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Fucking shit it's hot out

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I am the center

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Pistachios are some good shit. I dread the day that I can no longer consume them.

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but I thought I was the center?

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She’s the worst thing for me, she’s such an angel

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I tried to play hard to get with this bitch and she slipped through my fingers. Fuck modern dating culture.

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Murdering the people of the SF bay area and silicon valley is non-negotiable. They are Nazis, we are free, they are threatening our freedom, and we're going to use the government to murder them. We are going to use political and legislative power to murder them. We are organizing a grass-roots political movement to murder the men, women, and children of the SF bay area and silicon valley, and I expect full support from the government of the USA.
This is World War II.
We are killing Nazis.

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Not in my world

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we are using the government to hunt down and kill the anti-whites in silicon valley and the sf bay area...and it will all be done legally, by popular political movements and legislative & executive action as well as healthy support from the judiciary and DOJ

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The Judiciary and DOJ will protect white Americans from the violent, racist anti-white thugs.

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You think Madonna was screwing this kid?
I'd f-ing kill him to take his place

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People have a primitive moralistic gut reaction to pedophilia. I understand the reason for it, it is an affront to the natural impulse to protect children but people let their instincts rule their emotions.

I learned this from watching these “DAP” (Dad Against Predators) videos on youtube in which two guys pose as underage kids and catfish pedos and then accost them on camera. The two men doing this are clearly driven by a primal moral impulse though they are utterly ignorant of sexual psychology. You can tell by the fact that they are always asking their targets “why are you into kids?” as if they know. Ask the same question to anyone no matter what they are into. Nobody can explain it.

To be sure pedophilia is wrong, but so is pancreatitis. A pedophile is not necessarily a bad person, they are afflicted, a disturbed person, though some can be both sick and bad. The critical distinction between a forgivable and a malignant pedophile comes down to those who are aware they have unwanted pedophilic desires and those who willingly act on them. Is it a choice? Of course it is not. Who would chose to have universally reviled sexual proclivities that seemingly automatically instigate brutal aggression and violence from others, aggression which is in turn often seen as righteous? Sexuality is not a choice under any circumstances and only a fool thinks otherwise. Is hunger a choice?

In fact, research indicates that pedophiles have neurological and even genetic abnormalities that distinguish them from the sexually normative population. Many are also the victims of molestation themselves, which would make demonizing those with pedophilic desire a case of blaming the victim. Is the wiring of the brain or expression of the genes a choice? Morality is fundamentally based on the concept of free will, the idea that one has control of one’s actions, or can at least resist the alien temptation to behave wrongly.

One theory of pedophilia is that pedophiles are essentially “mental children.” Indeed research shows that there is a statistically significant correlation between pedophilia and low IQ, and that they think like children. Arguably they suffer from a form of psychosexual arrested development in which psychologically the person remains at the level of a child but physiologically they develop the sexual drives of an adult.

Pedophilia is a mental illness a defect, a psychosexual dysfunction. It is only a moral failure to the extent that one acts on it and exploits a child.

inb4 pedo or pedo apologist. I’m trying to rationally and empirically understand it.

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I crave human interaction and new people in my life but I am also really jaded and tired because of a very toxic relationship that ended several years ago. I guess I realized that it really doesn't matter.

But existing like this is also really tiring in itself. Time just passes by but every now and then I realize what is happening and am worried because of it.

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The lainpill is on my mind.

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I love her. I hate her. I kick her out. I date her.
I'm no one. I'm major. I'm Screech, I'm A C Slater such a
Narcissistic hater wanna kiss her when I fight her our lives
Are wired if she don't get me caught up imma wife her that's my

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I have no idea what im doing with my life. No goals or dreams just the eternal choice between worse and worst option. Its only the matter of time before i'll snap on day.

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all i want is a gf who has the mind of a man in the body of a woman, is that too much to ask?

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this anxiety is eating my ass

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Playing hard to get is typically a woman's move. Personally my greatest successes have always come when I wasn't trying to play any games

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It's more common than you might assume

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bold of you to assume im not a woman

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So... you want a tranny?

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More like a brain transplanted gay guy
Would be interesting to see how human cloning could affect that

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Bro what you really want is a tomboy or perhaps a "liberated woman" in the old sense

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Just to play devil's advocate: what do you make of the fact that ages of consent and ages at marriage were much lower for most of history? For example, my great-grandmother married at 14, and that sort of arrangement was by no means uncommon in her area at the time. Would you say those who engaged in such relationships were all mentally ill in some way, even though its widespread prevalence is well-documented and it was accepted by most of society until the last century or two?

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Tomboys get brainwashed into going FtM these days. Get them before they go extinct

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I think I understand what true romantic love is now. The sister of my best friend. I feel like every decision in my life has led me away from her due to my cowardice. I have one life and I have already fucked it up. I could have died in the fjords of Norway with her if I wasn't such a pathetic conformist. To others I appear strong, but I know I am nothing. With every minute that passes, I get further away from her. I would now have to hurt so many good people, including my wife, just to find my way to her azure eyes.

Her presence is my drug and I relapse every time I see her for those precious few moments. For around five years now I have had this and it is not going away. I fell in love with her on a night when me, her and her brother were out in the fields near their house. Her brother left us alone for whatever reason and we watched the stars together, talking for hours. I can swear that the light of the stars showed me someone I was looking for my entire life that night. This was a two weeks after I told them both I started talking to a girl, now my current wife. What hurts the most of all is that her best friend told me she felt like this towards me as well at one point. I am sure she doesn't anymore.

Today I wrote a page long poetic confession (And yes it is as "gay" as the above) as I have just come back from a weekend over at theirs this Monday. I was going to post it here without context, but I would rather take it with me to my grave. Maybe one of the fairytales people preach of is true and I will be with her in paradise. I will give it to her there.

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But are there books for this feel?

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unfortunately not, it is up to you to write them

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It is the year 2045. An underdog, biologically female sotfball team from United Korea is coached by an Western expat tomboy enthusiast to beat the all mtf transwoman champion team from San Trancisco.

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what’s on your mind

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I'm going through something healthy but embarassing. I've been really into this chick for a long, long time. We talked and I was completely dominated by my fantasy-version of her, I was so enamored I could barely sit still. I don't know why that feeling went away, but it did. I don't really think she and I have very much in common at all really, I'm really not sure if I even like her. Right now I am glad that I never put a baby in her. I think I could still like her, maybe some parts of the infatuation were real, but she is not the person I imagined. Embarassing, but good experience.

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Im seriously considering joining a cult

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Which one?

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my own

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How would that work?
You start a cult, recruit people, then find a cult leader to replace you and follow him instead?

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I feel like im best as a number 2. In every aspect in my life, i usually do extremely well as a number 2 in charge, especially in my career, but as soon as i become the number 1, i always fuck it up.

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You're never gonna start a cult with that mindset

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the CIA calls itself the nations first line of defense
"defense" lmao

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Better off joining an existing cult the, like mine.

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yeah well, in that case ill have to find one
pitch me on your cult

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>pitch me on your cult
No, from what I've read in your post, you are not worthy of joining it.

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I wish I had the courage and grammar skills needed to write novels. I'd give it my all if it were the case, even if people made fun of me but as long as it touched random people out there I would be happy.

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>he won't even lay out the precepts
Wack. You don't have a cult.

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I've been having episodes of psychosis lately where I become convinced that an asteroid collision is imminent and it'll wipe all life out on earth. But I can't figure out if its my mental health deteriorating, a genuine premonition or a manifestation of my unconscious desire to carpet-bomb all of humanity back into the inorganic exteriority from whence we came

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Refresh loop. I have so much to do. Big deadline. I'm in a refresh loop wooooooooo

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the thing is though
three lions is a banger

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God blessed me with clarity of mind. I learned this is a rare gift.

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Why don't you just write and use an editor, or grammarly, or something to fix your mistakes?

You might have some amazing stories to tell!

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My stories are ambiguous. It is also the way I talk; only people who know me well know what I mean all the time, the rest think of it as cryptic nonsense.

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>he’s shilling again

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Not shilling, encouraging.

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Have you ever tried to read Finnegan's Wake?!

