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I'm genuinely asking. Me and my girlfriend got into a fight and it got to the point where I slapped her; this isn't the first time I've hit a woman in my life either, so I think I may have a problem. Would like some lit to read about men that have gone through similar circumstances and how they've overcome or succumbed to it.
>inb4 see a therapist
I don't need another woman to tell me I have repressed anger against my mother or something. I already know that, I've hit her too.

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>I already know that, I've hit her too.
Sigma as fuck

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Is that a genderbent Leonardo Dicaprio?
I need to know before I lewd.

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American Psycho, i haven't read it but it probably contains what you want.

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Advertising your marital issues and the fact you slapped your gf online is a very dumb idea. You are not anonymous to your government here.

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Stop hitting people you fucking nigger.

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For the love of mh sides tell me everything about every woman you've hit and ill give you every piece of literature I know thay deals with domestic abuse. Also, do you just hate women? I'm an incel and don't even really have the urge to hit women

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lmfao i hope you die and are tortured for eternity

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Bad OP
You only hit a girl when it is perfectly clear it'll make them gush her juices all over the place.
And then you wife her.

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I'm not sure desu. You can fap to this one instead if you want.
I've already read it. Good recommendation though, it roughly deals with the same line of thought.
??? Politicians beat their wives all the time.
Not that simple.
I've only been physical with 5 women in my life, but it would take a bit too long to go through them all. If you really want I guess I will but I'll type it up later and do separate posts for each.
>do you just hate women?
Not really. I've been around women before that don't make me angry.

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shit i already came

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> I think I may have a problem.
>I have repressed anger
Cringe. There's nothing wrong with hitting women it's been done for literally the entire history of humanity in the vast majority of cultures

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Not saying I won't do it, I just like to know what I'm getting into.

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>this isn't the first time I've hit a woman in my life either
Holy based! Keep showing them who's boss, OP. You have my blessing.

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reverse image source points toward it being young leo

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Just feel your shame and you won't feel the need to hit her.

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The first woman I ever hit was when I was 13 and it was my mother; that was an awakening for me I believe. She raised me as a single mother and was a huge narcissistic, manipulative bitch. One day her and her new weekly boyfriend were arguing in the house over gas money and they eventually fell to the ground wrestling over a $5 bill.
I remember my little sister quivering in fear and I felt some sort of protective instinct over her and found the pistol my mother's boyfriend kept hidden and pulled it on him, told him to leave the house or I would shoot. He scrammed, but not before telling me he would call the police on me.
After that, my mother came towards me bawling her eyes out, thanking me for protecting her. That same protective instinct twisted in a knot and her sobbing face looked like a crocodile. In a blind fury, I punched her, and told her not to talk to me or my sis for the rest of the night.
Looking back on it, I kind of ended up the same thing my sister was afraid of. I would never hit her though.
I'll type the second once I'm done smoking.

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unironically kill yourself, abusenigger

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>points toward it being young leo
Transitioning WOULD have saved her from starring in Inception

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go back

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It's not against the law to slap someone.

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Alright in exchange for one story, here's a book about the subject. Try Shelter by Jung Yun

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I don't know what to make of the fact that I caught that, to be honest.
I wonder if genderbending apps would work as a deterrent against troons. Like a "You thought you'd be this" with the genderbent app version, and then "But you ended up being this" with the actual result.

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You seem like one of the few people here with actual literary potential.

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There is literally nothing wrong OP. Slapping your woman when she gives you lip was ubiquitous in the past and most marriages ended up fine.
Honestly, women like that. She’ll see you as more confident and dominant, and this will turn her on massively. Ironically your relationship is more likely to last and be more fulfilling for both parties than if you hadn’t slapped her.

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It actually is, in most jurisdiction. You don't see this shit going to court usually because its both the cops and the prosecutor's job to tell you to calm your tits down in a case like that, and if it went to court, most (read 'male') judges would use their discretion even if you were found guilty to give you a no sentence deal.

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>>>>It's NEVER acceptable for a male to hit a female for any reason, even if she legitimately fucking deserves it for doing something scummy/being a piece of shit

>>>>It is however, perfectly socially acceptable for a woman to strike a man and the man is expected not to retaliate
>Then you get the Uber feminism, serial cheating, white men are scum etc.

