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What are your best books on Credition - the Process of Belief?

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Every single one of those applies to me, except for the weed thing. Just how many us are out there?

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same. by the way I believe society has collapsed already in 2020 by all previously held standards

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Literally me except I game and drink Opium tea.

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That sounds like ADHD.
And like 80% of what was said applies to me.
We need the economy to collapse before it completely goes pair shaped.

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Women are inferior, bros. Prove me wrong.

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I had to rush that out, cut me some slack.
I expect the economic collapse this year

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me except for the conservative values. the mark of the doomer is that he values nothing anymore

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why do these provide more accurate personality profiles of different groups of people than any rigorously designed personality test ever could?

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Should I take the night walk pill? I don’t like to meditate (sitting on floor with no thoughts) but I kind of like the idea of walking in the cool summer night with no one around. Don’t want to give Into the doomer character though

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>Credition - the Process of Belief
wtf is that?

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