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>anon, I'm going to the library now, what was that book you wanted me to pick up for you?

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>interacting with females
chose one and only one

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nice cum dumpster tbqh

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Origen's Homilies on Genesis and Exodus

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Notes on the State of Virginia

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What is with this mindset? My wife and I read for about 2 hours before bed.

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>being married
>having any literary potential whatsoever
you know the drill

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>My wife and I read for about 2 hours before bed.

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>don’t worry babe, just got a free .pdf version for my kindle

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>can you pick up St. Augustine's commentary on Genesis for me... oh and if you have time can you see if they have any Hank Williams CDs?

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Cute. What do you read?

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I don't know the drill. Do tell. Are you wanting me to brag about myself?
My wife and I are both White, rated high IQ (I'm over 160 and she can keep up.), we're working our way through academia for fun. Both are STEM, and I'll leave it at that to be less identifiable.
She recently started Can Life Prevail (P. Linkola), I'm working through Evola and Guenon (I'm on a tradionalist kick), but I took a break to read The Lightning and the Sun (Savitri Devi) -- It's not just this type of literature, it's just where we are at. She read the Bell Jar then basically just ripped on it for a few hours straight, which was fun. >Clearly it is feminist literature because the main character is a vapid so and so, etc. etc.

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I don't use reddit, you forever alone nigger.

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>I don't know blah blah blah
Whatever nigger, didn't read. Go back.

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seething summerfag

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"Selfie" of my reaction to your projection and cope. Don't forget to dial 8.

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I'd love running my fingertips over the crack of her small walnut shell pussy, gently applying pressure to her bunny nose clit and causing her moist crevice to show its feminine flow, rich in a sweet pheromone drenched scent that causes my rod to stiffen bolt erect and prepared to bring her to a hair pulling, 100% satisfying climax that causes her to bite her bottom lip until it bleeds.

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That sounds nice anon, good for you both

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Thanks man, I hope you have a good rest of your week.

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Yikes. Bad quality larp.

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Extremely unlikely. What other fantasies are you running right now? Got a few million in crypto too?

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>This simple thing is seems unattainable
I was going to laugh at you, but suddenly became just a little bit sad for you.
>few million in crypto
No, but I do have a few good investments like AMC, AMD, etc. I'm not particularly wealthy, but I'm content with what I have and money isn't my main source of happiness.

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Natural Right and History by Leo Strauss.

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both fat and autistic.

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Too obvious. AMD is decent now because of the buyback, but AMC? Come on.

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>can you pick up the kama sutra hehe

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Uh idk can i go with you :)

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See if they have anything by the philosopher Bophades.

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Library books feel sticky and smell odd. I can't touch them. Too many boogers.

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>quotes own "IQ"

I sincerely and honestly hope that reading all those books amounts to something for you in a few years, I really do.

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You didnt even try to make your larp believable...

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Based. I, for one, am a prince who lives in a magical castle, which floats high above the clouds; it's so massive, in fact, that it blocks the sun at its zenith. My father is the king of the great land of Lathuria. We have multiple pet dragons, that graze one the willows on the ground below us, where our peasants live. The interior of our halls are made from solid gold.

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>STEM academic who quotes own IQ
>Reads esoteric hitlerist schizoisms and "traditionalist" books (olympic level cope, its not the fault of cosmic cycles that everything doesnt go your way)
>Wife, who is also a high iq academic and very based and redpilled for hating feminists, sees nothing wrong with this assuming she knows who Evola is

Somehow this just doesnt seem to line up

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I bought in AMC last year because I figured the covid thing would slow down and people would be excited to go watch movies. Pic related, I transferred AMD so there is no cost start sadly.
IQ is retarded but these people tend to jack off to it, so there you go. But yeah, thanks man, I've read a lot of religious texts (vedas, hermeticism, tanakh, etc.) and have a lot of interest in different perspectives.
I now understand why this seems unbelievable. Thank you.

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You have very little money invested for a STEM academic.

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This is a portion. AMD was from slave labor jobs on mturk, but the weird part is you thinking I'm making bank because of academia.