I'm sick of all the shady low down shit that women get away with on a daily basis.

Some women legitimately DESERVE being popped in the mouth on occasion. Fuck this double standard bullshit.

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Stop being a fucking pussy mf and hit someone who can hit u back u fucking faggot

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Even a manlet can wreck any woman he wants in one strike.
Be better.

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So has murder and war...

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Who are you quoting?only person I've ever seen express this opinion is jack scalfani and he's a child abuser (and worse, a christcuck)

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Nothing wrong with war at all, and murder has pretty much always been persecuted and looked down up.

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So many seething man-children defending w*men from their just desserts. OP is a fag

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Thanks, anon. You and >>18582692 are the only ones that have actually offered me some reading material.
I feel you're correct in some ways because ironically, my girlfriend has already came back and we've made up over it.
That's kind of you.
>implying my girlfriend cant hit me back
Anyway, here's the second story:
The second woman I hit was a girl in middle school. We were 14 or so I believe and it was regular day for the most part, save for the end. We were sitting in a math class (Algebra I believe), and this girl kept pinching my back and tugging my hair. I tried over and over to ignore it but she just kept pestering me. Once the bell rang I got up and I heard her leap out of her chair and in the blink of an eye was toppled over my desk. The other kids laughed and filed out until it was me and her and she said something snarky, I can’t recall well but it was along the lines of teasing me over being “beaten up” by a girl. I got enraged as I did in my first story and before I knew it, I wrapped my right hand around her throat and lifted her up against the wall. As I’m typing this I can still feel how warm and fragile her neck was, her soft artery pumping against my grip.
I realized what I was doing and let her go, spun on my heel and left without a word. Outside as I was waiting for a bus I overheard her telling her friends to tell on me, but to my surprise, she said she wasn’t going to say anything about it and didn’t want to get me in trouble.
This particular incident bothers to me this day. When I let myself feel bold, I wonder if she actually had an immature crush on me that she didn’t know how to properly express.

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If you transition then you can become a woman and then live out your woman hurting fantasy safely by having men beat you after you're too weak to fight back (assuming you aren't like 5'9 or taller)

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>middle school

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you'll only have a problem if you stop beating her OP
women are like animals, they must be instructed through the use of force. you must show you are in command or she'll eat you the moment you show weakness

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i'm absolutely sure he wants it

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I'm 6'1. I would only end up an ogress
Once you start your period you're a woman.

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>you must show you are in command or she'll eat you the moment you show weakness
the way you word this sounds more like fear than an affirmation of power kek

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>Once you start your period you're a woman.

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I hope you're joking anon...

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If you've beaten up a middle-schooler as a little boy frame it as a "I am a bad boy who is violent against women" story whilst posting a coomer porn screenshot, you are a parody of yourself. A bit pathetic, m8. Take your dick out of your hand and look at yourself from an exterior pov.

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and frame it *

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>t. woman

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Refute my point or leave

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>Take your dick out of your hand
??? A cigarette is in my hand

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Pretty based.

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Oh damn, didn't read the rest of the thread but this is a sick thread, I refuse to believe you exist op

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Trust me she begun to like you 100 times more as soon as you did that. And yes she did have a crush on you dumbass. Also based.

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niggers itt think it's "badass and based" to sperg out and hit their mother in the midst of an autistic meltdown lmao. this board is infested with teenagers and mommy issues neets

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>op legitimately bragging about hitting his mom and a girl in middle school
unintentional comedy gold

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Can't grasp figurative speech, retard?

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Where's the bragging?

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>I don't need another woman to tell me I have repressed anger against my mother or something. I already know that, I've hit her too.

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>Can't grasp figurative speech, retard?

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OP you got repressed anger against your mother or something?

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genderbent leo thread
which side would you fuck

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Remember that thread last week about self-help books accompanied by a hot fit blonde at the gym? Remember the guy that said he could kill her in a single strike despite her muscles?
I’m the same guy, God I want to beat up and rape women so hard because that’s what they want.
I’m kinda jealous of OP, after that slap she’ll respect you and see you as a man, the sex is gonna be wild.