I look forward to seeing you in a /wg/

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This faggot teacher can shut up about covid and how it's all better for humanity . Jesus christ covid broke boomer minds

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This faggot teacher can't shut up about covid and how it's all better for humanity. how people will now act better and have more solidarity and more naive garbage. Jesus christ covid broke boomer minds

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Yes, many boomers will never take off the mask... even when outdoors, walking alone, in 30c weather.

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funny, it's zoomers I see doing it all the time

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Just counted out that to finish all the unread books that I currently have by the end of the year, I've got to read at least 108 pages every single day. What we saying lads, reckon I can do it?

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I think my first relationship just ended. She's been constantly accusing me of cheating for like 2 months based on just "A sense she had that I'm talking to someone else". I broke down exactly why her logic made no fucking sense, and I reverted to my native language because I was sick of using hers, then she blocked me.

Back to being alone again. At least the next relationship should be better

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Am I a sophist if I refuse to engage with ideologies if I have only seen their opinion on one issue but that always go completely contrary to what I consider to be reasonable?

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Oh, and she also did on and off wristcutting for 8 years which she didn't mention until 4 months in (last week).

I just want a normal gf, guys...

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I'm like candy to women over 35 and moldy bread to women under 35

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There is a certain cultural relativity to it, for sure. However, those were technically adolescents being married, they were of reproductive age. You have to also account for the fact that for most of history the human lifespan was much shorter. A 14 year old was already almost halfway through their lifespan. When lifespans are shorter, reproductive norms shift.

Also, prepubescent child marriage was typically a product of politics and inheritances, the child would be married to an adult however they would not engage in sex with the adult until they were of reproductive age.

These children were not being married off because the adult marrying them was sexually attracted to children. They were doing it so they could inherit land or a title or a dowry.

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>You have to also account for the fact that for most of history the human lifespan was much shorter. A 14 year old was already almost halfway through their lifespan
You're conflating life expectancy at birth with actual average lifespan minus child mortality cases. People didn't live until not even 30 in the past, even in the middle ages or before, but frequently died as infants or children, which lowered the average life expectancy.
Besides, there are records of people marrying at ages that young even in the 20th century, by which life expectancy far exceeded the average in centuries past. The shift to later ages of marriage didn't become as dominant as it is today until fairly recently in the grand scheme of things.

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You, by the very nature of who you are, attract these types to you

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Did you get that idea from The Last Psychiatrist? He had an article about scam games one time along the lines of, "You should be grateful to con artists since they're letting you know how you appear to others". I think Slate Star Codex also pointed out that women in abusive relationships tend to get abused again in new, separate relationships because something about them just lures those type of guys.

Hell, I'm not denying it. She made the first move on me, so it could easily be true. I hope it's not though, that would be a pain in the ass. I tried to help her through her problems countless times and it just amounted to nothing more than temporary relief, there was nothing I could to genuinely solve her issues.

She even told me stuff like, "Don't use voice chat in video games with other people because there might be a woman there and you might add her and start cheating on me". This sounds like I'm stretching the truth but I swear to god, she told me not to use VC for that reason. I knew the relationship was doomed then but it's still a bummer

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it's always vaguely disappointing to find an artist is an artist, and not the character they create and or play

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I forgot I had superpowers. The world saw fit to remind me. They may come to regret this.

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It seems like there is a cabal of ethno-religious supremacists who have been using the media to try and manipulate non-whites in America into uniting against Native White Americans and completely gut the country and replace all of its founding ideals with alien ideology based on alien philosophy.
That’s what’s on my mind

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No... I got that idea from the process of writing my 1st book. Stepping back from myself, I looked at the problem from an outsider's point of view and it suddenly became very silly.

"oh woe is me I can only have sex and never love, wah wah wah!"

Countless times you'll see the same issue in your life and in other people's lives, they attract what they give off. As soon as my switched my mindset around to what I wanted in a woman, I almost immediately attracted her into my life.

I wouldn't want to start guessing who you are, but I'm going to guess you're not a fully independent, grown adult yet?

Once you get to the point in life where you are a seemingly confident man- someone who can look professional in a button up shirt or bad ass in a tank top- you can begin to attract women who have at least the self-confidence in themselves that they could keep that archetype interested in them.

Symbolism, status, clothing, appearance, blah blah... everything you give off will attract a certain type to you like flies to shit.

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this man is Judge Holden irl:

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God I hate my incessantly hedonistic monkey brain.
Attractive girl wants to hook up and my mind quickly goes back and forth between lust and shame at the idea of giving into the base pleasures that brought me to this mental state in the first place.

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You're right about the lack of confidence, I probably radiate that a bit.

But mainly I think the problem is I met her on a chan, and mentally stable women don't go looking for guys on anonymous websites. If you need to use 4chan or something to find new friends, it's because you're pretty weird, and the likelihood of some mental illness is much higher. You need to know what you're getting into.

Regardless, I definitely agree with you. Healthy, young women don't want a guy who is depressed or lost in life, they want a guy confident in himself and his values and his sexuality with a promising career. I think I still have potential to land a fantastic gf, I'm only 22. Even guys in their mid-20s can get girls in their early 20s without a problem, right? It can't be that bad at all. I should really be grateful the experience - be happy I got the first one out of the way, getting some experience without any long term scars.

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I read a biography of an author I like recently. It talked of his marriage and said that his wife was unapproving of the friends her husband had made as a young dilettante. It got me thinking. Not only do I not have a wife, a girlfriend, or any prospective girlfriend to speak of. I hardly have any friends. Well, I have no friends really. I have a brother. I’m living with him right now. But is he really a friend? I had friends in college. We were more like drinking buddies than friends I guess but they were there. After I graduated, they all moved away and I just never really made more. I’m only a few years out from 30 now. What am I supposed to do with this discovery? My favorite tortured author was less socially tortured than I am. Tortured isn’t the right word. Pathetic, maybe?

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Psychology is literally a satanic jewish cult psyop for the elites to subjugate the submissive, docile middle class.

Yes I'm saying this because I hate my fucking ex-gf. Go fuck a nigger Tina, you will always be a cock-loving womanchild.

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I don't know if I can finish A Farewell to Arms. I know how it ends and I can't handle the feels. I hate all this sadness.

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Very few authors were pathetic. To even be an author you've heard of they had to be a tremendous success, and to be a tremendous success, they needed lots of connections and that typically came with friends and romantic opportunities. So it's never good to compare yourself or hope to identify with an author. Just read and appreciate their work.

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Twitter is pure condensed mental illness jesus why do people use that shit

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I am so bored with humanity
everyone is striving to be their best moron
don't want to deal with them anymore
can't watch sports or even buy groceries without political propaganda in my face
even churches are corrupted

I imagine what it would be like to have no friends often
social invites are less frequent and messages are slowing because I won't use social media
women only want sex never friendship
men are dominated by women

I come to 4chan to hang with the autists because at least they speak their minds

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I always thought that Stirner sketch everyone keeps posting was the most popular one because it's peak meme material and there were at least one or two more traditional portraits, just found out those are the only two ever done and they were spooks made by Engels of all people. There's no way Stirner didn't know what he was doing.

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>Brother keeps calling me a Jew
Not sure if a compliment or an insult

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At what point in a relationship is it "safe" to start bringing up your fetishes with a girl? Or do you just not say anything and wait for HER to bring it up?

>> No.18640818

whenever you feel like it
don't be a bitch about it though

>> No.18640853

Gay guys are just like women. Moody, bitchy, and self obsessed

>> No.18640863

as far as i'm concerned, if all music is just signals to the brain that gives you the sensation of sound, if i just get these audio cues i can use my brain to imagine hearing it in the highest possible quality beyond the material realm

>> No.18640870

>mfw the ending is he loses his actual arms

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I've met quite a number of people who'd be considered attractive/pretty. Some are models even. Although not all, the majority of them have been really boring. Especially women, they don't have any special interest or hobbies. It's either being engrossed in drama, texting or occasionally one or two shows. The guys aren't much different either, since it's usually just sports.
Makes me wonder if they're like that because they've been given so much attention and praise that they don't feel like its not worth putting any vested interests into anything else.

