even if its just a greentext op

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sitting here ready to kill myself so just gonna document some of the worse people
>we have a little foreign language section
>95% unused
>some girl comes in
>”hey, do you guys have anything by gethy?”
>”gethy, he wrote that book fawst”
>she’s talking about goethe
>buys the sorrows of young werther in german
>has her boyfriend take like 5 photos of her outside from below (appropriate) and leaves
>she forgot the book on the table

>start ordering some stupid ass coffee table books cause they’re cheap and look decent on a shelf
>almost instantly, our most popular single seller becomes a fucking book of dril’s tweets

>have a dedicated philosophy section
>almost empty except a few rotting autists and the occasional old dude
>except for the dudes who bring girls there on first dates
>always wearing scarves even in like fucking april
>drag them in, pick up a book of zizek, and just start quoting his movie

>tried to have a “pet friendly” policy
>these fucking hipsters brought in their fucking pitbulls constantly
>always barked up a storm but “they just get nervous, don’t worry, they don’t bite”
>the occasional book gets torn up by these retards’ fucking killers
>have to try and phase it out just to stop someone from getting mauled in my store

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most insane shit is just how everything can be made problematic
>have some posters strewn about
>occasionally get some girl with a blue mullet bitching about the dfw ones
>melville posters get shit because he’s “a colonial sympathizer”
>tolkien posters get shit because he “built his world on racial stereotypes”
>homeric posters and virgil posters don’t quite get shit but they get the occasional sideways glance from people asking why we need to talk so much about old white men
>mishima poster gets shit cause he’s a “pseudo-fascist”
>even the ralph ellison poster got complaints cause he “exploits rape” in invisible man
you have no idea how hard these people try to find shit to complain about

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At some point you've got to not care, these people will never be happy, they will always complain, so trying to appease them is futile.

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i try, but holy shit can these people be insane. there’s one group of regulars who’re, to my understanding, some kind of polyamorous group. two fat dudes, some lesbian looking chick, and someone so androgynous i can’t even describe it as human (the all-black eyes, piercings everywhere, thin as bone). they come in and buy these shitty vinyls we stock and always spend a while browsing gender theory shit only to buy nothing. invariably, they find some way to complain to each other within earshot of us about how our store is “exclusionary” in some way. one fatass bitched that some of the shelves are too close together and he has to squeeze, one asked if the upstairs was really accessible enough (we have a ramp), one bitched about the bathrooms being too claustrophobic, etc. it’s absurd. and they’re as demanding as boomers. they’ll find a book with a single annotation on page 145 and ask for a discount. fucking retards, four incomes and they can’t afford a $15 paperback.

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you don't need to exclusively carter to yuppies and art hoes, you can keep a section of the store for classics, philosophy and literary fiction. you can even use the normalfag section to subsidize it and attract the kinds of customers you can talk to about books by selling at a loss.

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If you're making so much money, why not pay for some staff to run the store while you do whatever you want in your free time?

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Pics or it didn't happen

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it hurts

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Used to be an excellent bookstore right near me in my shitty small/mid town that did just this and it was great. The guy that ran the place was this elderly, eccentric Chinaboo. One of my fondest memories of adolescence was the hours spent in there talking about literature to this guy (still probably the most well-read person I've met). You can be the change you want in the world OP, never be game over.

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>Henry Ford once said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The real way to be successful in business is to give the people something they didn’t know they wanted.

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>has her boyfriend take like 5 photos of her outside from below (appropriate) and leaves. she forgot the book on the table

I hope this thread is bait. I used to go to a small coffeeshop which happened to have shelves of used books in every wall. The selection was nice and it was small enough that only regulars would come to hang out. Really made me want to own a similar place in the future.

>> No.18574420

we try, it’s just not the same. i don’t just want those people in, i want that whole vibe of the old weird ass used bookstore with piles of shit and the whole labyrinthine aura to it. can’t have that when i need tables with neatly stacked copies of the subtle art of not giving a fuck or so you want to talk about racism

>> No.18574422

Start a bookstore in Japan. That model is sustainable there, but not wherever you happen to live.

>> No.18574545

You should start hosting lucha libre wrestling where the pageantry relates to different famous authors and philosophers. You know, act out the infamous Schopenhauer-Hegel dispute or have Max Stirner break a chair over Karl Marx's head.

