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I am looking for good sources regarding performing cunnilingus. I have found three books that look interesting, but any other recommendations are appreciated. Book #1 didn't have much information in the description, but sounded like it was bloated with needless information. The description of book #2 said it was written in a "funny" and "witty" tone, so I'm guessing it would be useless as well. I found book #3 the most appealing because it was written this year, and from what was written in the description said, it sounds like it is the most straightforward and concise of the three.
Let me know what you think.

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read them and find out you faggot but here's ny advice, get your tongue to tickle the roof of your mouth using the tip. At first it's really clumsy and not very easy going backwards and forwards but practice that every day for a while, every free moment you're doing nothing, tickle the rough of your mouth try to get more pressure and consistent strokes and faster. eventually you'll develop the tongue muscle memory. that's all you need to learn and then you just do it on her clit instead of your mouth. Kissing and sucking the clit into your mouth while licking it with the tip motion is also good. when you get her close she will push your head onto her clit harder so when I get that single I flatten my tongue out on the clit and apply more pressure and motion using my head. kind of like licking an ice block by keeping your tongue and ice block stationary and moving your head.

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Alright, I will read them and see. Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.

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It kinda depends on the woman, anon. Some don't like certain things while others love.

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Just talk and ask about what it feels good, anon. It is not that complicated.

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I'm scared of going down on a woman, because so many anons say there's lots of bacteria and shit in there

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You should be scared. Unless you demand a thorough scrub prior, be prepared for the smell of shit mixed with pre-Trich, lots of natal females run low-level UTIs at all times (mucous threads and crystallization). Don't put your mouth on a maw until you've ascertained her level of hygiene.

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The Greeks warned us that going down on a woman is for faggots, these are people that regularly butt-fucked men, and they considered this the most effeminate thing you can do as a man. Are you going to trust the people that invited Western Civilization, Democracy, Philosophy, Politics, Modern Medicine, etc. etc. or are you going to listen to a degenerate that probably acts like a dog for his girlfriend while he laps eagerly at her juices.

Honestly, cunnilingus is basically handing away your masculinity and becoming a bitch. You should be placing that woman on her knees and giving her the dick. Women are meant to be submissive, when they're not that only invites problems. First she's asking you to lick her bacteria-ridden cock-socket and then next you'll be the one doing the cooking and cleaning in a dress. Don't fall for the trap of pleasuring women in bed, the dick is what you give them if you're man enough. Be the man and if she doesn't like that then drop her and fuck a different bitch.

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Just ask the bitch

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Licking the clit is gay. That thing is like a little dick. So you're basically sucking cock, you fag.

It's better to open up her gaping hole and just lick the air inside of her beastly vacuum. It is incredibly straight and based to not even touch the walls with your mouth. She'll think you're teasing her but really you are retaining your manhood.

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being this insecure about your sexuality is 10 times gayer than that desu

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this guy Fucks

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Yes, he butt-fucks.

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Imagine putting your mouth anywhere near their diseased slimeholes. You'll never know how many cocks pounded that meat, just stick yours inside and then wash it properly after you're done.

The normie subservience to w*men on /lit/ is getting out of hand lately, hope it's just because of summer and few retarded Twitter tourists hanging around.

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Nah pussy tastes good I'm gonna keep eating it. Hahahaha!

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guys put dicks into vaginas
guys touch their dicks with their hands
guys use their hand to touch multiple things
basically, you eat dick piss and shit

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Topping a man and dominating his bussy is the most manly thing you can do. The act of overpowering another man and making him your bitch is the opposite of being gay.

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he goes down and sucks the twink's dick though

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I love my twinks, what can I say.

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loving is the ultimate submissive move

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You'd also inhale miscroscopic fecal particles if I farted sitting next you. Does it mean you'd have no problems rimming my dirty hairy asshole? Probably not, considering what a submissive bitch you are.

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the thinking mans guide to pleasuring a woman - a classic of the genre. you can find it here for free: http://wonder-woman.info/ds/She%20Comes%20First%20-%20Ian%20Kerner.pdf

the author exhibits the usual soulless american approach to sexuality, hence some of the theoretical sections are a bit difficult to bear, but the techniques themselves are solid.

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anon, you're already my bitch, you've been inhaling my dick particles your entire life, you were raised on my piss and shit

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We all have our faults. I rather put my love into a skinny femboy than a heartless harpy if I have to love anything.

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IQ 90 reply, no wonder you're so easily coerced into licking the bacterial petri dishes.

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Anon what would you need such knowledge for?

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how kind of you to expose yourself like this, I accept your concession

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I for one never kiss women. Imagine putting your mouth to a place that seen more cocks that you can count. Its usually full of bacteria as well, you dont even know if she cleans it properly, that bitch. If you put your mouth to a womans lips, you are basically sucking dick, which is gay. But enjoy "being passionate" with your lover, gargling cum and leftovers like the bitch you are.