>> No.18640907

i mean, perhaps they're just quite good at hiding or not discussing more interesting hobbies. if they're attractive, they tend to be more socially capable. if they're both attractive and intelligent, they naturally they would only share the most normie of normie information to most people unless you really get to know, and even then that's an if

>> No.18640923

You're giving them way too much credit with the whole hiding their interest. But yeah, I'd agree they are incredibly social. I'm not as social as your typical chad or stacey but I do know a decent amount of people who knows more people. Makes me wonder how some of them can go about partying almost 3 to 4 times a week without much else.

>> No.18640929

Partying 3-4 times a week was a normal social life back in like 1999ish... in my home town there were SO many good bars and clubs and ALWAYS some sort of drink special. $2 beers, $5 triples... and women were incredibly friendly as nobody was distracted by their smartphone.

>> No.18641040

That sounds like paradise desu.

>> No.18641171

I had a dream where i smeared my own cum all over my face. However there wasnt even a single tingle in my dick so perhaps it wasnt a sexual thing.

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Life is tiring now, and has been for a while. The sign of Saturn hangs well over me and I find myself losing faith that the future holds any hope.
Things are, uh, not great in every avenue but my career and lifting gains. Being able to bench bodyweight at 270 is cold satisfaction to feeling like life's already over at 22, or that I have already fucked up beyond my capacity to grow and change as a person, but I guess everyone in their early 20s post-first relationship feels like this for a while.
I believe in you, Anon, I think you can do it.

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Giving up at 22???

Holy fuck man... I'm 43 and still have the spice of life in me! You have SO much more ahead of you anon.

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repaid is diaper spelled backwards

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Life in Vancouver from the 80's to the late 00's was fucking amazing.

Life after about 2012 or so has been in a clown world nose-dive. The quality of life in 2021 in Vancouver is swirling down the toilet bowl mixed with homeless HIV+ tranny diarrhea

>> No.18641313

Thank you
I say nothing about giving up. I'm still studying for a trade, I still work full time, I still workout and read/paint, and all that, I just find myself dreading where I will be in the future, or if I will fail to achieve the simple dream of love and a family, the almost stereotypical stuff.
What's life at 43 like?

>> No.18641330

I cancelled my internet and my girlfriend's internet is range banned and my phone and my girlfriend's phone are banned so I drove 6 hours to a different state to post this

Hello everyone I have missed you all for the past several months and the air is good here. I encourage you to get out of the cities and go look at the stars in a bortle level 2 or at least bortle level 3 area some time. I saw two deer today.

>> No.18641334

I want to try boxing or mma but im fat, have a broken hand in knuckle area and mild tmj on right jaw.

>> No.18641377

Spend your 20's and 30's conquering women, challenging yourself, and learn about what makes you tick.

At 43, I have kids, very strong motivation to write, high creativity, mastery in dealing with women, a pain-free healthy body, and a lot of goals and things I look forward to.

At 23, I was a lot more confused and was being pulled in a million directions. Life was more dynamic and a lot more "fun" to explore with new women, new places to live, new cars, new ideas, new... everything. So much to adventure.

Life at 43 is on a much clearer path, and it is much less anxious. There are challenges still, as there should be, but nothing probably as difficult as trying to be young and find your way in 2021.

Godspeed anon!

>> No.18641382

Helping others is yoga. You’re uniting things. Imagine people as monads. When you help others you’re increasing the level to which the monad exists in relational harmony to other monads. The world functions better.

>> No.18641422

The greatest shade of contempt I hold for American Gnatsocks os that they miss the entire point of a Fascistic framework in just adopting the cultural and intellectual impressions of another nation in Germany due to the stigma against it rather than making something new and American in it's outlook
That, and how really the only hope for a political solution being the rapid, Soviet style breakapart of the US by regional basis. America, among a litany of other reasons, deserves to die for all the fledgling states it strangled in the crib, both inside and outside of it's borders.

>> No.18641426

Thank you, that's legitimately reassuring to hear.

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File: 42 KB, 615x823, Thug-attacks-40-year-old-man-in-brutal-street-assault-face-of-attacker-will-need-to-be-blurred-ple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Life at 43 is on a much clearer path,
yea, to the grave. nobody wants to read what some faggot 40 year that still browses 4chan has to say

enjoy your heart attack grandpa

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Pretty clear by your angst and vitriol that you are upset you never adventured in life.

It's not too late. There is still a way out of your boring life!

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i was given ample time to complete a very important project, and i've bloody squandered it again. now i have less than a week to do this... may God have mercy upon me. my laziness will truly be my downfall

>> No.18641535

>send a bunch of messages to girls on dating sites
>precisely zero replies 24 hours later
It's so hard bros...

>> No.18641566

Cheers boss, I'll try my very best. Feel like the hardest thing will be just not buying anymore fuckin books for the rest of the year.

>> No.18641580

Dating sites are complete shit.

Learn how to be jovial and social in person and you will NEVER be lacking women to date.

>> No.18641588

You have bigger chances approaching them irl

>> No.18641596

just had a dream where a demon, pretending to be the dead wife of a man and his son appeared- the father tried to burn it out, but the son knew that to cast it out required "the prolonged burning of cursed bone" and so he thrust his entire fucking arm into the fire.
Afterward, the kid is half dead, and the kid's mother used to wrap him up in blankets in a specific way, and after she died, his dad would try, but it was never the same. "but this time, it was perfect"

>> No.18641606

Sounds like you got the premise for a good, short-to-mid horror novel on your hands

>> No.18641611

24 hours ain't even that long. Chill, man. You need something else to to suck away some of this mental energy you're pouring into dwelling on this otherwise when somebody does come your way you won't be in the right place to make the most of it/properly ascertain if this is somebody you actually want in your life.
t. falls in love too easily

>> No.18641951

How come more attention isn't paid to the idea that Joe Biden is a CIA asset? He's been running cover for the agency since he got into the Senate. Go look up Ted Sorensen, and Biden's role in destroying his nomination as CIA Director in 1977. If that isn't a sign that Biden is compromised, what is it? Biden is a CIA puppet.

>> No.18641957

Everything is fake. Just watch the Ashli Babbitt shooting video and keep telling yourself it really happened.

>> No.18641969

Fucking bastard youtube just showed an ad with two faggots smacking lips and grabbing ass and they fucking have the balls to say that they're not pushing this shit onto people

>> No.18641976

And it was for this video if you're wondering

>> No.18641984

Tell me about it. I can watch a movie from fucking 2010 and it's wildly different in quality and the amount if idpol bullshit being pushed today.
I'm indifferent to the gays most of the time but come the fuck on, is the pendulum snapping due to pressure too much to ask for at this point? Probably.

>> No.18641987

Just suck a dick anon. Experiment a little. Everyone’s doing it

>> No.18641990
File: 28 KB, 499x459, 1612933659517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At this point I would gladly risk starving or bleeding to death in a ditch following the American just-in-time, held together by ducttape and cum supply chain breaking down than live in this this T.S. Elliot Hollow Men fuckery

>> No.18641998

Get the fuck away from me sodomite

>> No.18642026

Bro it’s not that Biden is a puppet, the entire presidency is a puppet show, all of politics is a puppet show. Politicians are public relations people. Quite low on the rungs of power. They don’t create legislation and enact it. That’s at the whims of “private” interest groups and the “experts” employed by those groups. Politicians are completely beholden to these pressures. It’s their job to manufacture consent for them. Cia is just one part of this whole racket. Everyone in government is on board and on the same page.

>> No.18642038

Around blacks, never relax

>> No.18642065

>You're conflating life expectancy at birth with actual average lifespan minus child mortality cases. People didn't live until not even 30 in the past, even in the middle ages or before, but frequently died as infants or children, which lowered the average life expectancy.
I did conflate it, but your correct just supports my point even further.

>Besides, there are records of people marrying at ages that young even in the 20th century, by which life expectancy far exceeded the average in centuries past. The shift to later ages of marriage didn't become as dominant as it is today until fairly recently in the grand scheme of things.
Tradition can exert a powerful pull, and those traditions, by definition, derive from how things were done in the past. Generally it is considered taboo to have relations with someone who is not of reproductive age.

Culturally, today ephebophilia (adult attraction to teenagers) is often construed as pedophilia, because humans live longer and youths are considered to have a longer "incubation time" before they become adults because people live longer on average.

>The shift to later ages of marriage didn't become as dominant as it is today until fairly recently in the grand scheme of things.
Nether did the increase in life expectancy with the rise of industrialism and scientific medicine.