>> No.18574607

How many actual trannies are posting in this thread?
And are any of them qt?

>> No.18574646

One of the oldest bookstores in Tokyo (more than a hundred years old) had to resort to the same shit to survive. They specialize in old books, mostly in english. The (I think oldest) daughter of the owner turned the family bookstore into a cesspool for art-hoes and a photography studio. They can't even read english, they are there for the pictures.

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>You deserve the situation you’re in.
>Embarrassing. Simp worm


>> No.18574694

business idea: book rental service

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If you aren't /fitlit/ you're not /lit/, for it is impossible to be truly /lit/ and not become /fit/.
Because you're reading shit not worthy of being called literature.

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Cunt. I'd spit on her.

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What does this have to do with anything?

>> No.18574870

This. Turn half your bookstore into a gym and sell protein shakes instead of coffee OP. You'll make a fortune, and truly be a man worthy of calling yourself patrician.

>> No.18574886

No you wouldn't

>> No.18574898

There are tons of old bookstores in Japan that don't do that sort of thing. I suspect that some other factors played a role in the decision to change the store.

>> No.18574905

This is actually an interesting idea.

>> No.18574916

I absolutely would, did it before.

>> No.18574920

I don't know about turning the shop itself into part-gym (don't want sweaty people leafing through books) but shilling it as a pre/post workout hangout sounds like an idea with some potential.

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Go full Heeb and come up with new exciting ways to rip off the stupid goyim. Entertain yourself

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The Strand, afaik the oldest independent bookstore in New York City, did the same while the daughter took charge and opened a second location that is even more pungent an arthoe trap. Luckily it hasn't worked and The Strand might die anyways.

>> No.18574945

Unless its just free weights strewn around with bookshelves, rather than mirrors, lining the walls, it's not an idea worth perusing.

Have you considered turning the basement into an opium den/illegal gambling casino? Idk how that would sell books but it would certainly breath some life into your Yuppie hive.

>> No.18574958

I'm just surprised hipsters are still a thing in 2021 thought they'd all ironically faded into obscurity or became annoying vegan assholes

>> No.18574998

hipsters are still somewhat a thing, but these people are a whole different breed. While hipsters were masturbaiting their vintage shit and atleast had some kind of identity the modern polyamourous new-york walking stereotype have managed to reduce that to just masturbaiting

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>barely any books
just go the opposite route of this, OP.
Make it like a library you buy from instead of rent

>> No.18575097

some form of hipster always exists
not necessarily the same as they always were but still something

>> No.18575105

>a library you buy from instead of rent
you mean a bookstore?

>> No.18575108

Sounds like a good way to kill a business.

>> No.18575323

what does that even entail?

>> No.18575350

>Make it like a library you buy from instead of rent
Those are called bookstores, anon.

>> No.18575356

a phenomenon I've read of is where people buy books as decoration (entire shelves' worth of books) just for their pretty covers to sit there on the shelf impotently.

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customers were always and will always be faggots. it's your fault to romanticizing retail, but overall you just sound whiny since at least your biz is successful. shape up lad.

>> No.18575374

this larp has literally existed since books have existed. you can just buy an entire shelf of fake books, there's a scene in gatsby where they talk about this and are surprised that gatsby's bookshelves are real.

>> No.18575381

I wonder if that explains the shelf/stack threads.

>> No.18575424

Libraries are a very good idea

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I know, idiots.
I'm talking about having a hipster cafe with new-woke releases out the front that turns into new books then to shelves of used books deeper into the store, essentially having your cake and eating it too.

>> No.18575480

>almost instantly, our most popular single seller becomes a fucking book of dril’s tweets

>> No.18575501

>>”gethy, he wrote that book fawst”
German here. Wasn't able to decipher this without the next line.

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how is it suppose to be pronounced?

>> No.18575524

literally the strand

>> No.18575530


>> No.18575535

not op but I believe its Gerter

>> No.18575537

I think there's a real future in private libraries where people pay a membership or some sort of subscription fee.

You could probably work out a deal with publishers to get books in bulk at a discount, then you only stock high quality editions of classic literature, have them specially bound by a bookbinder with your library logo on it for extra appeal. Of course you need a bookshelf of classical languages, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, etc. throw in some rare and antique books. Then charge people a $200 annual membership fee. Serve free coffee and mooncakes, send out free memberships to half the university professors in your area, and you've got yourself the most patrician club in the city.