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This, I also never shake hands with men

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Bacteria are good for you. All of us are crawling in bacteria, we would die without them. I'm willing to be that vaginal bacteria are really good for you.

Just looked it up, and apparently yes. These bacteria are very good for you.

>ew gross bacteria
You have bacteria no matter what you do. But if you have good bacteria it keeps the bad bacteria at bay, and keeps everything functioning properly.

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Yes, and throat cancer, in addition to a dozen diseases commonly found in vaginas, is also good for you! Just looked it up on Reddit.


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Let's make this an "interesting metaphors for cunnilingus" thread.

I remember some guy somewhere being asked about the subject and replying "I don't yodel in the valley". I thought that was very poetic.

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There are lots of ways to get cancer. This is hardly the primary cause. Also, not reddit, 'Yourtango', right above the article about accidentally sleeping with a murderous pimp.

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Jannies, mods, please delete this thread.

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>There are lots of ways to get cancer
Don't know about you, but I choose to avoid cancer hazard if possible, especially when there's countless other health risks (not to mention the psychological degradation) associated with it. Sucking on a cigarette at least gives you nicotine rush, slobbering on a yeasty fuckhole just empowers the bitch you're with.

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Any book for this feel?

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>First she's asking you to lick her bacteria-ridden cock-socket and then next you'll be the one doing the cooking and cleaning in a dress.

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Napoleon once sent a letter to Josephine which said “I will return in three days. Don’t wash!”
I 100% agree. The pussy should have a funky taste.

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Only the french could enjoy a cheese so disgusting.

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Yeah, except you don't. Unless you're living an organic, vegan, lifestyle in the middle of green pastures, you're not really choosing to avoid cancer hazards. You're breathing in cancer causing fumes, you're eating cancer causing foods, you're cleaning with cancer causing chemicals. It's just that the risk is 'low' enough, or 'hidden' enough, that you don't care.

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You've noticed the "if possible" bit in my post, right? My lifestyle is irrelevant to this discussion, but I am a vegetarian living in small town and exercising daily.

Back on topic - licking the leaky roastbeef is completely avoidable and unecessary, because even assuming that you care about woman's satisfaction, you can achieve the same result with your fingers (don't forget to wash properly afterwards). Additionally, going out of your way to fulfill woman's wishes is a double edged sword; on one hand you're providing her a temporary ego boost, on the other she's assuming the controlling position in relationship and once that happens, it's only a matter of time before you're cuckolded left and right.

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I bet this guy still expects women to suck his c*ck baka

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She's only a virgin if she's fat
Even then prob not

If she's fat she's guaranteed to have a stench incubator in her meatflaps

There's a reason cuntlicker was the vilest insult of Ancient Rome

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Just watch that Nina Hartley tutorial.

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Childhood is oral sex with women
Adulthood is oral sex with men
Someone had a fucked up childhood

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It's about as disgusting as anything related to anal. Sodomites deserve to be hung.

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Eating pussy is the most dominate thing you can do as long as she's not the one asking for it
Pushing her against the wall and placing your body against hers so she knows she can't move, they slowly kissing down her stomach until you reach her pussy which you roughly pull into you and start eating out while tearing into her ass and thighs with your hand.
Literally you reek of incel submissive male.

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>It uh gives you throat cancer durrr
Literally the most beta response on the planet. I imagine you couldn't keep your first and only girlfriend for more than two weeks.

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Greek medicine, *especially* in regards to everything sexual, was incredibly preposterous. It was believed that black men had black cum. at one point, a fad for exporting crocodile dung from Egypt started because some natural philosopher reported that Egyptian woman used dried croc dung to slater the inside of their pussy, which acted as a preservative. Hilariously, modern medicine believes that it was more likely to have exactly the opposite effect, has it may have stabilized the PH levels of the vaginal environment and allowed for more sperm to reach the egg (not that we've found woman to volunteer, mind you).

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>Don't fall for the trap of pleasuring women in bed,
Hehe but I love the taste of pussy, when a girl is young and fit her pussy juice is sweetest thing in the world

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>Go down on fit chick
>Tastes like vanilla and creamed corn
>Go down of fat chick
>Tastes like rotten roast beef and trash

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I’ve eaten out some bigger girls and they’ve tasted fine. Depends on the girl though and where you draw the line at “fat”

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Rate my gf, niggers

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That's a man.

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>yandex first result is las vegas escorts

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Women will never truly love or respect a man who bothers to pleasure her. Women get off on pleasing men, they are all narcissistic children at heart.

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that's LaSirena69

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Your mom has probably kissed you with the mouth she gave your dad a BJ with. Relax, chud.

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Who cares about what women love? As long as I can eat sweet pussy and suck pussy juice I am good

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beyond based

dicklet basedboys who can't give their women actual vaginal orgasms with their dicks are seething in this thread

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beyond based

dicklet cuckboys who can't give their women actual vaginal orgasms with their dicks are seething in this thread

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