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Is this a good book?

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Looks like a nintendo ds.

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That's what I first thought too

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yeah, science fiction of that era was the perfect blend of based and cringe
unironically pick up any Hugo Awards anthology from 1960-1975 and it blows other fiction out of the water in terms of actual entertainment value

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if you fags feel obligated to defend hyde, it just means you're easily manipulated retards, the fact that he has to prey on underage girls with daddy issues and other mental illnesses to get laid should tell you everything you need to know about him.

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good for him

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>good for him

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>falls in love with a roastie
>roastie later betrays him in acrimonious tell-all broadcast
Many such cases.

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>falls in love with a roastie
>roastie later betrays him in acrimonious tell-all broadcast
Many such cases.

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Not sure what people expect from people who have art degrees and work in media. Would be weird if he *didn't* do this shit tbqh.

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>tranny instantly derails the one Lafferty thread a year with a selfie

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Ignoring the dramafaggotry ITT yes it's a great book and you should get it in this edition if you do. Don't get scammed buying a $50 used copy like I did

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fuck off tranny

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If Sam Hyde likes it, probably not.

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is he trying to cosplay as the book cover?

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>When you fire this game up, your little fucking nuts are gonna start quaking buddy

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I don't really like Sam besides one or two videos but your argument is bullshit every girl I have ever dated was extremely mentally ill when I was 18 my first GF was 34 and she would cry about how she was bullied in highschool. Am I also preying on women?

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>when I was 18 my first GF was 34
How does this even happen? Did she groom you outside the school gates?

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If you're stable, than yes - there's a blurry asymmetry there.

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Not the age-gap, the anon's mental health as compared to his partners.

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I posted in this thread!

Just because he is crazy and lacks morals doesn't mean you can't enjoy his comedy or book recommendations though.

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*not a bad book.
Hit enter too early, the new captcha is distracting.

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nigger if that's the case then every relationship is abusive. Bitches are hysterical and borderline retarded. take your average joe, not some fucked in the head 4 channer, just a dude, and compare the supposed "stability" of that idealization to the that of the average jane. Fuck, its like you people never leave your room.

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If she in a female she has Daddy issues

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>sam hyde

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the shit on gumroad is terrible

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Haven't read, but Lafferty's short stories are good

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Sounds like based cringe pulp

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How was the sex?

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Most relationships are abusive, yes. Did you not know this?

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Wait... is Sam Hyde Jewish? I never realized. That's pretty cool. I always wondered how all that wisdom came from such a young mind.

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>schizo bitch is butthurt because chad hyde pump and dumped her
Tell me how I know you've never been around women

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I thought he was en ethnic russian

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Nice self-portrait.

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i wouldnt trust sams opinion on books book apparently its Charls' favourite as well so its probably worth a read

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he doesn't like it, he hates it, so it's actually good

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first time charles is taller than someone else, lel

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Grooming the 15 year old was pretty bad, and people should criticize him for that, but this is nothing. What if the genders were reversed: if some autist on /r9k/ had sex with a normal woman, would you really be saying that the woman raped him?

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Sam tries to come off as a poorfag all the time but I think its just an act. I remember a recent video (late 2019 or early 2020 if that can be considered recent) where he had a set of wheels in his room, dont remember what wheels they were exactly but they go for at least 2k a set.
Why is he buying expensive wheels when he acts like he only drives rental cars?

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In his more recent vids he talks about his childhood as a faggoty rich kid whose parents tote him around various trendy vacation spots and lavish money on him

The upper classes are infantilized zombies

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I think Charls' favorite is Lewis' Space Trilogy, followed closely by Book of the New Sun, but Lafferty is definitely in his wheelhouse

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I bet maybe half of this is true and even that is attenuated by circumstances. The people obsessed with this kind of shit are more pathetic than any paypig simps Sam has as an eceleb, kiwifarms people are the most pathetically broken "terminally online" types of people.

I don't doubt Sam is a broken degenerate product of the internet age as well, but at least he has some kind of outward and upward mobility. The eceleb schadenfreude discord dwelling tranny lunatic demographic is infinitely more pathetic, so miserable it can only take joy in the misery and failures of others. I understand if Sam's Cluster B personality disorder hanger-on fuckbuddies get histrionic and obsess over smearing him when they were probably 90% of the problem (with egirls, they always are), but it's the people who don't even know or like the guy who obsess over him like this that really give me the creeps. At least his simps are just zoomers lacking a father figure, that's at least kind of an understandable motivation.

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He’s actually from the same part of the country as me (Fairfield County, CT.) I live half an hour away from his hometown

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Yes? If that's what is, that's what it is. You can argue about moral loading on the word "rape," but that's what it is.

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Rich people don't keep wheels in their rooms. If they care about cars they have a large garage where they keep that stuff.

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What you just said doesn't make sense. There are two possibilities for what you mean by rape, and they're both wrong:
1. The legal definition of rape. It is not considered rape anywhere in America to have sex with the mentally ill. The only requirements are knowledge, rationality, and voluntariness, and none of the people who Sam is accused of "raping" have problems with any of those. You don't have to be a perfect person to have sex, retard.
2. The moral definition of rape. You literally concede that it's morally not the same as rape, so you lost there.

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Whatever, dude. I'm not interested in arguing with you. You win. Good for you.

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Yeah I thought that from the thumbnail
Mario land 1 is kind of shit

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>asks the girl’s permission to be more dominant

>> No.18603455

Car guys keeps wheels in their room, its more decoration than anything.

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I left school at age to start working she was my childhood dentist.

I wasn't stable I just hold in all the crazy like everyone else.

Best I've ever had she was also a softcore fetish model and we roleplayes as mother/son for the entire 14 months of our relationship but it was a lot more wholesome than it sounds.

>> No.18604985

At age 13*

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Sam recommended a jap book one tine. I think it had something to do with bushido. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

>> No.18605155

Yes read it

>> No.18606211

I read a few pages and it seemed like garbage. Seemed like something Sam Hyde himself would write.

>> No.18608121

Damn I really stopped enjoying Sam's stuff after reading this

>> No.18608637

Might be true. But probably a Mossad operation against a potential threat.

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