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Why is human cultural development so entrenched in not wanting to be human anymore? Science seeks to eliminate disease, death, and all human vulnerabilities, leaving Earth behind, and generally making humans "more than 'just' humans". Religion is all about "ascending" and "elevating the soul" to leave the material universe behind, whether it's the concept of going to Heaven, or exiting Samsara, or escaping the Demiurge's illusions, etc., it is again about becoming more than "just" human. Philosophy tries to, essentially, "discover" those absolute laws, behaviours, and values that would, again, put man above himself, basically the way man should be in order to be more than human. I ask: what the fuck is so wrong with being human and when will these copes cease?

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It's always funny to read a random thinking he's a genius for realizing something basic. What, do you think (You) are the first person to realize that as a race we have been endlessly looking for ways to cope with our mortality?

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You have poor reading comprehension, le ebin sarcastic fag. This is far from just about trying to cope with death, it's about wanting to dissociate ourselves from everything that makes us human, death being just one of them.

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>It's about wanting to dissociate ourselves from everything that makes us human
This is just a recent way in human history of coping with mortality and meaninglesness. You are kind of a braindead fag for failing to understand this.
Try to digest your ideas before spitting them out in people's faces.

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Your off-handed reductionism is neither smart nor impressive, Mr. Reddit. Come back when you're a little older.

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So you post a fedora tier pseudo-intellectual wannabe manifesto paragraph about how you found out we want to leave humanity behind and I am Mr. Reddit? Pfff, cope more, faggot

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>I am Mr. Reddit
Glad you agree.

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OPs question isn't exclusively about mortality. how about you answer the question instead of immediately acting like an insufferable faggot?

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It is the duty of a living thing to bring forth that which is greater than itself.

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people usually don't like living

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Finally, an actually compelling answer. I will think about this and get back to you later, good post.

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>Why is human cultural development so entrenched in not wanting to be human anymore?
Runaway Satanism taking over the West and then the rest of the world.

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Have you ever tried being a human? It sucks.

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Why? Why do you think it sucks?

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If you don't aspire to greatness then you will never understand.

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power process

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Humanity comes with a variety of downsides. Pain, weakness, vitriol, sin. That sort of thing. Despite these vulnerabilities and failings, mankind is the master of his domain. Every culture wants to transcend humanity because if a person could transcend humanity, they would be in-charge by default.
The truth is, the sin we will never relinquish is our desire to form ladder-shaped hierarchies of power, and to convince other people that the ones we're high up on are the most important.
It's not just religion that's about transcending typical human boundaries. The end-goal of things like greed for wealth or the desire to be lusted after by women are also pursuits of eliminating suffering and obtaining power over others.

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>The truth is, the sin we will never relinquish is our desire to form ladder-shaped hierarchies of power, and to convince other people that the ones we're high up on are the most important.
And don't forget: convincing people that this is the "natural" thing to do, and if it's "natural" then it has to be "good".

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Leaving behind Humanism in all forms, and Nature, in it's 'Motherly' conception, is the only way forward. Accepting Us - as comfortable, shaved Gorillas is impossible for all but idiots.

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>It is the duty of a living thing
the only purpose of life is to extend the life of your genes

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The only people who think that are slaves who have been convinced by their masters to breed the next generation of wagies.

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What? Don't be ridiculous, anon. Goodness is practically defined by the ability for people to ignore power hierarchies and just perform an impulsive act of empathy towards others.
While it may be that empathy is a clever fluke of pack-survival and familial rearing, it is arguably the very first tool any animal has ever used to defy the existential climb of survival.
The human ability to imagine and even want a model for existence outside of the struggles that define and fulfill us is the very apex of self-sacrificing morality. We would give up crowns that took millennia to forge merely for the satisfaction of walking among equals.
There's true beauty in that, regardless of how it's frustrated by man and nature's other, indifferent aspects.

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Is there inherent value in human life? If your answer isn't yes, then of course you would not be content with humanity. Is there value beyond human life? If so, then naturally you would want to be "more than just human".

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Why if my answer is "yes, there is"?

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Well the first noble truth is that being is suffering.

This can be demonstrated by ontological reflection.

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Wtf is being human anyways, perhaps hoping to ascend is the most human thing

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Then you would be content with being human. But why don't you try to demonstrate, to this thread, the inherent value in human life, since you are so certain of it yourself.

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Sometimes I really think our intelligence is an evolutionary defect. Humans are like the only animals that don't want to be themselves. Do cats and dogs resent being cats and dogs? Do whales not wanna be whales? Only this goddamn hairless ape doesn't wanna be a hairless ape and he thinks he's all high and mighty for it. If anything our self-hatred born from our unnatural intelligence is proof that it's more a harmful error than anything.

TL;DR Return to monke

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> truth is that being is suffering.
Imagine butchering Buddhism this bad.