Obviously you'll need to have an eye for design, Persian carpets, cedar bookshelves, leather chairs, and so on. But it can't possibly be lose more money than traditional publishing already does.

>> No.18575542


Not anon, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stO9K4T1MH4&ab_channel=JulienMiquel

The way I always pronnounced it though (and I've heard it pronnounced) is: https://voca.ro/1mQYBgBFuCBo

>> No.18575549


>> No.18575551

nips already have a culture of private libraries with fees, just steal their ideas.

>> No.18575571

Do they?
I'm so jealous. Japanese book culture is centuries beyond what we have in the west. I'm already building a business that's basically just ripping off Meji-era printshops, so I'm not surprised they also have private libraries.
What are they called in Japanese? Any links you can post for me to read about their ideas? I will absolutely steal everything I can from the glorious Nippon civilization

>> No.18575572

eww that sounds awful. im going to stick with pronouncing it the wrong way. >>18575549 sounds more ominous and sophisticated.

>> No.18575587

Private libraries will not attract professors, because they have access to university libraries and can get books from Harvard within a week or so by ordering it through interlibrary loan. Your audience is the autodidact, the person who is intellectually out of step with his peers. But this carries its own dangers.

>> No.18575598


Sure, but there's no "oath" in "Goethe", thus it's confusing. Especially if you say it like "Go-oath-ee" then "eth" would be pronnounced with "oath", makes no sense.

>> No.18575632

>replying to bait

the reason anglos say GURtah is because german "goo-et-heh" sounds like an R sound in the middle to anglo ears.

>> No.18575633


>> No.18575636

You greatly underestimate the appeal of leather bindings, Persian carpets, fine teas, and the petty jealousy of seeing your colleagues receive a special invitation to an exclusive private club. The real appeal will be rich bookish businessmen, lawyers, and doctors who like to read but would rather not have to step over heroin needles every time they want to check out a copy of Aristotle.

The trick is to have a solid base of people, academics, clergy members, wealthy socialites, who show up occasionally. This alone will attract clinger ons who are drawn to the elite and exclusive status of the institution. The rising popularity of dark academia already proves that there is a demand for this kind of thing.

>> No.18575644

my question is how do you maintain a base. if your main body of customers only uses your service for the aesthetic of using your service, what will you do when they get bored and move on?
although i guess gyms get by off a ton of members who never show up, so there you go.

>> No.18575664

None of the people you mention are interested in reading Aristotle. Not only are the classics increasingly unpopular, but the 19th century philological aesthetic that you are interested in would be downright repugnant to any Western scholar. Do not confuse your own idea of erudition with that of the elite.

>> No.18575667

i might actually be thinking of koreans, can't be bothered to look it up again but i remember reading about some east asian place having a lot of private libraries to the point that it's hard to find public ones. i know korea has a really weak public library infrastructure though.

>> No.18575680

I'm sorry anon, your dream is beautiful. Take those faggots money and build something true to your dream that will prosper.

>> No.18575698

not him but given there aren't any true polymaths or intellectuals today and we are just living in an intellectual slum created after WWII, maybe the pozzbrained faggots and neolibs at universities would do well to throw on a peacoat and pipe

>not everybody at uni is X! that's a chud myth!

do not even go there you know what I mean

>> No.18575704

Just hand out free memberships. Set up a a special deal with your local religious seminary that their students get a free membership, mail free membership cards to random professors as a promotional thing, and whenever an up-and-coming young author or poet reaches a certain level of adequacy invite them too.

Having a nice place to hang out and read and drink tea, or to check out books, is something that anybody who frequents libraries would enjoy. Cultivate a good selection of semi-rare books, and hire a bookbinder to give the whole library consistent leather bindings. Its not like the upkeep is very high.

Organize occasional concerts and lectures for club members, and basically treat the place as a high class social club for intelligentsia. There are a lot of rich snobs with more money than taste, and the fact that they are willing to spend 80k+ a year on university tuitions is proof that there is a demand among portions of society to convert financial capital into cultural capital.

>> No.18575720

idk the modern american aristocracy acts pretty anti-intellectual really. they don’t really have salons or anything of that nature. having an intellectual club seems so niche and the only way you could possibly make it succeed is having it be some exorbitantly expensive by-invitation-only deal.

