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What’s stopping you from becoming the greatest author to have ever lived?

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posting multiple threads on 4chan for attention

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I'm dumb

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writer's block

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I haven't written another word to my novel all week

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I don't think anyone living in a crowded urban area, working a 9 to 5 and being involved with technological gadgets and modern cultural products would ever have anything important or fascinating to say, much less put it on paper in an engaging way.
Whether the aforementioned specimen is a low-class menial worker or a high status entrepreneur doesn't matter either. It's about the environment we were brought up in and the scores of swallow and trivial stimuli which enervated our very soul

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All the other faggots who are trying to do the same thing

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I already am, I just choose to remain unpublished and I will burn my manuscripts for it to remain that way. The public is not worthy of my writings.

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Questioning the seeking of recognition from society as something that should really be held as higher value and not just some cope with mortality or the feeling of insecurity by not being accepted by your own tribe.

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the existence of Tolkien

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because im dumb as hell why tf do you think

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They would never publish my book because it wouldnt fit there agenda

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I don't want people to read my thoughts and use them for themselves. That is the ultimate form of cuckoldry second only to letting someone else drive the car.

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Honestly? My own insecurities snd self loathing as well as a general lack of assuredness in who I am and what I want.

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Circumstances which I am well on my way to dealing with. After a long search I think I finally found my boat, I will be making my offer on Monday and if all goes well I will also be retired as of Monday. Then a month of non-stop work getting the boat and my life ready, after that it will be clear sailing and I can focus on my goals. Pun obviously intended.

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The fact that I'm trying to be the greatest engineer who ever lived.
Also the only idea for a book series I have is based on an insect porn cyoa so there's that too I guess

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also, you don't know the difference between there and their.

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I definitely don't want the attention. And I don't feel like writing works of art either.

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So, no one will ever have anything to say ever again? Maybe someone will be able to take a step back and write something. Fags don't even read now though, so if someone does write something it'll probably be in form of easily digestible media.

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This for me

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brain damage associated with deprivation

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I don't really enjoy writing

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Apathy and exhaustion... in equal measure

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and not having this >>18627644

Love or faith is all you need. It's basically the same, but in the former people lose themselves and remain shallow, and in the latter they become blind to everything else.

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Internet pornography.

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Talent, I have none.

No matter how hard I work, hard working talented authors will always be better. The most I can hope for is to be well respected both during and after my lifetime.

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>What’s stopping you from becoming the greatest author to have ever lived?
The fact that I don't really want to be. It sounds like a cope on my part but really I want to create good art and that's the end of it, hell being as much of a pseud as I am I might prefer being a cult classic of sorts. In the end I just want my vision to be set in clay as it were. Of course I fear that I might not have the talent or resolve to do even that, much less become the greatest author to have ever lived.

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All the ones who are better,

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Garbage obsessed culture in, garbage product comes out. To try and write a work that rises above pulp taste is unthinkable for me. It would be a total farce to write beyond the surface. The world of ivory towers, exorbitant wealth, potential blossoming into opportunity, and inordinate beauty is eternally foreign to one of my status and station. I might as well write about sub Saharan tribal life in Africa; either way I would be out of my depth spinning yarns of pure fantasy cope rather than hot blooded insights. Mine is the realm of the peasant with entirely banal and simple pleasures. The best I can do is treat these simple vices and victories with uncommon respect and see what kind of reaction that gets. I certainly hope I'm not remembered as a great writer because I hope the peasant class of the future has more opportunity to develop beyond the topics of my novels which are the mere threshold of adulthood and often entirely juvenile or even infantile. In a better world my body of work would fall on deaf or sentimental and patronizing ears. That would make me truly happy.

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complete lack of talent or ambition
also i can't spell

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