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>I'll leave it at that to be less identifiable.
You've done a podcast I've listened to, haven't you.

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Who can say

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It was a rhetorical question.

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It was a rhetorical answer.

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>no one on /lit/ reads
>and yet they're all virgins

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No, it was an admission. Heil Hitler.

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hail victory

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Only good post in this abominable thread

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My professors make at least $100k/year, and they're not in STEM. How are you not making enough to invest more than that?

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>slave labor jobs on mturk
Oh of course the esoteric hitlerist lives in a third world country.

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I wonder.
I'm not an esoteric hitlerlist. Do you not read for perspective and ideas? Dimwit.

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>The /lit/ retards obsess with some other retard
Is this the moment for me to write a book and include screenshots of these (You)s so I can make money?

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>Do you not read for perspective and ideas?
Sure I do. But if a book's thesis is "what if Hitler was actually Vishnu?" it's not really worth my time. Your time, evidently, is worth far less since you work for pesos on mturk.

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A culture rich in social capital is an order of magnitude more wealthy than one with streets paved in gold.

Which y(our)s isn't anyway. Even by base econometrics, most of the West is third world in denial.

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My point, which was probably lost on you, is that mestizos are the real neo-nazis, exporting their indios north and out of their countries. White people love Pride and Diversity.

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>Which y(our)s isn't anyway. Even by base econometrics, most of the West is third world in denial.
I'm gonna need to see the data man. Can you actually back this up?

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That wasn't your point, but it is an amusing take.

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>you work
>implying currently
>this reading comprehension
Lol, nice talking to you. Take care.

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How many children did your grandfather raise and in which kind of house?

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My grandfather lived in a village on another continent, so that's besides the point. Where is the econometric data? I need to see it.
Also, don't come here telling me that the fact that people used to get married, stay married, and have lots of children is an econometric proof that they lived better than us. Those are not the standards by which economists judge our society.

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Sorry to have interrupted your ball fanning session. You will never be a hyperborean by the way.

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But you know whats amusing? From where I'm standing, the USA is genuinely a third world country larping as civilized.
Do I really need data to back this up? The concept of "third world country" has just evolved to mean shithole with low values at this point.
mturk in the 2010's so I can avoid dealing with retards, but still pay rent and afford carbs and protein was worth it, and hilariously, worked out well for me.
This is exactly what I expected from the midwit attempting to criticize me. Bow the fuck down.

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>the standards by which economists judge our society

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Free (You), fellow patrician.

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>Clearly it is feminist literature because the main character is a vapid so and so, etc. etc.
160 IQ and spends a couple hours on tired superficial trolls?

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I've got a week to kill and I don't want to burn out. What do you do for fun? Video games? lol

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Wood working with hand tools, music (playing, composition and theory), reading, sailing. I would not expect a 160 iq would burn out so easily. Must be tough being so smart.

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How many hours do you need to work to purchse a T-bone steak?

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nigga if you gonna make some shit up at least make it believable.

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I get tired of doing things really fast. My garden is doing great, but there isn't a lot to do with it right now. I quit playing instruments a decade or so ago. I didn't care for the water, but camping is nice, but I only really like camping in the fall and winter. Beer is pretty great.
I was making $15/hr on mturk thanks to my scripts. Also, that guy you are talking to is not me. That guy probably makes six figures.

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So you are a 160 IQ stem major making $15 a hour and you have no ability to focus on anything for any amount of time but can somehow sit through an IQ test and spend hours making superficial low effort critiques of literature?

You also have poor reading comprehension, I never asked what you do for fun. Think they may have made a decimal error on your IQ test.

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>What I said: I was making $15/h
>What you said: you are ... making $15 a hour
These disconnections are shimmering.
>no ability to focus on anything for any amount of time
Your interpretation of "was" is to mean presently, but you are also attempting to infer, from me explaining that I get tired of doing things to somehow mean "all things"? You have some weird inconsistencies in your method of thinking.
>spend hours making superficial low effort critiques of literature
Then you expected to see a manuscript instead of what is clearly bait for fembots?
rofl lmao haha

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Damn, man. Now I have to go. I finished with all my tasks and my maxed out the alloted "fuck with retards on 4changchong" time. Thanks for the (You)s and have a nice rest of your night.

