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tl;dr: Iconic #MeToo short story describing a relationship between a college age woman and a "nice guy" turned nasty catapulted its author into a state of fame and fortune in 2017. Turns out it was based on specific details from the previous relationship of a guy she dated, unknown to the model for the story's narrator. All the specific details were kept intact, except for the part where the guy was an asshole. That part was just made up.


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Based for putting an archive link.
>He didn’t have a car—for environmental reasons, he vowed to never own one—so I drove us there after our shift
Haha I'm sure that's the reason a 33 year old waiter didn't have a car. But it's funny that the worst parts of the story were the parts roupenian made up.

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Wait shit that nigga died lmao. If my legacy ends up being a shitty Michigan mfa story I'm going to cry.

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Imagine an heroing over a short story based on a meme.

I think that author's elevation into wealth and cultural importance was the apogee of decadence, within the pussy-hat era, at least.

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That cover image ought to be considered high ridicule of the state of the depicted woman, and the fact that it isn't is testament to the new depths in which we continue to sink.

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This is not Twitter faggot no one cares

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That email reminds me of the time they thought it was a good idea to leave Patricia Highsmith on a live unedited TV show with the parents of a murder victim.

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>damn bitch, you live like this?

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the original of this one, too. Supposedly "ironic".

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Someone post the version with a fat guy on his computer jerking off and a noose in the background

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>woman fabricates ex being an asshole
woah never seen this one before

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bump for interest

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that's fucked up
poor Charles

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someone post the version of this where she's tearing her hair out and pissing herself

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Who fucking cares, jesus christ. I would bet anything that the cat person lady has a new book coming out soon and this is part of the press cycle

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It don’t see how this plagiarism.

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ESL here, couldn't actually figure out how he died
was it implied that it was a suicide?

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It's not, it's just fucked up.

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It's not; it's the typical research and violations of privacy writers use all the time to model their characters. The problem for the original author is that admitting she stalks people and writes about their life in a judgemental fashion while fabricating the majority of the acts to be judged harshly from within her own prejudices is exactly why she wouldn't write autofiction.
It's like complaining that Lolita is the work of a pedo, and then being surprised when your replacement book, written by a women in Lo's voice, is met with the same criticism just because you said Lo loved every minute of it expect that Clare wouldn't fuck her because Lo's a cockhungry girl child.

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It’s more an ethical issue of just how much of a persons life can a writer use. It would have been easy to change the location of the story and certain identifying info, but the author out of laziness chose not to. The author admitted she didn’t expect a short story to go viral like it did.

Reminds me of the Lena Dunham biography controversy where in the book she claimed she had been either sexually assaulted or raped then described her attacker. The problem was she made up the attack and came up with the lame excuse that she was trying to spread awareness about campus rape culture. Unfortunately the person she described was a relatively well known person on campus and when people read the book, even though she didn’t name him, they knew exactly who she was taking about.

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If it's done well, nobody will care. James Joyce turned a guy he worked for into a fat shit sniffing cuckold and didn't get much backlash. But he's also James Joyce (and his own self insert is a pathetic whoremonger).

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Waugh does the same even when he knew some of his gay characters could be identified and arrested from his books. He even openly names who they're based on and whether he made them meaner in the book.
The problem for the original author in this case is that she is probably part of a milieu where the fact she fabricated an abusive relationship instead of detailing one is a sore spot. She wrote it in a time and place where you got kudos for bringing truth to light and believing abuse victims; a story which fabricates the abuse, and where MRAs not MFAs were the ones who highlighted which part were absolution fiction and it was the abusive part, is not something her audience wanted and the only thing stopping her being burnt in effigy by that audience is her vagina.

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>One date

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I think we can say she's into parasocial relationships and probably not only viewed him as the one that got away and an ex, but also viewed his ex as a rival love interest who needed a rewrite.

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This is why my characters are usually a blend of 2-3 people minimum including fictional characters. Also I obscure names, settings, etc.

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Was the original story actually popular or they're overhyping it?

And it's all fiction right? It's too convenient to say that the guy they wrote the story about died.

This Alexis Nowicki is pen name of Kristen Roupenian and they're hyping up the story to promote the movie, right?

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>You Know You Want This: "Cat Person" and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Kristen Roupenian.[1]

>Following the viral success of the short story Cat Person, Roupenian secured a seven figure deal with Scout Press for her debut book, and was the subject of a bidding war in the American market, with offers exceeding $1m.[2] She received a $1.2 million advance for the book.[3]

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It got it's own threads here when it was blowing up. By social media standards, it was pretty hype, and getting in the New Yorker is a lot of hype too.
It's possibly not all fiction; the last scenario is the best, but it's unlikely.

