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>50+ books in my Amazon wishlist
>still have a bookshelf worth of books I haven't read yet

How do I stop doing this? I'm buying books faster than I can read them

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everyone does that. theres even a japanese word for it: tsundoku
i just hope you arent paying full price for these books you arent going to read. go to a used book store and spend 1$ for all this shit if youre going to do it

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>everyone does that.
Speak for yourself. I read all the books I buy before buying new ones.

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you really took that literally?

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Whats wrong with a wishlist? I just dump stuff that sounds interesting there and move on

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You care more about being seen than seeing. Go to a library you colossal faggot or get the fuck off this board

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you're a consoomer. if you actualy wanted to read them you would. you just like spending money for the chance to feel like an intellectual for 5 minutes.


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Every few years I clear out all the books I will not reread and then buy until the shelves are full again. Just finished the most recent round, have a few hundred unread books stocked up, feels good to have all those new books to choose from and work through, feels like a rebirth.

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I like to physically own my media, I don't like renting or digital

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It's just like any other collection my anon. Action figures no one plays with, rare vinyl they never play, etc. you are fine!

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I just wanna get someone's perspective on this, OP or otherwise; why don't you guys use Libgen or any other website for reading books, especially since you do recognize that you are spending money on things you do not end up using. Why not get that for free instead, and not have to worry about whether you do end up using it or not?

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>you are spending money on things you do not end up using.
Yes. Because purchasing books is not purchasing a consumable item like a loaf of bread.

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OP here. I genuinely do plan on and want to read them

I feel a sense of satisfaction watching my 3 small and 1 big bookshelves filling up because I know that no matter what happens, those books will always be mine

If the power or internet goes out, or someone else is renting the book at the library, or if the online library doesn't have the book I want, I'll always have them

I'm also really lonely

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I'm sorry OP. I feel the same way bro... If it makes you happy do it

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>house burns down
now what?

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>I'm also really lonely
Me too but I fail to see how that affects one's consoomerist tendencies.

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