>> No.18575733

Post pics of the place.

>> No.18575781

>None of the people you mention are interested in reading Aristotle. Not only are the classics increasingly unpopular, but the 19th century philological aesthetic that you are interested in would be downright repugnant to any Western scholar. Do not confuse your own idea of erudition with that of the elite.
Have you ever spent time around the elites? There is an entire class of elites that have spent several decades of their lives working towards getting into exclusive private universities just so they can convey a sense of learning, gravitas, and intellectual distinction. And don't even get me started on the rapidly growing class of immigrant social climbers whos entire understanding of western civilization boils down to a superficial fetishization of victorian England based off of a Harry Potter movie they saw once.

Look the true intellectuals are us people living in shitty one room apartments, spending all our free time talking with people around the world on the internet, downloading tens of thousands of books from digital archives, and caring about the substance instead of the superficial trappings.

What I'm proposing is a monetization of the superficial social capital that books still have clinging to them. This idealized version of an 18th century salon with an extra splattering of decadence.

> idk the modern american aristocracy acts pretty anti-intellectual really
Are they really? They pretend to be, but these are the same people who don't consider someone fully human if they haven't completed a bachelors degree from the right school. All the faux progressivism is just the nobles oblige of an extremely hierarchal and exclusive tendency within Anglo societies, who need to justify their unjustifiable privileges with increasingly hollow performances of virtue and moral refinement. They are exactly the kind of people who would pay good money to LARP as intellectual elites.

>> No.18575815

I've spent a lot of time around these people. Their idea of prestige is not based on exclusivity. It's based on reputation and authority. Unless you receive an endorsement from the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Conversation, or some other such outlet, they will throw every single invitation you send into the trash without giving it a moment's thought. There is no social capital that attaches to "books," but there is social capital that attaches to books and aesthetics promoted by the New York Times etc.. Let's just say that these outlets are not interested in your nineteenth century philological aesthetic, and would probably tear you to pieces if they ever got it into their heads to write about you.

>> No.18575827

This is why dickgirls happened

>> No.18575846

Well that's depressing. If prestige is based purely on authority its pretty much impossible to ever bypass the gatekeepers.

>> No.18575849
File: 58 KB, 745x348, webThe-London-Library-Reading-Room-Image-Philip_Vile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these already exist. they're called subscription libraries and London Library is a great example. but they're very niche, few and far between, and will only become more so. how can you rationalize opening an even more niche offering of a waning medium when even a standard bookstore is lucky to survive without non-book gimmicks? the dark academia market that would go to it is even narrower than the arthoes, and no one else really needs or wants such a thing, especially professors who already have access to research libraries. besides, the subscription model really only works for other media because it's all digital. consider Netflix's low profile before they went digital.

>> No.18575863


>> No.18575874

>None of the people you mention are interested in reading Aristotle. Not only are the classics increasingly unpopular, but the 19th century philological aesthetic
Fucking based if true. There's still hope to fuck over the pseuds.

>> No.18575928
File: 136 KB, 976x549, _89032988_dsc_0689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how can you rationalize opening an even more niche offering of a waning medium when even a standard bookstore is lucky to survive without non-book gimmicks?
Easily, by separating the experience of reading from the content of the manuscript itself.
Bookstores sell identical cheaply printed perfect binds at a large markup. People don't bother with these because they can just download a pdf, which causes booksellers to slash quality even more in an attempt to stay relevant. Of course this will always fail because you can't undercut free p2p file sharing software.
You can however offer the physical experience of sitting in a comfy leather chair, perhaps next to a fireplace, sipping espresso and flipping through a beautifully illustrated leather bound edition of your favorite book.
If booksellers want to survive as an industry in the next hundred years, they need to completely turn around from the direction they've taken for the last 500-or-so years (which is mass reproducibility at the expense of quality) and focus on the producing high quality products that people want to pay for EVEN THOUGH they could just as easily download the book for free online. Clearly coffee shops like Starbucks do quite well, even though people could easily make a coffee at home, so there must be some appeal there.

>> No.18575964

exactly this. Sell the experience, not the product.

>> No.18576004

That is correct.

>> No.18576005

>Easily, by separating the experience of reading from the content of the manuscript itself.
This is deeply stupid and repulsive, and it's the exact same as the arthoe predicament OP is in. So I guess that means it's a profitable idea.