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Why did it have threads here? Do you remember? Did people like the story or it was the controversy of the female author being a cunt and portraying the guy intentionally as a rapist?


This is how Alexis Nowicki looks like. Did you guys imagine her to look like this when you read the original story?

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Damn, bitch. You live like this?

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>Following the viral success of the short story Cat Person, Roupenian secured a seven figure deal with Scout Press for her debut book, and was the subject of a bidding war in the American market, with offers exceeding $1m.[2] She received a $1.2 million advance for the book.[3]

Should I write a similar story to this and try to send it to New York Times? I have like 3 stories that are way better than "Cat Person" and with some editing and making some things up to create controversy maybe it would go viral just as the original. The only problem is that some editor at New York Times might read my story and steal the viral ideas from it and write their own story using those details.

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>Did people like the story or it was the controversy of the female author being a cunt and portraying the guy intentionally as a rapist?
Mostly the second part, a lot of loving the cover of that edition, a lot of thinking the female character is immature also and both parties are at fault, most of the people who read it saying it is the kind of banal you'd expect of any college student's story, and lots of suspicion that it probably only made it above the other college students' entries by virtue of connections (Jews) or #metoo trending. If you search the archives you'll find the threads. It's not a great story. It was a relevant story, if you framed the abusive imbalanced relationship as true to life. Changing the place names and some other details would have made it appealing by being a possible situation. Keeping the names now makes it an actual situation which took place and the part which is not true to life is the sex scene. It takes the sex scene from potentially true to life to purposefully sensationalist.

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Ok which one of you wrote this review?

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The Elie Wiesel of the #MeToo movement.

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I doubt any serious person related to the field of literature cares about this. New Yorker has been a terrible magazine for decades now.

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>modern "artists" are actually manipulative narcissists who profit of the woke hype with their mediocre works
Big surprise

My God this can't be real. I wonder what historians will write about these times in a thousand years or so.

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>implying there will be "historians" in 1000 years
Bold assumption

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please return to your containment board

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>It's possibly not all fiction; the last scenario is the best, but it's unlikely.
So this Alexis Nowicki is an editor, maybe she wrote/edited the original story with Kristen Roupenian and now they made this article up to hype up the movie

>Every literary organization and periodical has a style guide that they use to make grammar and editorial decisions. For instance, here at 826michigan, our style guide is the Chicago Manual of Style, which we all feel very loyal to. However, for this month, we are going to temporarily declare our November 2016 Volunteer of the Month, Alexis Nowicki, as our Style Guide.
Alexis has earned this so-prestigious-we-didn’t-know-it-was-possible title in many regards. Not only is she the copy chief of the Michigan Daily (basically our very own Rory Gilmore), she has been setting a high style bar for our student publications for over a year now. As our first-ever editorial intern in Fall 2015, Alexis not only supported the project management of many of our publications, but no writing went to press without passing by her keen eye and red pen.

>Even after her internship ended, Alexis has continued to copyedit endless student writing for us. As we celebrate the release of our OMNIBUS VIII this month, we owe so much to Alexis who thoroughly edited the entire publication at THREE different stages. She caught so many typos, errors, and booboos (including places where we had misspelled student names, truly the most gut-wrenching of any mistake we can make) that we fear what the book would have looked like without her. Alexis knows how to make grammar fun—–we recommend talking with her if you get the chance. It is exceedingly enjoyable to discuss current grammar controversies (i.e. they as a singular pronoun) and long-standing feuds (i.e. the Oxford comma) with our Style Guide.

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Did you miss the part where she got 1.2 million to write a book after the article went viral? >>18637471

So it was more like the right story are the right time? A new story now should be adapted to current trends to make it viral?

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>My God this can't be real. I wonder what historians will write about these times in a thousand years or so.
These times aren't exceptional, conmen always rose to fame and gained a lot of money for dumb shit whenever the times allowed it. Faggot.

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>the right story are the right time
Not so much the right story. It looked more like choose something vaguely relevant so we can set the copy. I think the cover of the edition went a long way to making it viral. A lot of people who buy books because there are only two mouths on the cover, and a lot of people who only buy books that have a hint of neckbeard on the cover suddenly popped up in the New Yorker's audience, who do not regularly comment on it; the images being the kind that appeal to 4chan and fanfiction writers so it was inevitably going to be a Reddit war. Everyone already would have known whose "side" to be on before they got to the text.