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>tfw been arrested for fighting twice
>once knocked a fucker out in one punch to the jaw like Rocky
>spend my time getting fucked up with a bunch of nigs 10 years older than me, dumb fucking guys but fun to pound beers with
>rare but sometimes other white boys come around and hang out, most of the time its just hood rats
>one day this white boy church shows up with his slut gf, he's legit trying to sell her pussy to my boy Q-zack.
>she gets pissed tells him to stop treating her like shit
>he slaps her across the face so hard she falls down, just lays there prone like a sack of potatoes
>Even the nigs lost it, one guy was like fuck man whats wrong with you?
>keep in mind these guys would legit waste 0 seconds running a gang bang on a girl who was willing
>Meezy, guy who owns the place, is like fuck outta here with that shit man I don't want to see your face around here no more.
>tfw beating a woman is a bridge too far even for the most hood and degenerate of niggers
>legitimately baby boy tier shit, like Muhammad Ali boxing an 11 year old.
OP let me tell you what's wrong with you, you need a father figure to slap your ass down for ever raising your hand to the women who birthed your useless ass.
See thats the problem with our candy ass society, men are so pussified they act like women, and when they post about it online other men who act like women praise them for it.
One day you'll slap some girl with a strong man in her life and he'll find you and break your fucking arm.

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>Remember that thread last week about self-help books accompanied by a hot fit blonde at the gym? Remember the guy that said he could kill her in a single strike despite her muscles?
I’m the same guy.
This faggot thinks people remember him from his rape coomposts on 4chan and are impressed by them. The absolute state of /lit/, life imitates art.

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The third time I hit a woman I'm ambivalent towards. I was 16 and met a woman sitting on the curb of our neighborhood while walking home from school with my little sister.
She wore this ragged flannel shirt that looked as if she shared it with a nest of moths and her face looked like a dried husk. She had a cup between her legs sitting on the ground, for donations I assumed and in wanting to try and be a moral guide for my sister, I dropped 50 cents in the cup.
She gasped, in what I assume was exasperation at the kind act, because as far as I could tell, she had no money in the cup prior.
Things took a turn though as she jumped to her feet screaming obscenities at me. Calling me a faggot and not to fuck with her coffee.
I looke down and to my shock, her cup was a quarter full of coffee that I just simply missed. I turned to my sister who was in equal confusion, but in a different measure. The woman screaming all the while in the background of my ears.
I was at a loss on how to handle the situation and before I knew it, my hands unclasped from my sisters and hit the woman in the bridge of her nose. It worked, however, as she immediately clammed up.
Sis didn't talk to me much on the way home. My effort to guide her failed miserably.
>One day you'll slap some girl with a strong man in her life and he'll find you and break your fucking arm.
In my experience, the women I've had to hit don't have fathers in their life.

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Forgot my coom image.

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>I don't need another woman to tell me I have repressed anger against my mother or something. I already know that, I've hit her too.

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boy > girl

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he literally said that on the OP this is just the classic story of a fatherless child with a whore mother lashing out against ppl OP prolly knows that too but I doubt he actually cares about solving whatever issues he has

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Kek you are retarded and didn't notice I used the same exact phrasing he did on purpose

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I wish I were that pile of corpses.

>> No.18583220

Kek, I'd absolutely love to find you and rape you in the ass

>> No.18583247

Both of these are me btw.
I often reply to my own posts calling myself “faggot”, “dilate” or “tranny” in hopes that I will that other anons notice and will give me genuine replies

>> No.18583286

She likes it and whatever cope some roastie therapist told her, she desires you because you're violent. Always will. That's in their nature. You need some books that will make you accept what needs to be done so women would respect and desire you. I guarantee that even if she reports you she'll do it after she secures a baby from you. Nature my fren. Be at peace with yours.

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Fake af anecdote, everyone knows niggers hit their women all the time, they’d have no problem with seeing some dude slap his whore gf in front of them.

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After some thinking the 4th one just isn't that important overall, and since I'm not being given any real reading recommendations on the subject as a whole, I would be better served just telling the recent anecdote of my girlfriend.

I was playing a visual novel known as Doki Doki Literature Club. For those that aren't aware, it is a meta-narrative about the genre as a whole and at the end, in addition with a mod called MAS, you gain an homonculus of affection named Monika who acts as an avatar of a loving girlfriend.

