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It's been 7 years since i've last been on /lit/. What the hell happened to this place?

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Yeah 2014 was the golden era. Jordan Peterson got famous in like 2017 and it really, really damaged this board for about two or three years - lots of pseuds deciding to go through their "literary phase", constant threads misinterpreting Carl Jung, Dostoyevsky, etc. and Peterson's harebrained definition of "post modernism" set the collective IQ of this board and its new userbase back about 100 points. It's recovering now, but it'll never be back what it was in 2013/14

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>It's recovering now, but it'll never be back what it was in 2013/14
this /lit/ /his/ split was supposed to save /lit/, but it just created /pol/ with dates and /pol/ with books

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Zoomers and twitter shills

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2016 was a hard-hitter too. I left in Summer that year, which coincided with the increase in phoneposting.

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/his/ was a mistake

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god i thought gamergate and the fappening were bad, but the 2016 election really was the deathknell of this website.

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The world generally was so much more pleasant to live in pre Trump and I really miss when it was like 2011

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I mean the people who DO read on here are more interested in their pet interests and choosing a favorite philosopher as their "brand" than cultivating a holistic understanding of the western literary tradition. Being serious reader who reads comprehensively is lonely business.

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The specificity of your description makes me think this propensity is a behaviour you semi-consciously detect within yourself, and you're hyperbolically projecting it onto the board at large.

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>I really miss when it was like 2011
I never thought I would say this, but I would gladly welcome back the 2011-2014 cancer compared to the frogposting wojack spammers and cultural stangation we've experienced of the last 6 years

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It's not, just something I've noticed mr psychoanalysis

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>I mean the people who DO read on here are more interested in their pet interests and choosing a favorite philosopher as their "brand" than cultivating a holistic understanding of the western literary tradition
it wasn't like that with old /lit/.

old /lit/ produced the single best compilation of recommended reading and literature across the whole internet.
The /lit/ charts are timelessly invaluable, you can browse wikipedia or ask other literature forums but nothing is so concise yet thorough as these charts. And the author charts are something that's unique to /lit/

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the charts are maybe the one thing that redeem this board

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>that redeem this board
yeah and they were created 10 years ago, when /lit/ still had legitimate discussion.

The same people who made those /lit/ charts are long gone and have nothing in common with the average "litizen" read: /pol/nigger reddit tourist of today today.

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I read 40 pages last night before i went to bed so yes

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I grew up always hearing about 4chan and the good old days, but I have no memory before 2015.
It feels like shit to be part of the problem.

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4Chan used to be awesome!

It is still fun, but there are a ton of shills posting garbage all over.

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Same, really.
It feels bad to know you came in too late to see this place flourish, and instead watch it slowly stagnate and die.
I believe the term I look for is hiraeth

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I just find it amusing to spew nuclear takes at anyone who'll bite. For that purpose /lit/ is just fine.

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How come none of you faggots are releasing your own books?

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Yeah, and that’s the Internet in general desu.
Seems like it used to be a wild, fun place. Now it’s just a shithole. A degenerate shit-hole run by a bunch of retarded zoomers

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4chan died in 2011 and you're part of the cancer
the sad part is i actually miss 2011-2014 cancer posters, they at least still produced OC and had some sense of humor.

All the reddit election tourists take things way too fuckign seriously and try to turn every thread into a /pol/ thread, a frog thread, or a soijack thread. And then when you call them out for it they screech and kvetch and claim they're "BTFOing the libs" by posting green frogs

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Yeah, I know.
I know.

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Since 2011 what have you produced?

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>implying OC is a product that must be "produced" and disseminated
are you one of those redditors who scours these boards looking for something to post to the Reddit.com/4chan subforum?
It's people like you who destroyed 4chan culture, you will never understand what it was like in the golden age

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Death to shills

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What was it like in the golden age? I’ve always wanted to know exactly what kind of atmosphere the old 4chan had

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it was shit. There was no golden age, it was all shit.
But not as shitty as it is now. I never knew it could get any worse, but here we are

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I have been here since 2004 you absolute faggot.

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>complains nobody is making art
>hates on artists

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It's shit but the people clamoring over the golden age are some of the biggest faggots on this website

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Too many defeatists here.

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as in me or them?

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I cant imagine being a gatekeeper on this shit tier website for autists

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I'm a zoomer and I hate it.
I think it's the Normies rather then the Zoomers

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you're part of the problem

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Fuck that image made me lose a part of my soul.
Like watching a beloved friend wilt in front of you because of cancer.
I hate it. I hate all of this

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he's hating on shills. learn to read before you write another book.

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>Came here in 2019
>Still posting

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It's easy to just read wikipedia articles so that you can pretend to know what you're talking about. These people are naturally going to outnumber the ones who actually read the books themselves. This is the simple reason. People are talking about how 4chan as a whole has gotten worse over the years, and that is true, but they don't realize that 4chan's decline has been parallel to the decline of the internet as a whole. Its decline is like that of a television show. Yes, a show's ratings can go down year after year, but since TV viewing as a whole is going down, a show can actually become more successful even as its ratings go down. A lot of the fixation on 4chan's decline is either people stroking their ego for being an oldfag or /pol/whiners. They don't actually care about why 4chan declined. They just want to bitch.

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This board was flooded with Reddit, in large part because of the "top 100" polls that drew their attention. They would constantly bitch about rule breaking and now the board is an over moderated piece of shit. We used to have really good bible threads but now anything that isn't "what translation should I read" gets deleted. No more philosophy threads either. I've had threads deleted here with the message that I should post it on /his/, but then the mods on /his/ delete the thread anyway.

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>Does anyone on /lit/ read books anymore
No. This has been answered several times already. The answer is no.

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Dont forget about the first /lit/ 100 that got like 500k views and made the place reddit and drove off the most based of grognards

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Much of old /lit/ sit in discord servers with little cups of tea discussing the finer things in life and only drift back here once in a while.

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Kys, stop shilling your stupid book so much.

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Oldfags just keep losing

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This list isn't talking about difficulty, right?

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Ive seen that chart for years, and the hard bloc is so much better than the top tier

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I've seen it posted loads in the past as well, but the posters of it usually imply that tiers are based on difficulty, which is weird.

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are any of the four great classics worth reading?

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Unrelated but where do I start with this schizo?

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what do you think bro.
The only one I personally don't like is the dream of the red chamber, is basically a chinese soap opera.

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I started posting here about three years ago. Thats about when everyone started complaining about massive decline in quality. I take full responsibility

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I feel a lot of nostalgia for 2011 to 2013 personally, but I think thats just because those were good years in my early adolescence. Obviously the culture has become really fucking stupid since then, but i'm not really sure if this feeling is anything more than rose tinted glasses. In nostalgia threads across boards it's common to see people older than myself say 2008 was the turning point, and others saying 911. My own nom used to say the 90s were when it all got lame and the 80s were fire. Is it just constant decline marked by flash points?

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>"join my discord"

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Are there any originalfags left? I’m a newfag, 2009 here, what about you?

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>been here since 2006

And yes, this site suffered a lot in 2016 but this board was one of the most affected for what can I see, sometimes I feel that is just "I am getting too old for this shit" but then I take a second glance at the catalog and see that everyone became more stupid too.

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