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Notice that there was a question mark on the end of it. My interpretation of "was" was just going off of what little I have to go off of. Either way you completely ignored the overall theme of my question which remains unchanged despite my error and are only emphasized by your response.
And further emphasis on my point.

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jimmies: rustled.

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You can't stay away, can you? How many hours a day do you spend chasing (Yous)?

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>I'm working through Evola
I'm a traditionalist but Evola was an occultic wackjob. I've read Revolt Against The Modern World and Metaphysics Of Power and they are both fantasy-tier pagan nonsense. Not worth reading imo

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Lmao shut the fuck up who even lies on an image board

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>feminine flow
what the fuck is a feminine flow? liquid flows the same way everywhere

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will edge to this later

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No, not "book". *Boob*. I want you to pick up some tits while you're out, you're painfully flat.

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/lit/'s Guide to Women. Please and thank you.

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>reading board
>didint read

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This kills the woman.

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>it's a white person larping in a college dorm photo

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>he couldnt just say "tfw"

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Platform by Michel Houellebecq.

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WTF your dragons are vegeterian

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Does she have nudes yet?

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since you're reading a not so known italian author (even here in Italy) , iI'll suggest you to read another obscure Italian author: Carlo Michelstaedter
Also, what is your favorite book (fiction or not) ?

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>tfw no bf who was into literature and we could build up our collection and we could go to used book stores and charity sales together to buy books and maybe for each other and I could bully him for not starting with the greeks

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You sound like a grifting greasy neckbeardish pseud-version of Keith Woods.
Why would you lie on an anonymous imageboard though? Are you insecure you're trying to create and share with strangers this fake reality of yours?

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She reminds me of a bootleg Saber cosplay.

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Ella Freya in one of her best photos, she does not have nudes shes a lovely pure girl who just happens to have a very rapeable face and body,

She just had kidney surgery to fix some long term chronic health issues so hopefully once she is recovered we will get some more nice fashion and cute pics

>> No.18642654

Mein Kampf

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Still more believable.

>> No.18642815

Sorry the rabbi molested you, anon.

>> No.18642818

babe! just check out my goodreads "want to read" list. we talked about this last time you asked. jesus fucking christ why cant you remember anything? also can you pick me up some jimmy johns on the way home?

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Wtf she look like GenG Nemesis

>> No.18642993

but if you are a real grille, hi :3

>> No.18643033

god I wish I could have a cute femboi bf

>> No.18643060

erasmus in praise of folly please

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This bitch worships nigger cock.. I can tell just by looking at her.

>> No.18643132

You should be fucking for two hours you absolute embarrassment of a man.

>> No.18643149

Yeah, I'm sure you're TOTALLY telling the truth...

>> No.18643158

>Yeah, my wife hates feminism haha!

I sincerely doubt this post.

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>so much seething
Esoteric Hitlerist bros,why can't we stop winning?

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People here are bitter. On just about any board, the knowledge that you're married and have a happy life will immediately draw the most unhappy miserable wretches from the woodwork. They'll say all sorts of things about how you're lying or your wife is a whore or you're actually ugly and stupid and other such nonsense because it's the only life they've ever know so they assume the same is true for everyone. They are among the most pitiful creatures to crawl beneath the sun and we should feel sorry for them.

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140 IQ here and i bet u ain't even a oxford man.

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The fact that someone would feel the need to tell anonymous strangers on the internet about their high IQ and their amazing life is pretty pathetic actually.

It's pathetic enough to draw scorn, how do you not understand that? It's like going to a wartorn African shit hole and waving food in a starving kids face going "oh, I have so much delicious yummy food! Look how BLESSED I am!

It makes you look like a detestable fucking faggot and people call you out on it. Big surprise.