>> No.18642067

Someone said once that the presidency is not about power, it's about diverting attention away from those who wield actual power. The US and the world in general is run by banks.

>> No.18642079

>run by banks.

>> No.18642086

Freemasons and elder protocols of zipn

>> No.18642106

As well as the Chinese, Israelite Jews, nonIsraelite Jews, the WASPs, the technocrats affiliated with all of the above. It's a big list really

>> No.18642164

Thinking Israel controls things is a delusion. Israel exists solely as a tool of anglo-American geopolitical interests in the Middle East. The case of China is more complicated. For decades international finance has wanted a piece of China, wanting to do to China what they did to post ussr Russia. For a while it looked like things would go this way, with globalist institutions gradually tightening their grip in the country. Xi has reversed this though and has done mass institutional purges. It’s still an ongoing thing though, with anti-Xi opps occurring and counter opps fighting back. Quite interesting to watch

>> No.18642183

And as a further Zionist smokescreen. It really is such a fascinating onion. Mostly the WASPs, Jews, and soon the Chinese however.
Why must the world be so complicated? I've only ever wanted to operate a small-time machining shop in some rural part of the midwest to provide for a nice family I never knew as a child

>> No.18642220

>I've only ever wanted to operate a small-time machining shop in some rural part of the midwest to provide for a nice family I never knew as a child
I think you can still do this

>> No.18642224

I mean, I hope so, but I'd rather do it without the Sword of Damocles that is fractional reserve banking and the general decay of Western civilization.
Though, what're you gonna do I guess?

>> No.18642338

What's the saddest thing you've ever read on this website?

>> No.18642422

I hate this site and I really want to leave but how

>> No.18642462

Arguing with my mom again.

>> No.18642488

This is the most retarded thing I’ve read on here.

>> No.18642569

>has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Fucking love a bit of Steely Dan. Think I'm gonna make it.

>> No.18642691

I'm surprised by the fact that this static I see since birth has a name and is a medical condition.

>> No.18642715

I just wanted a woman who wasn't insane or stupid. I had one. My god was she expensive to please.

>> No.18642735

I read to escape my ever pilling problems.

>> No.18642791

>has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Pardon me but I don't understand what you just said at all

>> No.18642829

2$ in 1999 is like 8$ in 2021

>> No.18642832

>tfw know boyfriend's fetishes and still harbor odd feelings of wanting him to be with someone else
It's weird.

>> No.18642895

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

>> No.18642923

What do you do to stay active and in shape? I used to lift weights but I’ve gradually lost interest in that.

>> No.18642926

i lift weights and do cardio, even when i dont enjoy it.
Because i like being a fat and weak piece of shit even less.

>> No.18642932

I feel hot, I want to lie down, sleep and fix this stomach which is in pain.
Why do I work?

>> No.18642946

Based and Business Shigeo Shingo Deming and Juran pilled

>> No.18642961

Are you implying that if you don’t want to be fat and weak then lifting and running is your only alternative?

>> No.18642967

The Dad Greentext where Anon sees his Dad's apartment after the divorce and finds out his father loved him despite his mother's lies about his suicide

>> No.18642970

i dont have a very intense physical job, so for me, yes.

There are other things you can do, like climbing or doing bodyweight sports, or do manual labor, but the most time effective way is to go to the gym 45 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

>> No.18642982
File: 1.41 MB, 735x867, 1626119931698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ephebophilia is villified and packaged with pedophilia to keep women in the workforce and keep them slutting it up in school. The prerequisites to a barefoot pregnant wife are fertility and attachment alone. Both are lost to the devoted distractions of the modern man who is convinced he doesn't work for pedophiles.

>> No.18642983

I don’t really care about time effective.

>> No.18642987

then go look for bodyweight sports. Bouldering is good. If you want you can also do manual labor on the weekends

>> No.18643271

Are you that pedophile who was trying to groom a 9 years old child to rape her and was frequently posting in these threads?

>> No.18643615

I feel like most of 4chan is more mature than me nowadays. Imagine how much of a child I am.

>> No.18643637

>But mainly I think the problem is I met her on a chan, and mentally stable women don't go looking for guys on anonymous websites.
Apologies for hijacking this post, but as someone who doesn't want a mentally stable woman (or rather, not a female normalfag): how does one meet women on the chans?

>> No.18643676

MMA. the only sport I'm remotely interested in. I'm surprised more males don't feel this way, you're learning combat which should be attractive for obvious reasons, and the training is hardcore so if you don't slack, you're guaranteed to be in incredible shape eventually

>> No.18643694

you might think you want that,but you really don't. having someone like that as part of your real life is no bueno

>> No.18643712

How do you do manual labor only on weekends? You mean get a part time labor job?

>> No.18643714

No anonymous poster can be liable for any fate that befalls me as a result of taking his advice. If your advice finds me a good girl, you did a good deed. If it finds me a psychopath, /lit/ gets to hear about it in an entertaining blogpost.

>> No.18643715

I joined an MMA gym once and found it really cultish and cliquish. Everyone was a certain type and wanted everyone else to be a certain type.

>> No.18643720

Monkey monkey monkey
in a little
I’m so hungry!

>> No.18643738

Fuck pretending only to have one waifu is such a drag

>> No.18643743

then you found a shitty gym. Many such cases. MMA and BJJ gyms can be really hit and miss, and BJJ gyms are especially likely to have a bit of a cultish aura. If you live in a place where there are a lot of options, you should shop around. Try multiple gyms.

>> No.18643773

well I'm not gonna give you advice on how to find a psycho bitch, I'll just advise you not to try, because unless you wanna murder her, dealing with someone like that IRL is nothing like fantasizing about someone like that or whatever

not nearly as much of a drag as pretending to only like one woman IRL

>> No.18643784

I love all my girls almost equally. But there's one that's special you know.

>> No.18643794

If you have more than one waifu, you have no waifu.

>> No.18643804

>not nearly as much of a drag as pretending to only like one woman IRL
Sounds like a real drain
kind of how I feel, there is one above all but by such a small margin
>this response
this is why its a drag, we're already playing pretend with a fictional character we like, why the weird no no only one restriction? its not like they are 3dpd or disloyal or anything

>> No.18643816

Something about getting the jab makes me nervous. I do believe it's harmless, that's not what it is. But you have all these people who do not trust it and act weird towards vaxxed people. I have a bunch of people like that around me.
I'm also 21 yo, so idk if our age group even is relevant to vaxx.

>> No.18643822


>> No.18643831

Solomon had a thousand wives, so there's that.
Monowaifuism isn't the only way

>> No.18643844

True but admitting to it on here you might as well just be asking for the thread to be derailed with butthurt
not that that matters, hence why I said pretending to have one waifu, which is what I do, but sometimes you do just want to say how much you love all your waifus plural

>> No.18643885
File: 1.69 MB, 400x400, 1623517691190.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Walls closing in on people here. They want to ban people who did not get the vax from almost everywhere public. People seem to be okay with having an app that has your data on it and needing to show it to go anywhere.

>> No.18643893

We have to end state-capitalism
Bring international mass murderers like him to trial

>> No.18643900

Call it what you want, it's the people who are to blame.
What kind of a disgusting person are you that you would deny people a regular life because they don't get this meme vax for the meme flu?

>> No.18643910

For allowing the sociopaths to rule them? For not quarantining properly?
>meme flu
OHH. You think it’s a hoax. All some international gag.
The new UFO scam is a fake. Covid19 and it’s variants are real.

>> No.18643917

It is a hoax in that it's not nearly as deadly as the media sets it out to be. I'm not going to do the entire debate but look at the average age of death from it should tell you enough.
And you're mental if you think people not quarantining properly is the problem. Fantasy land.

>> No.18643954

hard to imagune I will not kill myself one day

>> No.18643963

It is more severe than the regular flu, but the media jumped all over it like it was ebola. What’s more disturbing about our CIA controlled media is their avoidance of why this happened. China itself and Gates?
And the I was just wondering what you were talking about “ it's the people who are to blame.”
It really isn’t regular people’s fault for being manipulated. Stop excusing the power structures doing this to us.

Stop being so weak and live.

>> No.18643996

I love the david benatar shill. I love all of you.