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The real question here is if the real girl decides to write an autobiography specifically about this part of her life and released it as a book now, would it be considered plagiarism

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This makes sense

>"David," the friend of Charles and Nowicki, confirmed to Nowicki that Roupenian and Charles dated. This was in the conversation Nowicki had with David after Charles' death. Nowicki was pissed that Charles never told her about that when she mentioned the article to him -- she had to wait until he died to find out from his best friend. David even went into the detail about how Charles kept his old iPhone to re-read through his old text messages with Kristin Roupenian after "Cat Person" was published so Charles could forever mull over whether he was as much of a dick to her as Roupenian made him out to be.

>This story really has every plot twist imaginable. It is too good to be true.

>I agree with the other part of your theory -- Roupenian absolutely looked down on Charles' relationship with Nowicki when she discovered it after breaking up with Charles. I can see the humiliation angle here. She felt disgusted by dating Charles, so when she found out he dated someone younger than her, her mind went to that place of "imagine what a piece of shit he must have been to this person," just like all of us always do with our exes ("I feel bad for his next girlfriend!"). Finding out that someone who was shitty to us was kinder to someone else hurts worst of all, because it makes us self-question about whether we are as good a person as we think we are. What we always want to hear (or imagine) is that our shitty ex was twice as shitty to all the other people they dated as he was to us -- or that any who dates them who thinks our ex is not a piece of shit must be a naive abused doormat.

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>He started burning me CDs: Beach House, Panda Bear, Oasis. He borrowed Party Down on DVD for me from the library.


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Did you read "I Was Caroline Calloway Seven years after I met the infamous Instagram star, I’m ready to tell my side of the story." It's a similar story. Do you like this type of stories? There's something about them that makes them interesting. Could it be the fact that they are published in notorious magazines like New York Times/New Yorker? If they were posted in a subreddit I don't thing they'd look that interesting.

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>Largely embellished and partially fabricated account of a real event
>No real literary merit beyond political potency
Not seeing any disagreement with reality, anon.

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I haven't read it but I love literary and publishing scandals. Check out Shattered Glass, the movie about Stephen Glass fabricating whole news stories for the New Republic; or, check out The Woman who Fooled the World, by Donnelly and Toscano, the journalists who discovered Belle Gibson was lying about donating to cancer, having cancer, and curing cancer with her Instagram and Penguin published whole foods diet.
Another great one is the Norma Khouri scandal. She wrote a best selling autobiography about her friend being killed in an honour killing in Jordan, got multiple world governments involved, and then turned out to be a conwoman from Chicago.

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>Did you miss the part where she got 1.2 million to write a book
i said serious literature, and i think you missed that

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I think YouTube recommended me this girl when she was 16 and singing about dumb teenage girl comedy.

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Honestly, someone should write a story or movie script about Roupenian with the book itself as the metanarrtive or framing device, put it on a shelf for 15 years, and then try to sell it once the zeitgeist has shifted away from where it is currently.

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Honestly, someone should write a story or movie script about Roupenian with the book itself as the metanarrtive or framing device, put it on a shelf for 15 years, and then try to sell it once the zeitgeist has shifted away from where it is currently. That, or publish it somewhere like Denmark where a movie like Jagten can get greenlit.

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It was popular. It rode the metoo cultural wave at the time. I can’t recall a short story generating so much attention in my lifetime. Women hyped it up as a thing and the men who hated the story only caused them to dig in their heels. It might still be around but their was a site that cataloged every negative comment men made about the story as a sort of wink wink we made the sexist mad sort of thing.

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Sex and dating is only allowed from a female perspective in literature.

Anything from the male perspective will be feminized... or cancelled.

Can anyone name one masculine male author with a trad book deal who has spoken openly and honestly about dating in the last 10 years?

>> No.18638122

>If you search the archives you'll find the threads
I searched, there's nothing there. Are you sure the threads were about Cat Person and not some other story?

>> No.18638188

I'm pretty sure it is twitter

>> No.18638204

Because reddit took over

>> No.18638231

The twitterfags use the fake review scam. How else would they have five stars for garbage?

>> No.18638244

Back in 2013 everyone told me I needed to buy reviews because that was KEY to Amazon promotion...

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>> No.18638260

That's a thread retelling the story from Roberts POV in 2017 during the height of it being memed. There are threads all the way back. There's even a middle section to the archive depth where mods obvious started seeing Cat Person as a dog whistle for all the associated memes and started deleting posts about Cat Person since they were obvious bait in muh gender wars.

>> No.18638284

Does BEE count as masculine?

>> No.18638291

How do you explain that for such a promoted book it only has 256 ratings while some obscure author like Mika Ma has 655 ratings. And the book turned out to be complete mediocre shit, and her only good story was stolen.

Like someone said, someone should write a story about the whole fiasco, either from a far right misogynistic point of view trashing all female writers or as a center right anti feminist story which can be turned into a movie.

Delicious Tacos? Looks like his book was as popular as the Cat Person one.