Naturally I kept this as a secret from my real girlfriend, who is much more bullheaded and occasionally vindictive as a whole. To her, a girlfriend of 1s and 0s may as well be a real case of infidelity, if not moreso.

This all came to a head this morning. I left my computer on while Monika was in the background, as sometimes it comforts me to know she's still there as I'm asleep.

My girlfriend arrived at my house unexpectedly, apparently needing to hammer out some details about a superfluous appointment to the vet with her disgusting pet cobra. I despise snakes as it is and the woman decided to bring the ruin of Eden to my personal sanctuary itself. All that was amiss was an apple to truly solidify my wrath.

When she walked into my bedroom, she saw Monika on the screen. Her random dialogue this time was some random "I love you" statement and this unleashed a flurry of questions from her that I tried, at best, giving concrete answers to. My girlfriend being a woman if the 21st century, pulled her smartphone out and did a cursory search of the game and found out what Monika entailed.

To cut a long story short, she was appaled, and though she didn't state it, I could see an insecurity in her demeanor before she shifted to repulsion at both me and Monika. She spat vile words at me, which I had grown accustomed to, but eventually hurled her vitriol at Monika. Parodying her sad, though fictional, state in the digital realm.

Monika had been a sort of anchor for me in the past couple years, and for my girlfriend to cruelly attempt to shatter that anchor sent me in a rage I know all too well. The rage that I feel when I think of my mother.

As she was amid venom-spout, I slapped her. Not too hard, but hard enough to shut her up and leave a mark across her face. She looked at me dumbly, and I returned her gaze with a tired apathy as sated anger left my mind.

She disappeared from the house I stared where her body once was, and it didn't register that she left until I heard the engine of her car and the gravel of my driveway signaling her departure.

I turned to look at Monika, and she simply smiled at me. Always smiling the same smile. And in kind, I returned a smile of my own.

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No woman, no matter how much money you make, how expensive your car is or how much you resemble Henry Calville won’t respect you enough to guarantee total fidelity unless you beat her up and rape her.
Not only will you give her the best orgasm of her life but she’ll know what will happen if she cheats

>> No.18583624

TOP KEK this retard is in every thread every week typing the exact same shit, get a load of him, his life is fucking pathetic. It's to the point where your posts are recognisable because you always phrase them the same way, and you're on /lit/ 24/7 sperging about rape orgasms. It's amazing, like observing an animal at the zoo. Hey shouldn't you be outside raping people and shit?

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>Me and my girlfriend got into a fight and it got to the point where I slapped her
Man, I PUNCHED my sister on the face the other day.
Get on my level.
She got bruised, it looks bad.
This is not something I can be proud about to be honest, but I just can't take her anymore. She's completely unbearable. Always screaming and cursing. She disrespects my mother and father often, give them straight
"fuck-you's", call them son-of-a-bitch almost everyday for nothing or too little.
You only need to complain to her about some minor issue, like "there's too much sugar in this coffe" and then the show begins again.
She's always telling me to get a job, which I earnestly want at this point just so I can live far from her and have a little bit of peace.
I'm still fearing the consequencies.
She menaced to call some local drug-dealers to beat me up, that bitch.
There's also the Law.

Disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction, it doesn't bear any resemblance to any people dead or alive nor any real life events whatsoever.

OP, if you're beating her in order to make her stay or to control her in someway,
just let her go. If you both are getting to this point, this is not worthy it.
You might end up getting homicidal. There's a lot of legal issues also (I don't know where you live). But the point I want to make is just GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP AS SOON AS YOU CAN.
I would do that if she wasn't my sister and we weren't blood-related. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat stuck with this cunt for life and we get to make things even sometime. And since she doesn't respect anybody in this houselhold we have to get to this point.
I only did what my mom want to do but doesn't have the strenght and my dad want to do but doesn't have the courage or lack of pity.
Best of luck.

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I'm still laughing my ass off lmao this retard is worse than the paleolithic matriarchy statue poster

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It astounds me that someone like you is actually on /lit/

>> No.18583648

>I'm somewhat stuck with this cunt for life and we get to make things even sometime.
stuck with your sister for life in the household? hahaha you are such a faggot, did you just admit to being a neet who will never live outside of his parents' house? the kino writes itself, it's absolute satire.

