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Here's my paper choppa and my hot glue perfect binder... what you got /Lit/?

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1)What kind of books do you print?
3)How much does that stuff cost? How much does it cost to make a book with it?

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1. Books I have written
2. Full control over the process means you cannot be cancelled / publisher drop you / Amazon delete your books
3. Chopper = 1k+ or $500 used, glue machine = $500-700, toner & paper is still dirt cheap!

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So does the perfect binder fold the signatures as well? I assume not since you had to buy a shear as well. So you have to fold by hand, staple the signatures, shear the edges even, stack the signatures then stick them in the binder? Does the machine do anything other then glue?

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What's a signature?

The printer prints
The chopper chops
The perfect binder binds the pages to the cover
It works almost flawlessly, but I need more practice to make the books perfect every time. Right now I make a shit book every 1 in 4

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i had private musings on becoming my own publisher, but never actually thought it would be feasible. how much would a printer like that cost?

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1)How many copies do you do?

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I just started, about to start cranking out my 2nd book!

My kid's birthday this week so I've been focused on that... going to get started and show /Lit/ that you can make money self-publishing!

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Bless you anon, I hope things work out for you.

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God bless you too friend!

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sending good luck to you

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i'm going to dedicate a J.O. sesh to you, bro.

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I'd like to do the same thing but for non-academic philosophy.
> like a triple layer cake of setting yourself up for failing life.

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Wow you sound like a faggot who does not believe in himself?

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post a pic of one of your books

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Can you put together a detailed blog on this? This interests me immensely but I have no idea where to start.

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Just got the machine setup yesterday and had to fix it... was damaged in shipping. Obviously I have to align the spine better... hahaha!

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The most based thread in months

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What do you use for printing? Book cover printing?

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This makes both the cover and the pages. Buy in bulk and your costs are dirt fucking cheap!

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I was going to shit on you for spamming threads with this, but you know what? Good for you. We can afford one or two less Neechum vs Butters thread a day to make space for your marketing ploy. I'll even buy one of your books if it reaches La Belle Province.

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Thank you bro!

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>What's a signature?
This is what paperback bindings do to your brain.

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Looks nice, happy for you.

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Care to explain what the signature is?

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Thanks... the spine isn't perfect as the hot glue roller isn't 100% spot on. I have to manually use a spatula to wipe the glue for 100% coverage. Then I have to be careful to not apply too much or the cover will open unevenly.

Once I'm up and making money, I wanna help /Lit/ do this in your own local community.

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I think it’s the book rapper that goes around the hardback books.

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I'll eventually make a video about the entire process for /Lit/, I'm just really excited for my daughter's birthday tomorrow. My in-laws think it is too dangerous in 2021 to give her what I got her for her birthday. (A silver cross with laser engraving: Daddy loves HerName)

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>I'm just really excited for my daughter's birthday tomorrow
Will her father be there as well?

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How many times are you going to keep making these shit threads?

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Probably even more often once I've reached the standard of quality I need so I can start selling books. Need to practice binding more. Not going to do it today as I'm distracted by being too excited for my kid's birthday tomorrow!

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Based schizo dad prepping his daughter for the inevitable vampire/werewolf apocalypse.

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Where the hell are all the other schizos like me?
Mental hospital?

If I can inspire at least 1 other /Lit/ fag to get his or her own gear and make a living printing out their own books... I will feel successful... thanks for reading. I appreciate you rebels.

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Stop being narcissistic.

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Why would you quit something that has been so successful at creating a dynamic life?

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/lit/ does not read. /lit/ does not write. You expect someone here to start their own printing press? If I wrote a book I could have Amazon print the proof and ship it to me in 2-3 days with minimal start up and easily scale future production and fulfillment so long as my book did not become a best-seller.

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>2-3 days
Have you ever been "in the zone"
AKA manic
AKA being a creator
AKA being productive
Like... don't take this as an insult... but can you show me ANYTHING you have created in your entire life?

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I make cute babies!

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>but can you show me ANYTHING you have created in your entire life?
Sorry for the delay anon, I was being self-indulgent


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Why do they have to paint lady Saints so beautiful?

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You know, I got into an argument with you shit kickers guy. Even though you are a massive faggot who can't write. I hope you make some money and I'll buy a copy of your shitty book. Keep writing bro. I'll get around to reading you book eventually.

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This. I don't read but once I finish my mixtape I'll know who to consult to get it printed.

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I can understand being engrossed in the writing process but doing layout and cover design seems like a quick, cybernetic task of prototyping until it looks nice, not something to be consumed by. That's energy that could be spent on content

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Bro I wish I could reach out to you because that is the most fun part!!!!

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Bro... I respect you like crazy. Thank you for your comment and if you send me a message on jason-bryan dot com on the contact form, I will 100% send you a signed book. Thank you, faggot, I appreciate you more than words can describe.

Godspeed anon

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Meeting women through friends was easy before everything became politcal!

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Based I just want to grill boomer

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I am here to help the young Canadian men of 2021 learn to read more and put down their phones.

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I could buy 200 books for 1000 dollars and 400 for 1500

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$5 a book... pretty hefty

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