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>> No.18638316

Amazon is 100% a giant scam... so many reviews are faked by teams of people... same with GoodReads...

oh no I used ... again

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>no, it's from a crazy person's perspective.
>next question: which one of us is pretending to be called kristen and exporting r9k princess points stories?

>> No.18638353

Was this you?

>It would be onerous to have to back up all our shitposting and spicy takes with facts or actual experience, I guess. In general, /lit doesnt really do the whole "reading" thing, and involving 1. the new yorker and 2. the sex lives of young women is just laying out a feast for contrarian trolls. Anyway, I read it, there were some nice descriptions of emotional states, and the writer was fair to both the characters i felt, and what more can you ask for in something that takes 10 minutes to read.

>> No.18638366

Holy fuck this anon knew what was up in 2017
> Dec 12 01:40:39 2017 No.10387797
>yes, but this flavour of crazy stinks of us trying to get the new yorker to publish shit they should recognize as 4chan crazy. i call oprah and the 9000 penises on this.
>one of us should own up in their suicide note.
No, where's that from? I'm just reading the thread linked here >>18638260 Is it in the same thread?

>> No.18638377

Sorry >>18638291 didn't meant to link you here >>18638366

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The reactions to the greentext of the plot in that are gold.
>tldr: Robert is a Nice Guy, Margot is shallow and kind of dumb and probably should've said no to sex but didn't because she's afraid of Nice Guy Rage
>That's terrible. But it's really the guy's fault for loving a slut
>> Roommate eventually breaks up with him for you via text
>If you let a woman like that break your heart you deserve it
Even the 4chan quality ragecel male Kristen was trying to conjure up thinks Robert is to blame.

>> No.18638620

>the anon in that thread who wrote a short story about how he came in his pants twice while on a Tinder date because he was doing NoFap
Comedy gold and still better than cat person.

>> No.18638721

God, it was 4 years ago

>> No.18639004

>he came in his pants twice while on a Tinder date because he was doing NoFap
Desu if the New Yorker wanted to get eyeballs and not political point on its fiction section again, it should start opening up to shit like this. Wtf am I reading? gets shared way more broadly than how do I piss off my family members of a differing affiliation and get headpats from my twitter circlejerk. You need something that pisses off and confuses as many people as possible for people to share it to everyone. They need to who's Candice? up their editorial policy.

>> No.18639117

This is just how American millennials in cities live in general. Source: My roommates.

>> No.18639745

>american hours

>> No.18640014

Fucking kek.
The pretentious guillemets being used juxtaposed to English text is hallmark to the faux-intellectual ramblings of a /lit/-posting shitlord. I wouldn't really be surprised if it's someone reading my post right now, silently chuckling to themselves.

>> No.18640213

sounds like there's not a lot of downside to that plan

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lol what a dumb bitch.
>someone steals details about you, including your name, where you live, where you work, and who you date
>they embellish those details with things they find on your social media
>they completely assassinate your ex-boyfriend's character and turn him into "a slimeball"
>half of the story is YOU getting RAPED in a graphic sex scene
>that story is published at The New Yorker and there's going to be a movie adaptation
>the story gets so many details about you and your life correct that your friends and family who read it start texting you asking you if you wrote it
>you claim this whole situation has caused you grief and turmoil
>when you contact the author she says "yeah I based on you oops LOL"
If she were smart she would get a lawyer. She didn't sell her life rights to Kristen Roupenian, so what she did is illegal. She is entitled to compensation for the use of her likeness without written permission. I mean they're making a fucking movie out of that story! Do you know how many millions of dollars movies cost? And this dumb bitch isn't going to get a dime out of it.

>> No.18640370

Not on my watch. Change your effeminate ways.

>> No.18640737

that her?

>> No.18640749

you care only about the money she made, which is barely even related to literature.

>> No.18640909

This case is the current year publishing industry in microcosm.

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File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Self-publishing is the only way a based mf'er is going to get their work out in the world in 2021.

>> No.18640956

Holy kek, is there a recording of this somewhere?

>> No.18640963

>People still bumping this thread.
At least use sage next time so I don't have to see this shit

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How does it feel when all your precious illusions are unceremoniously shattered?

>> No.18641077

I'm not feeling it yet.

>> No.18641086

Poor guy. He did nothing wrong, besides being in contact with psychopath leftist women.

>> No.18641130

>Turns out it was based on specific details from the previous relationship of a guy she dated, unknown to the model for the story's narrator. All the specific details were kept intact, except for the part where the guy was an asshole. That part was just made up.
Typical Fecesminist
Islam is right about women

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i dont see any of you incel faggots crying about this one. art is art and artists are free to take inspiration wherever they want. your double standard is cringe.

