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Sup, looking for a program or something that allows me to make notes and highlight texts in books I'm reading with a good enough UI so that I can easily navigate through my notes and highlights. I already have the logos software that does have this function but the issue is that it doesn't allow you to import books you've downloaded from b-ok or libgen on to the app. You can only do that with books on the logos book store.

If such a thing exists please send me link.

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Microsoft Word

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Did you read my OP? Do you want me to upload an entire book text onto word? Or download a book and convert it to word? Either case the format would be terrible and you haven't read my OP.

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You are correct, i did not read your OP

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Notepad files each named after the book you take the notes on

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Apple Books allows this and pirated books.

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OP here. Forgot to add that the software must be free.

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What i do is that i type my notes in word files with the title of the book that they are referring to. For each note, i also type down the page of the book that i am making a note on.
The alternative is using an e-reader with an editor, but i dont know anything about that because e-readers are for plebeians.

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Haven't got an iphone and what's pirated books a software or are you saying I can read pirated books on apple books?

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I do this but it's annoying to switching between apps every minute. Just want an application I can do it all in one place.

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Okular? You're not very clear on what platform you want to use it. Otherwise separate text files and/or ink-written notebooks is the way to go.

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Desktop of phone. Anyways, this Okular thing seems perfect. Thanks for being the only person to answer my question.

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Desktop or phone*

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Ok, been messing around with Okular for a but. Does it have an option to add notes but only being able to view them if you let's say hover over a highlighted piece of text? It has the post it note looking thing and inline text but it just covers the screen and looks like it's in the way.

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DW, figured it out. This software is based, thx.

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