>> No.18576078

Maybe. It could also offer an exciting return to craftsmanship. Manuscripts were absolutely beautiful luxury products for thousands of years, bound in high quality leather and silk, decorated by hand, often tooled with gold and jewels. This was all wiped out by cheap printing. Now cheap printing has been wiped out by digitalization, so where do booksellers turn to?

>> No.18576125


>> No.18576154

Can somebody explain to me wtf Dark Academia actually is? Keep seeing it mentioned, not just ITT but across the whole board. It's an instagram trend/aesthetic right?

>> No.18576292


>> No.18576334

Not only is it a instagram trend/aesthetic, but it appeals to pseuds so its doubly shit.

>> No.18576338

check'd and kek'd

>> No.18576348

>>run a “buy it before you take a picture with it” policy
lol you almost had me OP

>> No.18576374
File: 54 KB, 550x526, 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>every day i have to see these hoes buy the same 5 pieces of shit just to get a photo on the patio sipping coffee made from costco folger’s

>> No.18576558

rc waldun and company

>> No.18576757

Who the fuck would open a book store in this day and age? What's your next master plan OP? Starting your own newspaper? VCR repair store?

>> No.18576858

lol at all the responses who clearly didn't even read the whole OP

>> No.18576869

What city are you in, anon?

>> No.18577457
File: 632 KB, 750x901, 1621164098206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only option is to become a niche place. Sell books and host reading groups for fringe ideologies, smut and erotica, drug use, noise music, etc etc.
You cant be a generalist because amazon is always going to beat you at that. But amazon cant sell rare editions of the works of anais nin, occult fascism, or making meth.

>> No.18577463

The good thing about owning a book store is that no one is going loot it during race riots. They might set it on fire, though.

>> No.18577475

I'm surprised at how many anons on /lit/ aren't NEET losers

>> No.18577482

The musky basement vibe is just a meme to keep away normies.

>> No.18577792

that’s what the 30 year old boomer meme makes fun of in my view
a lot of 4chan users now are just normal dudes with jobs and shit, not the degens who originally populated this site

>> No.18577848

Interesting take, I agree in places. However, you can still find some fucked up, insane, and quite evil shit on this site, so it's not a complete transition.

>> No.18577850
File: 495 KB, 1305x1265, 1612236688650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literature is dead

>> No.18577858

You may as well find an agent for all that fiction you wrote.

>> No.18578209

yeah no doubt, though i think compared to the days of child porn and legitimate psychos infesting this site it’s become a lot more tame. most of those types have moved off, now it’s just the autists and weirdos.

>> No.18578241

I can help you feel better. You actually have it pretty good. You're just having an existential crisis. In five years you won't GAF about this, any of this. You wanna hear a real sad-sack story? Pull up a chair, brother, I got some doozies

>> No.18578328

I've brought snacks. Tell us

>> No.18578358

Time for you to fuck off to reddit where you belong. Anyone who owns a bookstore has decent money. Most rake in 150k+ in profit for themselves . They needed the capital to buy the bookstore in the first place. If you're sorry for someone in that situation the only one who should be pitied is you. OP unironically deserves to suffer.

>> No.18578378

i owe 28,000k for back child support on a kid that i'm pretty sure isn't mine and i haven't had a driver's license in over 19 years, basically so long that my once excellent driving skills have ATROPHIED from disuse. But wait! There's more.

>> No.18578419

>But wait! There's more.
Go on...

>> No.18578420

Dude stop whining. You're taking money from people you hate and enriching yourself. That's based AF

>> No.18578436

But, I'm not living the intellectual life I always dreamed of.

>> No.18578444

>I've brought snacks
what snacks?
i hope one of them is Pharaoh (1999)

>> No.18578454

You could always keep this charade going until you make enough money where you're then able to live an intellectual life until you die of old age

What, you thought all those great intellectuals received food from thin air at the beginning of their careers?