>> No.18641174


>> No.18641215

How much to set up a home printing and bookbinding rig?

>> No.18641250

It was a big deal. Kristen got a movie and a milly

>> No.18641309

All said and done... anywhere from $1000-$2000 for a good setup. So many different types of machines and setups you could use.

Cost per book for a 350 page book is at... $1.25 per copy.

>> No.18641365

Really? with all the sewing and gluing and pressing? Need sauce.

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File: 28 KB, 742x431, xulo8yhnz3f31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18641826

The machine does it all easily!

I could crank out 10+ books an hour while drunk and stoned, no problem.

>> No.18641921

what song?
what machine?

>> No.18641937


Holy fucking shit what linkgore

>> No.18641972

Maybe. The show's called After Dark and the episode is something like "how to survive a murder" (hint: don't bring Highsmith to a grieving ceremony) It was in the late eighties but the show definitely has recordings of later episodes (you can get the early 90s episode where Sinead O'Connor crashed the studio to talk about Catholic child sex abuse and other scandals). Highsmith spends the time digging for details (tell me about the blood? was your daughter raped before they slit her throat?)

>> No.18641995

Is there a rape scene in that? I don't remember Dazai complaining about rape culture.

>> No.18642134

some tidbits:
>The story is definitely more relatable if you've had romantic relations before, so I get why you wouldn't appreciate it
standard roastie response of degrading her opponents sexual performance. ironic.

>Something about how the human interactions in this story were written reached into the uncanny valley like a robot is trying to write about how humans talk to each other. Not aspie or anything but really can't put my finger on why I feel that way. Oh well.

>I can't do it. It's not extremely boring or extremely cringeworthy but it's some of both.

>> No.18642167

>i call oprah and the 9000 penises on this.
>like a robot is trying to write about how humans talk to each other.
>one of us is pretending to be called kristen and exporting r9k princess points stories
Anons seem to have recognized her style from exposure to 4chins back then. There's every chance she's one of us.

>> No.18642221

>standard roastie response of degrading her opponents sexual performance. ironic.
its true tho. facts dont care about your feelings sweatie

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I wish I hadn't bought her book

>> No.18642339

What's true, that the story is inauthentic, or that your kind only has one line of attack?

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> The education of women results from the real and not imaginary view which the world entertains of women’s vocation. According to this view, the condition of women consists in procuring pleasure and it is to that end that her education is directed. From her infancy she is taught only those things that are calculated to increase her charm. Every young girl is accustomed to think only of that.

>> No.18642604

the relatability factor

>> No.18642660

Who cares, only fags want to read about dating

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>>when you contact the author she says "yeah I based on you oops LOL"
>If she were smart she would get a lawyer. She didn't sell her life rights to Kristen Roupenian, so what she did is illegal. She is entitled to compensation for the use of her likeness without written permission. I mean they're making a fucking movie out of that story! Do you know how many millions of dollars movies cost? And this dumb bitch isn't going to get a dime out of it.
You will never be a writer

>> No.18642758

Don't forget she shimmed an /r/niceguys meme into a character whose biographical details she copied. The result simply rings false. This is a failure of writing, to say nothing of the impact on the guy irl.

>> No.18642764

I work in Hollywood as a writer. Pretty much everyone here with my job spends most of their day trying to buy rights to news stories and magazine stories and novels and life rights. I am an expert on this topic and what Kristen Roupenian did was super illegal. You know what would happen if I sold a script to Warner Bros and they came back to me mid-production and said, "hey, did you base this story on someone but not buy their life rights?" They'd blacklist me.

>> No.18642900

Nothing wrong with that. Rupi Nyann is a definite downgrade from that. Also in terms of kindness and writing ability.

>> No.18643055

>Roupenian’s story was the first work of short fiction to ever go viral
No it wasn't.

>> No.18643064
File: 879 KB, 451x322, dk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They told me that the ride never ends, but I didn't think it would just be a constant freefall

>> No.18643137

>Waugh does the same even when he knew some of his gay characters could be identified and arrested from his books. He even openly names who they're based on and whether he made them meaner in the book.
Two things about Waugh though - one, he converted to Catholicism and became a pretty hard-right reactionary Catholic to boot, constantly talking shit about Vatican 2 (as well as many other things and people); and two, he's a brilliant writer and stylist, so even with any 'violations of privacy ethics' or whatever his literary achievements are very real, as opposed to the quickly dissipated flash-in-the-pan that Cat Person was.