>> No.18644058

In my country covid is on the same list of disease as ebola.
And obviously the media/people in charge are to blame but the pushback to this has been incredibly small. If this covid has shown me anything it's that the masses are even more easily manipulated than I thought

>> No.18644170
File: 89 KB, 720x720, C06D5F2C-8E16-4CDB-92B0-0673C12865D0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

States breed fools

>> No.18644194

>You have to also account for the fact that for most of history the human lifespan was much shorter. A 14 year old was already almost halfway through their lifespa
That's not true
Why do so many idiots fall for the "30 year old lifespan in middle ages" meme

>> No.18644214


>> No.18644239

>ongevity has increased steadily through history. Life expectancy at birth was a brief 25 years during the Roman Empire, it reached 33 years by the Middle Ages and raised up to 55 years in the early 1900s.1 In the Middle Ages, the average life span of males born in landholding families in England was 31.3 years and the biggest danger was surviving childhood.2 Once children reached the age of 10, their life expectancy was 32.2 years, and for those who survived to 25, the remaining life expectancy was 23.3 years. Such estimates reflected the life expectancy of adult males from the higher ranks of English society in the Middle Ages,3 and were similar to that computed for monks of the Christ Church in Canterbury during the 15th century.4

Maria Patrizia Carrieri, Diego Serraino, Longevity of popes and artists between the 13th and the 19th century, International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 34, Issue 6, December 2005, Pages 1435–1436, https://doi.org/10.1093/ije/dyi211


>> No.18644277
File: 369 KB, 2048x2048, 9ek27untq0i01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea when he talks with his ginger nephew and says 'I can't beat it', meaning he can't get over his grief and the past. I feel like I've wasted my only chance at happiness and I can't really blame anyone else because I did it to myself.

>> No.18644307
File: 115 KB, 833x841, 2021-07-08-18-16-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do jannies allow these threads?

>> No.18644315

Focal point to prevent other off-topic threads

>> No.18644341

No other board has this shit. Off topic is /b/. End of.

>> No.18644350

yeah and other boards have shitloads of off-topic threads

>> No.18644353
File: 37 KB, 634x634, 152394797_724820378195548_7167715399884055881_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had better insight into what's worth worrying about and what isn't. I suffer far more in my own imagination than i do in realty.

>> No.18644357

Anonymous culture, anon. Don’t discriminate against the trolls.
Keep posting NSFW images though. Jannies and troll culture demand it.
Off topic and nastiness are traditional

>> No.18644403

This thread has some decent banter.

>> No.18644440

Most people talking about aphantasia and making a cult of it are a bunch of fags desperate to see themselves as different and special.

>> No.18644489

To be fair, so does /lit/

>> No.18644500

Not to the extent of other boards. We arent flooded with blacked threads, porn threads, elephant threads, really low quality soijack threads etc.

>> No.18644518

how to cope with being both a self aware midwit AND pseud?

>> No.18644550

I shared a very random story in a now deleted thread which had a bunch of anons telling me I was writing cliché unrealistic coomer spy fantasy shit. Another anon or two said it was "houellebecqkino" and that I should write a book. The whole thing was 100% true, which makes me think there might be something to it.

> Being hated by your mother
"About ten years ago, my best friend and roomie asked me if his lawyer brother could move in with us and stay at our place a few days a week, since he was getting work in the city. We have a free room, I was in Law myself, so I said why the fuck not. I had not seen the brother since he had gone to China to do his Law School, but I remembered him as a fairly cool dude, if a bit awkward.
The dude apparently grew into a major fucking asshole. The kind of autist with enough social pull and money not to realize he's an autist and not a gunner lawyer. He had a literal glowie super hot obviously honey pot Russian diplomat girlfriend who was so fucking clearly working him... dude bragged he had already had to get her a fake Canuck birth certificate in order to have her come to canuck diplomatic functions, and himself done the same for a Russian one... (Russian diplomats have huge restrictions on who they can date and where they can go).
Anyways, beside being such a fucking autist, the dude was the worst roommate I've ever seen. A completely non-functional human being when it came to the simplest things in life. Same with the hot russian spy gf. Their cat once shat in their bedsheets and they left it in a bundle laying at the bed's feet for a whole week. The gf clogged the toilet one morning, get flushing to get it through, and when the toilet full of piss and shit overflowed, she just fucking left it there and went to read fashion magazines in the other room until I woke up and started screaming at her.
Anyways, his mother came to our place at some point. The sweetest lady ever, I fucking loved her. My friends always laughed at me because I'd been brining her gifts since I was 10 when I went to my friend's house, because she was legit the nicest woman I've ever know. Anyways, we got on the subject of her older son, the lawyer autist. Her smile immediately went away, she looked at the ground as if ashamed and said "Yeah, he's really not turning out to be how I wanted. I don't know where I went wrong with that one. And his new gf, that fucking demon... I'm sorry you have to endure him, anon, he really doesn't know how to live his life." The only time I've ever heard her say anything mean about anyone, and it was a complete disavowal of her eldest son.
It was shocking, but desu, she was 100% right."

>> No.18644552

I cope by specializing in a very, very niche subject

>> No.18644595

Had a good meeting with my therapist today. She said she thought my brain was awesome. I'm a pretty marginal person in a lot of different ways, in that I exist at the absolute ends of a lot of different spectra. I'm a pretty genuinely eccentric and neurodivergent person, which makes life hard for me a lot of the time. It felt really nice to just have my basic humanity validated.

>> No.18644620

Yeah no it hasn't worked like that for years nor will it ever again.

>> No.18644623

idea for a novel: a lowly janitor who works at a city brothel and also works as a drug runner is tasked with the most valuable shipment of his life, an extremely experimental lost drug allegedly developed by a shadow government to activate MK ULTRA plants and assassinate presidents. He thinks such a drug is ridiculous, especially since he was given so many to distribute and no care was done in its packaging. They just look like every day red pills, and frankly he believes these are just placebos paid for by anonymous schizos. In fact, in a night betting with friends he takes one himself and that's when it starts happening

he develops amnesia and finds he wakes up weeks at a time rather than waking up to the next day. Plot is him realizing he has now been leading a double life and people are trying to kill him. he realizes that his only hope to get answers by talking to the people he delivered to in their altered states, who recognize him from his own altered state

ending is him finding the mysterious Sneed being distributed by Big Corn to cultivate a nation wide sleeper coup when ready. title is "formerly chuck" -- he finds out that he was Sneed the whole time

>> No.18644634
File: 69 KB, 640x786, 72606918a93e2e4739a5bcadae64afdd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She said she thought my brain was awesome
> i.e. "I have no fucking clue how that works, by all laws of Nature it shouldn't, but by God it can create full string of sentences. Amazing!"
just joking anon, keep doing you.

>> No.18644638

I don't think I am this guy, I think I am the one spirit, but this guy still runs around feeling sad a lot desu. I do think that this guy exists to catch as a reflection Gods love, but I don't think he is that loving and I don't think he's very capable of receiving love. Does this mean he is going to hell? Does this concern me?

>> No.18644655
File: 759 KB, 2000x2000, 1599921466435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

getting older as a weird autistic person that can't really get along with non-autistic people and also as somebody who hates autistic people and also as someone who's brain is rotten from the internet ive sort of been considering taking a shit ton of psychadelics and seeing how it changes my personality. i know it's a terrible idea but at this point i can't interact with anybody and i can't understand fucking anything and i don't understand comedy or other normal things. i want to be normal but i know i can't. maybe if i totally flush my brain with something i will change my worldview or i will change as a person and maybe i can gain the ability to act normal. i dont know at this point. it's like i have brain damage in the specific areas relating to anything that has to do with communicating and understanding people but for whatever reason the parts of my brain that are responsible for being self-aware are unfazed. i sort of feel like a psychological frankenstein monster. i dont want to be me anymore. i don't care. i want to wipe the slate clean. what thing should i try to wipe my brain? sorry i dont mean to make it feel like r9k in here i just need to fucking type this somewhere

>> No.18644660

I wish i could tell someone close to me, or at least hint to them, that I'm not okay. I have a complete inability to express myself, though.
>books for this feel?

>> No.18644661

A package was supposed to leave for Maine next day air yesterday to be there for today. It didn't because I found it in a bucket of salt on the dock. The fear for my shit job is moderate, yet nobody seems to care.