>> No.18578466

i contracted graves disease at 31 and basically spent the next 9 years homeless because i was too proud to ask for any help. i had been majorly depressed for years from my father's death, at 42, i was merely twenty. i started doing the heaviest drugs i could find, combined with alcohol so i could just block it all out. bad, bad mistake and my body paid the price, i lay 99% of this shit at my feet because i could have stopped at any time but i basically wanted to die but was too cowardly to put a gun to my temple and pull the trigger. things started to turn around for me at about 41 but at 48 i had a massive stroke that retired me WHICH SUCKS ass but anyway, i recovered really well for only having a 13% chance of survival. Basically there is
>i can't afford a house poor
> i can't afford a car poor
>i can't afford food poor
and I'm above "can't afford food" poor but just barely-for 49 years now. And there are ppl who have it far, far worse than me, like the 18 yo kid i met in an asylum (after one of a few halfhearted suicide attempts) who had CANCER @ 18 and his family never visited him. just....stuck his ass in the nuthatch to die-AT 18. sorry motherfuckers.

>> No.18578494

How would you know? You probably watch anime or some shit.

>> No.18578514

That is an impossibility in this age. It does not exist. You've beaten the odds, and maybe can even sneak in a little of that under people's noses

>> No.18578518
File: 328 KB, 1034x1300, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only fruit roll ups, I'm afraid

>> No.18578531

Shit man. Sorry about that, sounds like it sucks.
Hope things turn around for you.

>> No.18578534

Yeah man life is rough. My first/only gf from high school had been raped and tried to kill herself before meeting me. Then deteriorated rapidly after a couple happy years and is now unrecognizable. No contact w her friends or parents, who cried the last time they saw me. I got terrible food poisoning 2 years ago and haven't been able to keep most foods down since then. So thin now, at lest my kidneys still work. Dad is a bedridden, erratic Iraq War vet and Mom fled the country fucking kek I'll probably join her at some point. Got thrashed as a kid all the time so trouble socializing. But all things considered I'm pretty fortunate. Slowly getting my life back on track and will continue once this pneumonia (get this shit every 1-2 years) subsides. Always had books though. Picked that habit up as an extremely isolated only child and never stopped.

>> No.18578548

don't smoke & if you do, i can tell how to quit for good

>> No.18578582

This exactly

>> No.18578594

From my perspective, I see a cool character I can put into my book

Keep it up anon

>> No.18578675

Get a blood test done.

>> No.18578681

But that then naturally restricts the experience to those able and willing to pay for it, and I doubt that very many of those are people with genuine interest in actual learning and discussion that you would hope to foster in a place like that. Then again, I guess the general discussion is more about bringing back the existence of such practices, even if they won't be genuine, versus actually experiencing it.

>> No.18578685

not that anon, but whats the trick?

>> No.18578693

>I got terrible food poisoning 2 years ago and haven't been able to keep most foods down since then.
I had E. coli for 2 months. What cured me were antibiotics after a stool test. If you haven't gotten medical help, you must do it. You could completely change your life like I did. The day before I did my stool test, I took 7 watery, painful shits. If you have E. coli or something similar, as I did, you must get cured of it.

>> No.18578704

Quitting vapes next week (only been hooked 3 months), never even meant to get hooked but I'm just going to go cold turkey like I did a couple times when social cigs started reeling me in a while ago. Cleared my schedule and everything. Any tips?
I've had an eventful life and even more calamitous friends. The guy who's practically my brother went semi-schizo a few years ago, worked for the cartel a bit, then dropped the hard drugs and joined the special forces. Says he's going to ride out the apocalypse w weapons and a permaculture farm. Also befriended a 1%er (9 figures) with three suicide attempts- scars on his wrists and neck, a guy in Miami who was nearly shot growing up in the Rio favelas and believes his life is governed by predestination foretold by a blind oracle, the descendant of a high ranking nazi general who was hanged for turning a blind eye to the July 20th plot, and a native american who's president at one of the top frats at columbia and interned at goldman sachs. Also briefly dated a Ukrainian oligarch's daughter, the Wickr founder's daughter, and a genius from rural Arkansas who's read more than anyone I've met and got into Stanford with a 2.8 due to published papers, perfect tests, and a spelling bee championship. She's studied rare Kabbalah I've tried unsuccessfully to get my hands on. Could you imagine if I did though, holy shit- a Sudetendeutscher being privy to that knowledge is unreal irony.