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your words say Oxford, your grammar says Hackney

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I'm so sorry Anon

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I have heard of Carlo Michelstaedter, I have planned to pick up Persuasion and Rhetoric. I'll prioritize it sooner just because of the recommendation here. I've been strongly considering learning Italian just so I can translate some of the books I've notice that haven't been yet.
>Also, what is your favorite book (fiction or not) ?
I don't have just one favorite, but I'll share one that I actually really enjoyed. A History of Central Banking by S. Goodson. It surprised me by not being very anti-semitic, which is what I was expecting, but it gave a rapid history of various forms of banking, how they changed over, etc.
It made me become a little bit more interested in reading up on the history of financial institutions. By doing so, I'd also find any contradictions from my "favorite" book.
Wouldn't you hate a movement that dillutes your achievements into "OMG UR A GIRL AND U DID DIS"? It is demeaning.
>because it's the only life they've ever know so they assume the same is true for everyone
It might be one of the saddest worldviews to genuinely believe that we are all the same.
>He has something I don't have
This is pathetic. I didn't come here to brag. I came here to mock this mindset. You want to spend all your life jacking off to ugly women, larping as something you wish to be, then crying about how >tfwnogf? Go fuck yourself. I'll shame the fuck out of you, you waste of fucking oxygen. Go ahead. Get fucking MAD, get fucking UPSET. GO CRY ABOUT IT YOU FAGGOT.
Then use that raw emotion to go fucking fix your problems. Women don't want you because YOU are the destestable fucking faggot. Imagine not trying to be the best you can possibly fucking be. Fuck you, coward.

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170 IQ here, can confirm, this is exactly like me

>> No.18643673

This is pathetic. I didn't come here to brag. I came here to mock this mindset. You want to spend all your life jacking off to ugly women, larping as something you wish to be, then crying about how >tfwnogf? Go fuck yourself. I'll shame the fuck out of you, you waste of fucking oxygen. Go ahead. Get fucking MAD, get fucking UPSET. GO CRY ABOUT IT YOU FAGGOT.
Then use that raw emotion to go fucking fix your problems. Women don't want you because YOU are the destestable fucking faggot. Imagine not trying to be the best you can possibly fucking be. Fuck you, coward.

Who's mad? I think you're mad. My life is pretty alright actually. I know you're just doing your Le ebin troll so whatever here's your >>18643562

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My girlfriend and I and her cat are laughing at you you absolute fucking FAGGOT.

>> No.18643703

>>He has something I don't have

The fact that you feel need to draw attention to it is pretty stupid

>> No.18643706

people, dont listen to this worthless demoralizing jew lmfao. hes desperate.

>> No.18643763

It's okay, my wife and my cat and my wife's son are laughing at him right now.

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>iq over 160
>wife can't keep up
>we are both STEM
>she's reading Linkola and I'm working through the Traditionalist school,but I took a break to read some works on esoteric hitlerism
>my wife hates feminism
Most based post I've read in a while
Going to make 2 iq threads on /sci/ right now

>> No.18643871

desperate jew

>> No.18643905

you are the type of person i wish i would never met

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>> No.18644880

i have been trying not to imagine the pinkness of ella freya's pussy

>> No.18644926

How did you like the Tanakh?

>> No.18644935


>> No.18645005

what do you think about Cioran, Ionesco and Mircea (if you've read them)?
Also, what is your favorite movie?

>> No.18645054

Victimizing bullshit

>> No.18645057

Abolish all public libraries.

>> No.18645061

Me and my gf read and gift books to each other all the time

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>Origen's Homilies on Genesis
Holy based.

>> No.18645113

this made me feel bad in my tummy
sort it out my man this sounds like it was written by a shittier, severely autistic salinger

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File: 2.25 MB, 792x1266, Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.00.57 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Cyber Angel

Written by A.I.

>> No.18645146

How about no?

>> No.18645156

Can you cut the racism please? Don’t you know racism is bad or something?

>> No.18645525


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.18645540

HTML 4 for Dummies

>> No.18645835

Obviously I'm a tranny lol...

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