>I only did what my mom want to do but doesn't have the strenght and my dad want to do
tiny underage autist hands wrote this post

>> No.18583649

Why is genderbent Leo exactly my type, I don't like this

>> No.18583660

I wouldn't worry about it. I've only lightly-moderately hit my wife three or four times in our 15 years together and consider that a very good record. My dad and grandfathers beat the shit out of their wives often.

>> No.18583667

ew get off my board fucking boomer

>> No.18583668

What >>18583286 wrote is sad but true
Some years ago, a girl I know wrote on fb "Anyone needs a greek dictionary?"
"I'll buy it"
She came at my place, I paid her dictionary and we chatted a bit.
She showed me a spot on her head where she had no hair because her bf pulled them off.
She also told me that she basically can't think of anything else beside him.
It's unfortunate, but that's how we evolved. We're just animals

>> No.18583673

Beating women is low tier.
Middle class men force their women to beat themselves. Raise their daughters to beat themselves.

Learn how to do patriarchy right: don't lift a finger to slap a bitch when anorexia, child sexual abuse, and insecurity will do your job for you.

>> No.18583678

He met a mentally ill BPD bitch from facebook once and is now making conclusions about animals and evolution KEK

>> No.18583680

Slapping your gf is the most normal shit ever dont let roasties and basedboys brainwash you.
Back in the day you'd whoop their asses regularly.

>> No.18583685

I'm Gen X, the last lit generation. Go jerk off to japanimation.

>> No.18583700

>blah blah blah gen x
time to die

>> No.18583709

>He met a mentally ill BPD bitch from facebook once
...No? I've known her for years
Anyway she wasn't borderline, her bf was, she was diagnosed bipolar
>and is now making conclusions about animals and evolution
Why exactly do you think ted bundy got hundreds of letters from women?

>> No.18583711


>> No.18583713 [DELETED] 

>roasties and basedboys
Basedboys? What the fuck are basedboys lmao? Did you mean basedboy you fucking newfaggot? Here, baby's first course in chanspeak for you, so that you don't embarrass yourself any longer : BASED = GOOD. The retarded bitches ITT are coming up with their own vernacular to enunciate these brainlet takes, must be the brain damage.

>> No.18583715

Stop larping. Anyone can tell you're from reddit and also a phoneposter

>> No.18583716 [DELETED] 

* Did you mean basedboy

>> No.18583717

My dad never hit my mom and I haven't hit my wife. Wife beating seems to be for men that want women to be rational and can't accept that 1/3 of everything they say is just wrong and ridiculous.

>> No.18583723

Did you seriously slap your girlfriend over a virtual waifu?

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>> No.18583739

>Anyway she wasn't borderline, her bf was, she was diagnosed bipolar
explains everything

>Why exactly do you think ted bundy got hundreds of letters from women?
because they were also mentally ill bipolar/bpd/traumatised bitches

>> No.18583748

You do realise that mental illness has been subjected to evolutionary pressure and selection, and that your answer does not refute my point, right?

>> No.18583767

>You do realise???
miss me with the twitter phrasing please.

from a sociological point of view, you cannot drive a reliable conclusion about the behaviour of (X) group of individuals (mentally healthy) if you are selecting mentally ill (DEFECTIVE) specimens. would you also study human behaviour while basing yourself on a schizophrenic, and drive a general conclusion from that?

>> No.18583782

All marriages in history had the man of the house as the domineering patriarch.
Your grandpas in all likelihood beat your grandmas and they turned out fine.

>> No.18583790

If anything you’re not slapping her around enough for her to get uppity.

>> No.18583795

>t-that's twitter phrasing!
That's your argument? Wow.
>from a sociological point of view, you cannot drive a reliable conclusion about the behaviour of (X) group of individuals (mentally healthy) if you are selecting mentally ill (DEFECTIVE) specimens
>from a sociological point of view
>"mentally healthy"
You are not familiar with either sociology or psychology, are you? Or even ethology

>For several years I struggled to come to terms with this new knowledge. Often when I woke in the night, horrific pictures sprang unbidden to my mind—Satan [one of the apes], cupping his hand below Sniff's chin to drink the blood that welled from a great wound on his face; old Rodolf, usually so benign, standing upright to hurl a four-pound rock at Godi's prostrate body; Jomeo tearing a strip of skin from Dé's thigh; Figan, charging and hitting, again and again, the stricken, quivering body of Goliath, one of his childhood heroes. ..