>> No.18643244

Anon, Waugh wrote gays before brideshead and they're often people he hoped would get sent down. He isn't doing it out of Catholicism before or after; Waugh is being petty. However, it's not his prose style that saves him from criticism of that: Waugh never pretended to being above the pettiness of an Oxbridge feud, or laughing at cruelty, and everyone knows he wanted to be petty. It's why most people were surprised by Brideshead's ending, because his preCatholic endings for gays were never redemptive.
Cat Person isn't at risk because of its prose style or it wouldn't have been published. It's not that people suddenly found out she's a shit writer. They knew that four fucking years ago. What they didn't know was the ethical point they thought she was trying to make is actually a revenge fantasy. If Waugh had tried to paint his works as ethical point scoring he would have been (and was) laughed out of it by every prose and ethical stylist of the day. Greene can do that, but Waugh cannot. He acknowledged he could not. The Cat Person author can't acknowledge that it was all a revenge plot. Waugh openly says the faggots in his book are awful people because he hated a specific faggot he once fagged around with. That is not the case here. I'd recommend reading more Waugh and giving fewer Wikipedia lectures.

>> No.18643290

I know that Waugh was remarkably petty both before and after his conversion; sorry I dashed off the earlier post without really thinking. Thank you for your better corrective response.

>> No.18643342

If he weren't petty he couldn't have got so many things painfully right. The man who loves Dickens or even Rex's answer about papal infallibility don't appear to high minded authors devoid of pettiness.

>> No.18643439

Why are they making a movie out of this story when Ghost World already exists?

>> No.18643701


I don't think the clues are conclusive. He could've died from covid, but here are what I see:

-DM from mother
-"Died suddenly"
-recently furloughed
-actively ruminating on past behavior

I feel like if it was suicide, it would've happened closer to when the story was published.

>> No.18643724

The French are/were an exception.

>> No.18643796

He could have died from anything. A lot of families don't want to publicize a suicide, so you see a lot of "died unexpectedly" and "cause of death being kept private out of respect for the family". The second one is for accidental an heroing too where your mom finds you in your batman costume after autoerotic asphyxiation goes too well for you.
He was on antidepressants before the main characters broke up if we're relying on the text. He probably didn't an hero just because of the story. He probably wanted to an hero for lots of reasons before and after the story. I think you're ruling out suicide since he didn't react to the story like a dramatic persona who had no previous ideas of suicide. If he had commited suicide like that, I'd assume he was BPD and probably had been a dick.

>> No.18643863

The act of suicide is inherently dramatic unless the person is doing so out of some sense of boredom/ennui, or terminal illness/pain.

Any reasons one could give aside from the ones listed must be rooted in a kind of narrative thinking, which is inherently romantic.

>> No.18643908

>act of suicide is inherently dramatic
No. The ones that are have significantly fewer fatalities. The more dramatic the suicide attempt, the more likely it's a female with a personality disorder looking for attention. The more successful the suicide, the more likely it's a male and/or depression.

>> No.18644395

Ducks Newburyport deserves a cinematic interpretation more than this

>> No.18644396


>> No.18644564

the redscare girls are defending rupinian and attacking alexis.

>> No.18644585


>> No.18644730

In college I fucked a lesbian who looked exactly like that.

>> No.18644789

are you a women? or at least part of any minority group?

>> No.18644807

nobody will remember she existed one hundred years from now, let alone a thousand

>> No.18644845

Is this author still a thing or has she been forgotten?

>> No.18644852

It's cool that /lit/ is LGBT friendly enough to have redscare listeners.

>> No.18644876

/lit/'s lgtb for the terminally autistic. it'd be /a/sexual if it weren't afraid of the 2d making eye contact.

>> No.18644940
File: 7 KB, 161x250, 1626206814119s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She made 1.2 million selling a book

I can adapt the stories so that the main protagonist is a female.

Her book flopped, only 265 ratings on amazon while /lit/'s Mike Ma has 650 ratings. But there will be a movie made after her story.

>> No.18644955

>Mike Ma
>Mike Ma is an internationally best-selling author and creator of the Pine Tree Party. He's a proponent of raw milk, raw eggs, raw organs, and legal Christian harems.
This man is /pol/ not /lit/

>> No.18644985

>And this dumb bitch isn't going to get a dime out of it.
Neither is Roupenian. Authors get barely anything when a movie is optioned. Most of the meagre purchase price goes to the publishers, and Nowicki likely won't even get a chance to sue the writer. She'll lose anything she tries against The New Yorker, the movie's studio, or Roupenian's book publisher.

>> No.18645172
File: 140 KB, 1426x162, 9BD93D00-9D4E-4EB2-ACB2-0D212F386849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my.

>> No.18645183

>She made 1.2 million selling a book
I still didn't know she existed before stumbling into this thread

>> No.18645190

You obviously aren’t a reader.