All I can say is there's a lot of wasted potential, brilliant people who would have improved the world in any other time destroying themselves. But also some folks who realize what's going on and are trying to stop it. People who will be very powerful in a decade or so and understand everything perfectly, linking up slowly to try to save things. I've borderline blown my shot. Only 20 and I no longer care what happens to me, a sliver of my former self. But hopefully my contacts will pay off and if not, I've had the privilege of seeing a lot more of the world than I could've imagined. Used to set out to have an interesting life & now I'm looking for a place to duck and cover, maybe settle with some kids.

Sorry if I sound pretentious/unbelievable, but it's been a bit of a shock to me these last few years. Life is a strange thing.

>> No.18578706

Germans don't say goo-et-heh. The "oe" portion of "Goethe" is an English stand-in for "ö", which sounds like you got punched in the gut, a sort of "uh" sound.

>> No.18578713

>I wouldn't necessarily have them pay at all, they aren't meant to be there. make it against the rules to bring non bottled beverages to the separated side. This preserves the idea of a cozy bookstore and hipster cafe that makes you the big bucks. Sure, you could set a price and whatever but doesn't that constitute a continued invasion of your dream?
It'll happen regardless

>> No.18578718

For a stupid fuck you sure like to look at the shit you write online

>> No.18578719

I took blood/shit tests and they said it had gone away, just left some damage. They were scared of H Pylorii boring more ulcers into me but that also came back negative. I figure it's just lasting damage and I can get by now sort of if I plan the day out and when/what I'm going to take. It's just high acid levels and reflux. Was on prilosec, then famotidine for a long time and still take them on rough days

>> No.18578720

where’d they go? Or are they normal after ten years

>> No.18578722

I've unironically been saying it like the animal Goat, with a th at the end

>> No.18578724

what a pseud. It's pronounced goh-ehth

>> No.18578743

The judge doesn't care if she's mine or not, they got me on the hook. Because I owe so much back child support, I will never get my driver's license. It's a catch-22, sort of.

>> No.18578767

Patches w/ an oral fixation. I used Wintergreen Lifesavers & 8-9 hours of hard physical labor. Quit after smoking 39 years and within months my lungs felt so much beret. Things tasted better. Things smelled better. My chest wasn't tight anymore. My stamina is still fucked but not near as bad. Tip: YOU HAVE TO REALLY, HONESTLY WANT TO QUIT!!!!!!! If you don't, you never will-until they put you in a hole in the ground. Promise it works, my friend. YES you will still have cravings but after 6 weeks you will defeat this horrible, nasty, expensive habit. In two months? I saved up 800 bucks!!

>> No.18578769

Not a bookstore, but there's a store in Astoria, Oregon that sells vinyls, CDs, cassettes, musical instruments (but afaik it's just brass and woodwind, no stringed or percussion), incense, plants, weed stuff, and espresso. The guy who runs it is a real fucking nutcase, like Napoleon Dynamite but he grew up and became even more autistic and mean, and he communicates with what I believe is his mom on a walkie-talkie, who lives upstairs. He also has a dog that is constantly coughing up a lung that he lets walk around the store, and he's always underfoot

>> No.18578820

I just had an endoscopy/colonoscopy as I still have issues. They ulcerated my uvula as a result, and I was awake for the endoscopy, both of which are fucked. I got diagnosed with chronic duodenitis, which I'm trying to clear up, but I am not nearly as sick as I have been. It's cyclical, so I want to find the underlying cause to resolve it. Anyways, anon, I am incredibly glad you've gotten treatment. Not everyone has the money, and some are just too afraid and miserable. Good health to you, friend.

>> No.18578859

Good read anon, very funny, reminded me Wallace's essays

>> No.18578861

>There is little reason for me to pity you
i take more pity on people that have the means but not the will than the other way around. lots of middle class people have it so good that they don't know what to do with their lives, it's depressing

>> No.18578862

You have no idea how attainable such a life is, yet it is within your grasp. You don't want your shop to be the intellectual bookstore. I live in a famous college town known for literature. It has one big bookshop and is visited by famous authors, both in town and from the road. When I went in there, I saw five or so books while glancing about the magical negro. WTF! Of course, they had a bunch of commie shit too. I'm not sure what I was expecting, though I was given a cryptic warning by a fellow English student.

Let your shop become a front for people like yourself. Do what you need to do to keep the shop running well. Some people here had good suggestions. Reach out to the based bros who come in to create the intellectual undercurrent that you seek. Be there friend, talk to them, get to know them, get their number. Invite them to events. Eventually, you might want to give them a discount, or perhaps, provide them with a gift at the holidays. Keep in mind, with Amazon on everyone's device, it is important to make B&M's friendly and personable because that's how you win.