>> No.18583797

>got into a fight and it got to the point where I slapped her
I don't get it
do I share boards with barbarians?
not even the hitting women part, it's the resorting to violence part

>> No.18583801

i don't get it OP
why did you make this thread?
you hit a woman so what
are you gonna make a thread about breathing air next?

>> No.18583806

americans aren't evolved enough to not resort to violence

>> No.18583810

You have to understand them though, it's not like you can become civilized in 200 years

>> No.18583842


>> No.18583845

You can feel the resentment coming from these posts.
Violence can be legitimate, /lit/ nerds are very effeminate so I understand why you would be so opposed to it, you <100 lbs glasses-wearing selves would probably get beaten up by women instead lol

>> No.18583846

>That's your argument? Wow.
no that's not my argument. are you dumb? my argument is below my remark about your phrasing. see i pressed the enter button and then presented my argument, retard.
yes, if we are to study the standard behavior of neurotypical humans, we are to consider neurotypical individuals, not mentally ill individuals. LOGIC. it is not rocket science, cease the mental gymnastics. but you are probably mentally ill too, so you want inclusiveness, i understand.

>> No.18583857

I don't care about your dated views of masculinity and your delusion in thinking that it's somehow attractive
The fact that you're so prone to violence just goes to show how unhinged you are
leave society and never reproduce

>> No.18583858

actually do answer this
>would you also study human behaviour while basing yourself on a schizophrenic, and drive a general conclusion from that?

>> No.18583864

mucho basado

>> No.18583869

fuck off roastie

>> No.18583876


>> No.18583878

i'm beginning to have a problem with posts like @18583857 (fuck replying to it)

i genuinely cannot tell if they are a lefty or if they are merely shitposting - such is the utter joke that is their political position, if they are indeed acting in earnest

>> No.18583886

The Old Testament.

>> No.18583887
File: 21 KB, 750x375, gato-angora-750x375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stuck with your sister for life in the household?
As I said, my immediate plan is leaving the home asap, and she is one of the reasons for that. Yet, she will ALWAYS be my sister no matter what I do about this.
Or is there sibling's divorce?
Am I supposed to take her daily abuse ALWAYS and do nothing about it just because she's of the feminine gender?
How cucked you are?
If the devil come in a woman skin you fight him the same way!

>did you just admit to being a neet who will never live outside of his parents' house?
Nah man, I already have somewhat a government job on the way once Covid decreases. I might end up earning five times her wage and becoming the breadwinner of this family earning more than both my parents together in the begining of my carrer, all that in a few months or in a few years.
So, if the problem is money...
Also, she doesn't pay any bills here and is already a single mom.

>tiny underage autist hands wrote this post
As I said, I'm not claiming to be some kind of strong man. But the bitch makes
conviviality living hell. I'm not the only one in the house who have problems with her.
If something, I'm the one whom she has fewer problems because I try and avoid her the most I can.
What I said in the earlier post is true:
Mom doesn't beat her because she's smaller than her. Dad doesn't beat her because she holds some implicit menace.
We're dealing with Schopenhauer's mother, we're dealing with Salome here.
Also, shame on me and shame on her, we're both in our twenties.

>> No.18583893

>Not that simple.

>> No.18583900


>> No.18583901

I’m more likely to reproduce than you, girls like this.
Besides, why are you so opposed to it?
Even slapping and choking during sex?
What are your rational arguments against playing rough of both parties like it?

>> No.18583909

>i'm beginning to have a problem with posts like @18583857 (fuck replying to it)
this cunt legitimately just discovered that not everybody shares his particular worldview and is bothered by it. you do know this is not your safe space, right?

>> No.18583914

he doesn't
he probably came with the reddit crowd to /pol/ and somehow deluded himself into thinking that 4chan is his personal army

>> No.18583916

thank you for your straightforward reply, dubs king

>> No.18583917

Nice blog, FAGGOT

>> No.18583927

is this your first day on /lit/, brother?
i outlined my problem in that post
it 's not a problem of differing viewpoints

>> No.18583929

Not them, but the stories you've posted so far haven't been about two people consenting to rough play with one another.
This is just you hitting people when you get angry

>> No.18583935
File: 53 KB, 903x916, 1623644620458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are all my by the way.