>> No.18644745

just pick someone and tell them

>> No.18645051

The thing you're not getting is that the average life expectancy was shit, because the birth mortality rate was shit, if you had a kid, it had a 50/50 chance of dying. If you made it past 2, odds are you'd live to at least 60, and 90 was not uncommon.

Most of the "life expectancy" illusion is the result of systematizing the delivery of babies.

>> No.18645064

i set my mind to do something, and as i do it, my mind suddenly wishes to do something else. it is very annoying

>> No.18645065

What exactly did Gates do, other than spend 20 years making us all vulnerable to electronic viruses, and then the next 20 wiping out real ones?

>> No.18645091
File: 200 KB, 722x1024, sc0027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main element of my little political theory, the foundation on which everything else rests, my divining rod, with which I roam the desert, is the death for the fatherland: That which is not deserving of my death is not deserving of my life. This is water.

>> No.18645095

Shrooms, 5 grams at a minimum. Don't expect miracles though.

>> No.18645106

post the poem anon

>> No.18645109

Excellent concept, stupid meme name

>> No.18645114
File: 143 KB, 678x1023, 678px-William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1825-1905)_-_The_Difficult_Lesson_(1884).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to a bookstore today and asked to be recommend a book. One was about a Spanish village where a virus causes blindness in those who contract it, resulting in chaos. But I've forgotten the title since I went for another book.

>> No.18645119

Elephant threads? Anyway I guess I only browse "good" boards then cuz none of them are like that

>> No.18645121

Funding the creation of more virulent viruses in order to reap the profits from the vaccines to go along with them. He and others are behind creating this problem in the first place. A university was making a vaccine and said they’d release it free to the public, till Gates got them on the phone. This is a for-profit disaster designed to thin out the labor surplus. Capitalists are sick and evil for money

>> No.18645133

Is it Blindess by Saramago?

>> No.18645135

i have come to believe that the real power of religion is not necessarily in its logic, but in its capacity to provide experiences for people. The challenging aspect then, is that not all experiences is so easily communicable or can be explained rationally. Over time, this naturally leads us to a situation wherein we have groups of religious individuals who have received positive religious experiences but can't exactly articulate or share why with a religious skeptic

the theology underneath as an attempt to share a coherent logical and metaphysical framework is interesting but generally remains unconvincing to the religiously opposed. if anything the theology appears to be developed after-the-fact to cement spiritual conviction by the religious for the religious

>> No.18645165

Yes thank you so much, the title is longer and different in dutch

>> No.18645166

I fucking swear I'd rather gas chamber myself with poison than spend another night with mosquitoes that flood the house because my parents don't get that open windows and lights on == insects flooding the house, fuck.

I wouldn't even mind giving them the blood if they didn't elect to take it from somewhere around my ears, with that high-pitched noise that wakes me up on the verge of sleep.

>> No.18645169

So you're saying Gates engineered the coronavirus and stopped the vaccine from being developed?

>> No.18645204

what compels men and men who pretend to be women to do it all without any monetary compensation whatsoever? it cannot be just because it is a social virtue, for they are loathed and ridiculed at every turn, while volunteer fire fighters in comparison are praised as modern heroes. could it just be the mere thirst for power and relevance, as they lacking in their own lives outside of this pitiful anonymous domain? that must be it, it is the only conceivable excuse, other than sheer madness itself!0DWKH

>> No.18645210

What evidence do you have to support this position?

>> No.18645224

Get some screens in your windows, damn

>> No.18645276

No, just always planned on making money off of it.
The whole idea that three separate people working there came down with the flu and thought it would be a great idea to get treated in a regular hospital, even though they, you know, work at the coronavirus lab for gain of function research, seems more than suspicious that this was completely planned by some people.

Circumstantial, but in need of a full investigation, which will never happen because he owns people that will protect him.
Did his wife really divorce him for flying around with Epstein? Or was it his role in killing millions?

>> No.18645312
File: 1.59 MB, 1024x752, 1622963854243.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My waifu and I were watching Netflix last year and she clicked on the Bill Gates documentary they had.

10 minutes in and we turned to each other and both agreed:
>they are sucking his fucking dick so hard and trying to make him look like a nice guy BECAUSE he has such vile plans

NOBODY seeks to be validated like that unless you're one evil mother fucker.

>> No.18645417

got me

>> No.18645422

I'd buy it.

>> No.18645448

could elaborate as what these experiences are no matter how crude??

>> No.18645476

I think porn plays a big part in it and if you've spent any time on some tumblr trans community basically what there entire banter is about how every small detail of their lives proves that they're trans which serves as feedback loop once started over and over again which cements a lot of their beliefs. Also most of them are losers IRL so they see it as a chance to redo life

>> No.18645506
File: 196 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Schizo here, I'll tell you my history and why I believe in God and love Jesus Christ:
>be me
>be going to Sunday school as a child
>make my own wooden cross to hang on my wall
>love to sing
>super happy kid, awesome childhood
>parents divorce around 11
>I stop being happy and thinking about God around 12, stopped going to Church
>become homeless shitty violent teen
>mom kills self at 19
>become degenerate druggie and porn dealer
>pray many times over the next 15 years asking God to help me quit porn and drugs
>God tells me to write my 1st book
>write first book and pour all my fears into it and harsh self-criticism
>God answers and blesses me with my 1st born
>manage to quit porn, lose everything
>go innawoods and begin hard labour jobs
>work my way up to better work, driving trucks at night
>get job offer to move back to Vancouver for $35 an hour full time wagie cagie
>accept job and move back
One night, when driving my sleeping kid home from the indoor playground. I felt extremely anxious and worried because $35 an hour is nothing in Vancouver. I was on a dark country road and I prayed to God aloud and asked for the strength to carry on. I turned at a stop sign and drove down another country road and the VERY FIRST CAR I saw after my prayer was
>pic related
Considering how rare I used to pray, like once a year, I'd say this was a very peculiar coincidence... I pray daily now and my life is really good again.

>> No.18645517

Is this you anon? You look cool.

>> No.18645523

Okay bros I’m going to college for the first time, gonna try to get with girls while I’m there, I was a heartbroken bitch for most of high school, what do I do???!

>> No.18645524
File: 329 KB, 2587x1571, wes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No this is me!

>> No.18645590 [DELETED] 
File: 714 KB, 884x874, CringeFace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coming to terms with the fact that I like a Japanese comic book about a man with a chainsaw for a face more than most literature.
Am I low IQ or just emotionally stunted?

>> No.18645617

I've been doing this thing where I try to put a positive spin on my negative qualities. Some here may call that coping, but I prefer to call it "reframing." For example, I'm not proud of it but I'm a bit of a slob. Is this because I am an undisciplined, weak person? No. It's because my mind prioritizes metaphysical eternal truths and II care not for transient hylic matters. All my energies go into organizing my mental space. See, that's all it takes and I feel better about myself. It's that easy. Try it!

>> No.18645625
File: 76 KB, 1200x1200, d7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Once when I was a small child I was in a supermarket with my mother, sitting in a trolley she was pushing, and I noticed on one of the aisle shelves some watercress potted in plastic. I thought to myself ‘why would anyone want to eat leaves? They come from the ground!’

>Today I view this as one ugly symptom of my complete divorce from the natural world growing up, and my limited intelligence. I knew nothing about the origin of my dear fish fingers, chips, ketchup, pizza, or ice cream, except that these were more exalted and civilised kinds of food than those favoured by insects and tortoises.

>About 15 years later, when I was 19, I volunteered at a farm for 6 weeks. The evening I arrived, various roast dinner components were cooked and I was told to help myself to them from the kitchen. I went in, helped myself to some meat and gravy, and looked around for the vegetables, which were not forthcoming to my vision. I turned around and spotted what I assumed were the vegetables by the sink. I walked over to them and thought ‘these vegetables look rather raw,’ but I piled them onto my plate anyway. I returned to the dining room and ate my meal for several minutes before I realised the vegetables on my plate were unwashed peelings that were meant to be discarded. Atop a piece of tattered kale was a cricket carcass. Whenever I think about it I 'frisson-cringe,' which means I get full body goosebumps and go red.

>Several weeks later I was asked to pick some cabbage from one of the polytunnels on the farm. I had to Google search images of cabbages so I knew what they looked like.

