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>52 days until L'Académie

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>dystopian fiction where students at a school are are divided up by the color of their blazers
Whew do you think he came up with this all on his own?

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this thread is now about the capitalist dystopia meme

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why do apu live on the first floor facing a busy street? NOT very comfy desu.
quite DYSTOPIC if i might say so m’self……….

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We are living in a capitalist dystopia right now. Look at all of the cultural degeneracy, the rampant whoredom, the stagnant wages, the debt, the environmental destruciton, the atomization, and the mass migration... This society is a nightmare.

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Using the word degeneracy is always a give away for people being right way. People who are right wing, which amounts to today being essentially just degrees of conservatism, from fundamentalist traditionalism to almost liberal, strife toward this idealized vision of the past, desire for the man to be like he was then and not be, in opposition to the ideal of progressivism, the perfect future man of 20th century ideologies.

In essence modern political conflicts amount to conservatism vs progressivism. Politics and characterists advocated for by groups are irrelevant particularities to these trends of each opposing each others progress; a tug of war around a middle ground of societal capitalism.

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kinda wanna fuck him in the ass

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it's raining. that makes it comfy

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I used the word degeneracy to describe degeneracy when I was a leftist too so it's not necessarily a give away for being right-wing. There are leftists who don't approve of hedonism and perversion. Most of them end up becoming third position eventually though.

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I want the guy who hated his other book to review it ngl

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same la

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