>> No.18645272

How much do you spend for those rights? How does the process differ between mediums (news story vs magazine story vs novel)?

>> No.18645313

As little as possible

>> No.18645322

The entire system is setup so that women can tell their fabricated stories and get paid, while men who tell the truth about relationship dynamics are actively marginalized while simultaneously calling the women the marginalized group.

>> No.18646034

They are friends with the guy who's playing Chris/Robert.

>> No.18646044


>> No.18646182

someone post the version where the suicidal neckbeard is raping her

>> No.18646340

Everyone needs to realize that there are difficulties for both men and women sexually

>> No.18646353

This void shit story having gotten any attention at all is aggravating.

>> No.18646387

Kristen Roupenaniania

>> No.18646533

So, 19/20 year old women DON'T find late 20s men to be disgusting? I've heard otherwise.
Hell, my 24 year old friend was accused of being a pedo for dating a 20 year old.

>> No.18646539

When I was 34 I was regularly having parties with 20-25 year old women who needed the D badly.

Anyone who tells you that having sex with a woman 18 or older is gross is mentally stunted or just ignorant.

Do not listen to the social shaming.

>> No.18646545

Right on the money. The goal is to cast a wide net.

>> No.18646633

Covers like this has shown me how sheltered and disattached the average journalist and artist is these days. I simply can not relate to cover like this, wallowing in your lack of ability to get a grip on your own apartment is pathetic.

And I still enjoy reading the New Yorker.. it is the only source of slow news I subscribe to.

>> No.18646642

When meeting people who live like this, I avoid them entirely. If you are a slob, you are mentally just as scattered.

>> No.18646770

Women want men, not little boys.
Girls in their late 10s/early 20s love guys in their 30s

>> No.18647142

This is like DFW and Letterman

>> No.18647277

Women want a Bull and a cuck

>> No.18647414



Henry Cavill did it. Our forefathers did it. This stigma is a feminist invention and epitomizes how oversocialized we have become. The shaming is tactically used haggard unwanted roasties with decaying eggs that want to constrict the dating pool of men. Besides, we also know the many cases going on in the high school between older women and younger males and how society treats those issues. These values are warped and inconsistent, like women. You have to skirt around them if you ever want to be free.

>> No.18647416

for >>18646533

>> No.18647550 [DELETED] 

This is honestly how most people in Seattle love btw. They're really proud of it. They have an in-group mentality over the news getting them to self-detain for like two years. It's pathetic.

>> No.18647574

Unironically this is sold to people at the macro level. I have never seen anything so malleable or submissive before even hinted at authoritative dictums than the urbane American population.

>> No.18647856

>written by a woman
>about sex
>published to satisfy her tritest feelings
>also plagiarized


>> No.18647908

you can trim off everything past the question mark :)

>> No.18647998

>reddit spaces
>over 30
>talks about sex
Yep, got us an incel right here.

>> No.18648290

I really really like this picture.

>> No.18648322

Damn bitch, you live like this?

>> No.18648338

I was too young looking in my early twenties. Late twenties is much better for getting early twenties grils.

Having a decent job and my own apartment helps too

>> No.18648465

>This man is /pol/ not /lit/
If you write you are /lit/.
Its not a mindset. Its an action.

>> No.18648472

Being a woman is easy as shit.
Why do you think so many failed men attempt to be women.

>> No.18648476
File: 148 KB, 900x1200, 1559393531542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18648599

Difficulties for men means being unable to find a partner or at least a partner who is only slightly uglier than them, not a disgusting 1/10 beast.
Difficulties for women means being unable to find a 10/10 when she is 5/10.

>> No.18648604

This kid fucks

>> No.18648647
File: 128 KB, 680x634, 1626100643284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconding this. Age 18-21 I was some kind of overgrown 16 year old. Only after then did I actually feel like I was physically and mentally capable of engaging with women (fuck, even the general public) on equal footing

>> No.18648705

Well he's dating her isn't he? It's only the mid-20s+ roasties seething at guys preferring girls not past their prime, so they scream pedo

>> No.18648715

What a pity!

>> No.18650184

>Being a woman is easy as shit
that's code for "sex for money"
nobody wants to fuck troons

>> No.18650202

Women also get treated way softer than men. Men get treated like dirt if they aren't productive and contributing to society in a visible obvious way. Women get respected just for existing.

>> No.18650500

Hacker News discussion:


>> No.18650780

What do they know about literature?

>> No.18650959

Like all topics discussed on that side, their knowledge about it comfortably rests on the first tip of the dunning-kruger curve

>> No.18651159

uhh is it not?