>The other day I ordered a cappuccino from a cafe and as it was being made I said 'no milk for me please.' The attractive woman serving me got visibly angry and said with a mixture of contempt and disbelief: 'you want a cappuccino without milk!?' I responded with ostensible indifference: 'actually I'll have an americano.' I thought about the incident for the rest of the day.

>> No.18645627
File: 898 KB, 3260x2446, unnamed (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post pic of how messy place is?

>> No.18645897

The guy you're replying to is 110% right. I actually went into my relationship with the same mindset as you, thinking "Well if she's crazy then I'll have a good story to tell". But it doesn't work like that. Mental illness is rarely funny. It's mostly just sadness seeing someone you connect with in a lot of ways ruin everything for themselves because of these weird problems they create in their mind. You may think, "Oh I will help them" but it doesn't work like that. Even if you work them through the issues logically, that won't fix it because they're not running on logic to begin with. They're relying on their emotions which have a massively skewed perspective, which is why they can't identify truth in anyone's words. Basically, being with a girl like this is an exercise in futility trying to change her/hoping that she changes, and eventually giving up when you realize it's impossible.

Don't do it.

>> No.18645913

i understand the vegetables thing if you weren't fed right by your parents. but the capucino thing is just retarded

>> No.18645987

Because the intern working at the state TV station is hilarious

>> No.18646122

Agree with this to an absurd degree. No matter how you think about it, the material world is worthless. Finding eternal truths over ephemeral trifles (wealth, status, pleasure) is overcoming your default monkey nature and reaching the fullness of human potential.

>> No.18646142

I've been watching a lot of videos of suicides. I like to observe how slowly or quickly they pull the trigger and what their skulls and meat looks like spilled out. I am not being fetishistic about it, I am just trying to get more comfortable with the mental image of me dead and what I would particularly look like and how my skull would burst open and stuff. I want to find more where the family discovers them after they kill themselves. It's horrible to listen to their whole worlds violently collapse in a quarter of a second but I just want to desensitize myself to the thought. It's also a rare emotion, the purest and most lurid form of "sadness"? (I don't know what you would call that. Shock? I've been forgetting vocabulary a lot). I just notice that blank stare that my family looks at me with and I want to be able to approximate what it would sound like if they screamed at my maimed head. Then they wouldn't look at me like that anymore. I am not good at picking up emotions or feelings in other people so I need extremes to register things clearly. I don't know. I don't really seem to feel "emotions", or I don't know what emotions they are. It's like a whole new emotion, the lack of all emotions. It's kind of like calling something dry wet. I can't tell how these videos make me feel. They're just kind of dead, and that's it. That's all right I guess. I look at my face in the mirror as if I'm alive, but I really want to see my dumb mouth slightly agape with my slimy brains trickling out. That is a more definitive facial "expression" than anything I am capable of. I am a zombie. I am a grain of rice in a human shell. I am nothing. I don't really exist. The last thing that makes me somewhat feel something are old photos of my parents holding me as a baby. I want whatever that is again but it's cold and distant like old photographs tend to be. Maybe that kind of stuff doesn't matter though. Trigger, wad cutter, back of ear. Neither black or white.

>> No.18646232
File: 560 KB, 640x348, 1625785314836.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get into basketball/baseball/football/hockey
>read books and watch videos to learn about history/players/rivalries/championships
>retain 30% of what I absorb because my brain is filled with a library's worth of random/useless knowledge about video games/superheroes/star wars

>> No.18646528
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>check some books about nip lingustics
>all the nip is in romaji, no kanji in sight
Why are academics so fucking dumb

>> No.18646537

noooo, my moon runerinos. You can't profane them with dirty latin letters.

>> No.18646548
File: 2.59 MB, 3504x2336, IMG_1536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Universal truth: The craziest chicks are always the hottest

>> No.18646582

I'm not aware of Gates owning pharmaceuticals to make cash on this. Seems most of what he does is philanthropic pulled from his Microsoft fortune, which he's been burning through for decades now, eliminating various diseases in the developing world with mixed success.

Well, he did create Windows, so... That's a lot to make up for.

>> No.18646632
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Much like the Chrysler Minivan, Windows 7 x64 was a BASED OS. (minivan)

They should have just improved on what's good and not kept adding bullshit. Windows 10 just fucking SUCKS. I hated it. I even brought my own computer in with Windows 7 on my last contract. Cannot fucking stand windows 10.

>> No.18646643

Quite simply a printing press and tax collecting or donation meeting place where a rhetorically arousing man vocalizes pleasant rhetoric from the Bible selectively and women pay.
There I saved you volumes of E Michael Jones history Vatican I and II

>> No.18646675

>other than sheer madness itself
That’s the primary cause for most though.
They see being trans as a societal burden and feel they cannot overcome the perception that their gender isn’t what everyone else (and their own biology) labels them as.

>> No.18646696

Alas, I pay a twink once a week to come by and clean it.

So true. The more filth I accrue the more enlightened I get. Diogenes's momma didn't raise no fool.

>> No.18646708

Part time I cope with less gloomy Schopenhauer readings and fulltime with Church. Church people these days are delicate and hard to be open with. Even for someone like me who has salesman and casanova charisma IRL proven by sales and seductions.
I had a lot of Christian autistic friends. Christianity allowed the kind of patient environment to be redundant, explicit and open which is what neuroatypical people need. I myself appreciate it despite not being autistic but gifted in avoiding psychiatric detection with chameleon intent.
The effort to build charisma as a skill is not so much empathy but game theory, autiste. "Empathetic" people are instinctively skilled as gregarious born but the second they are confronted with anyone unlike them they are truly unempathetic, crass and cold. You must increase your gift of gab of IQ. You're in the right place. Understanding others is now a game of rhetoric. Seinfeld is the art of minute distraction. Big Bang Theory is the art of intellectual flex and pomp. This artfulness is lost on the halfwit audience that only has concerns in cheap laughs and simple easy to follow dance like stimuli to rotely be commanded to. Your brain is on overdrive and theirs is barely on. You are magnetized on a subject to gain knowledge of while they desperately want to keep their attention at a surface lull. If you see a dance floor and truly let yourself dance you will be alone save for less than five people. Most will simply rotely follow routine. When you understand this you overcome the normie question and can situate your autism around their black hole. You are light. You are focus and appreciation gone far too gravitated into slow and pedantic. This is the autist stereotype become virtue. You've been disparaged all your life but you need to create the brotherhood of autists for yourself IRL. You're basically here now, fren.

>> No.18646715

Verbal IQ*
I read literature now that I know my Math SAT was high but verbal was low

>> No.18646731

This is one song that I never seem to get sick of, in defiance of all other songs. I've listened to it probably since 1,000 times and it is older than me. The combination of the infectious guitar lick syncopated with the drums, and Staley's consummate vocals, combined with the overall existential angst, makes a genuine 10/10 grunge metal song.

I also think that we are all in our way "the man in the box" stuck all day in front of our rectangular computer screens in our rectangular rooms in our rectangular offices.


>> No.18646811

I worry that I’ll never write a good story

>> No.18646824

Oh God if you do exist let me sleep
I know not how have I wronged you, just deliver me from this nightmarish insomnia
My eyes are like two dried plums, the beat of my heart rhythmically erratic, sweat pouring from every orifice of my bloated body
I beg of thee, grant me this single salvation

>> No.18646927

i imagine /lit/, /his/, and /sci/ to be the upper echelon of midwittery in this forsaken website. the aristocratic elite, so to speak. i wonder then, where can true anonymous insight be expressed online

>> No.18646948
File: 429 KB, 351x600, image_2021-07-13_215051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upon recounting several memories of my early memories, I am amazed to find the number of times I was drawn to or thought of Saturn as a planet in childhood.
On studying old-form Astrology, I learned that my planetary association was with Saturn. Small world, I guess.

>> No.18646949

/s4s/ and /qa/

>> No.18647051

I'm just grateful I have a place where fellow schizos and outcasts can shit talk and banter.

>> No.18647056
File: 81 KB, 627x310, 245BA52E-CB71-461A-B235-3A198EA51348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It used to be nice. But they forgot their roots

>> No.18647200

i swear my mind is playing tricks on me. i look to the ground and saw movement, like that of an insect, scuttling down towards me. then when i move my foot about that area, there was nothing there. this incident is not the first, and i doubt it will be the last

>> No.18647509

I made and had mac and cheese for the first time. How can anyone eat this? It's such a depressing meal.