>> No.18578871

Sounds like you're living the dream.

>> No.18578883


>> No.18578925

This is an excellent idea. I, personally, feel repelled from shops that say "no outside books" or "no outside beverages". I'm an autist, but that's a different story. My point here is that it may be discouraging and is largely unenforceable. If you do enforce it, you might look bad, so here's how you do it. You have a coffeshop/reading area, very comfy, and a book side. They are clearly delineated to prevent people from shoplifting or spilling on unpurchased merchandise. The vibe would be "come to our coffeshop and stay for as long as you like, within reason." Provide a small selection of free books for use in the coffeeshop or maybe even temporary loan, honor system type stuff. People will donate books, and now, you have a curatable quantity of books, a loyal customer base, a hangout, a charitable image, and a welcoming atmosphere. The bookshop in my town has a coffee lounge that only applies for books purchased that day, not including textbooks. I'm never going there.

>> No.18579144

do you guys believe OP or are you just playing along?

>> No.18579155

>Someone in /lit/
>Successful in anything
We're playing along. You really think someone would be sadden that they're earning a shit ton of money on their business because it caters to the wrong crowd?

>> No.18579175

Yeah businesses can't be kept afloat solely by cool girls taking Instagram photos. Not to mention small book stores are getting eaten up left and right But it's cool to imagine owning our own cozy lit shop with adjacent cafe

>> No.18579610

Thanks for the effort'd paragraph

It is indeed strange

>> No.18579979

How did you meet all these people in spite of your problems?

>> No.18580266

This is obviously fake lol

>> No.18580984

you’d be surprised how easy it is to meet a lot of people when you remove your inhibitions

>> No.18581137

What kind of insult is that?

>> No.18581180


>> No.18581189


>> No.18581295

Could you elaborate?

>> No.18581298

No because there's no credibility or reputation to be gained here in the same way as Instagram thots

>> No.18581316

(You)s are more valuable than those things, Anon.

>> No.18581567

what a weird channel. how did you find it?

>> No.18582191

this, no weekly fee, just percentage.

>> No.18582220

That guy is the lolcow of /lit/

>> No.18583077

I wish you luck op. My experience was far better.
>Go to my regular 2nd hand bookshop
>See semi-elderly owner struggling lifting boxes
>"Hey mister need a hand?"
>Fast forward 6 months and I'm basically running the place.
>Very good second hand books. It's all evaluations and auctions and pretending to be sad when people are hocking off their great grandfather's old leatherbound books for cash.
>Bumping art/photography/architecture sections. Shelves of poetry, Phil, classics & local history.
>Area is all white and mid-upper class.
>Young good looking Greek boys coming in looking for classical Phil written in Greek.
>Academics coming in hunting for specialist shit every day.

Really is the best. So unpretentious it's unbelievable.

>> No.18583131

Put 2 signs
>pet friendly
>kill all pitbulls

>> No.18583171

>people think OP's story is real

>> No.18583342

i can see why. its like he presents himself as high brow when he's really just dorky. not that i mind dorky as a dork myself, but he takes himself too seriously for it to be endearing.

>> No.18583358

It's why pseuds on 4chan love him

>> No.18583375

i hate pseuds >:c

>> No.18584162

also i want to do this

>> No.18584275

I really love the book stores near me. Parnassus rare & used books is the best. I wish you luck OP, I appreciate my local stores much more now

>> No.18584293

just tell them Tolkien was a critical race theorist and leave it at that

>> No.18584437

Op you ungrateful piece of shit
you have your own bookstore, full of art hoes, cheap coffee and shitty analog cameras
Thats the dream of a lot of people, hope you understand what you have in hands

>> No.18584466

Kek this is just how it is, you have treat them as retards where your only goal is to milk as much cash out of as possible. Once you have fuck you money you can retire and open your niche used book store

>> No.18584492
File: 41 KB, 798x644, 1599899074904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep that sucks thanks for sharing

>> No.18585058
File: 1.20 MB, 1280x720, 1571336499100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Insurance fraud and calculated arson that kills at least a dozen of your patrons is the only way to redeem your soul at this point.

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