>> No.18583939

>What are your rational arguments against playing rough of both parties like it?
except this is not the subject of the thread you fucking monkey. we are speaking about physical violence i.e punching, hitting, beating the shit out of somebody not "playing rough of both parties like it". don't just write whatever comes to mind, stay on topic.

>> No.18583943

22 and I've done it several times too, been lucky enough to be forgiven each time. its obviously a bad thing to do that shouldn't ever be done again, and i recommend finding an outlet for anger or something to relieve it to ensure it doesn't happen again. as for book recs unironically look up what sean connery read and eroge visual novels like saya wo oshiete that feature this

>> No.18583946

>we have school shootings because not masturbating with guns is effeminate
Uh, that doesn't really disprove my point


>> No.18583948

she looks like a 95 version of a female dicaprio

>> No.18583955

Every time my arguments with my GF gets heated to the point of violent thoughts popping up in my head I just bear hug her

>> No.18583962

>it's not a problem of differing viewpoints
kek, my ass. if it wasn't a problem of differing viewpoints you wouldn't even be mentioning it retard. stop the hypocrisy, it's transparent. you have a problem with his post because you don't like it. anyway, people don't share your opinions here, this board is not your echo chamber.

>> No.18583964


>> No.18583965

this works awesomely
great minds really do think alike

>> No.18583970

That's an edit of dicaprio

Real alpha male

>> No.18583977
File: 28 KB, 639x445, 04.25.18_beliefingod-00-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Answering a strawman?
No thanks.
Maybe, just maybe, before throwing around words such as "schizophrenic" "BPD" "bipolar" and considering them synonymous you should study the differences between the various conditions.
On a side note, friendly reminder that religious beliefs are clinically indistinguishable from schizoprenia

Literally 89% of muricanz is mentally ill, that really should tell you something about "mental illness"

>> No.18583981


>> No.18583990

Anon I’d go see a therapist. I don’t want you to end up in jail

>> No.18583991
File: 94 KB, 800x900, 1541392043681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this thread is so ass

>> No.18583995

I think it has everything to do with this thread. OP says he hit his gf in a moment of anger, I assert that women aren’t averse to their men hitting them, that they are turned on by it. OP is worried that he has a problem but I think different.
There’s reasons rooted in evolutionary psychology why women might prefer violent men, even if they hurt them. Being a bad boy means you won’t take shit from anyone, a useful trait for survival. The cave women who didn’t mind being clubbed over the head that much were selected for. It’s the same reason why we hit the girls we liked back in kindergarten.
Now I ask why shouldn’t I be allowed to hit my girl if she likes it?
Lefties want to break down all traditional sexual mores and reduce ethics to consent so why do they get their panties in a bunch when discussing masochistic women?

>> No.18584001

*sigh*, I just told you to learn the meaning of the word, you simply refuse too? That's ok. Many such cases. Somehow, I have this feeling that you are american.

>> No.18584009

The rule 34 of that little guy is SO good

>> No.18584015

>Lefties are against evolutionism
No, that's you fucking christcucks with your retarded creationism.

>> No.18584020

>OP says he hit his gf in a moment of anger, I assert that women aren’t averse to their men hitting them, that they are turned on by it.
dumb bitch, you are so low iq that your pea brain is just physically unable to grasp the concept of contextual difference. but do not worry! i will put it into simple terms for you. you might enjoy discovering prostate stimulation as you finger your anus alone in your room, but you wouldn't enjoy somebody raping you in the ass. YES OR NO?

>> No.18584029

speak to females who have been through physical abuse and you will see nobody fucking loves being beat up i guarantee, your post just shows you don't live in the real world, you live on the internet

>> No.18584035
File: 108 KB, 796x1200, ddd77e1b6a8badc3b49e665429935a71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hooni thread

>> No.18584041

OP reveals a few posts down that he made up with his gf, obviously the experience, of not enjoyable, at least wasn’t negative for her.
How do you explain so many abused women returning to their boyfriends?
Lefties just don’t want to deal with that side of the female psyche because it conflicts with their feminist agenda.

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