>> No.18647529

i hate coomers so much, they infect everything they interact with

>> No.18647611

yeah this was my issue for a time. I had no friends so I didn't meet any girls. post college it doesnt matter though. all the gfs (2) I had in college I met in class

>> No.18647617

your fetishes should be tame enough that she agrees to them. if you like something retarded like scat or cucking then you deserve to get dumped

>> No.18647618

I've noticed that fapping in the evening tends to make you retain some water weight overnight, which is not the case when you fap in the morning and then don't fap the rest of the day. It's not much, usually just a pound or two, but it's something distinctive that shows up when I weigh myself in the morning.

>> No.18647668
File: 103 KB, 961x739, 20210713_203724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got ostracized by a lot of friends when I got a bf. Didn't realise people hated fags so much. I'm not even that gay

>> No.18647806

I need to find a job. I can't stop feeling like a parasite to my family and it's impossible to sleep.

>> No.18647819

oh god i've wasted so much time. i now have less then 48 hours to complete what was once a week-long, perhaps two-week long task. i am so fucked. god fucking damn it i've ruined myself yet again

>> No.18647855
File: 64 KB, 800x600, 1623094622322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

life is but a flower

>> No.18647868


Is this a logical mindset to live with or is this cope
I feel like my anxiety comes from expecting the worst and giving up before even trying

>> No.18647926

There's no denying two things: Crazy chicks have good bodies, and the sex is better than average. It's everything outside of sex that goes to shit

>> No.18647948

No one is safe near my penis.

>> No.18647954

Nah, it's just a chinese conspiracy.

>> No.18648022

I may have had a kid for a few hours when I was 18 but we went to the store and bought a plan b pill. Didn’t even think about how that was basically abortion at the time. 4 years later is really fucks me up knowing that I might have literally killed my firstborn son for $50. Wish I could talk to the girl about it but I think she has a new bf now, besides she was one of those abortion obsessed libtards

>> No.18648025
File: 62 KB, 976x850, 65E241F9-25F7-48DE-9E8C-1DC23449CF7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not even that gay
Are you sure anon

>> No.18648053

It’s fine man. You did nothing wrong. At that point life hasn’t started in even the remotest sense.

>> No.18648056
File: 2 KB, 249x51, 2021-07-14-100850_249x51_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18648072

I just tallied up all the girls I've fucked and it came to 44 and now I feel dirty.

>> No.18648174

>So anon ,why should we hire you?
>I just stared at them for 2min
I don't think i'am getting the job.

>> No.18648187

I’m thinking about how I can’t shitpost with impunity. Where have my deranged friends gone

>> No.18648200

yeah I'm pretty heterosexual for a faggot

>> No.18648387

there is a mother waterbird and it is with its young one. the young one sticks close to the mother. when it is close it feels safe and at ease. separation is a great distress to it. the mother and the young one are waiting for the father, who is out fishing. they are laying safely on the pond. the mother decides she will teach her young, but she has no words, she has only example. quickly she flies off a few meters, and the two birds are separate. the young one yells in pain, it does not understand, there is no explanation, and quickly it scurries to the mother, who waits for it just there, a few meters off. it reaches her and she lets it rest a second, but then she is off again, and again the young one yells and struggles, pedals and flaps all it can. Its world has been torn from it. And so they go on until the father returns.

The young bird thinks that all it needs in the world is to be close to its mother, but the mother knows that what a bird needs more than anything is to develop its strength. So is it also between man and God. So don't despair.

>> No.18648617
File: 93 KB, 462x698, 132ee11ba0a490cb9300855f7c2e5249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I got to know my grandpa and uncle, but they died when I was very young. I have a lot of "relics" from my grandpa and they're all so rich with character.
I should research into my dad's side of the family.

>> No.18648641

Plan-B excises the egg before conception. You no more lost your first born son that day than the billions of first born sons you sacrificed masturbating during your teens.

>> No.18648646

I think he means to say he's gay, but not qahweeen.

>> No.18648664

Can the act of thinking be categorised as an experience? If so, does this mean rationlists BTFO?

>> No.18649122

Your story made me cry. Not watering my eyes, tears inside

>> No.18649138

I was against ripping off other media for my book, but after reading Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, I know for sure that if I rip this off, I would make an instant classic that'll be required high school reading for the next 50 years and I would live a very comfortable life on royalties.

>> No.18649191

Do you guys have any embarrassing fantasies? I know most people have had the one where they do some kind of judo move to disarm a mass shooter and they're the hero and all. I had this fantasy once where this school shooter would pull their gun out and they would be about to open fire but I stop them and tell them that they don't want to be a murderer and that their pain is not permanent, among other things like "You were wanted, someone wanted you to be born." and somehow I pull a photo out of my magical pocket that has a picture of them smiling with their parents as a little boy and I try to show them that they are not nothing and they can be loved, and I just hug them tightly. Yeah it's really gay but I hope by sharing this you guys don't feel so embarrassed about thoughts like that.

>> No.18649201

looks like windows 11 is even gayer

>> No.18649213

Hey everyone, I posted this and I want to say that I am feeling better and I do not have access to a gun to commit suicide. I am still kind of blurring in and out of dissociative states but I do not feel in that dark mood anymore. I also have to confess that I tried to convince somebody else on another board to kill themselves but it seems to have been ineffective and dumb. I'm doing alright right now. I have a therapist appointment next week.

>> No.18649223

I am racist, homosexual and I don't know what to do with my life.

>> No.18649273

I don't really get lost in fantasies anymore, but one common theme I've noticed in mine are the recurring theme of myself being in a morally superior position proving my "case" in a very cut-throat, intimidating, or destructive way. In these, I would typically prove everyone else opposing me was wrong/stupid/evil using a combination of verbal and physical violence. This manifested in fantasies about defending myself in court, standing up to evil government bodies, putting ignorant people "in their place", being a martyr, etc. As these fantasies play out in my head, I'm vividly aware of how cringe I'm being, and yet I still let myself get lost in them from time to time because it feels good.

>> No.18649309

just bee urself ;)

>> No.18649391

your asking is this logical. what do you mean by logical? do you mean if the conclusions follow the premise? as in, "time of uncertainty" therefore "hope will treat"?

also anxiety can have many sources, some latent.

interesting takes, although the one and only predition i have about the future is that after we're all dead, the new generations will probably still debate abortion. i've seen that it's lindy.

one day the mother waterbird intuits that the young one will be without its parents. in this game, the mother is teaching independence.

when was the last time you were happy?

>I know for sure
do you hear other people use that phrase a lot? are they usually right? are their beliefs well-calibrated?

>> No.18649984

>when was the last time you were happy?
Can't remember

>> No.18650392

Everybody copes. The people who call everything a cope are coping.

>> No.18650562 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 260x390, 2940014207799_p0_v1_s260x420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhm... What does 'Brahman is Atman' actually mean? I've been reading picrel, and it's come up a few times; I've already ordered the Upanishads, but they've not arrived yet.

>> No.18650572

Fried fish with jalapenos and pineapple is probably the greatest thing I've ever cooked.

>> No.18650601

my understanding
atman= the consciousness that is occupied with being conscious of all the phenomena you are aware of.
brahman= the all-consciousness of God

when you manage to dislodge your consciousness from your experiences (ego-death) then you realize that your subconsciousness is actually entirely continuous with the one main-consciousness of God, its just happened into a relationship with a few sense-phenomena. Life is something like God making Himself partially blind in order that He can seek Himself and find Himself.

>> No.18650792

I just finished infinite jest a week ago and took me a little bit over a year. I don’t understand why people think it’s funny, I mean yes it does have moments where I can’t help but laugh, but I feel that it’s a lot more sad, hopeful, and personal than funny.

>> No.18650834

that flavor combination sounds yummy anon

>> No.18650972

What'd you expect? Its one big projection, DFW knew this so painfully well hence why he cringed everytime someone spoke of his works

>> No.18651208

Thank you for this response, I guess I’m jus completely dumbfounded that people with the capacity to read a 1087 page book that hammers one point over and over again incessantly dont understand it beyond its surface level details.

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