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Imagine not knowing there are 3 other noble truthes.

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that doesn't mean that rule numero uno hasen't been misrepresented
the first noble truth is more like acknowledging that suffering is a major issue

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This thread is an abortion

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4chan is an abortion, and we're the women.

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Buddhas still suffer mate, the full spectrum of ontology is always present in being, look at the number of "lapsed master" koans for example.

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This is not exclusive to humans kek. Give a stray cat some food and (once it trusts you) it will gladly abandon his nature for the commodity of your house and free food. Trying to avoid pain and suffering is not exclusive to humans, we are just more effective than other species.

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Ever eaten human balut?

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Have you?

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Yeah, first month "miscarriage." The egg is really obvious. IUDs rock. Like Cronus or Zeus. Except my daughter didn't cum out my forehead.

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I hope you believe that life starts at conception.

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You ate the conception itself you freak

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Absolute fucking child detected. If you were of any appreciable age that would have gathered you minimal life experience you would realize that while the human body's ability to heal itself diminishes its potential to generate pain doesn't. To exist as a human is pain, loss of ability, eventually frailty and death, filled with the unacceptable dread of non-existence and the void. If you are human you will die, many times extremely afraid and in pain, and undignified. That's what's wrong with being human you fucking child. Now gtfo this is an 18+ board.

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All this emotional incontinence, there's no way you're not a woman.

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Holy shit mate relax

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We'll see in the future, fren. If I get my philosophy finished we'll have an idea like that for people to follow, but then we'll just strive for some human ideal that is still unreachable in its sheer just being a human. Because besides for being an organism and merely biology we're also more, apparently. This means not to give fully to some kind of materialist religion or to reject it entirely and believe in a transcendent God. We're both metaphysical at least in our reasoning and still also biological. This is all not new, but the past's solution has been--and people still opt to go for only these options--to delve into chasing an ever far off horizon through an infinite series of steps. How can you reach the sun on Earth, but how do you jump and still remain grounded? This is all paradoxical and I'd say our language still not enough to explain it.

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People don't wanna die, retard

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And you have *not* eaten your own still living proto-child excreted from your missus' bleeding minge? What kind of man are thou, what limited beast who has not plumbed the depths of hell?

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You are not equipped to deal with what being human entails. Ngmi

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Sounds like they should make peace with that.

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Is the human really anything 'real' for there to be meaning in being human? I would assert that the organism that we call human is like all other organisms, anti-real in relation to Hegelian logic, so the desire to not be human is the desire to be real, which is to say to have an enduring existence.

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Do other organisms not have an enduring existence?

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Considering that the entire material universe will vanish, no they do not.

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It really seems like you're the one who isn't equipped for what being a human entails. By the sounds of it, you should've been euthanized at birth.

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Nothing vanishes. There is no such thing as "nothingness", existence eternal. There is no "before" or "after" the universe. You already exist in a form that is as real as can be.

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>there's no way you're not a woman.
Thanks for confirming that.

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My appearance and every other appearance in the universe was an act of random necessity. Everything evidently vanishes, even if the universe is eternal and existences are cyclical, the thing as it is now will never be again. You can think of this simply as a probability question, e.g. What is the probability of the universe having the image that it has now, supposing that universes are eternally generated? Also it will help to think of this as if it were cellular automata.

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History is man's theosis

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Transcendence implies completion/perfection, not neglect; the virtuous human is radicalized via conversion, and revolutionized via excellence, thus becoming metahuman.

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Not that anon, but following you guys' conversation, you both seem to agree that "eternal = real". Why do you think that ephemeral things aren't real? Or is it that what you're truly trying to get at here is the ephemerality of our imprints upon existence? If so, why is your ontological experience not proof in and of itself that you're a living, breathing being with real thoughts and emotions? This is honestly the kind of over-philosophizing that splits hairs far too much to produce tangible values and praxis, too far into postmodernist re-contemplation of things that really establish themselves and don't need to be thought-over.

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Are you seriously unable to provide even one reason why human life is inherently valuable? So much for humanity, then

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Okay commie

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He doesn't sound like a commie at all, what the hell are you smoking?

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>Dude just make peace with death lol

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Because i dont want to die, mr clever human understander

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Check out "the last messiah" by zapffe.

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I don't wanna take the blackpill zapffe-chan, I need hope in my life.

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LOL. You will find out, little boys. You will find out.

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They don't you utter fucking smug fuck imbecile. Noone wants to eliminate joy or aesthetic sensibility or cooperation or a million other things that are part of being human. People want to eliminate BAD THINGS. Aka death and suffering. It has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting to be human.

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I have nothing to contribute here since I'm a clinically certified midwit. I just wanted to say that this is one of the better threads made on /lit/ in a long time.

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