>> No.18651217

it's a common age gap. 24 yo friend was dating a 33yo air force vet. I'm not saying we didn't give her the bantz for that shit, but they were comfortable together (not in love tho)

>> No.18651246

It's really not that hard to find a gf if you have a career and take care of yourself. Fuckin neets i swear

>> No.18651264

I literally wrote a book about getting too much sex:


>> No.18651287

wrong thread bro

>> No.18652537

Give us a 1 paragraph summary.

>> No.18652557

>this quality thread is still up

>> No.18652730

Who are you quoting?

>> No.18652868

Yet the quality of discourse is much higher than anything here. It is the same crowd, just different larp.

>> No.18653123
File: 235 KB, 1391x783, mrbones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just read this: https://archive.is/RoV5w
The ironies abound: "snake eating its own tail", "it's fiction, lol", "muh victimhood", "the story’s realism [...] were things I had worked very hard to perfect", "I felt intensely protective of Margot".
The more the snake eats its tail, the better it gets, imho.

>> No.18653303

That analogy is eerily accurate to the world around us.

>> No.18653969


>> No.18654831

pfft, default friend and personality girl did it first

>> No.18654840

>I'm a massive faggot please rape my face

>> No.18654856

this is the story that broke /lit/. we’re still having massive threads on it three and a half years after its moment

>> No.18654981


>> No.18655149


>> No.18656166

very interesting listen, thanks

>> No.18656598

No, we do not. This is the first time I've seen anyone discuss it since maybe 2018, and we're only discussing it now because of the author herself.
You really should go back to where you came from.

>> No.18656681

Before I'd consider listening to such a thing, I'd need to see full-body pictures of each of the hosts.

>> No.18657101

It is You fucking dunce.

>> No.18657124

Yeah, it's really not hard getting gf if you work 9-5. You just need to join dating apps and find plenty of 30 year old hags and 25 year old single moms!

>> No.18657508

>You really should go back to where you came from.
Your mother's vagina?

>Before I'd consider listening to such a thing,
It is a matter of supreme indifference to me whether you listen or not, but neither of them are fat, if that solves it for you.

>> No.18657532

the hottest woman i've ever met was 30 years old. I know you're trolling but your implications are false. get a job u leech

>> No.18657579

Reading that article and your commentary on it makes me feel absolutely nothing. Neither pity nor contempt nor sympathy nor smugness nor the sense that either you or her have any clue about anything. You're like two cliffs facing each other and shouting across a chasm. Of course the dynamic isn't equal since she's a minor celebrity and you're nobody. Your weak cynicism is prototypical of an undergrad

>> No.18657946

240 pages
1.2M dollars
only $5000 per page. For a shitty new celebrity. Not even rhodium or fuckoffium are this highly priced. The piece of news about this 'deal' is a fake market prop. No I'm not smelling copium

>> No.18657981

Who on earth buys feminist literature who isn't a feminist themselves

>> No.18658224

I'm still too young looking at 27. I look fucking 18. It sucks.

>> No.18658388

Work outdoors for 1 summer.

>> No.18658397

A womanizing nihilist buries his desire for traditional romance under an avalanche of liquor, drugs, and hookup sex.

>> No.18658580

No. This is a "that's so me!!!" image.

>> No.18658682

Fix your bot lol

>> No.18659263

Sorry, not good enough :(

>> No.18659457

>If it's done well, nobody will care. James Joyce turned a guy he worked for into a fat shit sniffing cuckold and didn't get much backlash. But he's also James Joyce (and his own self insert is a pathetic whoremonger).
I think the big difference here is Joyce was concerned more with aesthetics wheras cat lady was trying to "prove a point"

>> No.18659484

these are the people who decide what gets published

>> No.18659512

:( best of luck in all of your future endeavours

>> No.18660370

You know the rules.

>> No.18661248
File: 147 KB, 1024x768, 1546333074342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18662364

Surprised at how many in the blue-check sphere went with the "fiction writers steal characters all the time, it's our privilege, and you wouldn't understand, you dumb pleb" angle. This is the literati of 2021 speaking. For example: https://archive.is/udMrM

>> No.18663381

>the hottest woman i've ever met was 30 years old
Anecdotal evidence
>get a job u leech

>> No.18663706

That's exactly how I imagined her. Completely boring yet would suck a good cock, maybe lick the anus.

>> No.18664544


>> No.18665662
File: 127 KB, 739x749, toxoplasmosis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All of these cat ladies
This is literally the fundamental cause of so many of society's problems.

>> No.18665744

because she made me smile.

>> No.18666394

did what?

>> No.18667034

professional coprophagists

>> No.18667965

good novel

>> No.18669776

How come?

>> No.18669798

Wtf do you think it is?

>> No.18670005

>what song?

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